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11 Best Car Fumigation Services in Singapore [2024]

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Car Fumigation Singapore

Best Car Fumigation Singapore
Best Car Fumigation Singapore

When it comes to maintaining the hygiene and freshness of your vehicle, car fumigation becomes an essential service.

The best car fumigation services in Singapore for 2024 include Bedbug Specialist, Simon Jr. Pest Control, Ninja Pest Control, 5D Solutions, and New Age Polish.

When selecting a car fumigation service in Singapore, take into account factors like pricing, location, reputation, and customer reviews.

Car fumigation services mainly provide treatments to eliminate pests such as bedbugs, cockroaches, and ants, as well as to get rid of unpleasant odors in your vehicle.

Read on to discover the best providers of car fumigation in Singapore.

Quick Summary

  • Best car fumigation services in Singapore for 2024 include Bedbug Specialist, Simon Jr. Pest Control, Ninja Pest Control, 5D Solutions, and New Age Polish.
  • When choosing a car fumigation service in Singapore, consider factors such as pricing, location, reputation, and customer reviews.
  • Car fumigation services primarily offer treatments to eradicate pests like bedbugs, cockroaches, and ants, and to eliminate unwanted odors from your vehicle.

Best Car Fumigation Singapore

1. Bedbug Specialist

Bedbug Specialist - Car Fumigation Singapore
Bedbug Specialist – Car Fumigation Singapore (Credit: Bedbug Specialist)
Key ServicesDisinfection Services
Address61 Bukit Batok Cres, #05-04 Heng Loong Building, Singapore 658078
Phone+65 8754 7524
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 09:00 – 22:00
Saturday & Sunday: 09:00 – 22:00

The Bed Bug Specialist business has been granted approval by the National Environmental Association. A significant benefit of selecting this firm over others is that it does not produce any hazardous fumes, and also that there will be no oily residue left behind after the work is finished.

Plus, their car fumigation service is also safe and environmentally responsible.

The duration of this service, which ranges from 30 minutes to an hour and a half depending on the sort of vehicle and the number of pest problems, depends on the type of vehicle.

Although they are not located in a central location, their accessibility is easy and they are open for lengthy hours.

Key Differentiators

  • Get rid of most of the harmful microorganisms
  • Human and animal-friendly disinfectants
  • Disinfection service package

Customer’s Testimony

Azeem was professional and did thorough checks. He was very punctual and helped us out at a short notice. Appreciate his service. We could see the difference after the 1st treatment itself. Thanks to the Bed Bugs Specialist team.

Gaiyatrie Rajasegaran

2. Simon Jr. Pest Control

Simon Jr. Pest Control - Car Fumigation Singapore
Simon Jr. Pest Control – Car Fumigation Singapore (Credit: Simon Jr. Pest Control)
Key ServicesResidential, Commercial & Industrial Pest Control
Address1B Trengganu Street
3rd Floor
Singapore 058455
Phone+65 6881 8845
Operating HoursOpen 24 Hours

In the present scenario, many people are concerned about common pests that affect their homes and businesses. Many individuals may not be aware of this concept because they don’t live in areas where termites have been seen or do not own a home that is infested with them.

In regions where termites are endemic, these small creatures can cause significant structural damage and that’s where Simon Jr. Pest Control comes in.

The fragrance of their service is pleasant rather than toxic, making driving your automobile more pleasurable. Furthermore, the service is guaranteed to be safe and child-friendly.

The airborne fumigation service of Simon Jr. is also permitted by the NEA, and it does not generate toxic gases. They try to go above and beyond what is required in order to provide the greatest level of service possible. As a result, you may rest confident that your automobile will be well-cared for while in their care.

Key Differentiators

  • Positioned island-wide
  • Pest specialists who are licensed under NEA
  • More than 10 years of experience

Customer’s Testimony

Technicians were very proficient and friendly, and provided lots of advice for ants prevention. They also surveyed and gave free advice for preventing cockroach infestation. Finally, they gave some spare anti-ant gel to use in case we find more sub-nests or tracks. Thank you, for the service and experience!

Ai Hua Ang

3. Ninja Pest Control

Ninja Pest Control - Car Fumigation Singapore (Credit: Ninja Pest Control)
Ninja Pest Control – Car Fumigation Singapore (Credit: Ninja Pest Control)
Key ServicesCar Fumigation
Address18 boon lay way #10-138E
Operating Hours9am – 6pm (Monday to Saturday)

Key Differentiators

  • Best warranty coverage to ensure they wipeout the current infestation
  • NEA licensed technicians with proper training in theory and practical work
  • 100% safe, effective, and environment-friendly solutions
  • State-of-the-art equipment for car fumigation pest control services

Client Testimonial

We had Kamil from Ninja pest cleaning, he was very professional and his work is excellent. He did coackroach infestation, he found the root cause of it and clearned all the coackroach eggs and did all the necessary work for reasonable price . No regrets in choosing Ninja pest control. Thank you very much for the best service.

