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Ultimate Manager’s Playbook For Team Building in Singapore [2024]

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Manager Team Building Singapore

Best Manager Team Building Singapore
Best Manager Team Building Singapore

Building a good team within an organisation is important for the management because it help sales increase and at the same time keep the employee motivated.

Team building in Singapore, the most multicultural and dynamic country, is a perfect opportunity for people who have different backgrounds to learn, work and create together.

If the manager leads this to success, he/she will resolve cultural differences, create mutual respect and further improve innovation. Thus, team building is a matter critical and essential for the business and company.

Whether you’re leading a new team or looking to strengthen an existing one, this playbook provides essential tools for achieving team synergy and driving organizational success in Singapore’s vibrant business scene.

Understanding Team Dynamics and Setting Goals

Role of Managers

Managers play a crucial role in maintaining a team dynamic that encourages cooperation, high-performance and productivity.

In the working environment of Singapore, where team members come from diverse national and cultural backgrounds, the manager is especially essential to maintaining a cohesive team dynamic.

There are a number of roles that a manager should play, and these are:

  • Creating an inclusive atmosphere where all team members feel valued and understood.
  • Recognising and harnessing the unique competencies of different team members for the benefit of the collective.

Setting Clear Goals

Goals are the starting point for successful team building. All teams need a goal, and a team effort can quickly become disorganised and disjointed if everyone is not working towards the same thing. Managers should:

  • Communicate the company’s goals and how each team member’s contributions can help achieve them.
  • Devise SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound) objectives consistent with corporate objectives.

Developing Team Building Strategies

Empowering Teams

Empowerment is recognised as a major strategy in the armoury of a manager who wants to optimise team performance. It consists of the following measures:

  • Granting team members the autonomy to make decisions relevant to their roles.
  • Providing the necessary tools and resources to complete their tasks effectively.

Creative and Engaging Team Building Activities

Team building programs should never be just for fun but must also be fitted to the goals of the organisation. Some imaginative activities perhaps suitable for the Singapore context can include:

  • Cultural exchange days where team members share aspects of their heritage.
  • Outdoor team building activities, such as dragon boating or a community project – excellent corporate team building activities and also perfectly attuned to Singapore’s local culture and lifestyle – could be as effective as more conventional retreats.

Enhancing Communication and Relationships

Fostering Open Communication

When regular, transparent communication is encouraged, grievances are ironed out and the potential for working in a spirit of mutuality, as opposed to hostility, is realised. Techniques include:

  • Holding regular one-on-one meetings with team members to discuss progress and address any concerns.
  • Encouraging team meetings where members can discuss project statuses and brainstorm solutions to complex challenges.

Building Relationships

Strong relationships are the bedrock of any successful group. Managers should:

  • Encourage team lunches or team outings that can help break down formal workplace barriers.
  • Plan team-building outings that combine business with pleasure, with plenty of options for fun in or around Singapore.

Utilizing Strengths and Recognizing Achievements

Leveraging Individual Strengths

Some of the most effective team-building techniques include making the most of individual team member strengths. Managers should:

  • Conduct strength-finding workshops to help team members understand their own and each other’s strengths.
  • Assign roles based on these strengths to maximize both individual and team effectiveness.

Recognition and Rewards

Recognizing and rewarding hard work can significantly boost team morale. Effective strategies include:

  • Implementing a rewards system that acknowledges both individual contributions and team achievements.
  • Celebrating milestones, big project completions, or even small wins with the whole team.

Continuous Improvement and Adaptation

Evaluating Team Performance

For this, it is important to conduct regular assessments of team dynamics and the effectiveness of team building events. This includes:

  • Using team performance metrics to assess how team building initiatives are affecting productivity.
  • Ask team members what’s working and what’s not, and what they think could be done differently.

Adapting to Changes

The business landscape is changing quickly in Singapore, so flexibility is becoming an important skill in teams. Managers should:

  • Stay nimble and adapt team strategies as needed to changing business conditions.
  • Foster a culture of continuous learning and development within the team.

Recommended Team Building Ideas That Managers Can Try in Singapore

1. PoolBall

Poolball - Dive into the fun with a game of Poolball
Poolball – Dive into the fun with a game of Poolball
Team Size8 Pax – Unlimited Pax
PriceFrom $20 per person
Duration1 Hour Gameplay
Activity TypeIndoor and Outdoor options available
Where To

The genius idea of a cross between pool and football is PoolBall, a sport where players kick soccer balls into pockets on a supersized pool table: a classic test of teamwork and strategy, as well as being a great laugh.

Client Testimonial

Poolball helped us to know our colleagues better!


Check out Poolball here

2. Hybrid Amazing Race

Amazing Race - Embark on an exciting race around the city, solving clues and completing challenges
Hybrid Amazing Race – Embark on an exciting race around the city, solving clues and completing challenges
Team Size8 Pax – Unlimited Pax
PriceFrom $38 per person
Duration2.5 Hours Gameplay + 30 mins set up & de-brief
Activity TypeOutdoor

Combining physical challenges with digital puzzles, it’s a good choice for teams that want an equal measure of shirts-sleeves activity and cerebral stimulation. Teams speed from one checkpoint in Singapore to another, solving puzzles to get clues about their next destination.

