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10 Best Meeting Room Rental Singapore [2024]

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Meeting Room Rental Singapore

Best Meeting Room Rental Singapore
Best Meeting Room Rental Singapore

The best meeting room rentals, conference rooms and meeting rooms in Singapore for your business are waiting for you.

FunEmpire HQ, We are Spaces, Venue Square, Bearyfun Studio, and HIGHfive are the best places for a meeting room in Singapore in 2024.

Whether it’s a meeting room Singapore likes to provide every different size of conference room. So, you can get a huge conference room, a medium-sized one or a compact Singapore meeting room for smaller gatherings.

Whether just a small meeting room or a larger venue for wowing corporate clients, our selection has both for meetings large and small.

Every location is fully fitted out, available to hire, and located to ensure that your meetings are efficient and in reach.

Quick Summary

  • FunEmpire HQ, We are Spaces, Venue Square, Bearyfun Studio, and HIGHfive are the best meeting room Singapore for 2024 .
  • When finding meeting room Singapore, you have to consider where the room is situated, the amenities that you can have there, and the right amount of seats for the present moment.
  • With its great facilities, convenient locations and cutting-edge technology, Singapore meeting rooms are always the first choice for companies holding meetings with the aim of creating a formal and productive environment.

Our Selection Criteria

We’ve put together a handpicked list of the best Meeting Room venues in Singapore, through research, customer feedback and our experience of running events for over 10 years.

  • Diverse and Creative Spaces: We want providers to offer rooms and spaces that come in various designs and have flexible options to customise the meeting spaces. We want spaces to match people’s preferred meeting styles.
  • Easy Access and Convenience: We find providers that offer better online booking experience and easier access to meeting rooms within Singapore. We want the process to be hassle free, from inquiry to set-up.
  • Scalable Solutions: We evaluate providers based on their ability to hold a meeting of different sizes with rooms intended for different purposes. It must be of quality and flexible standard..

Key Considerations when Choosing Meeting Room Rental Singapore

  • Location Accessibility: There should be a central location for the meeting room, near mass transportation and with ample parking.
  • Facilities and Amenities: Ensure that the meeting room has modern AV equipment and hi-speed Internet; that seating is comfortable; and that refreshment options are available.
  • Space Flexibility: Spaces that can be rearranged (eg, boardroom, theatre, classroom) to suit different meeting formats (eg, board meeting, training session, team meeting).
  • Professional Environment: Choose a setting that promotes a professional tone for productive dialogue and networking.
  • Customer Support: Make sure there’s a support person on site, or easily available over the phone, to answer any technical support or logistical questions that come up during the meeting.

Best Meeting Room in Singapore

1. FunEmpire HQ

FunEmpire HQ – Experience an intimate event venue for your whole team
Key ServicesEvent Venue Singapore, Corporate Team Building events, Indoor Team Building Activities, Creative Workshops, company event planning, Corporate Events, Birthday Party Celebrations
Address60 Tannery Lane, Singapore 347803
Phone+65 6016 7147
Operating HoursMonday – Sunday: 9am to 10pm

Our FunEmpire HQ is adorned with LED lightings and state-of-the-art facilities for interaction. It is designed to cater corporate events and team outings with fresh ideas and exciting team-building activities.

2. We Are Spaces

(Credit: We Are Spaces)

We Are Spaces is a booking portal to discover venues and meeting spaces all over the world according to your needs and requirements. We set ourselves apart by providing multi-functional spaces to host your event comfortably, conveniently and efficiently assisted by a team of professionals well versed in organising and hosting events.

3. Venue Square

(Credit: Venue Square)

With its range of distinctive event spaces and endless layout options, Venue Square truly offers an ideal setting for every event – from weddings and birthday parties to business conferences and product launches.

4. Bearyfun Studio

(Credit: Tagvenue)

Bearyfun Studio, a playful designer and organiser of themed events with immersive activities, is a fusion of laughter and warmth. Their highly interactive spaces – with custom-built rooms and props – are not only fit for children, but also for adults; an ideal place for your next family outing or themed party.

5. HIGHfive

(Credit: HIGHfive)

HIGHfive makes the party scene colourful, loud and celebratory, and offers distinctive venues that host events, parties, celebrations and fun activities where people meet to celebrate and have fun.

6. Into the Woods

(Credit: Google Reviews)

Tucked away in a wooded wonderland, Into the Woods serves as an exclusive venue for small, private events and celebrations, or the ideal location for nature-infused weddings, celebrations and special occasions.

7. Soulhaven

(Credit: Tagvenue)

Soulhaven is a thoughtful space that embodies tranquillity and wellness through the essence of simplicity and mindfulness in the midst of nature promoting a calm, serene and peaceful environment for intimate gatherings, wellness and lifestyle workshops and retreats.



This is a space defined by the highest luxury and elite status, catering to impeccable tastes and interior design, offering the ultimate in high-end amenities for premium events and elite punters assured of an exceptional experience befitting the unique occasion.

9. Plume Singapore

(Credit: Venuerific)

Plume Singapore, with its superb design and superb service, is the right choice for your weddings, receptions, or exquisite social events if you wish to combine an old-world feel with class.

10. The Common Good

(Credit: The Common Good)

The Common Good’s philosophy of antagonism towards privatisation and the encouragement of communal activity creates a warm ambience, and its events – ranging from networking meetings, to workshops, to cultural events with guests from all sorts of backgrounds – encourage a sense of collaborative spirit and togetherness among attendees.

Meeting Room Rental Singapore

In the bustling city-state of Singapore, the selection of an event space, particularly meeting rooms for rent, vary depending on your specific needs and budget, ensuring there’s always a perfect venue for every occasion.

Finding the right meeting room in Singapore is your first step towards a trouble-free and productive planning process, and ultimately a successful event combining efficiency with creativity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In case you have a doubt about the Meeting Room in Singapore, please take a look at the FAQ about the best Meeting Room in Singapore below:

What are the best meeting room in Singapore?

FunEmpire HQ, We are Spaces, Venue Square, Bearyfun Studio and HIGHfive are the best meeting room venues in Singapore.

What is the difference between a meeting room and a conference room?

Conference rooms and meeting rooms are diffirent in size and function.A conference room is a large space, used for presenting and lectures,which can hold 10 people or more. AV components are a key feature to allow a successful conference.

A meeting room is a place designed for meeting and collabration,it holds less people than a conference room,but still enough to have a normal brainstorming,usually those collabrators are 4 people or less.

What are meeting rooms called?

An auditorium is a theatrical venue, a meeting hall is a public hall for holding meetings, and a conference hall, conference room, or simply a meeting room is an assigned room for a single meeting, conference or business event.

What happens in a meeting room?

Among these rooms is the meeting room, in which you and your workers are able to engage in brainstorming and create fun and productive conversations. Meeting rooms are important in every working space and can help you improve the workflow process.

What is a meeting room?

A meeting room is the space allocated for a team to discuss problems, jointly work on projects and take decisions. Meeting room space for small or large businesses is usually a premium and it takes lot of resources to host a productive meeting in such space.

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