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10 Best Team Building Games For Adults in Singapore [2024]

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Team Building Games Adults Singapore

Best Team Building Games For Adults Singapore
Best Team Building Games For Adults Singapore

Today, we often undertake team building activities as a group in order to enhance team spirit and teamwork.

Those team building activities can improve collaborations, communication and teamwork within a group.

In this article, we will show you the best Singapore team building games that will suit your next team building event.

These exciting and fun team building ideas will reinforce ties among the whole team and create a lasting memory among players.

Quick Summary

  • Best team building games for adults in Singapore include Bubble Soccer, Laser Tag, Hybrid Amazing Race, Archery Tag, Saber Tag, Escape Room Puzzle, and PoolBall.
  • When booking a team building game in Singapore, consider factors such as scale, timeframe, interest, and objectives.
  • We explore team building games in Singapore in a refreshing way by infusing our culture and creativity to connect and forge friendships.

Benefits of Team Building Games for Adults

There are several benefits of team building games that are helping the corporate team building event a success and as well to enjoy. Here we look at the benefits:

  1. Improved Employees Engagement and Morale: Team building games were included in the cheerful team building activity, which created a working atmosphere to improve employee engagement and morale among workers. It also motivates dedicated team members and gives them a lively mood.
  2. Enhance communication and collaboration: Team building games are designed in a way that helps the team members to mutually interact with each other in a casual atmosphere away from work. There, they are able to communicate, listen to each other, share, work and other things in a more open manner.
  3. Development Of Problem Solving Skills: There are no better team building games than those that have a problem-solving element that make the employees develop their critical thinking skills. This implies that in such activities, they will learn to use creativity in solving given problems, becoming innovative and applying the same concepts to real scenarios that happen at work.
  4. Improved Employee Engagement and Morale: Team building games played at a corporate team building event creates an environment that improves employee engagement and morale. These games motivate the members of a team by giving them a platform to collaborate and reach a desired outcome which in turn increases productivity and job satisfaction.
  5. Enhanced Team Working Relationship: Playing such games promotes team working relationships among the members. It helps them to understand one another better and develop trust, camaraderie and mutual respect for each other, thereby facilitating an enhanced work environment.
  6. Enhanced Motivation and Team Spirit: Team building activities with a fun element increase motivation and team spirit among employees. As team members strive to win in different team building activities, they gain motivation and support from fellow team members.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Team Building Games

Here are some of the things to consider when selecting the most appropriate team building games for a team building event:

  • Scale: Select activities that will work with the size and dynamics of your team. Some games are better for smaller teams while others are better-scaled for larger teams.
  • Time/Timeframe: Think about the amount of time you have for your team building session, and allow time for the event to warm up, play and wrap up. Choose games that you know will complete at the appropriate timeframe to create some momentum.
  • Objectives and Outcomes: Outline your exact objectives and intended outcomes you want to achieve for your team building activity. Choose games that support these goals, such as improving communication, living the company values, building team spirit, or developing specific skills.
  • Interest and Engagement: Drop the games that aren’t working. Consider your team’s interests and preferences when choosing games, and select something that most of your team will enjoy and find engaging.

Best Team Building Games Adults Singapore

Outdoor Activities

1. Bubble Bump

Bubble Bump Game – Have a blast playing soccer while bouncing in a bubble!
Bubble Bump Game – Have a blast playing soccer while bouncing in a bubble!

This unique and fun team building activity combines both soccer and rugby, which makes it one of the best games ever. It may seem like a rough sport at first but even the softest ladies have given this a try.

You’ll be fully protected in a zorb ball while bumping into your family members or being bumped by them.

Expect lots of rolling on the floor and endless laughter. You’ll leave the pitch sweaty but with no regrets. Bubble Bump is a game that anyone would love!

Client Testimonial

Cindy and Ginny were our event facilitators. They did a great job expoing the games to us and make the whole event very fun and engaging. Thank you both for the great session. Will surely contact y’all for another event !!! 😍😍😍

Sharifah Roshani

Check out Bubble Bump here

2. Laser Tag

Laser Tag - Experience the thrill of a high-energy Laser Tag game
Laser Tag – Experience the thrill of a high-energy Laser Tag game

Laser Tag will be a good team-building activity for bonding with your team because this game is enjoyable for participants of all ages, indoors and outdoors. It is therefore recommended for anyone planning a team building activity.

With loads of varying missions including Capture the Flag, Mission Impossible and Domination, teamwork can be developed with the whole squad, and camaraderie built within a short period of time. With laser tag, you can make any birthday event more festive and fun, or plan a stag party no guy will ever forget.

Client Testimonial

10 out of 10! I would definitely recommend FunEmpire!


Check out Laser Tag here

3. Hybrid Amazing Race

Amazing Race - Embark on an exciting race around the city, solving clues and completing challenges
Hybrid Amazing Race – Embark on an exciting race around the city, solving clues and completing challenges

This enjoyable Amazing Race team building experience will take you and your squad around Singapore to complete a variety of distinct challenges. As teams journey from checkpoint to checkpoint, they can only progress further when the assigned task is finished. To solve these exciting team building challenges, creative problem-solving skills are essential!