Client Testimonial

Had an awesome amazing race at Sentosa. Dar was a great facilitator who kept the session fun and exciting. Thanks for the superb experience!

Muhd Hizam

Check out Hybrid Amazing Race here

3. Bubble Bump

Bubble Bump Game – Have a blast playing soccer while bouncing in a bubble!
Bubble Bump Game – Have a blast playing soccer while bouncing in a bubble!
Team SizeFrom 8 to 1000 people
PriceFrom $20 per pax
Duration1 to 2 hours
Activity TypeIndoor and Outdoor options available
Where To

Bubble Bump is a game tactic in which someone wears an inflatable bubble and plays football with his/her team members. The goal is to get the ball past the other team by “bumping” each other. It’s one of the funniest games but it also ensures teamwork. There is nothing better than seeing your teammate turning red while bumping into him/her and fall down.

Client Testimonial

Cindy and Ginny were our event facilitators. They did a great job expoing the games to us and make the whole event very fun and engaging. Thank you both for the great session. Will surely contact y’all for another event !!! 😍😍😍

Sharifah Roshani

Check out Bubble Bump here

4. Laser Tag

Laser Tag - Experience the thrill of a high-energy Laser Tag game
Laser Tag – Experience the thrill of a high-energy Laser Tag game
Team Size6 Pax – Unlimited Pax
PriceFrom $25/Pax
Duration1 to 2 hours
Activity TypeIndoor and Outdoor options available

Laser Tag is a perennial favourite where tactical teams compete against one another with infrared-emitting guns – a combination of tactics, teamwork and quick thinking that helps to improve communication and collaborative skills.

Client Testimonial

10 out of 10! I would definitely recommend FunEmpire!


Check out Laser Tag here

5. Combat Archery Tag

Combat Archery Tag - Experience Combat Archery Tag and unleash your inner archer!
Combat Archery Tag – Experience Archery Tag and unleash your inner archer!
Team Size8 Pax – Unlimited Pax
PriceFrom $20 per person
Duration1 Hour Gameplay
Activity TypeIndoor and Outdoor options available
Where To

In Combat Archery Tag, much like dodgeball, teams use bows and foam-tipped arrows to tag opponents, while sharpening their team skills of precision, quick reflexes and strategy, but in a safe and exciting environment.

Client Testimonial

Archery Tag is the perfect corporate team building event!

The Next Level

Check out Combat Archery Tag here

Manager Team Building Singapore

Developing great teams requires a daily commitment and consistent effort from managers.

Applying these strategies in Singapore can help managers develop teams that are not just productive, but also cohesive and robust, prepared to face the dynamic business environment in Singapore and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about manager team building in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Ultimate Manager’s Team Building In Singapore below:

What are the best team building activities that managers can try in Singapore?

The top team building activities that managers can try in Singapore are Poolball, Hybrid Amazing Race, Bubble Bump, Laser Tag, and Combat Archery Tag.

How often should we conduct team building activities?

It is recommended to hold team building activities at least quarterly to keep the team’s spirit, on-going team work improvement and new member integration. Sometimes, the frequency will depend on the company’s schedule and budget, and also the team’s dynamics.

Are these activities suitable for large teams?

Indeed, such activities as The Amazing Race, Giant Board Games and Laser Tag can be scaled up from small to medium groups of participants by increasing the number of people in any given team, or by creating multiple sessions for the activity. In this way, as many people as possible are able to participate and benefit.

Can these activities be customized according to specific team issues?

Yes, it is possible to customise some of the team-bonding activities, for instance, such as an escape-room game that can be tweaked to be more about communication barriers or leadership issues depending on the team’s nature.
There are also virtual team building activities that are suited for remote corporate teams so they can have a memorable team building experience.

What are the best indoor team building activities in Singapore?

In Singapore, indoor team building activities are themed for diverse groups – whether to learn new skills that promote company culture, provide life lessons or reinforce the collective bond of a corporate team. There are interactive workshops that push the boundaries of how participants understand how team members behave, as well as problem-solving games to facilitate better communication, employee engagement and strategic thinking. For a more adventurous approach, there are popular escape rooms that offer a great game experience for communicating, creating a common goal and solving challenges together. Cooking classes are also fun, especially as everyone can take the prepared treats home as a memento of the bonding session. Other skill-based or tech-driven challenges – for example, a fun scavenger hunt or a unique quest using virtual reality technology – are also well-received.

How does in-person team building benefit teams?

Corporate team who undergo in person team building session enjoy bigger benefits compared to those doing it online. While the option of doing the activity online is good, nothing beats the advantage of doing it in-person. In today’s world, majority of our interactions are through emails or even using our phones and clicking buttons. It is not beneficial to do team-building activities through the Internet because this denies teammates to physically engage with each other, communicate better through personal interaction, know more about each other as well as execute projects more efficiently. Somehow, if you do in-person team bonding activity it plays a huge role in breaking down barriers, which actually affects the way teammates feel, behave and react to each other in a more positive way, resulting in a highly-efficient corporate team.

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