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Ultimate Succulent Terrarium Singapore Guide [2024]

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Succulent Terrarium Singapore

Best Succulent Terrarium Singapore
Best Succulent Terrarium Singapore

People in Singapore are increasingly taking to succulent terrariums, as they get into the hobby of making and growing miniature gardens.

A glass container with succulents creates a mini greenhouse for these hardy plants to flourish in humid conditions.

Succulent terrariums are not only perfect for making small spaces a bit greener, but also delightful, low-maintenance decorations.

This best succulent terrarium in Singapore for 2024 guide covers all you need to create and care for succulent terrariums in Singapore.

Quick Summary

  • Getting Started with Succulent Terrariums: Know the basics and learn how to make a Succulent Terrarium, including concepts, tools, and supplies.
  • Care and Maintenance of Succulent Terrariums: How to water, light and fertilise your succulent terrarium
  • Showcasing Succulent Terrarium Inspirations: The amazing flora inspiration series features succulent terrarium designs and ideas from Singapore.

Getting Started with Succulent Terrariums

Getting Started with Succulent Terrariums
Getting Started with Succulent Terrariums

Singapore is the perfect place to start a succulent terrarium because of its temperate climate, with consistently moist soil, which is the perfect climate for succulents to thrive.

The constant weather conditions simplifies the process as well.

The are a wide selection of succulents that are popular in Singapore make a terrarium project both fun and rewarding.

Creating Succulent Terrariums

When starting a succulent terrarium in Singapore, the initial step involves selecting the container.

Although large glass fish tanks or mason jars are commonly used, any shallow bowl or pot works – provided it has drainage holes and enough air circulation.

Once you have settled on your container, fill it with a well-draining growing medium (potting soil, or a mixture of soil, sand or pebbles).

Planting Succulent Terrariums

After filling your container, you can begin planting your succulents.

Pick air plants that are naturally dwelling in Singapore, and that’ll thrive in this climate. Succulents don’t need frequent watering, so make sure to give them enough space to sprawl.

Provide ample indirect sunlight and occasionally mist the leaves to keep them hydrated.

Decorating Succulent Terrariums

End by giving your terrarium a finishing touch: some river rocks, pebbles or driftwood will add extra charm.

Consider incorporating some terrarium figurines or tiny sculptures designed for succulent terrariums.

With care, your succulent terrarium in Singapore will be a work of art. Enjoy!

How to Make a DIY Succulent Terrarium

How to Make a DIY Succulent Terrarium
How to Make a DIY Succulent Terrarium

A terrarium is an easy-to-create, satisfying project, a piece of nature in a box you can make yourself.

Here’s how you can start:

  1. Select Your Container: Select a glass container, ideally a clear glass item such as a bowl that fits your décor and can be enjoyed wherever it’s placed. It can be a jar or even a vintage glass lamp. A lighter colour glass will allow more light to be reflected, creating a brighter ambiance while a darker shade of glass will have the opposite effect. Make sure your container is clean all throughout.
  2. Layer the Base: Cover the bottom of your planter with a layer of pebbles or gravel to allow the water to drain. Otherwise, it will become trapped at the roots, leading to rot.
  3. Add Charcoal: Spread a thin layer of activated charcoal over the pebbles to keep the water fresh and reduce the risk of mould and bacteria growth.
  4. Fill with Soil: Put a layer of succulent or cactus potting mix over the charcoal. Make sure it’s thick enough to hold the roots of your succulents.
  5. Plant Your Succulents: Poke a small well in the soil where you want to put your succulent. Work from the centre outward, keeping in mind the design and their eventual spread. 
  6. Decorate: Add some sand and decorations, or use figurines to make a landscape.
  7. Water Lightly: After all the plants have been placed: water lightly to settle the plants in. Succulents don’t need much water so be careful and don’t over water.
  8. Find a Sunny Spot: Put your terrarium in a warm, bright place (but not in direct sunlight, which might heat the glass and cook the plants).

