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10 Best Podiatrist Singapore Clinics [2024]

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Podiatrist Singapore

Best Podiatrist Singapore
Best Podiatrist Singapore

When it comes to foot health education, finding the right expert can make all the difference.

The best podiatrists in Singapore for 2024 include Footworks Podiatry, Family Podiatry Centre, MyFootDr, and East Coast Podiatry.

When selecting a podiatrist in Singapore, take into account elements like the location, range of services provided, as well as the qualifications and experience of the practitioner.

In Singapore, podiatrists specialize in the treatment of various foot and ankle conditions, such as bunions, corns, plantar fasciitis, foot injuries, and complications related to diabetes.

Here, we’ve identified the best Podiatrist Singapore clinics to help you find the best care for your feet.

Quick Summary

  • Best podiatrists in Singapore include Footworks Podiatry, Family Podiatry Centre, MyFootDr, and East Coast Podiatry.
  • When choosing a podiatrist in Singapore, consider factors such as location, services offered, qualifications and experience.
  • Podiatrists in Singapore treat a wide array of foot and ankle problems, including bunions, corns, plantar fasciitis, foot injuries, and diabetic foot complications.

Key Consideration Factors

  • Location: The first factor to consider when choosing a podiatrist in Singapore is location. If you live in a remote area, you may have to travel a long distance to see a podiatrist. On the other hand, if you live in a major city, you will likely have several options to choose from.
  • Cost: Another factor to consider is cost. Podiatrists in Singapore charge different rates for their services. Some may charge by the hour, while others may charge per session. It is important to compare prices before making a decision.
  • Insurance Coverage: Another factor to consider is insurance coverage. Some insurance plans cover podiatry services, while others do not. If your insurance plan does not cover podiatry services, you may have to pay for them out of pocket.
  • Availability: Another factor to consider is availability. Some podiatrists only work during certain hours or days of the week. If you have a busy schedule, you may need to find a podiatrist who has flexible hours.
  • Experience: Finally, you should also consider the experience of the podiatrist. You will want to find someone who has experience treating the specific condition that you are dealing with

Best Podiatrist Singapore

1. Footworks Podiatry

Footworks Podiatry - Podiatrist Singapore (Credit: Footworks Podiatry)
Footworks Podiatry – Podiatrist Singapore (Credit: Footworks Podiatry)
Key ServicesPodiatry Services
We provide non-surgical treatments for many complaints:
• Foot pain affecting how you walk or preventing sports or activities
• Ankle or knee pain
• Wounds on the foot 
• Problematic toenails
• Flat/high arched feet, or bunions
• Corns, calluses or verruca pedis (warts)
• Issues with sensation and blood circulation in the feet
Whatever your foot-related problem, our podiatrists can treat the conditions and can also advise you on how best to manage them effectively on your own.
AddressFootworks Podiatry @ Singapore Sports Medicine Centre:
10 Sinaran Drive, #08-08 Novena Medical Cente, Singapore 307506
PhoneCall: +65 6397 2734
Text: +65 9437 1000
Operating HoursMonday – 8.30 to 17.30
Tuesday – 8.30 to 17.30
Wednesday – 10.00 to 20.00
Thursday – 8.30 to 12.00
Friday – 8.30 to 17.30
Saturday – 8.30 to 12.00

Footworks podiatry is located within the Singapore Sports Medicine Centre, the largest private one-stop centre for injury management and prevention. 

We treat everyone, from competitive to recreational athletes in all areas of sports, including children and the older generation. We aim to minimise pain and maximise performance!  

Our podiatrist specializes in lower limb and foot injury diagnosis and non-surgical management. We can offer a range of prefabricated and prescription custom made foot orthoses, as well as giving exercise programs and footwear recommendations. 

We also carry out a full range of foot care treatments for problematic skin and nails. Diabetic foot care is incredibly important and we are experts in services such as wound care and diabetic foot screening. 

It can be confusing when searching for a podiatrist. Many clinics have a consultation fee but there can be hidden charges. We pride ourselves on being transparent. Our consultation fee includes our hands-on treatments and assessments. There will always be an additional charge for orthotics. However, we are one of the most cost-effective private clinics in Singapore and we use the highest calibre laboratories to ensure that our orthotics are of the highest quality.

