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Ultimate Guide to Leather Crafting Tools Singapore [2024]

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Leather Crafting Tools Singapore

Best Leather Crafting Tools Singapore
Best Leather Crafting Tools Singapore

Leather crafting is an art that requires the right tools for the job.

FunEmpire, Leather Workshop Singapore, Leather Crafting Workshop Singapore and Team Building Games Singapore are the best service providers of leather-making workshop in Singapore.

If you’re looking to try out or get started with leather crafting in Singapore, there are several basic leathercraft tools that you’ll need to have with you.

The choice of the right leathercraft tools is what matters. Whether you’re a beginner or a skilled expert, having the right set of tools is essential when it comes to leather crafting.

The Ultimate Guide to Leather Crafting Tools Singapore 2024 is bound to help you along the path to leather crafting expertise with the best leather crafting tools available in Singapore.

Quick Summary

  • The best leather-making workshop providers in Singapore are FunEmpire, Leather Workshop Singapore, Leather Crafting Workshop Singapore, and Team Building Games Singapore.
  • The most important point when selecting tools for leather craft in Singapore is the tools’ quality as they will directly influence the accuracy and long-term quality of your leather craftwork.
  • FunEmpire stands out as an excellent choice with an impressive track record. Boasting over 8,000 5-star reviews and a remarkable portfolio of 50,000 successful events, FunEmpire is widely regarded as one of the top providers in the industry.

What is the Purpose of Leather Crafting Tools?

When we talk about leather crafting tools, we mean the equipment and accessories that leather crafters would need in order to craft leather goods.

Leather crafting tools help leather crafters to cut and shape leather pieces, attach one piece of leather to another, or simplify the process of crafting leather goods, especially making it easier for leather crafters to finish their leather crafting projects faster and more accurately.

These are a must-have for anyone who is learning or aspiring to make a living from leather crafting in Singapore.

Why Should You Get Leather Crafting Tools?

Leather crafters use these to create leather products which are of highest accuracy and quality.

They help leather crafters to describe the dimension of leather pieces, and cut leather into the shape; also the leather crafting tools assist the leather crafters to sew the leather pieces into the products appropriately.

With the right leathercraft equipment, the products created can be durable and keep for a long time.

Types of Leather Crafting Tools You Should Consider

1) Cutting Tools

One of the most important aspects you should take into account for leather crafting is cutting the leather into the desired shape and size. As cutting is a vital part of leather crafting, you will need the below-mentioned cutting tools.

*Note: For security reasons, it’s best to check in these tools if you happen to be traveling with them*

Utility knife

A leather crafter will greatly benefit from using the utility knife. Its blade, which is incredibly sharp and durable, offer the crafter the opportunity to cut leather into straight lines, curves and any design with much ease.

Its lightweight quality makes it portable and easy to use, and its handle, which is ergonomic, gives great comfort for gripping and directing the tool.

Rotary leather cutter

This leathercraft tool is used to make shaped cuts in pieces, which is done using a rotatable blade situated at the base of the tool that can be adjusted to cut different shapes and sizes.

This tool is designed in such a way that it can be used comfortably for long periods of time without any discomfort to the user.

Moreover, the different types of durable blades that comes along with it enables the person to use it in the most accurate manner in order to create different and artistically made leather suiting products.


The most underrated crafting tool is the scissors. They are perfect for cutting the little parts in a leathercraft project. You can use them to first cut the leathers in smaller pieces, or to easily trim the edges of pieces. You can use scissors for cutting holes in pieces, and to make details easily. Scissors come in different sizes and can be used to cut pieces in a straight line to give it a clean and neat look. Also, you can use scissors with sharp blades to perform a clean and even cut. In addition, you can simply include details using the scissors.

2) Stitching Tools

Sewing is a important process of high-quality product manufacturing. These equipment recommendations below are tools for sewing:

Leather awl

This leather crafting tool is used to create holes with precise and even stitches on leather piece. A sharp, durable point with lightweight design makes the tools easy to use and comfortable to operate with the ergonomic handle.

