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8 Best Flower Arrangement Workshops in Singapore [2024]

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Flower Arrangement Workshop Singapore

Best Flower Arrangement Workshop Singapore
Best Flower Arrangement Workshop Singapore

When it comes to floristry, things are definitely blooming with numerous specialised workshops in Singapore.

Literally, as an increasing number of floral arrangement workshops spring up around the island. And why not? There’s no shortage of ways to relax, be free and creative, and pick up cool new skills.

Whether you’re seeking some nice new home touches or are just after a fun weekend out, there’s something for everyone, in the garden city.

What is Flower Arrangement?

Flower arrangement is the art of arranging flowers in an aesthetically pleasing manner, often for decorative purposes. An arrangement, in the simplest terms, is a collection of flowers, foliage, ribbon, vases, and other objects arranged in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Arranging flowers can be either formal or informal and can be created in the conservative symmetrical style or, as contemporary flower arrangers are more likely to do, in purely asymmetrical or abstract forms.

Why Attend A Floral Arrangement Workshop?

Flower workshops in Singapore are a great way to pass free time. Whether you love bouquets or go for simplicity, these are among the best floral arrangement workshops in Singapore.

If you’re ever wondering why to avail such fun workshops in Singapore, we have you covered too. Flower workshops teach flower basics and help you learn different techniques. You get hands-on training, so you can evolve your existing skills by experimenting with new materials and ideas.

In terms of networking, flower workshops are a great form of social gathering which can be attended by any floral enthusiasts. If you’re into flowers and blending colours in new ways, you should consider attending a workshop.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Workshop

Choosing the right floral arrangement workshop can feel like picking the perfect flower from a vast bouquet. Here are some tips to help you decide:

  • Instructor Expertise: One of your goals should be finding a workshop that is worthwhile and memorable. The instructor’s expertise is key, so find one led by an experienced florist.
  • Cost: Prices can vary widely, so consider your budget when choosing a workshop.
  • Duration: Some workshops last an hour; some are more intensive. Depends when you can do it.
  • Materials Provided: Ensure the workshop provides all necessary materials, so you don’t have to bring your own.
  • Location: Choose a workshop that’s conveniently located to save on travel time.

Best Flower Arrangement Workshop Singapore

1. Fleuriste

(Credit: Fleuriste Singapore)
(Credit: Fleuriste Singapore)

Located in Raffles Place, Fleuriste has seasonal workshops tailored to beginners and professionals alike; their rustic bouquets and intimate private sessions will leave you with pretty foliage – and a satisfied smile.

2. Botany Studio

(Credit: The Straits Times)
(Credit: The Straits Times)

If your inclination is more towards a garden-style arrangement, find a class at Botany Studio in Toa Payoh. They offer both hobby classes and diploma courses on the subject. No matter whether you see yourself as a casual creator or an aspiring professional, your niche is here.

3. Charlotte Puxley Flowers

(Credit: Charlotte Puxley Flowers)
(Credit: Charlotte Puxley Flowers)

Charlotte Puxley Flowers in Bukit Merah brings English countryside freshness to Little Red Dot, with workshops ranging from small jar arrangements to English meadow bouquets.

4. Ask a French

(Credit: Ask a French)
(Credit: Ask a French)

Tiong Bahru’s Ask a French is the brainchild of Aude Giraud, specialising in hand-tied bouquets and seasonal wreathes. For those who like a touch of Gallic chic with their flowers.

5. Poppy Flora Studio

(Credit: Robb Report Singapore)
(Credit: Robb Report Singapore)

Poppy Flora Studio in Seletar is founded by the multi-disciplinary artist Sarah Lim with a focus on floral arts and design as a lifestyle. An easy introduction to floral arrangement can be found at the Andante Floral Foundation Course.

6. Floral Garage

(Credit: Floral Garage)
(Credit: Floral Garage)

An interesting feature about this place is that it offers a variety of workshops like Flower Arrangement, Hand Bouquet, and Make Your Own Floral Crown. Inspired by the studio, many local residents go to Floral Garage for less than $600, and some for as little as $30. The firm gained fame for being both beautiful and cost-effective.