4. 5D Solutions

5D Solutions - Car Fumigation Singapore
5D Solutions – Car Fumigation Singapore (Credit: 5D Solutions)
Key ServicesAuto restoration service
Address 7 Soon Lee St, #01-26 Ispace, building 627608
Phone+65 8668 7560
Operating HoursMonday to Saturday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

The average duration of a car infestation in 5D Solutions is about two hours. It’s one-of-a-kind since it’ll discover any roaches that are hidden in your vehicle’s dark corners.

Furthermore, after the fumigation is complete, they will do a thorough check to ensure that any vermin or insects that previously infested the automobile have been eradicated.

Furthermore, the interior grooming service that was part of their pest control service included vacuuming, cleaning your dashboard, door panel and leather seat.

5D solutions may be the ideal solution for you if you are searching for a service that not only fumigates your car but also cleans it thoroughly inside.

Key Differentiators

  • Uses one of the highly rated paints
  • Attention to detail
  • Good and affordable

Customer’s Testimony

We sent our new car to Sam and his team for ceramic coating and they definitely did not disappoint! Especially for Sam, he’s very prompt in updating us, sending us photos and even videos of the installation. Even when we drop by for our 1st car wash, he sent us a video of the water beading effect on the car! He’s also flexible and would reply even after opening hours, and has helped us a great deal with the tips and guidance to maintain our ride. Will definitely recommend him to anyone whose looking for reliable car groomers! Thank you Sam for the professional and great service! 😀

aieraqueliese xrara

5. New Age Polish

New Age Polish - Car Fumigation Singapore
New Age Polish – Car Fumigation Singapore (Credit: New Age Polish)
Key ServicesCar Detailing
Car Grooming Services
Car Steam Cleaning & Antibacterial Treatment
Car Paint Restoration Service
Car Pest Fumigation
Car Wash
Car Wrap
Address1 Yishun Industrial Street 1, #01-112 North Spring Bizhub, Singapore 768089
Phone+65 8161 0131
Operating HoursMonday & Tuesday, Thursday to Sunday: 9 am – 6 pm

It’s quite probable that cockroach infestations are caused by the weather, meals, and window openings. So, if you’re seeking car cockroach removal in Singapore, New Age Polish is a good option.

The New Age Polish is also NEA certified and provides a variety of services for complete vehicle cleaning and maintenance. They utilize high-quality, water-repellent, long-lasting, low-maintenance, and stain-free materials.

The staff at New Age Polish are highly-experienced and trained in the field of automobile pests removal. They provide extra services after the fumigation, including grooming and polishing. They also offer a variety of paint protection options.

Key Differentiators

  • Focuses mainly on paint protection
  • Offer a more comprehensive range of grooming services and packages
  • Paintwork restoration and paint protection coating

Customer’s Testimony

Came by for a fumigation a few weeks ago due to some baby roaches in the car. Gabriel was very prompt and responsive, and completely not pushy. Fumigation came with very nicely done interior cleaning, mats were cleaned too! Decided to add on a windscreen coating for $30, and results are quite good so far.

Car has since been free of roaches! Thank you Gabriel and team!

Gideon Teo

6. Four Solutions

Four Solutions - Car Fumigation Singapore
Four Solutions – Car Fumigation Singapore (Credit: Four Solutions)
Key ServicesEnvironmental health service
Address1 Tampines North Dr. 1, #08-57 T-Space, Singapore 528559
Phone+65 8778 8080
Operating HoursOpen 24 hours

The most intriguing aspect about Four Solutions is that they provide service packages tailored to the needs of each client. They can do their services at your home, in their workshop, or even tow your car from where you currently are.

For individuals on a journey or who have gotten stranded in one location, their services are only a phone call away. They utilize non-invasive treatments that are completely safe and secure.

Cockroaches are difficult to get rid of since they adapt quickly and can invade any place you want.

Here is where Four Solutions will save you, they’re also versatile and able to disinfect your car wherever you go, making them an excellent choice for ridding cockroaches from your vehicle in Singapore.

Key Differentiators

  • Bed bugs and termites service
  • Odour-free car fumigation
  • Mould removal and guarantee mould free period

Customer’s Testimony

Had an emergency night rodent issue at 2 am in the morning. They came over 30 mins later, very impressed with their services would definitely recommend to others.

