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10 Best Terrarium Workshops in Singapore [2023]

Terrarium Workshop Singapore

Best Terrarium Workshop Singapore
Best Terrarium Workshop Singapore

Looking for a way to have a team building Singapore event? Why not try making your own terrarium! Terrariums are miniature gardens that can be created with any type of plant, and they make perfect additions to any home or office.

In this blog post, we will discuss the best terrarium workshops that every indoor plant lover should have. We will also provide instructions on how to make your own Terrarium Workshop Singapore. Are you ready to get started?

What is a Terrarium?

Terrariums are sealable glass containers containing soil and plants. Due to the various vendors hosting Terrarium Workshop Singapore, the types of terrarium that can be made has evolved through the years. The main types of terrarium would be typically opened or closed. 

Many people have the misconception that terrarium plants are simply just pretty glass jars with plants in it. Well, that’s not all true. 

A terrarium needs to be in a container that allows light to pass through. So if you can’t decidew which kind of terrarium plants to make, here are 8 types of terrarium every indoor plant lover should have!

Benefits of Terrarium Workshops

A terrarium workshop is a great way to learn about terrariums and the different plants that can be used in them. At a Terrarium Workshop Singapore, you will learn about the different types of terrariums, the types of plants that can be used in them, and how to care for your terrarium plants.

You will also get to see some of the best tips and tricks for creating your own terrarium, also we provide customized terrarium workshops too!

Terrarium workshops are also a great way to meet other indoor plant lovers. At a workshop, you will have the opportunity to chat with other people who love plants as much as you do.

This is a great opportunity to learn from others and to share your own tips and tricks when making your very own terrarium. Making a mini garden or small garden is simple especially when you already have your own DIY terrarium kit provided by your terrarium workshop provider.

If you are looking for a fun and educational way to add some life to your indoor plants, then a terrarium workshop is the perfect solution. Contact Fun Empire and have your Terrarium Workshop Singapore today to learn more about the benefits of attending one, and let a terrarium kit delivered straight right to your doorstep!

Tips For a Successful Terrarium Building Event

If you are looking to host your own terrarium workshop session, here are a few tips to help you have successful corporate events.

1) Choose The Right Plants

When choosing plants for your terrarium, be sure to choose plants that will thrive in the conditions of your terrarium. For example, if you are creating a closed terrarium, be sure to choose plants that do well in low conditions.

2) Choose The Right Container

When choosing a container for your terrarium, be sure to choose one that is large enough to accommodate the plants you plan to use. Also, be sure to choose a container that has a lid or is sealable so that you can create a closed terrarium.

3) Decorate Your Terrarium

Once you have chosen the plants and container for your terrarium, it is time to decorate it! Be creative and use objects such as rocks, shells, or even figurines to add interest and personality to your terrarium.

Be patient.
It may take some time for your terrarium to become established and look its best. Be patient and allow the plants time to grow and adjust to their new environment.

4) Have Fun!

The best part of making a terrarium is being able to enjoy it once it is finished. Be creative and have fun with the process of making your terrarium!

Best Terrarium Workshops In Singapore

1) FunEmpire

FunEmpire - Terrarium Workshop Singapore
FunEmpire – Terrarium Workshop Singapore (Credit: FunEmpire)

Unleash your imagination with our Terrarium Workshop! Tailored by our experts at FunEmpire, this fun and eco-friendly activity allows you to learn something new while expressing your creative side. They also provide virtual workshops for remote teams!

With practical hands-on team building activities and learning concepts that make for an unforgettable experience, why not build your own portable forest today? FunEmpire guarantees it’ll be a unique creation worth remembering! They are one of the best companies that offer terrarium workshops for any team building event!

2) Terrarium Singapore

Terrarium Singapore - Terrarium Workshop Singapore (Credit: Terrarium Singapore)
Terrarium Singapore – Terrarium Workshop Singapore (Credit: Terrarium Singapore)

Nurture the creative spark within you and craft your own miniature glass garden. Start an intimate gathering with family members, friends, or coworkers in our award-winning Terrarium Singapore and enjoy an unforgettable experience!