Conditions Treated

  • FOOT ANKLE & KNEE PAIN – Pain in the feet, ankles, and knees may be preventing you from enjoying your daily activities. Footworks Podiatry will check your muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments, as well as misalignments of the foot. They have a wide range of non surgical solutions to help you return to the activities you love.
  • NAIL & SKIN ISSUES – As well as treating patients with specific foot pain or injuries Footworks Podiatry provide non-surgical treatments. They treat many conditions, including ingrown toenails, corns, calluses, and verruca pedis (warts). You can also receive treatment for wounds and advice on issues related to poor sensation and blood circulation in the feet.
  • ORTHOTICS & INSOLES – Orthotics are inserts that fit comfortably in shoes. They reduce stress on the body by enhancing the function of the foot and lower limbs. Footworks Podiatry use both 3D custom and prefabricated orthotics to treat a wide range of conditions including, flat feet, high arch, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, bunions, ligament, and tendon issues.
  • CHILDREN’S FEET – Footworks Podiatry has many years of experience treating children. Is your child complaining of persistent pain in their legs and feet or experiencing excessive tiredness? They may be walking with their toes pointing outwards or inwards or walking on tiptoes. If Footworks Podiatry can help. They also treat children’s ingrown nails and verruca.

Client Testimonial

I went to the podiatrist today to sort out my insoles as I’m having knee patellae femoral pain from an old sports injury due to an ACL tear during school days.
My toenails have gone infected and fungal w/o me knowing how to treat them.
I’m so grateful to have Dorcas Sholanke Specialist Podiatrist help me fix my toenails medically. She sorted out my insoles to have me stack my joints up properly from the ankle to the knee and to the hip’s lower lumbar region to keep myself injury free during my HIIT exercises!
Thank you 😊 @Dorcas!

Sharon Ng

2. Family Podiatry Centre

Address02-19 Serene Centre 10 Jalan Serene 258748
PhoneOffice: +65 6464 8654  | Whatsapp: 97832013
Operating HoursMonday – Friday: 9:00am – 6:00pm
Lunch: 1:00pm – 2:00pm

Saturdays: 9:00am – 1:00pm

Over 20 years of clinical expertise, with a team of the most qualified podiatrists in Southeast Asia. They’ve also been featured as expert podiatric consultants in Singaporean and Malaysian mainstream media including Channel 8, The Business Times, NTV7, The Star.

They are highly professional and provide a comprehensive variety of conservative therapies for various lower limb ailments. The illnesses they cure range from minor problems such as ingrown toenails to serious ankle, knee, and pelvic misalignment issues.

The Family Pordiatry Centre uses cutting-edge medical technology like extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) and CAD/CAM-manufactured custom orthotics (medical-grade robotic-manufactured insoles) to provide exceptional precision and comfort for each patient.

Our podiatrists are leading medical researchers in the field of podiatric medicine, and they are affiliated with prestigious institutions such as the University of Brighton. They’ve published in international medical publications including The Foot and Journal of Foot and Ankle Research.

Key Differentiators

  • Unique, holistic approach to lower limb care including prevention advice & podiatrist-approved medical exercise tutorials
  • Offers the latest in pedograph (foot-scanning) technology using emed® specialized diagnostic scanning equipment

Client Testimonial

“Excellent service, diagnosis and treatment were explained very well. Painless removal of corns. Follow up care explained very well. Office staff are helpful, friendly and the office is cleaned and maintained very well.”

“Impeccably smooth service from start to finish.. Shout out to all the staff that helped make it happen.. Appreciated the fact that treatment options were explained in a clear and concise manner, highlighting the pros and cons of each choice.. Staff also made you feel at home, an extremely welcoming vibe.. Treatment carried out without a hitch.. Dr Reyneker and crew made it an extremely positive experience for me.. My issues were nail related and would definitely recommend in the event anyone needs to seek treatment..”

3. The Foot Practice

Address/Operating HoursLocations
Phone+65 6909 0117

In the event that you or someone you know is suffering from foot or leg discomfort, The Foot Practice can help. They work with a number of institutions in Singapore, so being treated by them may be beneficial.

Their staff offers therapies for sports, dance, elderly people’s podiatry, and juvenile podiatry. They also produce bespoke insoles, foot mobilization, and assistance with recovery from lower leg and foot ailments.

Key Differentiators

  • Sports and dance assessment
  • Injury recovery
  • Quality Treatment

Client Testimonial

“Been with Tim (super friendly nice chap ) for 3 years now for my ankle tendinitis, he’s spot on with his diagnosis and prescribed exercises. Just go and see him for 15 mins and bang , you feel better already right after the session. He definitely knows what he’s doing. His customised insoles last for years and are reasonably priced ( he’s my 3rd foot doctor). Highly recommended .”