7. Bloomback

(Credit: Bloomback Singapore)
(Credit: Bloomback Singapore)

For those interested in both personal and corporate workshops, Bloomback is the perfect choice. Their Flower Dome Workshop, priced at $120 for 120 minutes, is a favorite. They also offer corporate workshops like the Flower Frame Workshop, covering a variety of techniques from vase arrangements to bottle arrangements.

8. Nicole’s Flowers

(Credit: Nicole's Flowers)
(Credit: Nicole’s Flowers)

Nicole’s Flower offers numerous different workshops, such as how to make hand-tied bouquet, terrarium or weaving a flower crown. The cost differs from one workshop to another, and how long it takes differs, if you truly are on a time budget not to mention money wise.

Terrarium and Floral Arrangement Workshops

Terrarium-building workshops (usually held at cafes or bistros) are available too, for anything from whimsical floral pieces to minimalist succulent displays, adding a touch of greenery to your home while also learning more about the care of plants.

Benefits of Attending a Floral Arrangement Workshop

1. Enhances Creativity

Floral workshops provide a safe space to release your creativity, as you experiment with different flowers, colours and textures, and are able to think more freely, relearning your ingenuity.

2. Stress Relief

Making flower arrangements can help reduce stress and anxiety by providing a private space that helps you to let go of your worries and become fully immersed in a meaningful task.

3. Skill Development

In these workshops, you’ll learn how to work with flowers, learning the techniques needed to create beautiful displays for many types of occasions. You’ll come away from the sessions with practical knowledge, whether your goal is to work professionally or simply for pleasure.

4. Social Interaction

The workshop is a great place where you can mingle with those individuals who have similar interests and hobbies as yours. You can exchange ideas and work together, making possible new friendships and networks.

5. Home Décor Improvement

Learning to arrange flowers will not only give your home a personal touch, but it will also let your friends notice the uniqueness of your space during dinner parties. You’ll become much better at making your home beautiful.

Flower Arrangement Workshop Singapore

Want to express your creativity in a new way, chill out from a stressful desk job, or meet new people in a fun and easy way? Head for a floral arrangement workshop.

With Ikebana, tropical arrangements, petite posies or other genres, there’s a workshop for you out there in Singapore. And they come with a wide choice of schedules to suit every need.

Add flower power to your life, and pick up new skills from the experts. Here’s where to attend these budding workshops in the city.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about flower arrangement workshops in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best Flower Arrangement Workshops in Singapore below:

What should I bring to a floral arrangement workshop?

The majority of workshops supply everything: flowers, vases, tools. It’s always best to ask the provider but, for whole-house sessions, flowers will probably be provided but you may have to bring your own equipment; gloves, apron, basket. You might wish to do a bit of research to see if you can bring your favourite tools or flowers too.

How much do floral arrangement workshops cost?

Sometimes you are paying for the knowledge of a skilled flower farmer who has travelled far and wide, so the cost can be much higher. The cost of workshops for floral arrangement generally depends on the length of the workshop you will attend, the instructor, how great the materials you will use are (quality and type of materials) ,and the location of the workshop. Floral arranging class cost varies from $30 to $600. If you have a chance to take a floriography workshop, check the cost before you go in. You could find a better expensive workshop than the $600 workshop.

Are these workshops suitable for beginners?

Yeah! These floral design workshops provide step-by-step instructions to all skill levels, even to complete beginners who have never tried floral design. These workshops often include thorough demonstrations on how to create various simple to complicated floral designs. Such events usually start with basic design, and slowly proceed to complex arrangements, making them an excellent choice for beginners.

How long do workshops typically last?

They can last anywhere from 1 to 3 hours, though some arrangements are meant to be very quick so the flower workshop may be shorter while others run longer for more in-depth instruction and advanced techniques. So be sure to make sure that any workshop you choose fits into your schedule and suits your learning goals.

Can I book private floral arrangement sessions?

Yes, some floral arrangement workshops do provide the opportunity to book private sessions for either yourself or a group of people. Private sessions can be a really great option if you prefer a more individualised experience, or are looking for something that can be customised specifically to your likes and skill level. Whether it’s a private lesson for your own interest and development, for a party or event like a hen’s night, baby shower, birthday celebration or even a corporate team-building event, many providers will be open and flexible in determining how to adapt an existing workshop to make it special for you and your group.

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