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8 Best Perfume Workshops in Singapore [2024]

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Perfume Workshop Singapore

Best Perfume Workshop Singapore
Best Perfume Workshop Singapore

Have you always fantasised about creating a scent inspired by you?

Good news! There are many workshops in Singapore that focus on perfume making.

In Singapore one of the rising trends amongst the cosmopolitan is to experience a perfume workshop where creativity and sense entice to create your own personalised perfume.

Here, we selected for you the best perfume workshops across Singapore.

Why Attend a Perfume Workshop?

It is not just a fun activity: it is also a learning experience in smell profiles and in perfume composition. It can be enjoyed by individuals, couples or groups. It is perfect as a gift, to create a signature scent or to share a memorable experience for those who love perfume.

How to Choose the Right Workshop for You

When picking a perfume workshop, consider several factors:

  1. Objective: What are you trying to achieve with the workshop? Are you hoping to make your personal fragrance or connect with others or simply learn more of the art of perfumery?
  2. Location: Look for a workshop that is local, if there is one. Some might take place in nice spots, offering a bonus dose of bliss.
  3. Duration: A workshop session might be brief – say, half an hour to an hour – or longer. A longer session can be therapeutic but also exhausting. Think about how much time you can give.
  4. Cost: How much are you willing to pay? Workshops range from modest costs to the highest tier of pricing. Do your research and pick the one that will give you the best value for your investment.
  5. Materials Provided: Make sure that the session includes all essentials, such as bottles, oils and diffusion tools. Some will even go the extra mile and offer additional oils, labels and even packaging.

Best Perfume Workshop Singapore

1. Maison 21G

(Credit: Mummy Wee)
(Credit: Mummy Wee)

Maison 21G is a haven for perfume enthusiasts. They offer various workshops, including the Perfume Creation Atelier, Love Atelier, and Bridal Atelier. These sessions are priced reasonably and provide a personalized experience with a wide range of scents. The booking process is straightforward, making it easy to secure your spot.

2. Scentopia

(Credit: Scentopia)
(Credit: Scentopia)

Located in Sentosa, Scentopia stands out with its Perfume Personality Assessment and the use of Singapore orchids in their scents. This workshop is not just about creating a fragrance; it’s about connecting with local floral heritage. Pricing and booking details are accessible on their website.


(Credit: THANN)
(Credit: THANN)

THANN offers workshops like Fragrance Mist DIY and Aroma Balm DIY, emphasizing natural essential oils. These sessions are priced affordably and run for a suitable duration, perfect for those looking to dive into natural scents.

4. Sifr Aromatics

(Credit: Sifr Aromatics)
(Credit: Sifr Aromatics)

Sifr Aromatics offers a premium experience with an in-depth exploration of perfume making. The sessions are detailed, and the pricing reflects the premium nature of the workshop.

5. VCube

(Credit: VCube Scenting)
(Credit: VCube Scenting)

VCube takes a unique approach with rare oils and scent marketing education. Their workshops are priced competitively and provide a unique insight into the perfume industry.

6. Perfume Play

(Credit: Pelago)
(Credit: Pelago)

Perfume Play offers an interactive experience where you can customize your fragrance bottles and labels. The pricing varies based on the bottle sizes, making it a flexible option for different needs.

7. Jetaime Perfume Workshop

(Credit: Wah So Shiok)
(Credit: Wah So Shiok)

One of the pioneers in Singapore, Jetaime offers workshops in both Mandarin and English. Participants get to bring home 120ml of their created perfume, and the workshop has an impressive 5.0 Google review rating.

8. Innerfyre Co Perfume Making Workshop

(Credit: Medium)
(Credit: Medium)

Innerfyre Co provides a hands-on session guided by scent experts. It’s perfect for groups, bridal parties, or unique date ideas. You’ll also learn about the history and art of perfumery during the session.

Perfume Workshop Singapore

Perfume workshops in Singapore offer a blend of creativity, education, and fun, catering to various needs and preferences.

From Scentopia’s serene ambiance to Sifr Aromatics’ detailed sessions, each workshop provides a unique experience.

Perfect for crafting a personal scent or celebrating a special occasion, these workshops promise an enriching and memorable time.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about perfume workshops in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best Perfume Workshops in Singapore below:

What should I bring to a perfume workshop?

Most courses will provide everything you need, including essential oils, the ‘top’, ‘middle’ and ‘base-notes’, and tools for blending. All you need to bring along is yourself, a creative streak (and a pad and pen if you’d like to take notes of your thinking and ideas). You’ll want to dress comfortably in case you need to stand or move around.

How long does a typical workshop last?

The sessions are conducted between an hour to two hours depending upon the workshop detail and information content. The hands-on fragrance creation workshops would be more intensive taking around 2 hours. However, do check the detail of the workshop that you choose to decide the time accordingly.

Are these workshops suitable for beginners?

Sure! In fact most workshops are structured so that you know absolutely nothing about perfumery, yet can feel perfectly comfortable creating your own scent. The instructor will walk through every step and explain the process along the way.

Can I book a private session for a special event?

Definitely, there are private sessions at certain workshops, which could be arranged for bridal parties or for team-bonding events and special occasions like birthdays. Most workshops are tailored to the theme and preference of your group so you can expect it to be fun and memorable. To know more of their schedule and capacity, it is best to call the workshop organisers ahead of time.

How much does a perfume workshop cost?

Costs per person generally lie between SGD 50 and SGD 200, depending on the duration of the workshop, whether materials are provided or not, and which kinds of ingredients are included (some upmarket workshops might feature expensive or exotic ingredients). Be sure to ascertain what you’re getting for your money up front.

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