4. MyFootDr

AddressPalais Renaissance #04-04, 390 Orchard Road 238871
Phone+65 6836 8144
Operating HoursWeekdays:  9am to 5pm

Saturday: 9am to 1pm

With their cutting-edge podiatry treatments and licensed podiatrists from Singapore’s biggest podiatry association, MyFootDr delivers expert care. They provide customized therapies to each client based on this high level of service.

Pedorthists specialize in the treatment of ailments affecting the Achilles tendon, ankle, arch, foot, forefoot, toes and nails, heels, legs midfoot and more.

They employ sophisticated technology for treatments such on as clinical podiatry, custom foot orthotics, diabetic or aged foot care, osteopathy, and other therapies.

They truly are one of the finest podiatrists in Singapore, with their high-quality services, practitioners, and equipment.

Key Differentiators

  • Customised approach
  • Osteopathy services
  • Footwear advice

Client Testimonial

“Had a consultation with Dr Charles last weekend for my giveaway prize. Need not to spend a single cent for the consultation and the insole, and you may think the service will be normal or so. But you are wrong, even so Dr Charles and the receptionist gave the best service i see so far. Detailed consultation that address my foot and knee issue, i just cant wait to get my sole this weekend to try them out. A sole that could probably change your life of walking. Thank you Dr Charles!”

5. East Coast Podiatry

Operating Hours9am to 6pm Monday to Saturday

Many people regard East Coast Podiatry to be one of the best podiatrists in Singapore because it can help working individuals and athletes achieve fast recuperation.

They specialize in the treatment of heel, bunion, forefoot discomfort, fungal toenails, plantar warts, ankle sprains, and flat feet in children.

Key Differentiators

  • Paediatric podiatry for children
  • Accessible locations

Client Testimonial

“I just want to say a big thank you for treating my injured right ankle that was hurting me for almost a year until I saw your company sign board at Kembangan that I decided to seek the treatment. It was a good choice and was given a 5 sessions Shock Wave Therapy recommended by Mr Ryan Marshall. Though the procedure were painful from the beginning and gradually became bearable and comfortable till the end that I fully recovered. Thank you Mr Marshall for your expertise and professionalism. Besides, your front desk staffs were very polite and helpful during my treatment there. Thanks again to all of you.”

6. Physio and Sole Clinic

Address/Phone/Operating HoursLocations

If you’re a foreign resident living in Singapore and are concerned about language difficulties, there’s no need to be any more! Multilingual experts from Physio and Sole Clinic will guide you every step of the way.

Bunion, calluses, corns, flat feet, fungal nail infection, heel pain, ingrown toenails, and plantar warts may all be treated by podiatrists. Diabetic foot care, sports podiatry, and foot fitness are also available through this clinic’s best podiatrists in Singapore.

Key Differentiators

  • Sports injury prevention
  • Customised insoles

Client Testimonial

“They are very passionate about helping people!

In November 2020 we brought our 8 year old to see another podiatrist as we suspected he had flat feet. In short that podiatrist was nice but she only saw my son for 15 minutes. Her solution was to prescribe insoles that come with ankle braces and cost 3k for each side (6k in total).

Wanting to get a second opinion we went to Physio and Sole Clinic. This time the specialist saw us for an hour. She did a detailed gait analysis and explained various exercises my son could do to improve the condition. It was a very consultative approach. And yes she also recommended insoles but much simpler ones. In total we paid only a few hundred dollars (and persistence to make our child do the exercise daily).

I only wrote this review after a few months as I wanted to see whether the condition was improving. It has improved. I really like the consultative approach that this clinic takes. There are options given and discussed. The specialist takes time to understand and investigate the condition. Would go there anytime again for other problems.”

7. Straits Podiatry

Key ServicesFocused and Radial Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy
Extracorporeal Magnetotransduction Therapy
Customised Foot Orthoses
Customised Ankle-Foot Orthoses
Paediatric Podiatry
AddressStraits Podiatry, Child and Adult Lower Limb Clinic, 31 Rochester Drive, 02-01 (Hotel Block), Singapore, 138637
Phone+65 6990 4574
Operating HoursMonday – Friday: 9am – 6pm
Saturday: 9am – 1pm
Sunday & Public Holiday: Closed

Straits Podiatry is one of the allied health clinics under the Healthway Medical Group, run by a pair of professionals who are deeply passionate about providing high-quality podiatric care without compromising on ethics, value, or integrity. They are well equipped with state-of-the-art treatment technologies, such as Focused Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy and Extracorporeal Magnetotransduction Therapy, providing the best treatment for musculoskeletal injuries.

