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12 Best Speech Therapist Singapore Professionals [2024]

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Speech Therapist Singapore

Best Speech Therapist Singapore
Best Speech Therapist Singapore

Challenges in speech can be addressed with the help of professionals who understand and assist in communication.

The best speech therapists in Singapore for 2024 include Little Marvels Therapy, Magic Beans, Dinosaur Speech Therapy, GDI, and LIFE SPEECH.

When selecting a speech therapist in Singapore, it is important to take into account factors such as their experience, qualifications, and approach to treatment.

Speech therapy is beneficial for addressing a range of concerns, including stuttering, speech delay, difficulties with articulation, and voice disorders.

Let’s dive into a curated list of the best speech therapist professionals in Singapore.

Quick Summary

  • Best speech therapists in Singapore for 2024 include Little Marvels Therapy, Magic Beans, Dinosaur Speech Therapy, GDI, and LIFE SPEECH.
  • When choosing a speech therapist in Singapore, consider factors such as experience, qualifications, and treatment approach.
  • Speech therapy can help with various issues such as stuttering, speech delay, articulation difficulties, and voice disorders.

Best Speech Therapist Singapore

1. TLC Speech Clinic

TLC Speech Clinic - Speech Therapist Singapore (Credit: TLC Speech Clinic)
TLC Speech Clinic – Speech Therapist Singapore (Credit: TLC Speech Clinic)
Key ServiceParent workshop series
Address557 Bukit Timah Road
#02-19 Crown Centre
Singapore 269694

101 Thomson Road
#07-01 United Square
Singapore 307591
Phone+65 9276 8202 /+65 8103 1089
Operating HoursMonday to Sunday
8AM to 6PM

At TLC Speech Clinic, the top speech therapists in Singapore can assist you in helping your child enhance their speech and language skills. communication, cognitive behavior, and motor functions are all addressed by these specialists. All of these elements will help them to overcome significant social problems while also enabling them to realize their full potential for a brighter future.

The clinic’s parent workshops series is one of the greatest features because it teaches parents, teachers, and other adults about their child’s potential and flaws.

In this way, they’ll be able to learn possible practices or activities that they can do with their child, even on the little things on a daily basis.

Key Differentiators

  • Intensive programs for overseas visitors
  • School readiness program

2. Magic Beans

Magic Beans - Speech Therapist Singapore (Credit: Magic Beans)
Magic Beans – Speech Therapist Singapore (Credit: Magic Beans)
Key ServiceFeeding and Speech Therapy
AddressMountbatten Centre 231 Mountbatten Road Block A #02-01/02 Singapore 397999
Phone+65 8777 3171
Operating HoursWeekdays 9 AM – 6 PM

Weekends (based on therapists’ availability)

Magic Beans is a well-known organization that specializes in feeding and swallowing difficulties. If your kid is a fussy eater, has problems with bottling or feeding, or suffers from dysphagia, Magic Beans is an excellent alternative.

Aside from that, Magic Beans offers services for children who have difficulty speaking. You might wish to give Magic Beans a try if your kid has speech difficulties or other issues with articulation. Their professional therapists can help with a variety of problems in various age groups.

The staff at “Magic Beans” is dedicated to their profession and motivated to give the finest care to each customer. They specialize in late talkers, dyspraxia, stuttering, voice issues, and more.

Key Differentiators

  • Therapists specialise in different domains and age groups
  • Speech and Feeding Therapy

Customer Testimonial

“Speech consultants have extensive years experience handling children with speech difficulties. They are patient and provide a variety of games and toy for play and speech”

3. Dinosaur Speech Therapy

Dinosaur Speech Therapy - Speech Therapist Singapore (Credit: Dinosaur Speech Therapy)
Dinosaur Speech Therapy – Speech Therapist Singapore (Credit: Dinosaur Speech Therapy)
Key ServicesFun and creative Speech and Language Therapy sessions
AddressInterlocal Centre, #01-02, 100G Pasir Panjang Road, Singapore 118523
Operating Hours9am-6pm Monday to Friday, 9am-2pm Saturday

Dinosaur Speech Therapy is a team of highly experienced therapists committed to a philosophy of a child-directed, enjoyable approach. The therapists work with caregivers on individualised plans that help children become independent learners and problem-solvers. They specialise in the treatment of communication difficulties associated with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and also have extensive experience with children of all ages with speech delay/disorder, language delay/disorder, social skills/social communication, stuttering, dysphonia (voice disorders), among others.

Unsure what help your child might need? Book a free non-obligatory consultation to understand their needs better.

