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Best Fun Office Games And Activities [2023]

Fun Office Games And Activities

“Boring”, “Mundane”, and “Repetitive”. These are some of the common descriptors employees use if they’re asked to describe their work environment. As you can see, there is nothing much that employees look forward to when heading to work. This has caused many employees to just see working as a way to just bring home the bacon. All in all, it doesn’t really paint the company in a good light if most of their employees do not look forward to work. However, where does this problem stem from? The answer is poor corporate culture. A company that doesn’t care about the well-being and only focusing on its own goals will never be able to properly motivate its employees in the long run. Then you may be asking, “What can I do to influence my employees so that they look forward to work?” Include more fun office games and activities!

By including more fun office games and activities, you can encourage team bonding, socializing, and better work-life balance for your employees. This will show them that they are in a company that cares for them which will, in turn, influence them to look forward to working more. And there’s no need to have a specific day solely dedicated to one’s team building efforts. There are some daily office activities that you can even do together to foster team building

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Best Fun Office Games And Activities

1) Eating Together

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To reiterate our point earlier, having fun office games and activities do not need to be dedicated to a specific team building day. It can be as simple as catching lunch together with your colleagues. Everyone knows that eating together is a good way to strengthen ties and build relationships. This also can be applied to the workplace. Eating breakfast, lunch or dinner together gives colleagues a chance to interact and know more about each other. So, what are you waiting for? Head down to your nearby coffee shop together as a department or order food together and you’ll be able to enjoy some team building from the comforts of your own office!

2) Happy Hours

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Ah, it’s finally 5 pm. Time to head home and rest. This is usually the most typical reason as to why all of us look forward to ending work. However, there’s another reason as to why you should be happy about ending work on time. It’s the post-work happy hour! With prices slashed for drinks at both bars and restaurants from 4 pm to 7 pm, it’s the prime time for everyone to just relax and unwind away from work worries together. Whether you’re toasting to the end of another work week or just grabbing a beer after a busy Wednesday to treat yourself, grabbing a quick dinner along with a few drinks after work is another fun office activity!

3) Organising celebrations

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Did you know that celebrating your employee’s accomplishments and achievements can help to foster a sense of camaraderie and team spirit? By taking such a small step, it promotes a culture of support for one another rather than working separately. This can be as simple as sending an email at the end of the work week and calling out to employees who have done something special. In addition, celebrating employees’ birthdays and special occasions together can also be another fun office activity that can improve your office’s team building as well!

4) Games Games Games

Terrarium Singapore
Example of team building activity: Terrarium Singapore

Last but not least, let your employees take a break and recharge! Although we have explained that there’s no need to have a specific day solely dedicated to your team building efforts, we can’t deny its overall benefits. By having your very own team building day, you are taking your employees out of the work environment and allowing them to destress. This change in scenery will definitely allow them to be well-rested and recharged while being able to participate in activities that help to facilitate team bonding with their colleagues.

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Fun Office Games And Activities

In conclusion, there is no need for companies to spend so much effort in improving their team building cultures. There are also several small, little fun office games and activities that one can take as well to foster a deeper bond of teamwork and camaraderie with one another such as the ones we have stated above. However, if you are looking for more options for team building activities or even how to create a better team building session, you can choose to check out the links below 🙂

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