They are also well known for their experience in treating sports injuries, having worked with many Singapore National Athletes, including Singapore’s Olympic fencer, Amita Berthier. They are also one of the few Podiatry clinics in Singapore with a special interest in Paediatric lower limb conditions and have a specially designed Paediatric assessment area to provide a child-friendly environment for your little one.

Key Differentiators

  • Reasonably priced paediatric lower limb care and customised braces 
  • Equipped with both Focused and Radial Shockwave Therapy to treat musculoskeletal conditions
  • Highly experienced in sports injuries with many National athletes treated there

Client Testimonial

3 words to describe Straits Podiatry – ACE: Attentive, Caring and Efficient. I heard of Straits Podiatry through a friend and was absolutely curious to try out the shockwave treatment that they have at their clinic. Dr Jackie and Dr Saw were very quick to identify my injuries and verify which areas required specific treatment to ensure a good recovery. I was well treated and monitored closely, before flying back to the United States for school and training. I am looking forward to continuing my rehab with them in the near future.

8. Osteopathy & Podiatry Centre
Address583 Orchard Rd #06-03 Forum, Singapore 238884
Phone+65 6734 4236
Operating HoursMonday to Friday
830AM to 6PM

830AM to 1PM


Orthotics are one of the most widely used treatments for foot function abnormalities or to improve foot performance among athletes. You may get custom-made orthotics from the Osteopathy & Podiatry Centre if you require high-quality, made-to-order ones.

Furthermore, Osteopathy & Podiatry Centre is the first in Singapore to offer 3D laser foot scanning that produces highly precise measurements of the foot. They produce bespoke orthotics to fit into a variety of shoes and sandals.

Whatever your needs, whether you’re active or not, they can provide something that’s both pleasant and long-lasting.

Key Differentiators

  • High Quality Treatment & Service
  • Offers 3D Laser Foot Scanning

Client Testimonial

“I have had heel pain for about a year, mostly after school and PE lessons. I have always been trying to ease the pain on my own with my mother’s massage gun, but the pain always came back. Then, I went to the clinic and got the help from Dr. Rob, and found out the cause of my pains. It has been three months, and I feel that the condition of my feet has improved. Thank you!”

9. Dr. Foot Podiatry Clinic

Address304 Orchard Road, #05-25 Lucky Plaza Singapore 238863
Phone+65 9655 1287
Operating HoursMonday to Sunday
8AM to 8PM

Dr Foot Podiatry Clinic provides world-class foot care services and treatments in Singapore because of their team of doctors and assistants.

Dr. Foot Podiatry Clinic takes a contemporary, innovative, and comprehensive approach to treating his or her patients’ foot health in order for them to be free of discomfort.

The Clinic here is extremely focused on assisting patients in improving the health of their feet, which may have a significant impact on their general health.

Key Differentiators

  • Specialised Staffs
  • Prioritizes avoiding discomfort when attending to customers
  • Reputable Business

Client Testimonial

“I came to know about Dr. Foot and decided to give it a try after the pouring positive reviews I read on Google. I am back to give my seal of approval and confirmation on the knowledgeable and friendly consultant podiatrist , extremely helpful and caring staff, expectational quality service and to top it all off, a tailored treatment plan for me to fix my issue.

To put it on the forth ground and manage expectations, outcome of how the treatment will be depends greatly also on patient to execute the advice of the doctor. It is a partnership, at least in my case of managing a nail fungal infection.

I went to Dr. Louis in March 2021 for my nail fungus issue when I start to feel a light pain sensation from it. Dr. Louis took time to understand my background , discuss possible causes , answered my doubts before deep diving into the subject matter. This time and effort , top off with his patience allowed him to tailor a 6 months treatment plan for me. I do not feel any discomfort during the treatment and glad to report a healthy pinkish looking toe nail now.

During the whole treatment period, I am able to reach out to Dr. Louis anytime if I have any questions or concerns. If Dr. Louis is unable to reply immediately, I am always assured and assisted by his super kind and helpful staff. There is never a time I feel that I am left “unassisted” when I require.

If you require any assistance / help from a podiatrist, this is the place to go!

Thank you Dr. Louis and the amazing team!”

10. Atlas Podiatry

Address333A Orchard Road, #04-13 Mandarin Gallery, Singapore 238897
Phone+65 8228 7330
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 9AM to 6PM
Saturday: 9AM to 1PM
Sunday & Public Holidays: Closed

Atlas Podiatry is a podiatry clinic in Singapore that specialises in non-surgical treatments of lower limb conditions, including the foot and ankle.

