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10 Best Most Likely to Questions Singapore to Ask [2024]

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Most Likely To Questions Singapore

Best Most Likely To Questions Singapore
Best Most Likely To Questions Singapore

Embarking on a fun game night with Most Likely To questions can quickly transform from a series of laughter-filled guesses to a serious moment where someone might just likely to fall asleep mid-game, exhausted from all the excitement.

The best ‘most likely to’ questions in Singapore for 2024 serve as an engaging way to discover amusing and sometimes unknown facts about friends and family, sparking lively conversations and strengthening bonds.

They can be frivolous and silly in nature or profound and serious. They are appropriate for any taste in the group.

If, in the course of the evening, you’re looking to laugh, we’ve got a joke for you; if you’re looking to uncover some gossip, we’ve got a rumour; and if you’re looking to get to know someone a little better, you might very well ask them a question…

Best Most Likely to Questions in Singapore

1. Who is most likely to forget their best friend’s birthday?

Who among us has not been the forgetful friend in a group of friends who fails to remember his or her best friend’s birthday, despite the best of intentions?

And this is not forgetting out of forgetfulness, from a lack of care or affection, but, rather, from the daily hustle and bustle of life, which often causes us to miss many important things.

Yet it is that very same person who is most likely to apologise profusely and to attempt to make amends by doing all the more for their friend, and who expresses the most unequivocally their love and reciprocal esteem.

They rely on a social media notification or the birthday notes stuck to the fridge that might trigger their memory next year.

2. Who is most likely to answer the phone if you call in the middle of a night?

There is one person you can count on in every group of friends, the one who will pick up the phone at 3am when you ring.

They’re noted for their sense of loyalty and the high value they placed on friendships, and for feeling it was their duty to be available to friends and family, day or night.

They’re the ‘drop everything, we have to talk this through’ person, or the ‘just need to hear your voice’ person.

A guardian of the night, he knows that bonds that span conventional time limits are the most enduring in times of need.

3. Who is most likely to spend hours in a YouTube conspiracy theory hole?

We all know that one friend who watches YouTube conspiracy videos for six hours at a time because they’re curious about how the government is implanting microchips in our bodies.

They are privy to an ancient knowledge that can turn loose ends into threads of meaning, seemingly disparate facts into the workings of conspiracies and secret agendas; they have a knack for focusing on the peripheries of things, the overlooked details and forgotten stories.

This isn’t a person who gets easily seduced by the propaganda machine, but one who questions everything, and who can find their truth in any one of the many theories made available to them.

Their natural tendency to ask questions, to probe – to explain – often means they’re the one we turn to for a rundown of the latest conspiracy.

4. Who is most likely to enter a hot dog eating contest on a whim?

There’s always the person who thrives on the element of surprise; the guy or girl who is up for anything, and whoever can do the deed in the least time, is the perfect one to sign up for a hot dog contest on a moment’s notice.

A thrill-seeker and a foodie, this person is eager to test themslves in the most unlikely of contests.

Their ready willingness to embrace whatever life throws at them, and their willingness to gobble it up literally as well as figuratively, can make them both an embarrassment and a role model among their friends.

Their involvement is not quite about the possibility of winning, but more about the stories and jokes exchanged during the fruitless outdoorsy pursuit of such a wild idea.

5. Most likely to spend all their money on something stupid?

Among any group, there’s the unrestrained impulse buyer who ends up with a wishlist of unnecessary things.

Compulsive shoppers seek gratification in the moment or the experience of owning the latest thing, rather than in contemplating the true usefulness of the purchase.

Regardless of being repeatedly told and coached by friends, their outlay echoes a frivolous way of managing money and leads to comical yet cautionary stories.

This trait not only makes things unpredictable but also, as it were, a poignant reminder on carefully using one’s money.

6. Who is most likely to cry whilst watching a sad movie?

Everyone has that friend – the one whose heartstrings get pulled harder than anybody else’s when the sad part comes on in a movie.

It’s not that this particular viewer is simply seeing the movie while someone else is experiencing it; it’s that this person is experiencing the movie, completely absorbed in the story and the characters’ lives.

Tears from them are evidence that the film was effective, that they were able to empathise with fictional events as if they were real.

