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Igloohome Push-Pull Mortise: The Most Secured Smart Lock For Your Home [2024]

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Igloohome Push-Pull Mortise

igloohome Push-Pull Mortise
igloohome Push-Pull Mortise


Smart Locks are an ideal solution for property owners and tenants alike. With igloohome’s simple yet reliable access control technology, users can easily grant access to their homes without having to worry about keys or codes.

For property owners, igloohome Smart Locks provide a way to keep track of who has accessed the rental space and when. Moreover, the locks can be programmed to automatically lock and unlock doors at specific times, allowing property owners to manage their rental units remotely.

For tenants, igloohome Smart Locks provide a sense of security since they are unique to each user, eliminating the need for traditional keys or combinations. With igloohome, users can access their homes with a single tap or share access with another individual. Also, igloohome Smart Locks are compatible with other smart home devices, providing users with an integrated experience.

With the locks and other smart home devices, users can control their space in one convenient place. Whether used for residential or commercial spaces, igloohome provides the perfect solution for access control. With igloohome’s simple yet reliable technology, users can easily manage their space with peace of mind.

Key Features of Igloohome Push-Pull Mortise

Simple push or pull entry method

igloohome Push-Pull Mortise
igloohome Push-Pull Mortise

With the Push-Pull Mortise, users can gain access to their homes with a simple push or pull of the button. There is no need for keys or combinations, making it easier and more convenient to enter and exit.

Four available unlocking methods: RFID tags, PIN codes, fingerprints, etc.

igloohome Push-Pull Mortise
igloohome Push-Pull Mortise

RFID tags are the most convenient way to unlock doors as they require no additional hardware or software. All you need is a small RFID tag that can be attached to a keychain, wallet, or other items. To unlock the door, simply wave the RFID tag near the reader and it will automatically open. This method is often used in residential settings where there is a need for multiple users to access the same door.

PIN codes are more secure than RFID tags as they require the user to enter a code before the door can be opened. This code can be changed periodically, making it difficult for an unauthorized person to gain access. PIN codes are commonly used in commercial and business settings as they provide an extra layer of security.

Fingerprints are the most secure method of unlocking a door as they cannot be easily replicated or transferred. Most fingerprint readers require either a direct scan of the finger or simply have you place your finger on the reader itself. This is commonly used in government buildings, banks, and other sensitive areas as it provides an extra layer of security.

algoPIN™ technology enables ad hoc access codes creation

igloohome Push-Pull Mortise
igloohome Push-Pull Mortise

algoPIN™ technology also enables users to create ad hoc access codes with just a few clicks. This means that you can give out unique, one-time use PINs for secure access to your sensitive information without having to store them on a physical device or in an online portal. With algoPIN™, you can generate secure and unique access codes that can be used in authentication, authorization and encryption processes.

This makes it easy to protect your data from malicious actors and unauthorized access. Additionally, you can use algoPIN™ technology to create random passwords so that each user has their own personal PIN for secure transactions. algoPIN™ technology is reliable, secure and easy-to-use for your business needs.

Provides multiple modes of entry, including conventional keys

The security system also provides multiple modes of entry, including conventional keys, keycards, combinations and biometric access. With a variety of options available, businesses can choose the level of security that best suits their needs while providing convenient access to employees and authorized visitors.

Allows for setting PIN codes/Bluetooth keys duration and supervising activity logs

This type of access control system can be used to set PIN codes, Bluetooth keys or other types of authentication methods for specific duration. This feature is especially useful in business and government settings where access to sensitive information requires a high level of security.

Also, this access control system allows administrators to supervise activity logs and keep track of who has accessed the system and when. This can be used to further ensure the security of the system by preventing unauthorized access or misuse.

In addition, this type of access control system also offers more robust analytics capabilities to allow administrators to better understand user behavior and identify any potential threats. With these advanced features, businesses can easily maintain a high level of security for their valuable data and ensure the safety of their customers.

Offers convenience and peace of mind for entry needs

igloohome Push-Pull Mortise
igloohome Push-Pull Mortise

The keyless entry system offers convenience and peace of mind for homeowners who are concerned about the security of their home. This system allows owners to grant or deny access to their homes without having to worry about lost or stolen keys, as well as easily granting access to visitors or service personnel.

Keyless entry systems also allow homeowners to permit access from anywhere in the world, granting unique advantages for those with second homes or frequent travelers. In addition to the convenience of keyless entry systems for residential applications, these technologies are becoming increasingly popular for commercial and industrial applications, offering a safe and secure way to manage the entry of personnel, vehicles, and other equipment.


Door Compatibility

Door typeWooden swing door (Left/right)
Door thickness40 to 70mm
Clearance from door edge110mm


Front assembly82 (W) x 360 (H) x 71.2 (T) mm / 3.4 (W) x 14 (H) x 2.7 (T) in
Back assembly82 (W) x 360 (H) x 71 (T) mm / 3.5 (W) x 14 (H) x 2.8 (T) in


Net3.9 kg
Gross (with packaging)4.7 kg

Where To Buy

Ready to make your igloohome Push-Pull Mortise purchase? Just click here!

PriceSGD $776

Our Conclusion

The igloohome Push-Pull Mortise smart lock is an excellent choice for commercial and residential applications. It provides a strong level of security, with features such as durable construction, anti-theft push pull technology, biometric access control, and remote access via mobile device.

With easy installation and setup, robust integration capabilities with other third-party systems, and its low cost of ownership, the igloohome Push-Pull Mortise provides a great value to homeowners and business owners looking for a secure smart lock solution.

With all of these features combined, this is a lock that can provide reliable security whether it’s in your home or office. Whether you’re looking for convenience, security, or both, the igloohome Push-Pull Mortise smart lock is a great choice!

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