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8 Best Cheap Birthday Party Venues in Singapore [2024]

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Cheap Birthday Party Venues Singapore

Best Cheap Birthday Party Venues Singapore
Best Cheap Birthday Party Venues Singapore

Planning a birthday celebration in Singapore can be a real headache. The party should be done in an entertaining and memorable way, and within your budget.

It is quite difficult to find a place where you can find the entertainment and amenities, and of course, within your budget.

However in Singapore, you can find a lot of venue that provides not only entertainment but aim for yourself budget.

This article will help you organize your next cheap birthday bash and also find the best Birthday Party Venue in Singapore.

Importance of Affordable Party Venues

While planning a birthday party, it is quite essential to watch over the budget, however, this idea might ruin the celebrations as well.

Venue fee will be the largest cost that one has to bear, because after paying the admission fee, there will barely remain any amount to spend on food, decorations and entertainment.

Fortunately, Singapore offer various venues for budget birthday party, which will help you accomplish a memorable birthday bash without expending much.

Overview of Birthday Party Venue Options in Singapore

Getting a place to host a party in Singapore is easy and cheap. You have a variety of options and will be able to choose both a small place for small party and large affair for a large group or large party. You may get a party gathering place under the sky or inside the hall as per your interest.

Best Cheap Birthday Party Venues Singapore

1. FunEmpire


A versatile venue providing a large variety of activities and party customisation. FunEmpire can help you plan your birthday party, office party and gathering events.

From activities such as laser tag, traditional games, to amazing race, the activities offer fun for all ages in group sizes ranging from 10 to 200 participants.

The event includes drinks, food, entertainers and decorations.

2. The Common Good Play Room @ Eunos

(Credit: The Common Good)
(Credit: The Common Good)

A cozy and comfortable play room with a plug-and-play gaming system, cushy seating and a huge collection of board games, The Common Good Play Room @ Eunos is perfect for small gatherings or intimate meet-ups of up to 12 people.

Whether it’s a game night, a casual meeting, or small gathering to celebrate an occasion, The Common Good Play Room @ Eunos is a relaxed space for all your needs.

3. Multi-purpose Venue at Orchard Road

(Credit: Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre)
(Credit: Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre)

An event space that could be grandly themed into various party concepts, suitable for groups of 20 persons. Something versatile right here, suitable for casual gatherings or even a more formal celebration. It comes equipped with modern facilities as well as a classy location right on Orchard Road offering convenience and style for tonight’s party.

4. Happy Space @ Woodlands

(Credit: GetSpaces)
(Credit: GetSpaces)

A very big kids corner & plenty of natural light to make everyone feel warm. Its big size is great for big gatherings of up to 45 pax. Happy Space @ Woodlands is great for celebration with kids or having a full house sitting party!

5. Fourwalls Studio @ Woodlands

(Credit: GetSpaces)
(Credit: GetSpaces)

Picture perfect pool for movie-themed celebration that comes complete with a state-of-the-art theatre system with roofed movie screen and karaoke set with remote mike.

It also has a massive studio that hosts a more than 50 people at a time, plus has the added benefit of having a premium quality speaker system for that immersive entertainment experience.

Fourwalls Studio is the perfect set-up for large scale celebrations, including birthdays and even just the best night out to hang out with your friends.

6. Events/Karaoke Cafe @ Havelock/Tiong Bahru

(Credit: Party World KTV)
(Credit: Party World KTV)

An intimate venue with a modern karaoke system and a large screen for sports, an ideal place to entertain your guests. Offers you a small cozy environment perfect for small to medium gatherings, whether you plan a birthday party, a casual get-together or a team building event.

A relaxed and high quality place with a great sound to make everyone have an enjoyable time singing or cheering.

7. Versatile Studio @ Eunos

(Credit: GetSpaces)
(Credit: GetSpaces)

A open-concept studio that is furnished with the essential (white basic furniture) reader, if you or your friends love customizing your theme parties, look no further! Versatile Studio @ Eunos provides great space for adding props and other decorations to cater your needs in the needed manner!

Whether its for a small family gathering or even professional work space without the need of staying in an hotel room!

8. Daylight Space in Heritage Shophouse @ Jalan Besar

(Credit: Milk & Dust)
(Credit: Milk & Dust)

Small and tastefully lit but not entirely clandestine, and adeptly appointed for niche, one-off events, the space sits comfortably in Jalan Besar, a district of Art Deco shophouses with a flavour of the worldly and new.

Tips for Finding Cheap Birthday Party Venues

  1. Book in Advance: Booking a venue early on will usually reflect a discounted rate while often offering a larger selection of more economical venues.
  2. Look for Package Deals: If a venue offers a package deal where food, decorations, music or other entertainers are rolled into one price, see if that suits you better than booking these things independently.
  3. Be Flexible with Dates and Times: Booking an unpopular date and time can offer steep discounts. Weekday or off-peak can be considerably less expensive than a weekend or peak booking.
  4. Use Community Centres and Public Spaces: Visit local community centres, parks and other public spaces that have lower rental costs than commercial venues.
  5. Utilize Online Platforms and Reviews: Don’t rely on commercial searches alone; explore websites or social media forums, Facebook groups, or review sites to discover niche recommendations and insider tips about affordable venues.

Cheap Birthday Party Venues Singapore

So many times, people think that they need to go all out when seems that finds their children birthdays but with these cheap birthday party places you can celebrate without buying everything and having to be poor after the bday!

If you are looking to celebrate a party for a birthday, check any of the venues and bring your guest and enjoy with nothing to care about prices!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about cheap birthday party venues in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best Cheap Birthday Party Venues in Singapore below:

What is the average cost of renting a birthday party venue in Singapore?

A venue in Singapore, for a birthday party would cost you varying from $50-$ 300 for per hour depend on is the venue category, additional equipment, and facilities provided, the venue location. I declaim that smaller kind of stand alone basic halls are the cheapest option while larger venues with a wide range of facilities are an expensive choice.

How far in advance should I book a venue?

Put a ring in 2-3 months in advance in order to arrange details. The earlier – the better, especially if you lodge an application in a season of the year or at a place which is usually in great demand. Some places book 6 months, probably 12 months in advance, in the season of considerable demand.

Are there any hidden costs I should be aware of?

Watch out for another fee for putting down a security deposit, or for cleaning the space after your party leaves, or higher rates if you stay more than a set amount of hours, or other hidden-fee charges you might run across when signing the contract – ask questions and read restrictions so you know what’s written before you pick up the tab.

Can I bring my own food and decorations to the venue?

By default, almost every single event space in Singapore allows for external food and decorations – it’s only the specific ban on external catering or confetti, open flames and/or adhesives that you should check. Otherwise, you might land up in a scenario where everything is ready for your party and only then find out from the venue that they don’t allow outside catering. That could throw a real fly in the ointment – not to mention get you in trouble with the venue!

What are some unique venue options for themed parties?

If you’re seeking unique venues for themed parties in Singapore, consider Fourwalls Studio for a cinematic atmosphere and FunEmpire for customizable activities across various themes. Both provide specialized services to ensure a memorable and immersive party experience.

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