Their heightened sensitivity, far from being a weakness, is an ability that brings them more closely into contact with the world around them, and can make watching a film a profoundly moving experience.

7. Who is most likely to break a world record?

There is a person who is filled with an iron will and who is extremely skilled at doing unbelievable things. This person is the one who should break a world record.

With drive, determination, and a discipline that borders on the obsessive, nothing is left to chance in his attempts to achieve the ‘perfection of his art’.

Often, they are the ones who train for hours or try to do something even if they probably shouldn’t. They are the ones who are driven by that tiny voice inside that says: ‘If I do this, I will be alive in the world. I will prove that I can do something others can’t do.’

But rather than just a measure of how far their bodies or minds can push an official record, their limited potential to break the record becomes a testament to the spirit that they harness to seek what is worthy in their endeavours.

8. Who is most likely to fake their own death?

There’s always the overly melodramatic one who thinks they might like to fake their own death.

It’s often a show that’s been prepared by a master of weaving unbelievably intricate plots, or an ultimate test of one’s ingenuity and the responses of others.

They are also highly creative and risk-taking in personality, which makes them more likely to come up with such an elaborate hoax.

Though any actual chance of this happening is minimal, the thought is indicative of their love of theatricality and a profound interest in the distinction (or lack thereof) between fiction and fact.

9. Who is most likely to plan a team outing?

There’s always the person who takes matters into their own hands and gets things done when it comes to organising a team event with enthusiasm and efficiency.

They also have good coordination skills and enjoy ensuring that everyone on the team is known and encouraged.

And they flourish in the joy of hosting, and crafting activities that bewitch every ear.

Their work is not just about organising an event – it’s about creating experiences that facilitate memory-making, cement bonds and raise spirits.

10. Who is most likely to be killed first if they were in a horror movie?

That one person whose curiosity and lack of common sense would be the first to die in any horror movie.

This is the one who is sent to investigate mysterious noises or to explore interesting façades – in other words, to poke their head into places where it doesn’t belong.

It is precisely their lack of timidity and their willingness to heed their most destructive instincts, qualities that would have commended them in less dangerous circumstances, that in the presence of pure evil leads them to perish.

Regardless of their heroics and humanity, they are primed to be the ones who get it first, and their suffering will provide the ‘first taste’ to the kind of terror that’s to come.

Most Likely To Questions Singapore

The whimsical nature of these fantasies – standing at the foot of a friend’s night stand to cheer him on while he eats hot dogs, planning a surprise party for a friend in our neighborhood – reveal certain aspects of the way we relate to friends.

From the camaraderie of seeing a friend through tough times, or to plotting how best to win a competition, these experiences animatedly show how the nature of friendships can never be truly anticipated.

What makes being ‘most likely to’ so popular is the way that it builds up energy and increases group solidarity.

One shared adventure or scheme often leads to another, creating bonds between people that last a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have any questions about Most Likely To Questions in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Best Most Likely To Questions in Singapore below:

What are the best “Most Likely to” questions for a job interview?

A job interview could start with questions about workplace scenarios: ‘Most likely to excel in a team project’ or ‘Most likely [to be] at ease with a difficult client’, and so on.

These questions might predict which candidate would make the best team player and problem solver.

How do wrong answers affect the dynamics of “Most Likely to” games?

Answers in “Most Likely to” games often lead to laughter and playful banter among participants. They add an element of unpredictability and humor to the game, making it more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Can “Most Likely to” questions relate to job descriptions?


Questions could be tailored to job descriptions: ‘Most likely to meet all the qualifications listed on the job description’ or ‘Most likely to go above and beyond everything outlined in the job posting’?

The twist is fun but still fits the context of the job interview.

How can “Most Likely to” games involve family members?

The family version can be equally fun, as in ‘Most likely to be the Mom or Dad’s favourite child’ or ‘Most likely to organise a fabulous family reunion’.

What role does self-awareness play in “Most Likely to” games?

There is a self-awareness level required to play these games well: the ‘Most Likely to’ questions require the person to correctly assess themselves!

Questions like ‘Most likely to recognise their own strengths and weaknesses’ invite reflection and awareness on the part of the players.

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