Saddle Stitch Awl

This leather crafting tool is specifically designed for leather crafters who want to make strong and durable leather items. The tool has a curved blade that can be used for sewing piece of leather to ensure they are strong from one end to another. The strong bending tool has an ergonomic soft leather covered handle to avoid shaping injuries and allow handgrip in leather stitching. The bending tool is made for the leather crafter to help him make strong, high quality and accurate leather product.

Stitching Chisel

This leather crafting tool is designed to create a precise stitch. It features a straight blade that can be used to make leather pieces with even, uniform stitches. Its lightweight design and ergonomic handle ensures comfort during leather stitching, while the sharp blades helps the leather crafter to create leather products precisely and accurately.

3) Punching Tools

Punching tools are used to make holes in the leather for stitching or adding hardware. The following punching tools are essential:

Hole punch

The Hole Punch is a leather crafting tool which is used to make holes in leather pieces so that they can be stitched together. This leather crafting tool has an ergonomic handle which makes it comfortable to use. It also consists of several sharp blades which are used to make perfect holes in the leather pieces. According to the size of the leather pieces, the leather craftsman uses various size and shape of hole punch.

Snap setter

The snap setter is the sewing tool used to attaching snaps into leather. The handle of this leather crafting tool is comfortable and convenient to the craftsman. Besides, this tool has the blade made of steel which can support the leather crafter in producing the hole with appropriate size. Depending on what leather handicraft that the leather crafter is handling, he or she can decide to use the round snap setter or the flat snap setter. This tool is the inevitable equipment in producing the handicraft made from this kinds of leather which has snaps.

Eyelet setter

The Eyelet Setter is a crafting tool that is used to set eyelets. It features an ergonomic handle for comfortable use, as well as sharp blades that can make precise and accurate holes in leather pieces. Depending on the item being worked with, crafters can choose from various eyelet sizes and shapes. This crafting tool is essential for crafters who want to add eyelets to pieces.

4) Finishing Tools

Finishing tools help give your projects a polished look. The following finishing tools are essential:

Edge beveler

Edge Beveler is one of the many crafting tools which can provide a soft and professional finish, the pointed blade is used to trim off the leather edge as well as trim off the leather piece into a perfect circle. This leather crafting tool can also provide leather crafters the ability to create leather product with intricate and delicate details, especially leather watch band and leather wallet. The ergonomic handle can also provide leather crafter great comfort while doing hand trimming leather product, and the steel material which was used to make this leather crafting tool can also make the tool durable and accuracy for leather crafter to make the high quality leather product such leather belt.


This tool is designed to buff edges for a smooth finish. The handle is designed ergonomically for a firm and comfortable grip, and sharp-edged edges help samples to become soft and shiny. Crafters have the options of round and flat burnisher depending on what projects they are working on. This equipment is necessary for crafters who want a clean and professional look for their products.

Edge slicker

The Edge Slicker is a crafting tool used to soften the edges of pieces. It has a comfortable ergonomic handle that makes the tool easier to use, and sharp dagger-like blades that can make edges soft and smooth. Crafters can choose either rounded or flat edge slicker, which depends on the item it is being used on. The Edge Slicker is one of the necessary crafting tools a crafter would need to give a piece a polished finish.

Recommended Leather-Making Workshops

1) FunEmpire

(Credit: FunEmpire)
(Credit: FunEmpire)
Where to

Are you a Leather Craft enthusiast? If you’re a Leather Craft enthusiast, you’ll love their selection of craft-your-own leather goodies.

Whether it’s a coin purse or card holder, they’ve got you covered.

With such a broad range of awesome things to make and materials provided on site, they know you’ll be making everything super pretty!

Check out FunEmpire’s Leather Crafting Workshop here

2) Leather Workshop Singapore

(Credit: Leather Workshop Singapore)
(Credit: Leather Workshop Singapore)
Where to

Well, it is the time to start your leather crafting adventure! You can start with their individual leather craft workshops.

No leather crafting experience is required at Leather Workshop Singapore, all materials are provided on site and you will be able to make a fashionable coin pouch or key fob for yourself in no time!

Get started with them and unleash the potential that you have within yourself to be an awesome leather crafter!