At the completion of this team bonding experience, the summiting squad that is able to reach their ultimate destination point in record speed will be crowned victorious.

Client Testimonial

Had an awesome amazing race at Sentosa. Dar was a great facilitator who kept the session fun and exciting. Thanks for the superb experience!

Muhd Hizam

Check out Hybrid Amazing Race here

4. Combat Archery Tag

Combat Archery Tag - Experience Combat Archery Tag and unleash your inner archer!
Combat Archery Tag – Experience Archery Tag and unleash your inner archer!

Combat Archery Tag is a cross between dodgeball and archery and is an exhilarating experience for participants of all ages. Different teams compete in a live-action game where the objective is to score points by successfully shooting down the opposing team members. Each player wears a protective face mask to ensure safety for everyone, so you can have fun and shoot all you want!

Looking for a great team building exercise? The Revival and The Last King missions are just the thing – they’re challenging, require strategic thinking, good cooperation and communication skills, and will have your team working together as they take on the obstacles of the mission – getting the heart pumping, the mind working and the team working together!

Ever wanted to be Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games? This is the one for you!

Client Testimonial

Archery Tag is the perfect team bonding activity!

The Next Level

Check out Combat Archery Tag here

5. PoolBall

Poolball - Dive into the fun with a game of Poolball
Poolball – Dive into the fun with a game of Poolball

Discover the world’s biggest pool table and play Poolball Classic or Poolball Sabotage. Not only is this game of strategy a great form of entertainment, it’s also an amazing platform for corporate team building events! It allows participants from any age level to join in on the fun and encourages communication among team members.

With its suitability for both small and large groups, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience with your group when playing Poolball today!

Client Testimonial

Poolball helped us to know our colleagues better!


Check out Poolball here

Indoor Activities

1. Soy Candle Making Workshop

Soy Candle Making Workshop - Make eco-friendly soy candles and fill your home with delightful scents
Soy Candle Making Workshop – Make eco-friendly soy candles and fill your home with delightful scents

Love perfumes? Then this unique team building activity is for you. In this Soy Candle Making Workshop, you’ll be given the complete set of candle-making materials, including a choice of scent, color, and even figurines (to put inside your candles)! You can choose to have the workshop at any location, including yours.

One of the most relaxing team building activities, this deeply therapeutic session will calm and soothe you. The best part? You can bring home the candle you’ve made.

Client Testimonial

Fun and exciting actives to do with colleagues.. We had done the Gel Candle making workshop.. Vanessa n Celeste is good in explaining and demonstrating the steps. Recommend

Isya Osheat

Check out Soy Candle Making Workshop here

2. Saber Tag

Saber Tag - Channel your inner Jedi in an epic Saber Tag battle
Saber Tag – Channel your inner Jedi in an epic Saber Tag battle

Arm yourself with your combat sabers and join forces to take on the opposite team. Take part in exhilarating missions like Saber Wars, or Defenders of The Galaxy; challenging you and your crew’s cooperation and communication skills. With various game objectives available, this is a thrilling way to have fun together!

If you’re searching for the ultimate corporate team bonding experience or a particularly memorable birthday bash, then look no further than Saber Tag! Our game is one of the most innovative and fun activities in Singapore for groups. Gather your squad and prepare to engage in an unforgettable team-building event with us – we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!

Client Testimonial

Really fun! Lots of running around while carrying light sabers!

LMA Recruitment

Check out Saber Tag here

3. Giant Board Games

Giant Board Games - Have a blast playing oversized versions of classic board games
Giant Board Games – Have a blast playing oversized versions of classic board games

If you want to have larger and more fun versions of your favourite childhood boardgames, you can now enjoy these and more with Giant Jenga, Giant Pick-Up Sticks, Giant Connect Four etc…. all the way to Giant Snakes And Ladders! Not only are these Giant Board Games perfect for adults, it also works as a great icebreaker game for team-building in Singapore!

Client Testimonial

Had fun with the games conducted at site with The Cage@Kallang. Amazed with the giant UNO cards, giant Jenga and giant dice for Snakes and Ladder. Instructions given were clear and straightforward from the facilitators. Would have been better if they are able to drive us with enthusiasm from their energy and to manage the change in teams/opponents to match-up for the scores.

Pearlyn เพิรล์ลิน

Check out Giant Board Games here

4. Escape Room Puzzle

Escape Room - Test your problem-solving skills and teamwork in a thrilling Escape Room challenge
Escape Room – Test your problem-solving skills and teamwork in a thrilling escape game

Looking for an enjoyable way to strengthen your team’s bond? Look no further – Escape Room Puzzles are one of the most beloved group-building activities in Singapore! With various mysteries and themes to explore, winning teams will be challenged as they collaborate under time pressure to solve puzzles. An unforgettable experience awaits you and all members of your team!

Client Testimonial

Our team had a fantastic time at FunEmpire’s Time Travel themed Escape game! A big thank you for providing the perfect setting for our corporate team building event, and our facilitator made it even more enjoyable with their guidance!