Mark Yeo

Service Highlights

  • Pick up and send back services
  • Same day service 24/7
  • Mold and fungal removal

7. Pesticon

Pesticon - Car Fumigation Singapore
Pesticon – Car Fumigation Singapore (Credit: Pesticon)
Key ServicesPest control service
Address59 New Upper Changi Rd, #01-1274, Singapore 461059
Phone+65 8800 7378
Operating HoursMonday to Saturday: 8AM–8PM

Pesticon’s fumigation method is non-staining, oil-free, water-based, and cockroach repellant, so your automobile will be completely cleaned and free of damage.

They can eliminate ants, rats, mice, flies, bugs, termites, and other vermin. They provide a comprehensive pest control service for both personal and business equipment to assist business owners to maintain a clean environment.

They provide cost-effective pest control packages and are one of the finest vehicle fumigation companies in Singapore to consider for both personal and commercial use.

Key Differentiators

  • Effective pest removal
  • Resolves ants and other pests infestation
  • Skilled and professional team

Customer’s Testimony

Good local company, man working is hardworking and the manager mr. Kachi likes to joke. Very friendly guy. Help to remove my micky mouse problem and found all the babies in the restaurant at.boat quay. Thank you all for always rushing here and there and sweating so much.

Gao Luan Tanh

8. Juzz for Cars

Juzz for Cars - Car Fumigation Singapore
Juzz for Cars – Car Fumigation Singapore (Credit: Juzz for Cars)
Key ServicesAuto repair shop
Address176 Sin Ming Dr, #03-13 Sin Ming AutoCare, Singapore 575721
Phone+65 6736 0303
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 9 AM – 6 PM
Saturday: 9 AM – 3 PM

Juzz For Cars is a well-known car repair shop that was founded in 1999 by four people. They were able to grow their services and eventually include upgrading, vehicle cleaning, and automobile bodywork because of their hard work and dedication.

Juzz For Cars is now recognized as a one-stop shop for automotive fumigation requirements. The team’s outstanding customer service and transparent pricing are evident in the high satisfaction rating they have earned.

When you’re looking for an auto shop where you can get your car serviced, have a repair done, or purchase vehicle parts and accessories, Juzz for Cars is the place to go. They offer both original and aftermarket premium automobile components if necessary.

Key Differentiators

  • One-stop car workshop
  • Since 2006
  • Extensive selection of premium car parts

Customer’s Testimony

Really super car work shop, went above and beyond to source the correct part for our car from overseas after finding it out of stock locally. Peformed the repair quickly and kept in contact at all times. Thank you!

Sinéad G

9. Detail Mania

Detail Mania - Car Fumigation Singapore
Detail Mania – Car Fumigation Singapore (Credit: Detail Mania)
Key ServicesCar detailing
Address80, 01-04 Rhu Cross, Singapore 437437
Phone+65 8786 6008
Operating HoursTuesday to Sunday: 9 AM – 6 PM

If you want to visit a place for automobile fumigation, Detail Mania is another excellent choice. However, they will also clean the inside of your car during vehicle fumigation.

They will clean all surfaces, including leather ones, and leave no oil residues behind if you take advantage of their deal.

However, if you want to pamper your automobile a little more and have steam jet cleaning as well, you might wish to opt for their premium deals.

They also offer anti-pest fumigation, which takes around an hour and Detail Mania advises adding it to their package so you don’t have to sit on any filthy surfaces or touch any sticky residues.

Key Differentiators

  • Since 2010 
  • Staff with extensive trainings across different countries
  • Accurate diagnostics

Customer’s Testimony

Good service provided and reasonable pricing at Affordable rates.

The team is providing interior cleaning service at a very detailed level. I have engaged them to provide for Pest fumigation, Mini detail (one of their package) – which provide exterior and interior car cleaning and steaming service.

Now my car looks wonderful and brand new. I am delighted with the service provided and happy to see my car being cleaned again 🤣

Leon Ho

10. KGC Workshop

KGC Workshop - Car Fumigation Singapore
KGC Workshop – Car Fumigation Singapore (Credit: KGC Workshop)
Key ServicesAccident Claim
Car Servicing & Diagnostic
Air Con Servicing
Bodykit Repair & Customisation
Spray Painting
Panel Beating
Car Polishing & Grooming
Paint Protection
Fumigation & Steam Cleaning
Upholstery / Leather Wrapping
Upholstery Cleaning & Touch Up
Brake Disc Skimming
Colour Seat Belt
Insurance Renewal
Address14 Ang Mo Kio Street 63, Block B, Singapore 569116
Phone+65 6453 6279
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 9:30 AM – 6:30 PM
Saturday: 9:30AM–5:00PM

KGC Workshop has a wealth of knowledge about vehicle problems and how to fix them, so it’s no surprise that they’re available for repairs and they specialize in auto maintenance and grooming.