Check out Leather Workshop Singapore’s Leather Crafting Workshop here

3) Leather Crafting Workshop Singapore

(Credit: Leather Crafting Workshop Singapore)
(Credit: Leather Crafting Workshop Singapore)
Where to

Hand stitching leather has been a trade thousands of years old, and in this workshop we show you how to make a coin pouch or card holder of your very own! You don’t need to bring a thing; we’ll provide quality tools for the experience. Our expert facilitators will lead you along, and before you know it, you’ll have an end result you’ll never forget. What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

Check out Leather Crafting Workshop Singapore’s Leather Crafting Workshop here

4) Team Building Games Singapore

(Credit: Team Building Games Singapore)
(Credit: Team Building Games Singapore)
Where to

Leather Crafting provides a creative and unique way to participate in team building activities in Singapore.

You’ll construct personalised products with their materials on site while further developing character, demonstrating leadership abilities, boosting teamwork dynamics and igniting creativity!

Check out Team Building Games Singapore’s Leather Crafting Workshop here

Leather Crafting Tools Singapore

Investing in these handicraft tools and taking into account other important factors, leather crafters can surely make the finishing touches in just a short while. With these crafting tools, every product made by crafters are of top notch quality and accuracy.

So are you a crafter looking for the finest goods? We got your back.

Looking for workshops in Singapore? Look no further than FunEmpire! We have a wide variety of activities and workshops to choose from for your next team building activity!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about leather crafting tools in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Leather Crafting Tools in Singapore below:

What are the best leather-making workshop providers in Singapore?

The best leather-making workshop providers in Singapore are FunEmpire, Leather Workshop Singapore, Leather Crafting Workshop Singapore, and Team Building Games Singapore.

What workshops offer leather crafting courses in Singapore?

Popular leather crafting workshops in Singapore include FunEmpire, Leather Workshop Singapore, Leather Crafting Workshop Singapore, and Team Building Games Singapore.

Where can leather crafting tools in Singapore be purchased?

Leather crafting tools in Singapore can be purchased from specialty leather supply stores, leather craft shops, leather websites, and leather retailers.

Some of the most well-known leather craft stores include Craftsman Leather, The Leatherman SG, and Just Leather.

These retailers specialise in craft supplies for working projects such as purses, wallets, bags, jackets, coats and more.

Are there any leather crafting kits available in Singapore?

Yes, there are leather crafting kits available in Singapore.

These leather crafting kits come with leather pieces of different colours and textures, leather tools such as leather punches and leather cutting tools, hardware such as rivets, snap buttons and grommets, as well as leather dye, wax and conditioners.

Leather crafting kits also provide detailed instructions on leather crafting techniques and creative leather projects.

Craftsman Leather, The Leatherman SG and Just Leather are some of the leather craft stores in Singapore that offer leather crafting kits.

How much does a leather craft tool cost in Singapore on average?

The cost of leather crafting tools in Singapore varies greatly depending on the type of tool, the quality of the material and the purpose of the leather craft.

Generally speaking, leather crafting tools such as leather punches and leather cutting tools can cost anywhere from $5-$25 each while more advanced leather making tools such as leather lacing needles and leather burnishing tools can cost up to $50.

However, leather craft kits typically come at a discounted price and offer leather crafters the opportunity to save on leather crafting costs.

If you have an account with certain shops, you may be able to receive a further discount when you cart out your leathercraft equipment.

Can you guarantee that all leather crafting tools will work correctly to enhance my leather crafting experience?

While we strive to ensure that all leather crafting tools sold are of high quality and will work correctly to enhance your leather crafting experience, the effectiveness of tools can vary based on usage, care, and individual crafting techniques.

We recommend familiarising yourself with the proper use and maintenance of each tool for the best leather crafting outcomes.

In the event that a tool does not meet your expectations, please contact the retailer for support or possible replacements.

Can I create personalised leather gifts for my loved ones with the tools and kits available in Singapore?

Discover a variety of leather crafting tools and kits in Singapore to design special gifts for your loved ones.

From custom wallets to handbags, local craft stores provide the materials for personalising each piece.

Add thoughtfulness and uniqueness to your gifts with a handmade touch!

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