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10 Best Webcams in Singapore [2024]

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Webcam Singapore

Best Webcams Singapore
Best Webcams Singapore

Webcams are one of the most important tools for online communication. Whether you’re making a video call to family and friends or conducting a business meeting, having a webcam that is up to the task is essential.

If you are looking for the best webcam in Singapore, you have come to the right place! In this blog post, we will be discussing 10 of the best webcams that are currently available on the market. We will be evaluating each webcam based on its features, performance, and price point.

So, whether you are a student looking for a webcam for online classes or a business owner in need of a webcam for video conferencing, we have got you covered!

These are the best webcams in Singapore and why they are worth your consideration.

1. Logitech Brio

Key FeaturesThree field of view (FOV) presets to perfectly frame your video
Where to Buy
PriceSGD 305.10

The Logitech Brio’s capture will be perfect for you if you intend to record videos at the best resolution possible. You can choose from 720p with up to 90 frames per second, 1080p with 60 frames per second, and 4K with 30 frames per second. The camera can capture anything you want with astounding smoothness, clarity, and detail at 4K resolution.

Additionally, there is the choice of changing the camera’s field of view. You can pick between the 65° diagonal preset, which focuses on you, and the 90° wide-angle option, which shows more of your background. Additionally, it has a 5x digital zoom capability while maintaining the same degree of image clarity at both 30 and 60 frames per second.

Key Differentiators


2. Razer Kiyo

Key Features Full customization by toggling between Auto and Manual Focus
Where to Buy

The Razer Kiyo is the webcam that you need if you’re seeking for one of the greatest streaming setups. You may now stream with incredibly realistic visual fidelity thanks to resolutions of 720p at 60 frames per second and 1080p at 30 frames per second!

Additionally, it has integrated adjustable lighting for the ideal on-camera illumination. You can choose from a number of predefined setting choices for the visuals or feel free to change the contrast, saturation, and white balance. Plus, you have the choice of auto or manual focus.

Key Differentiators

  • Full Camera Controls
  • Ring Light. Camera. Action.
  • Sharper and Smoother

3. Dell UltraSharp Webcam 

Key FeaturesExperience world class image quality with an intelligent 4k webcam
Where to Buy

We strive to make working with and setting up the hardware as simple as possible. With the Dell UltraSharp Webcam, you and your audience can take advantage of a Sony® STARVISTM CMOS sensor that supports a 4K HDR display that is incredibly clear.

This camera will always remain focused on you and what you intend to show when combined with an auto-framing AI. The camera can immediately launch and sign in to apps using the Windows Hello program by using Dell ExpressSign-In. The camera locks your system and shuts off as you walk away. For additional security and lens protection, there is also a privacy shutter cap.

Its stand can be mounted either on a tripod or the top of a monitor. The camera itself, meanwhile, magnetically fastens to the stand for convenient connection and positioning.

Key Differentiators

  • 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) webcam
  • Crystal-clear video
  • Keeping you in focus

4. Poly Studio P5

Key FeaturesExceptional camera optics and automatic low-light compensation
Where to Buy

Sometimes we have to be present for video calls and conferences whether we’re working from home or the office. With the Poly Studio P5, you can maintain a professional appearance at any time of day thanks to its perfectly calibrated optics. You will look your best thanks to its 1080p resolution and intelligent low-light adaptation, which provide viewers with an immersive experience.

Additionally, it boasts an auto-focusing feature and a 4x digital zoom to keep you in the spotlight. It has an incorporated privacy shutter that you may operate for added security. The webcam’s integrated directional microphone allows you to record audio in addition to video. This microphone is designed to record vocals in small spaces and has a frequency response of 50Hz to 16kHz.

Key Differentiators

  • Hear and be heard wherever you work
  • You can take it with you: small, rugged and portable
  • Make life simple: easy to use, setup, manage and troubleshoot

5. Elgato Facecam

Where to Buy

The Elgato Facecam is a top choice if you only require a camera for streaming or making YouTube videos. This is because of several contentious design decisions that turn it into a niche purchase that caters to content makers.