They also have some of the best-branded engine oils on their shelves, and you have the option to pick from among the choices. They serve a variety of automobile models from Asian to European standards.

You may go for their package deals or undertake retail. You may choose to join as a member, which offers you several advantages.

Key Differentiators

  • Since 1967
  • One-Stop automotive workshop
  • After sales services

Customer’s Testimony

Did car grooming and paint protection at KGC Workshop. DJ is my point of contact and he has been very helpful and responsive. The lounge is very cozy and I could do my work without disturbance. To top it all, there’s a coffee machine. I posted this review 3 weeks after the job was done and it had withstand the test of heavy rain. Overall, I’m pleased with my car condition now.


11. EA Detailer

EA Detailer - Car Fumigation Singapore
EA Detailer – Car Fumigation Singapore (Credit: EA Detailer)
Key ServicesExterior Detailing
Interior Sanitization
Paint Protection
Glasurit Refinish
EAzy Cool Window Films
Address130 Dunearn Rd, Singapore 309436
Phone+65 6917 8396
Operating HoursTuesday – Sunday: 09.30 AM- 07.00 PM

The most popular service offered by EA Detailers is automobile fumigation. One advantage of hiring EA Detailers is that their fumigations are entirely natural and biodegradable.

The chemicals will be sprayed on the car using a solution that includes plant enzymes. You won’t have to worry about making a mistake and purchasing anti-pest fumigation that is ineffective and harmful to your family and automobile.

Furthermore, EA Detailers’ complete inside cleaning guarantees that every nitty-gritty aspect of your automobile has been cleaned. They will clean it with bio-safe cleaning products from the roof lining to the floor mat.

Plus, they can also clean your automobile’s ventilation and air condition if you desire a fresh smell.

Key Differentiators

  • Represents a distinctive voice in the surface treatment
  • Resolves all sorts of vehicle concerns
  • Professional exterior car detailing and grooming

Customer’s Testimony

As always excellent meticulous service and attention to every small detail and even interiors and under the bonnet was not spared the attention to detail. I did the half PPF and very well done without any trace of an additional film. Good job

Dave Ng

Car Fumigation Singapore

There you have it! We have listed the best car fumigation services in Singapore. We hope that we helped you decide on where to bring your best friend on the road for their next maintenance and essential needs.

To find out more about this process or how it can benefit you or if you’re not sure whether your car needs this treatment, better contact these companies today for an appointment for their car care specialists to answer any question you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about car fumigation services in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best Car Fumigation Services in Singapore below:

What are the best car fumigation services in Singapore?

The best car fumigation services in Singapore include Bedbug Specialist, Simon Jr. Pest Control, Ninja Pest Control, 5D Solutions, and New Age Polish.

What are car pest fumigation services?

Car pest fumigation services are professional cleaning services that help to keep your car pest free. These services involve a thorough inspection and treatment process to eliminate all those pests that may be hiding in your vehicle.

Why should car owners consider getting their car fumigated?

Car owners should consider fumigation if they notice signs of pests in their vehicles. Pests can cause damage to the interior of the car, carry diseases, and create an uncomfortable environment for passengers.

What is the fumigation process like for cars?

The fumigation process usually begins with a thorough inspection to identify the type of pest and their hiding spots. This is followed by the application of appropriate treatments to eradicate the pests. The car is then cleaned and ventilated before it’s returned to the owner.

How can car fumigation experts ensure my car is pest free?

Car fumigation experts use professional-grade pesticides and equipment to effectively eliminate all these pests from your vehicle. They also conduct a thorough inspection to ensure no pests are left behind.

How long does it take to get my car fumigated?

The duration of the fumigation process depends on the severity of the infestation. However, most car fumigation services can complete the process within a few hours.

Do I need to prepare my car before the fumigation process?

Yes, it’s recommended to remove any personal items, especially from storage compartments, to ensure a comprehensive treatment. Also, cleaning your car beforehand can make the fumigation process more effective.

Will the fumigation process leave my car clean?

While the main goal of fumigation is to eliminate pests, most service providers also clean the interior of your car as part of the process. However, it’s always good to check with the service provider about what their service includes.

Are car pest fumigation services safe for my vehicle?

Yes, professional car pest fumigation services use techniques and products that are safe for your vehicle. They ensure that the process does not cause any damage to the car’s interior or exterior.

Can I drive my car immediately after it has been fumigated?

It’s usually recommended to wait for a few hours after fumigation before driving your car. This allows time for the pesticides to dissipate and the car to be properly ventilated.

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