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Ultimate Guide To Party Entertainers Singapore [2024]

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Party Entertainers Singapore

Best Party Entertainers Singapore
Best Party Entertainers Singapore

Throwing a memorable kids’ birthday party in Singapore requires more than just a cake and some balloons.

It’s about creating an experience that leaves the little ones with huge smiles and unforgettable memories.

Hiring professional party entertainers can make all the difference, bringing magic, laughter, and excitement to any birthday celebration in Singapore.

From magicians to face painters and beyond, there’s a variety of options to suit every party theme and age group.

Factors to Consider When Hiring Party Entertainers

  • Budget: Setting a realistic budget for entertainment is crucial. Prices can vary widely, so it’s important to find options that fit your budget. Some companies offer a la carte pricing, allowing you to pick and choose the services you need.
  • Type of Entertainment: Choosing the right type of entertainment for the age group and theme of your party is essential. Whether you’re looking for magicians, musicians, or something else entirely, it’s important to match the entertainment to the interests of the children attending.
  • Professionalism: Hiring professional and reliable entertainers is key to a successful event. It’s important to check reviews and portfolios to ensure you’re getting quality service. Professional entertainers will be experienced in handling kids and keeping them engaged throughout the party.

Unique Party Entertainers Singapore

1. Magicians

Magicians are a timeless favorite for kids’ parties. Their tricks and illusions captivate children and adults alike. In Singapore, you can find top-notch magicians like Party Heart Singapore, known for their engaging and interactive shows.

2. Clowns and Balloon Artists

Clowns bring a classic charm to any party, with their funny antics and colorful costumes. Balloon artists, on the other hand, twist balloons into amazing shapes that kids adore. Companies like Sweetheart The Clown and That Balloons are popular choices for these services.

3. Face Painters and Glitter Tattoo Artists

Face painting and glitter tattoos are always a hit with kids. They love transforming into their favorite characters or adding a bit of sparkle to their day. PartyAllo and Face Painting Singapore are excellent options for these creative services.

Interactive Performers

4. Puppet Shows

Puppet shows offer interactive fun and storytelling that keeps kids engaged. These performers bring stories to life with vibrant puppets and lively performances. They’re a great choice for younger children who love imaginative play.

5. Science and Adventure Themes

For those who prefer a bit of education with their entertainment, science-based performers and adventure-themed party planners are perfect. These parties can include fun experiments or treasure hunts, adding an exciting twist to the celebration. Popular entertainers in this category provide both thrills and learning opportunities.

Themed Party Entertainment

1. Princess and Superhero Parties

Themed parties featuring princesses and superheroes are incredibly popular. Companies specializing in these characters can transform your party into a magical kingdom or a superhero headquarters. Kids love meeting their favorite characters and having them join the fun.

2. Science and Adventure Themes

Adventure awaits with themed parties that delve into the worlds of science and exploration. These themes offer an educational yet thrilling experience. Science-based entertainers can perform fun experiments, while adventure-themed planners can set up treasure hunts and obstacle courses.

Musical and Dance Entertainment

3. Live Music Performers

Live music can add a dynamic and engaging element to any party. Bands and solo musicians who specialize in children’s parties know how to keep the energy high and the kids dancing. These performers are experts at creating a lively and festive atmosphere.

4. Dance Parties

Dance parties, complete with instructors or DJs, are a fantastic way to get kids moving and having fun. These parties often include popular dance routines, music, and games. It’s a great way to keep kids entertained and active.

DIY Entertainment Options

1. Rental Services

If you’re looking to add some excitement without breaking the bank, rental services for bouncy castles, carnival games, and more are a great option. SG Super Bouncing Club offers a variety of inflatables that can turn your backyard into a mini amusement park.

2. Craft and Activity Stations

DIY craft stations and activity setups are wonderful for creative kids. Setting up stations for arts and crafts, DIY slime, or even a mini cooking class can keep children entertained and engaged. These activities provide a fun and hands-on experience.

Party Planning Services

1. Full-Service Party Planners

Full-service party planners can take the stress out of organizing your event. They handle everything from decorations to entertainment, ensuring that every detail is perfect. Companies like Fizazzle and Electric Dreamz offer comprehensive planning services to make your party a hit.

2. Themed Party Packages

For busy parents, themed party packages are a lifesaver. These packages include everything needed for a themed party, from invitations to party favors. Providers like PartyAllo and Fantasy Parties offer various themed packages to choose from, making planning a breeze.

Top Party Entertainer Companies in Singapore

1. FunEmpire

FunEmpire is a leading name in party entertainment in Singapore. They offer a wide range of activities that are perfect for both team-building events and birthday parties. Their engaging and interactive setups are sure to keep kids entertained.

2. Sweetheart The Clown

Sweetheart The Clown is a popular choice for party entertainment, offering services like face painting, balloon sculpting, and magical shows. Their friendly and professional approach makes them a favorite among parents and kids alike.

3. Lucy Sparkles And Friends

Lucy Sparkles And Friends provide versatile entertainment with specialties in live music, parachute play, and choreographed dancing. They are known for creating fun and engaging party experiences that children love.

Party Entertainers Singapore

Choosing the right party entertainers is crucial for creating a memorable event.

By considering your budget, the type of entertainment, and the professionalism of the entertainers, you can ensure a fantastic party experience for everyone.

Remember the top party entertainer companies mentioned in this article, and your next kids’ party in Singapore is sure to be a hit.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about party entertainers in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best Party Entertainers in Singapore below:

How far in advance should I book a party entertainer?

It’s best to book at least 1-2 months ahead, especially for popular entertainers. This gives you enough time to secure your preferred date and make any necessary arrangements.

What is the average cost of hiring a party entertainer in Singapore?

Costs can vary, but generally, you can expect to pay between SGD 200 to SGD 500 for most entertainers. Prices depend on the type of entertainment and the duration of the performance.

Can party entertainers accommodate special requests or themes?

Yes, many entertainers offer customizable packages to suit specific themes and preferences. It’s always a good idea to discuss your requirements with the entertainer beforehand.

What should I consider when planning an outdoor party with entertainers?

When planning an outdoor party, ensure there is enough space and consider weather conditions. It’s also wise to have a backup plan in case of rain or other unexpected weather changes.

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