Atlas Podiatry is helmed by a team of senior podiatrists, with vast experience from serving in the podiatry unit in a restructured hospital. Utilising an evidence-based approach together with advanced technology in their treatment methods, Atlas Podiatry has treated clients from all walks of life and their podiatrists are able to treat a wide variety of lower limb conditions, such as musculoskeletal problems of the feet and providing diabetic care for the diabetic foot.

Key Differentiators

  • Team of senior podiatrists, with vast experience
  • Evidence-based approach and advanced technology
  • Specialises in non-surgical treatments of lower limb conditions

Client Testimonial

Chanced upon Atlas Podiatry to get my consultation on my fingernails. My podiatrist (Soh Xin Jie) is very patient and sharing to me on what could be the possible causes for my nails, and even willing to help me to write a second doctor memo after investigating the photo she took of my nails after working hours. Big thank you for going all out to help 🙂

Zache He

Podiatrist Singapore

The best podiatrists in Singapore are listed above. With such a diverse range of options, you should be able to find the right clinic for your unique needs and concerns about foot health. Whether it’s an injury, bunion pain or something else entirely, these podiatric physicians will provide top-notch care that focuses on improving your feet so they can have a positive impact on other areas of your life as well!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about Podiatrist in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best Podiatrist in Singapore below:

What Is Podiatry?

Podiatry is a branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle, and lower leg. A podiatrist (also known as a chiropodist) is a healthcare professional who specializes in this field.

What Do Podiatrists Do?

Podiatrists are medical specialists who are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of conditions related to the foot, ankle, and lower leg. They may treat injuries, provide non-surgical treatments for problems like bunions or hammertoes, offer advice on proper footwear, and more. Some foot specialists may also specialize in diabetic foot care or paediatric podiatry, or sports podiatry.
Foot specialists also conduct patient education so that patients know how to take care of themselves to avoid any foot problems and ensure their healthy feet.

What Problems Can A Podiatrist Help With?

Podiatrists can help provide comprehensive care for a wide range of problems with your feet, ankles, and lower legs, including: Bunions, corns and calluses, heel pain, flat feet, heel pain, ingrown toenails, plantar fasciitis, arch problems, achilles tendonitis, arthritis, sports injuries.
A podiatry practice can also help you conduct a diabetic foot screening, which is recommended for all patients with diabetes. Diabetic foot screenings are important because they can help to detect problems early, before they become serious. They can also help monitor if there are develop foot ulcers, abnormal foot structure, lower limb injuries, nail conditions, help improves patient’s foot condition, and further prevent foot pain.

When Should You See A Podiatrist?

If you have any concerns about your feet, ankles, or lower legs, it’s a good idea to see a podiatrist. Some common reasons why people see podiatrists include foot pain, flat foot, heel pain, ankle pain, bunions, ingrown toenail problems, and more. They also are experts of musculoskeletal and gait pathologies that offers detailed biomechanical examination, wound dressings, ankle specialist, foot specialist, foot posture, wound healing, and everything about podiatric medicine.
If you have diabetes, it’s important to see a podiatrist at least once a year for a diabetic feet screening. This is because diabetes can cause foot problems, and early detection and treatment is important.

What Can You Expect During A Podiatry Visit?

During your first visit to a podiatry clinic, the podiatrist will ask you about your medical history and symptoms. They will then examine your feet, ankles, and lower legs, as well as your foot movement. Depending on what they find, they may order additional tests, such as x-rays or MRI scans or a video gait analysis.
After assessing your foot condition, the podiatrist will work with you to create a treatment plan. This may involve non-surgical treatments, such as exercises, orthotics (custom insoles), shockwave therapy, foot mobilisation therapy or surgical treatments. Some provide treatment and accommodative support while learning about the root cause and work closely in biomechanical assessment to provide you with the optimum posture and identify abnormalities. They also recommend appropriate footwear, appropriate devices worn inside. This will help with the blood supply and care for your big toe, and nail surgery.

What Are The Benefits Of Seeing A Podiatrist?

There are many benefits to seeing a podiatrist, including:
– Addressing foot conditions, receiving proper foot care treatments and giving relief from foot pain
– Improved mobility
– Reduced risk of injury
– Better overall health
-Wound care
Podiatrists can also provide custom orthotics, which are insoles that are designed to support your feet in a specific way. This can help to improve your balance, reduce heel pain, and more.

What Are The Different Podiatry Services Available?

There are a wide range of podiatry services available, and most podiatrists specialise in caring for your skin and nail in your foot. Some patients referred their podiatrist to others too. Some common podiatry services include:
– Foot pain relief
– Orthotics (custom insoles)
– Shockwave therapy
– Foot mobilisation therapy
– Surgical treatments

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