Remember, the key to a thriving succulent terrarium is minimal watering and ample light. Only water when you absolutely must, and place wherever there is as much light as possible. After that, it’s all about waiting to have your miniature, chic, minimal-maintenance terrarium.

Care and Maintenance of Succulent Terrariums

Care and Maintenance of Succulent Terrariums
Care and Maintenance of Succulent Terrariums

Maintaining a lush terrarium in Singapore can be a delightful experience for those wanting to bring nature indoors. With proper care, these charming gardens can flourish in our warm, humid climate. Here are some tips for keeping your succulents healthy and happy:

  • Watering: Succulents require less water in Singapore. Water once every one to two weeks after the soil is completely dry.
  • Light: Succulents like bright indirect sunlight, and that’s what Singapore has in abundance. Put your terrarium where it will get lots of indirect light, for example, near a window or on a shelf.
  • Temperature: Succulents need temperatures of 18–25 degrees Celsius. However, if temperatures start to climb, reduce them to lower levels.
  • Potting Mix: A well-draining cacti and succulent potting mix from your local shop will do nicely.
  • Pruning: Cut away any dead or overgrown leaves or stems as needed to promote new growth.

Showcasing Succulent Terrarium Inspirations for Singapore Residents

Showcasing Succulent Terrarium Inspirations for Singapore Residents
Showcasing Succulent Terrarium Inspirations for Singapore Residents

If you want to create succulent terrariums in Singapore, you will find plenty of options. The following succulent terrarium styles are quite popular in Singapore these days. Are you looking for simple designs or something more complex?

Another popular option is the open terrarium, which is composed of an open container filled with sand and colourful pebbles at the bottom, with Aloe Vera or Echeveria succulents planted inside as plentiful greenery.

And for something a bit different, you could opt for a closed-top terrarium (as the name suggests, these tend to have lids to keep the moisture in, and often include low-maintenance plants such as ferns or moss, so they need less watering than open terrariums – perfect if you’re less than keen on the whole watering thing).

Want to go the next step? See if you can design a hanging terrarium with a round terrarium container suspended from the ceiling – something like a fishbowl or a lightbulb – with some mix of succulents and ferns to make your hanging terrarium extra fancy.

Whatever style you choose, there are hundreds of ways to create a beautiful succulent terrarium in Singapore. With a bit of imagination and the right wide selection of materials, you can craft a unique terrarium that can liven up any house or cubicle.

Succulent Terrarium Singapore

Succulent terrariums offer a charming and easy way to introduce indoor plants.

With practice, you’ll be able to create a beautiful and flourishing succulent terrarium at home – with a little imagination and proper care thrown in to boot.

Begin this green experience and enjoy the calm and beauty of succulent terrariums in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have any questions about the guide to succulent terrariums in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the guide to succulent terrariums in Singapore below:

Who are the best terrarium shops in Singapore?

Some of the best terrarium shops in Singapore are Terrarium Singapore, Terrarium Workshop Singapore, Lush Glass Door, Mosto Terrarium, Terrarium4U, and The Plant Story.

What types of succulent plants are suitable for terrariums?

There are numerous succulent varieties that are well-suited for terrariums. Some popular choices include Echeveria, Haworthia, Crassula, and Sedum. Choose plants that have similar light and water requirements to ensure they thrive together.

How do I prevent excess moisture in my closed terrarium?

One of the most common concerns with closed terrariums is moisture. Too much water can lead to mould and potentially kill your plants.

Make sure that your terrarium has a layer of gravel or other small stones at the bottom to function as a drainage hole, trapping excess water away from the plant roots.

Use a spray bottle for watering so that you control how much you’re adding. Water at a light misting rate rather than soaking the whole terrarium.

Also, make sure to check the terrarium environment regularly for condensation. If there is too much moisture, open the terrarium for a few hours and let it dry out.

Can I fulfill my creative gardening needs with a succulent terrarium in Singapore?


Create an attractive succulent terrarium for Singapore’s weather conditions by using the right succulents and replicating their natural climates by following the right care processes, such as spray-bottle watering and closed terrariums.

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