Their portable workshops are air-conditioned with several conveniently located venues close to MRT stations; we can also host sessions at any desired location of yours as well!

Create a lasting mini garden with us using the best materials and techniques available for plant care! Reach out to them now for an exclusive and all-inclusive Terrarium Singapore experience that will make your next momentous occasion even more memorable.

3) Terrarium Workshop Singapore

Terrarium Workshop Singapore - Terrarium Workshop Singapore (Credit: Terrarium Workshop Singapore)
Terrarium Workshop Singapore – Terrarium Workshop Singapore (Credit: Terrarium Workshop Singapore)

Reconnect with the outdoors and discover how to create your own terrarium during their unique workshops! Their cozy, stress relieving atmosphere is perfect for teams of all sizes, as each participant will be guided through making their own personal design. Not only that, but you’ll also learn valuable tips on maintaining a healthy environment for your miniature ecosystem so that it lasts long after you leave with it!

Craft something meaningful and unique at Terrarium Workshop Singapore! Their public creative workshops are ideal for individuals, couples, families or even large groups (minimum 2 pax) looking to bond.

From painting and closed terrariums making to creating your own leather coin pouch and key fob – the possibilities are endless! Make a special day out of it by purchasing one of our workshop experiences as a gift for someone you love or for your team bonding.

4) Team Building Singapore

Team Building Singapore - Terrarium Workshop Singapore
Team Building Singapore – Terrarium Workshop Singapore (Credit: FunEmpire)

At Team Building Singapore, their classic Terrarium Workshop offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to be creative and construct your own therapeutic mini garden. When you’re finished, take it in your own home or put it on display at the office! Their workshop will bring vibrancy into any environment and brighten your day with joy.

Their expertly-trained facilitators will provide all the materials needed to create an extraordinary terrarium, while offering guidance every step of the way. And that’s not all!

They are proud to be the only store providing unique miniature figurines so customers can customize their own Terrarium like no one else.

5) Team Building Games Singapore

Team Building Games Singapore - Terrarium Workshop Singapore (Credit: Team Building Games Singapore)
Team Building Games Singapore – Terrarium Workshop Singapore (Credit: Team Building Games Singapore)

Unleash your creativity and design a stunning nature ornament with their Terrarium Making workshop at Team Building Games Singapore! From pebbles to succulents, mosses, and more delightful decorative materials- this is the perfect opportunity for you to step out of your comfort zone.

Let go of inhibitions as you craft something beautiful in no time at all.

When the workshop concludes, participants get to take home their beautiful creations! Put it on display at your house or office for a cheerful reminder of the day’s accomplishments.

Being the premier Terrarium Workshop provider in Singapore, their highly-trained facilitators guarantee you a worthwhile experience. On top of that, we are the only company offering unique themed figurines so participants can customise their own one-of-a kind Terrarium to suit their individual tastes.

6) Fun Workshops Singapore

Fun Workshops Singapore - Terrarium Workshop Singapore
Fun Workshops Singapore – Terrarium Workshop Singapore (Credit: Fun Workshops Singapore)

Experience the wonders of Terrarium Making with our signature Terrarium Workshop! With the guidance of experienced facilitators and the use of top quality materials, you’ll construct your own zen garden that’s sure to bring life and vibrancy into any environment.

The classic Terrarium Making Workshop is designed for all types of people. Whether you’re a seasoned Terrarium maker or just starting out, you’ll be guided every step of the way to create something truly special.

Not only will you learn the fundamentals of Terrarium making but also tips on how to maintain your Terrarium for years to come!

At Fun Workshops Singapore, safety and hygiene are our top priority so we guarantee that all materials used are of the highest quality and conform to the standards of Terrarium Making.

So if you’re looking for a classic Terrarium Workshop Singapore that’s both fun and educational, then look no further! Head over Fun Workshops Singapore today for an inclusive Terrarium experience that will make your next momentous occasion even more memorable.

7) The Orijean

The Orijean - Terrarium Workshop Singapore (Credit: The Orijean)
The Orijean – Terrarium Workshop Singapore (Credit: The Orijean)

The Orijean specialises in creating stunning, minimalist terrariums. They offer a wide selection of pre-made beautiful terrariums and kits for those who want to make their own! Their three series are the Beginning, Stone, and Petit series; each offers an array of choices regarding glass container, exotic plants, and decorations to craft your ideal miniature garden.