Key Differentiators

  • Therapy sessions are fun and creative
  • Methods encouraging independent problem-solving
  • Fully equipped sensory gym
  • Emphasis on fun

Client Testimonial

We’ve tried therapy at several different places but they weren’t always the most suitable so we were cautious when looking for a different centre. The space at Dinosaur Speech Therapy immediately drew J in the moment he stepped in. Therapy was always fun and light and J looked forward to his sessions weekly. Our therapist Bernard was very clear with explaining the reasons for why J had a delay and helped us understand what should be done to help J improve quicker. Definitely recommend.

4. GDI

GDI - Speech Therapist Singapore (Credit: GDI)
GDI – Speech Therapist Singapore (Credit: GDI)
Key ServiceEducational therapy, Occupational therapy, Speech-Language therapy, as well as psychology and school-readiness programs
583 ORCHARD ROAD, #05-02
Singapore, 238884
Phone+65 8911 5056
Operating Hours9am-6pm Monday to Saturday

GDI is a child development and therapy center founded on the belief of Gestalt’s principles of ‘Whole-ness’. They strongly believe in developing the ‘Whole’ child, engaging the ‘Whole’ ecosystem and walking with you through the ‘Whole’ journey to maximize your child’s potential to be included and be a valued contributing member of society throughout their life.

GDI specializes in providing comprehensive support to children and adolescents aged 2 to 18. With a focus on Gestalt psychology principles, GDI offers personalized interventions through a team of skilled professionals.

Their holistic approach encompasses therapy services such as educational, occupational, and speech-language therapy, as well as psychology and school-readiness programs. GDI also constructed a cutting edge Immersive Reality Room (IMR) within their centre which transforms their walls to be touch sensitive.

Additionally, GDI strongly believes in empowering parents, teachers, and domestic helpers through their training programs.

Cost per session: $160.00 (Until end of December 2023)

Key Differentiators

  • Usage of IMR: Immersive learning allows children to explore real-world scenarios or ideas in a safe and controlled environment. Evidence has shown that infusing IMR in therapy sessions can help increase engagement in sessions and enhance their acquisition of new information and skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork, and communication more effectively. GDI has constructed their own IMR powered Therapy Innovation Hub within their centre. they work with their partners to develop a myriad of IMR content that will benefit children and adolescents with additional needs. IMR-based bespoke sessions are included within every child’s GDI therapy programme, according to his/her needs and interests.
  • Empowering Parents: At GDI, they believe that parents play an equal role in the development of the child. Therefore, they have developed sessions that involves parents as well as conducting parent training workshops.


Life Speech - Speech Therapist Singapore (Credit: Life Speech)
Life Speech – Speech Therapist Singapore (Credit: Life Speech)
Key ServiceSpeech Therapy and Educational Therapy Assessment, Intervention & Training
Address111 North Bridge Road #04-36, Peninsula PLAZA, Singapore 179098
Phone+65 6253 3305
Operating HoursMonday to Sunday: 9AM to 7PM

Both adults and youngsters can benefit from RehabilitationSpeech’s Speech Pathology/Therapy Courses, which are offered by RehabilitationSpeech to help evaluate, treat, and train both individuals. Apart from their assessment and treatment services, they also provide professionals and caregivers training sessions, workshops, and certificate courses.

Through their experienced and knowledgeable staff, Life Speech is able to produce a customized treatment plan for their customers.

Key Differentiators

  • Specializes in using Speech Pathology/Therapy Courses to assess, treat, and train adults and children
  • Provides customized treatment plan for each individual

Customer Testimonial

“Our child has been with Eva for close to 5 years. From being non-verbal at the age of 3 to being able to articulate his thoughts clearly now, we are indeed very grateful to Eva for her help. Our child is also able to comprehend instructions in a mainstream school. Thanks, Eva! “

6. Happy Talk

Happy Talk - Speech Therapist Singapore (Credit: Happy Talk)
Happy Talk – Speech Therapist Singapore (Credit: Happy Talk)
Key ServiceSpeech therapy support
Address1 Lower Kent Ridge Road, Unit 04-16 One@KentRidge (NUH Medical Centre) Singapore 119082
Phone+65 6776 0813
Operating HoursWednesday
2PM to 6PM

Thursday to Saturday
830AM to 6PM

The children’s mental, social and emotional needs are addressed by Positive Talk. It caters to 2- to 12-year-olds who require expert assistance in speech development. Eva Loh, a Licensed Practising Speech Pathologist with expertise working with kids with communication, speech-language, and literacy issues runs the clinic.

They specialize in a variety of speech difficulties, including pronunciation and slurred speech, delayed language development, litein language deveopment, reading and spelling issues.

