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10 Best Things to Do at Night in Singapore [2024]

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Things to do at Night Singapore

Best Things to do at Night Singapore
Best Things to do at Night Singapore

Come nightfall, the city comes to life with experiences in the form of bewildering, bewitching, and adrenaline-fuelled excitement.

Best things to do at night in Singapore for 2024 are Explore Iconic Night Markets, Enjoy a Spectacular Light Show, Take a Scenic Nighttime Stroll, Experience Live Music and Performances, and Visit Rooftop Bars for Stunning Views.

Whether you’re a night owl looking for things to do in Singapore or just want to make the most of evening hours, you certainly will not be bored in Singapore.

For the vibrant street markets, bird-watching, peaceful walking tours in the evening, and everything else that happens after a long day, nighttime in Singapore is simply exciting.

So what are the best things to do at night in Singapore that you can do after the Sun goes down? Let’s take a look.

Quick Summary

  • Best things to do at night in Singapore for 2024 are Explore Iconic Night Markets, Enjoy a Spectacular Light Show, Take a Scenic Nighttime Stroll, Experience Live Music and Performances, and Visit Rooftop Bars for Stunning Views
  • Rank those according to your interests, ease, and safety, as well as accessibility and how much time they would entail.
  • Singapore’s nightlife is colorful and diverse with activities to suit every taste in art, music and food.

Key Considerations

  • Interest Alignment: Choose activities that match your personal interests, whether it’s food, culture, adventure, or relaxation.
  • Safety: Ensure the area and activity are safe, especially if traveling solo or with children.
  • Accessibility: Check the ease of getting to and from the venue, including transportation options.
  • Timing: Consider the opening hours and duration of the activity to fit your schedule.
  • Cost: Be mindful of your budget, as some activities might have entrance fees or other expenses.
  • Weather: Take into account the weather, particularly for outdoor activities.

Best Things to Do at Night in Singapore

1. Explore Iconic Night Markets

Night markets are the heart and soul of Singapore after dark. These lively districts are heaven for food enthusiasts and shopaholic visitors. You are able to taste local cuisines such as Satay or Chendol. The high-spirited environment makes it a great place to soak yourself in local culture. Options: Chinatown Street Market, Bugis Street Market, and Lau Pa Sat.

2. Enjoy a Spectacular Light Show

Another show not to miss is the light show blended with music lights, and even water. The colorful Spectra Light Water Show at Marina Bay is a free nightly 12-minute performance that retells a story through fountains of water jets, laser lights, and visual projections.

3. Take a Scenic Nighttime Stroll

The city at night is a far cry from threadbare. Parks and waterfronts are warmly lit and lovely to stroll along. It offers an alternative way to experience Singapore at night. Both parks and waterfronts are beautifully lit and a delight to walk around.

4. Experience Live Music and Performances

For music enthusiasts, Singapore’s nightlife includes plenty of live music venues. From intimate jazz clubs to large outdoor performances, there’s always something happening. Example: The Esplanade often hosts free music performances that cater to a variety of musical tastes.

5. Visit Rooftop Bars for Stunning Views

Nothing feels quite as sophisticated as cocktails with the city’s lights below you and an altitude with a difference: a vantage point that makes even the best skyscrapers look diminished, and where gazing out over the lights below can be as enriching as the drinks themselves. Singapore might well be prohibitively clean as a city, and alcohol prohibitively expensive, but its rooftop bars are some of Asia’s – and the world’s – best, with views and atmospheres that differentiate them from the rest. CE LA VI at Marina Bay Sands is, officially, one of Singapore’s best viewing platforms 1-Altitude is another.

6. Immerse in Cultural and Historical Tours

One fascinating way to see Singapore is on a night tour. There are walking tours of historic districts such as Chinatown and Kampong Glam that allow visitors to appreciate the city’s history and culture in an entirely different light under the night sky. Museums also open up after hours, such as the National Museum of Singapore’s special night tours and events.

7. Relax at Late-Night Cafes and Restaurants

For those of us who prefer a more relaxed evening, Singapore offers a selection of comfortable cafes and restaurants that are open late. Some are suited to curling up with a favorite book, while others are ideal for a social meal late into the night. Examples: The Coastal Settlement is a cozy place, good for some reading. Spice is a hearty place, serving meals well into the wee hours, of late-night supper to dawn.

8. Engage in Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities don’t stop when the sun sets in Singapore. Night cycling is a popular pastime, with routes that offer safe and scenic rides. Stargazing is another fantastic activity, with spots like the Seletar Rocket Tower providing a clear view of the night sky.

9. Attend Unique Nighttime Events

In Singapore, there are many day-long or night-time event and night attractions that go on all year round. Many events and night markets offer the opportunity to be out and active until the late hours. Examples: Singapore Night Festival, and Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival.

10. Visit Iconic Attractions Lit Up at Night

A lot of Singapore’s tourist highlights are even better at night: there’s the light and sound show at the Supertree Grove in Gardens by the Bay (they call it Garden Rhapsody), as well as the Helix Bridge, Merlion Park, and plenty of other iconic sights fully illuminated. Great to get some shots at.

Things to do at Night Singapore

Singapore’s nightlife boasts a wide range of nightly activities to indulge everyone. Whether you are after some action, rest, or culture, whatever your heart desires, you will definitely enjoy Singapore’s nocturnal spectacle. Just avoid lawbreakers. Go out there and experience Singapore’s night unlike any other.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have any questions about Things to do at Night in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Best Things to do at Night In Singapore below:

What are the best times to visit night markets?

Generally the best time to visit any night market is between operating hours of about 7 PM and 11 PM.

Are nighttime activities safe for solo travelers?

Yes, many cities, including Singapore, offer safe and well-lit areas for nighttime activities. It’s always a good idea to stay in well-populated areas and be aware of your surroundings.

How can I find free nighttime events?

Check local event listings, city websites, and social media for free events. Platforms like Facebook and event-focused websites often list free concerts, festivals, and other activities.

Do I need to make reservations for rooftop bars?

It’s recommended to make reservations, especially on weekends, as these popular spots can get crowded. Call ahead or book online to ensure you get a good spot.

What should I wear for nighttime outdoor activities?

Wear your most comfortable shoes and jacket and top. Singapore can get pretty warm but it usually gets a little breezy at night, and it can be a bit cool near the waterfront as night falls.

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