Check out Escape Room here

5. Bullet Strike

Bullet Strike - Engage in a nerf gun war with the thrilling game of Bullet Strike
Bullet Strike – Engage in a nerf gun war with the thrilling game of Bullet Strike

Ready to join a thrilling, team-oriented activity? Then Bullet Strike is just the game for you! In this fast-paced and great fun pastime, all participants must use Nerf blasters (aka guns) with foam bullets to hit opponents while completing various objectives.

Safety always comes first at Nerf events which is why we provide face masks for added protection during your group bonding experience. With no hard projectiles in play, everyone can now enjoy this classic favourite without any risk of injury or harm!

Client Testimonial

Battling with nerf guns got levelled up a lot with FunEmpire’s bullet strike! Highly recommend!


Check out Bullet Strike here

Tips For Successful Team Building Games For Adults

Team building games for adults in Singapore are known to be a great way to get employees to know and like each other in order to foster collaboration, improve communication and build relationships. The team building games should be entertaining and fun so that all the participants enjoy the games and as such, careful considerations should be given before choosing the actual team building game.

Below are some tips that could be helpful in ensuring effective team building games for adults in Singapore:

1. Have a clear goal in mind

Make sure you know what the purpose of your team is and what you want to get out of the team-building game before you choose it – improving problem-solving, for example, or relationships and communication between employees. The activity you choose should be conducive to that.

2. Choose an interactive game

Any effective team building game needs to get people talking and allow for collaboration. Make sure the activity is one that only works if the individual in the team interacts with others and collaborates to achieve the overall goals. Whether it is a physical, mental or creative task, make sure it’s one in which everybody can get involved.

3. Set rules and expectations

As a good facilitator, prior to the activity, you would have briefed the participants on the rules and expectations of the game. You also set the tone and expectation that they will be collaborating. In this way, you make the instructions clear for the entire team.

4. Make it fun

How much the team-building activity succeeds will depend on whether the participants find it enjoyable, so make it a light-hearted activity that makes everyone a team player. If the game is too hard, it will overwhelm or bore the participants, so keep it simple and fun.

When you keep these tips in mind, you can avoid the common mistakes that people make with their teambuilding activities, and ensure that these games are fun and effective for everyone. The right teambuilding activity can improve the relationships between your colleagues, promote collaboration, communication and teamwork, and make people want to come to work.

Team Building Games Adults Singapore

Regardless of any team building activities you have considered to design your next team building event in Singapore; be sure to include the best one.

These games will ensure that you have an unforgettable experience. Participants will enjoy the games, learn how to coordinate with each other, and build connections among team members, which will enhance communication, strengthen their relationships, and push them to give their best effort.

Take into account each of these points while choosing the right team building games, and you’re bound to witness your team bond, improving all aspects of their work together.

Get ready to turn your next team building into a memorable and successful corporate event where everyone can thrive!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about Team Building Games For Adults in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best Team Building Games For Adults in Singapore below:

What are the best team building games for adults in Singapore?

The Singapore team building games for adults include Bubble Soccer, Hybrid Amazing Race, Archery Tag, Saber Tag, Escape Room Puzzle, and PoolBall.

How do I make sure everyone participates in the team building activity?

One of the most effective ways to ensure everyone gets involved in team bonding activities is to establish a transparent process where each member feels comfortable participating. Begin by defining each activity and communicating them clearly to the group: what is each activity, what should the group expect from it, and what does the success of each activity look like?
Framing the activity helps to maintain the integrity of the space, creating a safe and supportive container for the group, inviting everyone to participate. Invite all the voices into the space to get the most out of each activity.
But make sure to praise individual efforts in the activity as well as group achievements so that everyone feels encouraged to take part, and of course, making sure everyone enjoys their activities helps to create a more relaxed atmosphere where people feel they can open up and pay attention more.

Can virtual teams benefit from team building activities?

Yes, team building workshops and activities play an important role to enhance efficiency of virtual team who are working on a project remotely. When such activities are properly planned and conducted with the right purpose, it will definitely improve the communication and collaboration between members of a virtual team. As long as both parties are participating in such team-building games and activities, the virtual team will be more productive to achieve the project objectives in a more efficient way. Some of the best virtual team building activities suitable for remote teams include virtual amazing race and virtual food quest (food related challenges).

What are the best ways to evaluate a group of individuals after they complete a team building activity?

A good assessment of a group just after they’ve completed a team building activity should include feedback from both the facilitator and the team themselves. From the facilitator, this feedback would include a discussion of the success or failure of the activity as a whole, as well as an evaluation of certain strategies that the facilitator might use to keep members on track and working together.
Feedback from the group members could include an assessment of their group dynamics and whether or not they enjoyed the activity, in addition to more explicit suggestions for improvement or things the group could do differently in the future to enhance the success of the next team building event. A follow-up survey can also help assess the overall team experience of the team building activity.
This survey should include questions about the activity itself but also about how each member of the team worked together and with each other. The feedback from these evaluations can then be used to devise the next team-building exercise, which would be more stimulating and better at increasing group efficacy.

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