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15 Best Things To Do At Home During The Circuit Breaker [2023]

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Things To Do At Home

Things To Do At Home
Things To Do At Home

With the current circuit breaker period, most people are bored at home or just looking for a variety of things to do at home to pass the time. Therefore, we are here to help you to spice up your things to do at home. Things to do at home has endless possibilities! We will not let this period bring us down! 

Staying indoors doesn’t mean that we are not able to have some fun and laughter. Here are 15 things to do at home to get you started! From interesting workshops to simple tasks, this circuit breaker period will be over in a blink!

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Things to do at Home

 1. Art Jamming Tote Bag

Image from The Fun Empire

The Fun Empire is bringing its popular Tote Bag Art Jamming workshops to the comfort of your homes! Our award-winning creative workshop has been redesigned for our clients to create their own tote bags at home.

With all the materials provided in your kit, you are able to bond with your family members and create your own customised bag! Not only that, but you could also use this recyclable bag when you are grocery shopping or taking away your food from the hawker centres. You are able to order our kit online and it will be delivered to your doorstep! Things to do at home just got better!

Price: Starting from $35/kit


2. Art Jamming Canvas (Home Kit)

Image from The Fun Empire

If you are looking for things to do at home to decorate your house, you could opt for The Fun Empire’s Creative Home Kit – Art Jamming Canvas! With their standard canvas size that is suitable for 1 person, you could become the next Picasso! You could even organize an art jamming party with your friends over a telecommuting application and start painting away! Who said that you have to be doing an art jamming session on your own. 

Price: Starting from $35/kit


3. Leather Making (Home Kit)

Image from The Fun Empire

One would not have thought that you will be able to create your own leather products in the comfort of your own homes. With detailed instructions and all materials provided in your own creative leather making Home Experience DIY kit, craft your own key chain and coin pouch from the comfort of your own home! You could buy multiple kits to create a few for your friends and family to give as a gift! 

At such an attractive price, it will be impossible to find another home kit like this! Start adding these kits to your cart and creating your own leather making things to do at home!

Price: Starting from $40/kit


4. Terrarium (Home Kit)

Image from The Fun Empire

Starting from a super valuable price of $35/kit, decorate and design your very own ecosystem in a jar! Follow the simple instructions provided and layer the materials down to give your plant a place to call home. In addition, it will bring a little smile on your face with some greenery. 

Last but not least, a figurine is included in the package to spruce up your terrarium! Once you are done, remember to water it and place it close to the window for some sunshine. 

Price: Starting from $35/pax


5. Virtual Reality Museums

Image from Time Out

With the advancement of technology, we are able to view museums all over the world without having to travel long distances and hours on a plane ride. Travel from The Vatican City in Rome to Washington in the United States of America in a matter of minutes through Virtual Reality! Many museums around the world have put up virtual reality tours for everyone to enjoy. Spend hours looking through all the various artefacts at your own pace with no cost!

Price: Free

6. Watch a Play

Image from Vogue

These award-winning plays have come to your computer screens for your enjoyment! Things to do at home don’t have to be mundane and repetitive. Schedule a play or two in your routine after work to wind down. Not only that, but you will also be able to pause whenever you like! So cuddle up in your favourite outfit and couch and you are able to appreciate fine arts right from the comforts of your own home. 

Price: Free

7. Learn a New Language

Image from Study and Go Abroad

As our world becomes more interconnected and integrated, we could use this time to start learning a language to pick up new skills. Not only that, but you could also broaden your perspectives in the process as you learn more about their culture. Learning a new language requires patience and time which makes having this as one of the things to do at home! With over 70 different languages and dialects to choose from, you could prepare for your next overseas trip!

Price: Starting from $7 USD/month


8. Karaoke

Image from PR Newswire

Many applications have come up with ways to bring more excitement to your things to do at home these few days. You are still able to have your own karaoke party at your home and you are able to hear your friends sing as well! Unleash your inner diva and sing to your heart’s content with your friends and families. Not only that, but some applications allow you to sing with your favourite artists as well! 

Keep your spirits up by unwinding to your favourite songs at night. With this, you will never be bored of your things to do at home.

Price: Check your App Store or Play Store for more details

9. Urban Farming

Image from The Honeycombers

Urban Farming has been increasing its popularity as people look for sustainable ways to reduce their carbon footprints. With seed packets readily available both online and in markets, you will be able to grow fresh crops right from your own garden or balcony! Not only are you able to control the quality of your ingredients, but you are also able to reduce the cost as a $2 packet is able to hold up to 100 seeds! Include urban farming in your things to do at home today!

Price: Starting from $2/packet

10. Spring Cleaning

Image from The Spruce 

When one hears about spring cleaning, it is filled with procrastination as many would associate it with hard work. However, there are many benefits to cleaning your space when you are home. Firstly, it could reduce stress as your home is less cluttered. Secondly, it helps to improve your mood as cleaning is considered to be therapeutic! You could follow the popular Netflix show “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” to get some inspiration and get started on your cleaning journey!

Price: Free


11. Bullet Journal

Image from The New Yorker

Keeping a schedule while being at home is very important to increase your productivity. By keeping track of your goals and priorities, it would help you to ensure that you have sufficient time for essential tasks. To keep track of the things to do at home, consider decorating and starting your own bullet journal! Once you are done with your tasks, strike them off to feel the satisfaction of completing a task. Not only that, but you also could draw some inspiration from Youtube or Instagram for some spread ideas!

Price: Starting from $9/book 

12. Make your own Mask and Hand Sanitizer

Image from Al Bawaba 

With a scarce supply of masks and hand sanitizer, you could consider creating your own as part of your things to do at home. With a few simple ingredients like rubbing alcohol and aloe vera gel, you will be able to have your own hand sanitizer! To create your own masks, you could find some old cotton shirts at home and transform them into reusable masks. 

Price: Starting from $17 per 500ml

13. Masterchef

Image from Vox

Things to do at home doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated. A simple MasterChef cook-off will create hours of fun and laughter with your friends and family. To make it difficult, you could have a “no recipe challenge”. Everyone would need to create a dish that they know using whatever ingredients that they can find at home. During the process, you could even vlog and review the footage later! At the end of the challenge, you would not only have a home-cooked meal but a fun-filled day!

Price: NIL

14. Online Fitness Classes

Image from Les Mills

Exercising on your own might be a difficult task for some but fret not! One of Singapore’s most popular gyms, Fitness First has taken their popular classes online. With many time slots and various classes to choose from, you are able to try out the different exercises without ever leaving your house! If you are unable to make it for the timeslots, they do share some exercises that you can do using everyday items. Check out their Facebook Live and Instagram page for more details on their class schedules!

Price: Check their Facebook for more details


15. Harvard University Courses

Image from

This is a perfect chance to upgrade or even learn new skills! Add a course from Harvard University in your things to do at home to pass time. With a wide range of courses from Arts, Business and Sciences etc, you will certainly be able to find something that sparks your interest. Now is your chance to say that you have attended Harvard University! Things to do at home just got more interesting!

Price: Free


Things to do at Home

The Fun Empire has just released its Home Experience DIY Kit so that you are able to have some creative workshops right from your living rooms! Our popular Art Jamming, Terrarium and Leather Workshops has been transformed into Creative Home Kits for you to experience. The kits will be sent directly to your doorstep within 1 – 3 business working days. Starting at a super attractive price of $35/kit, all materials and instructions will be provided!

Hurry over to our website to purchase this limited time offer! Make your things to do at home interesting and fun now!

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