For a unique bonding activity, you can hire them for a terrarium workshop. The workshops can accommodate from four to eight people and include DIY terrarium kits or creative home kits for terrarium making. You can also add larger vases and planting tools such as miniature shovels and rakes.

8) Crafts for Green

Crafts for Green - Terrarium Workshop Singapor
Crafts for Green – Terrarium Workshop Singapore (Credit: Crafts for Green)

Crafts for Green is the ultimate one-stop shop for all terrarium fanatics, from novice to expert. They provide DIY kits and mini figurines, you can decorate your terrarium with as much creativity and flair as you desire. Unlock endless possibilities at Crafts for Green!

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced gardener, their workshops offer the perfect opportunity to create your own personalized terrarium. You’ll be able to select the ideal container size and shape that best suits your plants and decorations of choice!

9) InOut Atelier

InOut Atelier - Terrarium Workshop Singapore
InOut Atelier – Terrarium Workshop Singapore (Credit: InOut Atelier)

InOut Atelier was founded to bring nature indoors and create living art through terrariums that promote harmony and peace. Ready-made, our miniature landscapes draw on nature for their designs so you can experience the beauty of plants in any room or location.

Create your own miniature version of Mother Nature with our terrariums! Each comes beautifully decorated in pole moss and vibrant hues of coloured sediments. To keep the humidity levels just right, each container is securely sealed, giving you a glimpse into natural places like hilltops surrounded by torii gates or winding paths near mountaintops. Prices start at only $20 – make one yours today!

10) Lush Glass Door

Lush Glass Door - Terrarium Workshop Singapore
Lush Glass Door – Terrarium Workshop Singapore (Credit: Lush Glass Door)

Filled with an abundance of terrarium designs, you have a plethora of collections to choose from on their website such as the tranquil Foster Succulent Zen-themed Terrarium.

This open-top terrarium harbors a succulent accompanied by alluring sediments and faux plants. If inquiring minds are seeking even more knowledge then they offer workshops for constructing your own customized terrariums during holidays and special occasions!

Perfect for dates or spending time with friends and family, they offer a variety of workshops to choose from – including Couple’s Terrarium Workshops and Geometric Terrarium Workshops. Whether in private or public events, these team building activities Singapore are sure to create moments that will be cherished forever!

Terrarium Workshop Singapore

Terrarium Workshop Singapore are a great way to spend quality time with friends and family. Not only will you learn the fundamentals of Terrarium making workshops but also tips on how to maintain your Terrarium for years to come! With so many classic Terrarium Workshop providers in Singapore, there’s sure to be one that suits your needs perfectly.

Start creating that wonderful and pretty terrarium with this list today. Showcase your green thumb and bring your terrarium game to whole new level.

Still unsure which type you prefer? Head over to Terrarium Singapore to book a terrarium workshop singapore!

Head over to our Terrarium Workshop Singapore page and get our exclusive The Fun Empire activities deck. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about terrarium workshops in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Best Terrarium Workshops in Singapore below:

What types of Terrarium Workshop Singapore are available?

There are a variety of Terrarium Workshops in Singapore available, such as:
– Beginner Terrarium Workshop
– Stone Terrarium Workshop
– Petit Terrarium Workshop
– Couple’s Terrarium Workshop
– Geometric Terrarium Workshop

How do I pick the right Terrarium Workshop for me?

When selecting a Terrarium making workshops, consider your level of experience and type of Terrarium you would like to create. For example, beginners may prefer workshops that cover the fundamentals of Terrarium creation whereas those with more advanced skills might want to try something more complex such as geometric Terrariums.

Are Terrarium Workshops suitable for all ages?

Yes, Terrarium making workshops are suitable for all ages. Terrariums make a great activity to do with family and friends of all ages!

What is included in a Terrarium Workshop package in Singapore?

Most Terrarium Workshops include materials such as soil, plants, and decorations. Additionally, you may receive instructions on Terrarium maintenance, design tips, and other related advice.

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