Also, it offers training programs for parents, teachers, and other personnel who work with children who have communication difficulties in order to assist them in the child’s development process.

Key Differentiators

  • Individual therapy
  • Basic Key Word Sign Workshop

Customer Testimonial

“I am surprised that my son got correct pronunciations after first lesson under Auntie Eva. And There is significant improvement in pronunciations after several lessens. I appreciate it for her patience. If your kids have same problem with mine, you can get real help from her.”

7. Amazing Speech Therapy

Amazing Speech Therapy - Speech Therapist Singapore (Credit: Amazing Speech Therapy)
Amazing Speech Therapy – Speech Therapist Singapore (Credit: Amazing Speech Therapy)
Key ServiceFun and interactive sessions
Address101 Irrawaddy Road #17-01 Royal Square Medical Suites @ Royal Square S329565
Phone+65 8121 6691
Operating HoursMonday – Friday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Speech Therapy began as a whim for the company’s founder, but she persevered and built it into a reality. The clinic’s primary aim is to assist individuals with speech or language disorders. They try to offer alternative and unique solutions for their clients.

The clinic has been assisting its customers in improving and enhancing their communication abilities since its inception. Their team is proud of the excellent service and well-considered treatment and therapy they provide.

Key Differentiators

  • Enjoyable sessions or treatment
  • Personal care
  • Professional staff and therapist

Customer Testimonial

“I was trying to find a good place for some son’s speech therapy and I tried Amazing Speech Therapy. Like its name their services are Amazing. They are a bunch of professional, dedicated, sincere and most importantly competent people who are providing services of high quality. Miss Wanda was the therapist who helped my son in using the techniques to overcome his speech problems. I am grateful to the organization and specially to Miss Wanda for her support through out. Thanks and keep up the good work.”


PSYCH Connect - Speech Therapist Singapore (Credit: PSYCH Connect)
PSYCH Connect – Speech Therapist Singapore (Credit: PSYCH Connect)
Key ServiceHome therapy
Address10 Winstedt Rd
Singapore 227977
Phone+65 9109 2024
Operating HoursMon: 2pm to 6pm

Tues – Sat: 9am to 6pm
Closed during lunch from 1pm to 2pm

After Hours Sessions are available upon request
We are closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

Psych Connect is a network of caring, dynamic, experienced, and empathic multidisciplinary therapists and psychologists. They specialize in child development but see patients of all ages. Their aim is to make the therapy room as safe and comfortable as possible; making it favorable for therapy sessions.

Their primary objective when it comes to speech therapy is to assist people in overcoming their speech, language, and motor difficulties. They develop customized treatment plans and aim to come up with unique and inventive methods to accomplish their clients’ objectives.

The clinic’s greatest strength is its multidisciplinary approach, which they take to every patient. They also believe in working with key stakeholders and improving the overall system where the client resides – home, school, and work.

They conduct one-on-one and small group sessions. They work with a variety of Speech and Language Therapy fields, such as social communication, language, speech sounds, feeding and swallowing, stuttering and fluency (to name a few).

Key Differentiators

  • Addresses a wide range of speech and language difficulties
  • Multi-disciplinary approaches
  • Assessment and intervention are offered in clinic, at home or remotely via teletherapy
  • In School Services
  • Professional and experienced therapists

Customer Testimonial

“We would like to say many thanks to our child’s therapist Dr. Zainab and Ms Elysia Soh. We brought our child to Psych Connect about 5 months ago. Our Child really enjoy the sessions with them and we have observed that he has shown much progress since attending these session at Psych Connect. I have to say we are pleased with his progress so far and would be looking forward how much further he could progress. Tips provided therapists are also useful at home. We could have brought him earlier, nonetheless, he is showing progress and continue to progress.”

9. Dynamics Speech

Dynamics Speech - Speech Therapist Singapore (Credit: Dynamics Speech)
Dynamics Speech – Speech Therapist Singapore (Credit: Dynamics Speech)
Key ServiceHolistic speech therapy services for adults & children
Address583 Orchard Road, #15-04 Forum The Shopping Mall, Singapore 238884
Phone+65 6100-9235
Operating HoursMonday–Friday: 9am–7pm

Saturday: 9am–6pm

Dynamics Speech provides a holistic intervention plan to remediate and prevent challenges in speech and language for children and adults.

Multiple intervention techniques may be used in Speech Therapy, but their efficacy varies depending on age, requirements, and learning rate. Dynamics Speech creates unique programs based on the client’s needs to ensure optimal results for each individual.