If you’re only searching for a webcam, the lack of a microphone and autofocus features will make it appear like a half-baked device, but for people who broadcast on websites like Twitch or YouTube, such features are frequently more bother than they’re worth. The Facecam is hence exquisitely tailored for the streaming community and boasts some of the best software we’ve ever seen on a webcam.

Key Differentiators

  • 82-degree field of view
  • Dynamic image processing
  • True 60 FPS

6. Logitech Mevo Start

Key FeaturesWireless HD live streaming camera.
Where to Buy

The Logitech Mevo Start is a fantastic option for streamers and can be used as a webcam if necessary, despite the fact that it isn’t strictly a webcam and is more of a streaming ecosystem with an excellent camera module.

The Logitech Mevo Start is wireless, which allows you more flexibility when setting it up than many of the other webcams on this list. Several Logitech Mevo Start cameras can be utilized for different perspectives, and you can switch between them using the feature-rich app.

Key Differentiators

  • Stream stunning 1080p HD video
  • Direct platforms like YouTube, Twitch and Facebook Live
  • Wirelessly control

7. Microsoft LifeCam Studio

Key FeaturesHD quality to your video chats and Skype calls
Where to Buy

Although the LifeCam Studio isn’t the most gorgeous webcam, it wasn’t really made to be attractive. Instead, with its 1080p recording, 720p live video calling, and wideband mic to produce crystal clear sound, it is designed for corporate conferences and presentations.

Even though it needs a powerful PC to operate at its highest settings, this serious peripheral doesn’t lack bells and whistles. It has features including 360-degree rotational flexibility and Microsoft’s TrueColor technology, which dynamically adjusts exposure to keep you well illuminated.

Key Differentiators

  • Face tracking
  • ClearFrame Technology
  • Features TrueColor Technology

8. Microsoft LifeCam Cinema

Key FeaturesTrue 720p HD video camera
Where to Buy
PriceSGD 99.00

If audio is your main concern, the Microsoft LifeCam Cinema is a good option. The barrel-shaped webcam has a wideband noise-canceling microphone built into it that produces excellent audio. A wide-angle camera that can be rotated 360 degrees is also included; it provides adequate video quality.

Key Differentiators

  • Brings colour, sharpness,
  • Digital sound
  • Perfect for your vlogs and video calls

9. Logitech C920 Pro

Key FeaturesFULL HD Pro Webcam for Streaming / Video Conferencing
Where to Buy

Use the Logitech C920 Pro to create films with sharp, detailed images. You can effectively convey what you want with a maximum resolution of 1080p and a frame rate of 30 frames per second, especially with a 78° field of view. Additionally, a five-element glass lens is used, which helps maintain color fidelity and clear transmission.

Plus, you may alter and modify your display with transitions and overlays using it in conjunction with the Logitech Capture app. The two omnidirectional microphones on each side of the Razer Kiyo camera can record sounds in addition to producing excellent images. Your broadcasts and streaming will sound more natural and engaging to your audience thanks to accurate and clear audio detection.

Key Differentiators

  • HD autofocus and light correction
  • Enjoy razor-sharp high def in every environment
  • Advanced Capture Software – Create and share video content with ease

Customer Testimonial

Took a while to figure out how to set up otherwise does the job. Plug and play so no need to install any software. Definitely much better than the built-in webcam on my Mac!


10. Logitech C615 HD Webcam

Key FeaturesHD Webcam
Where to BuyClick Here
PriceSGD 58.80

Nowadays, webcams are not only limited to traditional PCs. With the Logitech C615’s incredibly portable design and 360-degree rotating camera, you can now broadcast Facebook Live from any location. In order to make sure your speech is audible in a noisy area, it also has a built-in noise-canceling microphone.

Additionally, thanks to its intelligent focus, your audience will always see you clearly.

Key Differentiators

  • Full HD 1080p recording
  • HD 720p video calls
  • Premium autofocus
  • Versatile; portable design

Customer Testimonial

Delivery within two days. Tested and works fine, plug and play as described. No complaints.

Jason H.

Webcam Singapore

Thanks for reading! We hope this article has helped you find the best webcam for your needs. Keep in mind that the webcam market is constantly evolving, so be sure to check back often for updates and new models. Have a great day!

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