Every program is based on proven best practices and evidence-based strategies that have been verified to boost speech, language, and communication skills including articulation and fluency, language ability, communication, difficulties eating and drinking.

Dynamics Speech has empowered many people to improve their speech, language, and communication abilities, develop higher self-esteem, and have a greater quality of life by providing the finest personalized therapy with a talented group of highly committed and experienced Speech Therapist professionals. They are thrilled to provide services throughout the lifespan from infancy through adulthood.

Key Differentiators

  • No waiting time to see a specialist of your choice.
  • Flexible service delivery formats: Centre-based, in-home, online (TeleHealth) or a customised format (Hybrid).
  • Active partnership with family members and caregivers to ensure continuity in learning and a positive experience for everyone.
  • A highly qualified in-house multidisciplinary team of specialists for holistic care.

10. Leo Magan

Leo Magan - Speech Therapist Singapore (Credit: Leo Magan)
Leo Magan – Speech Therapist Singapore (Credit: Leo Magan)
Key Service Language therapy
Address20 Kramat Lane, #04-09 United House, Singapore 228773
Phone+65 6386 7532
Operating HoursDaily, 11am–7pm

Leo Magan specializes in speech and language therapy. Their best speech therapists in Singapore employ innovative strategies to help your children develop positively.

Moreover, they provide assistance for social interaction problems, if your child is having major concerns when it comes to talking with his/her peers.

They also advise parents to utilize at-home learning techniques in order for their children to develop more quickly and effectively.

Key Differentiators

  • Flexible schedule
  • Teaching tips for parents

Customer Testimonial

“Besides Magan’s amazing technique, she is able to genuinely connect with our son and build his confidence; and love for learning speech.

We have never seen our restless two year old engaged in a one to one class for almost 45 minutes, and Magan is able to do that quite effortlessly.

We are over the moon with his progress and growth…”

11. The Speech Practice

The Speech Practice - Speech Therapist Singapore (Credit: The Speech Practice)
The Speech Practice – Speech Therapist Singapore (Credit: The Speech Practice)
Key ServiceAccent reduction services
AddressSingapore Shopping Centre 190 Clemenceau Ave #03-33 Singapore 239924
Phone+65 9126 4322
Operating HoursWeekdays: 10 am to 7 pm
Saturday: 9 am to 6 pm

The Speech Practice also provides speech therapy for children and voice management for adults with social anxiety. They serve individuals who have dyslexia, autism, social anxiety, and childhood apraxia of speech.

They also deal with voice issues, feeding and swallowing difficulties, stuttering, cluttering, and other related problems. Their greatest speech therapists in Singapore will analyze your unique circumstance and provide you with the finest therapy possible for each scenario.

If you’re a public speaker or a working professional who needs to give more conferences and talks, you might want to improve your speech and accent with their help, particularly if you have trouble saying certain words.

Key Differentiators

  • Stroke and language rehabilitation
  • Accent reduction coaching

Customer Testimonial

“Great team of therapists and staff who are experienced, dedicated and encouraging. Ms Rachel and Ms Angela were very patient with my toddler and professional. Goals was set during the first session and progress were regularly tracked. A review was always done at the end of the class to discuss on her progress and activities we could do at home. We have seen significant improvement since my toddler started a few months back.

Also, the receptionists are always very friendly and polite.

My toddler always enjoyed the session despite the class in the morning.”

12. Little Marvels Therapy

Little Marvels - Speech Therapist Singapore (Credit: Little Marvels)
Little Marvels – Speech Therapist Singapore (Credit: Little Marvels)
Key ServicesSpeech and Language therapy services
Address371 Beach Road, Citygate, #02-51/48, Singapore 199597
Phone+65 8189-1636 
Operating HoursMonday – Friday: 9:00am-6:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9:00am-1:00pm

Little Marvels’ senior and experienced Speech Therapists are able to offer a wide range of services including, assessment and treatment of language delay, speech sounds delay, social communication, picky and problem eaters, stuttering and fluency, and more!

The best thing about Little Marvels is that their Speech Therapists are part of a multidisciplinary clinic which also offers Occupational Therapy, Psychological Services, Play Therapy, Educational Therapy and Animal Assisted Therapy. With a team of passionate and highly experienced therapists, they ensure that therapy sessions are fun, engaging in their fully equipped clinic rooms and sensory gyms!

Little Marvels believes in empowering parents and caregivers and to foster confidence in their ability to support their children’s development. Their highly qualified therapists use intervention strategies that are not only evidence-based but customisable and effective for achieving the best outcomes for each individual. They also take pride in working collaboratively with key stakeholders (home, school etc.) to provide holistic care and offer home, school and online-based therapy.

Key Differentiators

  • Professional and experienced therapists
  • Clinic, home, school and online therapy
  • Multidisciplinary team practice under one roof 
  • Holistic care and active partnerships with families
  • Intensive program for overseas clients 

Client Testimonials

My child started to look, smile and speak in 3 words ever since starting Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy at Little Marvels! Previously she would play by herself, have huge melt downs and not be able to sit down on the table for more than a few seconds. Now she is able to stay calm, do 2 colouring pages by herself on the table, her sleep is so much better, she is showing interest in her sister, friends and is talking to me! All this was achieved after daily intensive sessions for 2 weeks.

The best thing about Little Marvels Therapists is that they involved parents and helpers and made sure we knew how to engage, play and stimulate speech and language for our child even outside the clinic. When I practice the strategies every moment, my child’s improvement can be seen on a day to day basis. We were able to do her diagnosis and treatment all in one place so it was very convenient too! Thank you Little Marvels!

Other Speech Therapists Considered


KidsFirst is a Special Education School and an Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, and Physiotherapy clinic. Their center was established in 2017 and they provide developmental intervention for children with additional needs. Each student that attends their setting receives an individualized plan using up-to-date educational and clinical best practices.

Speech Bubbles

Does your child require speech therapy? Look no further than Speech Bubbles, a trusted provider of early intervention speech therapy in the North-Eastern region of Singapore. Situated conveniently near Kovan MRT, Speech Bubbles offers a nurturing environment where children with autism, speech and language delays, global developmental delays, apraxia, and other communication needs can thrive.

Speech Therapist Singapore

Finding the best Speech Therapist in Singapore might be more difficult than you think. There are many factors to consider, such as location and whether or not they specialize in a certain type of therapy, like fluency for children with autism or social anxiety for adults. The therapists we’ve presented offer services that span from infancy through adulthood so it’s likely there is one who can help your unique needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about speech therapists in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best Speech Therapists in Singapore below:

Who are the best speech therapists in Singapore?

The best speech therapists in Singapore include Little Marvels Therapy, Magic Beans, Dinosaur Speech Therapy, GDI, and LIFE SPEECH.

What is the role of speech and language therapists in Singapore?

Speech and language therapists in Singapore are allied health professionals who diagnose and treat a variety of communication disorders. They work with individuals who have difficulties with speech, language, voice, fluency, and swallowing. They also provide therapy for those with language delays or disorders caused by conditions such as traumatic brain injury.

How do speech language pathologists differ from language therapists?

While both professions deal with communication disorders, speech language pathologists have a broader scope of practice. They deal with a wider range of issues including swallowing disorders, voice disorders, and cognitive-communication disorders in addition to speech and language problems. Language therapists, on the other hand, specialize in treating language delays and disorders.

Do speech and language therapists collaborate with other professionals?

Yes, speech and language therapists often work in multidisciplinary teams alongside other allied health professionals, such as occupational therapists. This collaborative approach helps ensure that all aspects of a patient’s care are addressed, leading to more comprehensive treatment outcomes.

Can speech therapists help with swallowing disorders?

Yes, speech language pathologists are trained to diagnose and treat swallowing disorders. They use a variety of techniques to help patients improve their swallowing function, manage their symptoms, and maintain their nutritional status.

How can speech therapy help children with language delays?

Speech therapists use a variety of strategies to help children with language delays. These may include play-based therapy, parent coaching, and targeted interventions designed to improve oral muscular phonetic target. The goal is to help the child develop the necessary skills to communicate effectively.

What is the role of a speech therapist in treating traumatic brain injury?

Following a traumatic brain injury, individuals often experience communication disorders caused by damage to the areas of the brain responsible for speech and language. Speech therapist professionals play a critical role in the rehabilitation process, providing therapy to help these individuals regain their communication skills.

What is language pathology?

Language pathology is a field of practice within speech therapy that focuses on diagnosing and treating language disorders. These can include difficulties with understanding others (receptive language) or expressing oneself (expressive language), both verbally and non-verbally.

How are communication disorders diagnosed?

Speech and language therapists use a variety of assessment tools to diagnose communication disorders. These assessments evaluate speech sound production, language comprehension and expression, voice quality, fluency, and swallowing function. The results of these assessments help the therapist develop a personalized treatment plan.

What are oral muscular phonetic targets?

Oral muscular phonetic targets refer to the specific movements of the mouth and tongue that are necessary for producing speech sounds correctly. Speech therapists often work with patients to improve their control over these movements to enhance their speech clarity.

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