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10 Best Translation Service Singapore [2024]

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Translation Service Singapore

Best Translation Service Singapore
Best Translation Service Singapore

Communication is important so we can share ideas and information but with the vast multitude of languages and dialects we have all over the world, a lot can be lost in translation and some thoughts could be easily misconstrued.

It’s better when we can all understand each other and ideas blend in harmony. Translation helps bridge the gap between languages. There are a lot of translation service Singapore but you should only choose the best ones that can provide you with the best services possible.

Let’s dive in and find the best translation services in Singapore for 2024!

Best Translation Service Singapore

1. Elite Asia

Elite Asia - Translation Service Singapore
Elite Asia – Translation Service Singapore (Credit: Elite Asia)
Key Services:Multilingual Business Meetings & Conferences Solutions: simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, remote interpreting, on-site transcription, equipment purchase & rental.
Address:6 Shenton Way, #22-08 OUE Downtown 2, Singapore 068809
Operating Hours:9AM–6PM Monday – Friday

Since its inception in 2006, Elite Asia has grown into a regional powerhouse that assists businesses in seamlessly navigating East Asia and Southeast Asia. They help companies to properly interact and thrive in Asian markets. Elite Asia provides artificial intelligence capabilities that enable extensive localization in Asian languages to e-commerce and digital industries. Thanks to their long history they have a firm reputation as one of the best translation service Singapore.

Key Differentiators:

  • proprietary translation memory technology
  • artificial intelligence capabilities
  • extensive localization in Asian languages

Customer Testimonial:

“I have been using their service three times now, all of them were done extremely good quality, and were done quickly. All of the staffs are extremely responsive and very professional. Proofreadings etc were all great!”

2. Singapore Translators

Singapore Translators - Translation Service Singapore
Singapore Translators – Translation Service Singapore (Credit: Singapore Translators)
Key Services:Document translation services, Language translation services, Affordable translation services
Operating Hours:9AM–5PM Monday – Friday

They are a professional translation firm in Singapore that delivers high-quality document translations in a variety of local and foreign languages to businesses and people. They ensure that each consumer receives high-quality, error-free translated papers in a variety of formats. Their multilingual translators are ICA-certified experts who are fluent in Malay, Thai, English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Indonesian, and other languages.

Key Differentiators:

  • ICA-certified experts
  • error-free translation
  • multilingual translation

Customer Testimonial:

“My marriage certificate documents were translated quickly and accurately by Singapore translators. Thank you very much for providing me with such excellent translation services.”

Freya J.

3. WhizWordz

Whizwordz - Translation Service Singapore
Whizwordz – Translation Service Singapore (Credit: Whizwordz)
Key Services:Translation services, Localisation, Copywriting, Copyediting, Transcreation, Typesetting, Interpretation, Transcription, Certificates Translation, Proofreading, Vetting, Subtitling
Address:120 Robinson Road, #15-01, Singapore 068913
Operating Hours:9AM – 6PM Monday – Friday

WhizWordz, founded in 2004, began with primarily English-to-Chinese translation requests. They have expanded their services to include copywriting, website localization, typesetting, interpretation, transcreation, and transcription. WhizWordz is a prominent translation firm in Singapore, with over ten years of industry expertise. They handle several language pairings for both local and international clients, making WhizWordz a reliable translation company in Singapore. This is the reason that they are known for having one of the best translation service Singapore.

Key Differentiators:

  • 11 years of experience
  • translation company in Singapore
  • local and international clients

Customer Testimonial:

“A very professional translation service with excellent customer service. The translator was so thoughtful to clarify a word that might have had a different meaning when translated. I was really impressed with this attention to detail!”

AJ Chan

4. Lyric

Lyric - Translation Service Singapore
Lyric – Translation Service Singapore (Credit: Lyric)
Address:Scotts Rd, #24-10 Shaw Centre, Singapore 228208
Operating Hours:8:30AM – 6:30PM Monday – Friday

Lyric Labs has been in the translation industry since 2010, covering a wide range of sectors, including the most complicated and difficult, such as Technical, Engineering, and Educational Assessments. They have steadily grown over the years to become one of the major translation services in Asia Pacific. Lyric collaborates with subject matter experts, not simply translators, to provide translation that is not only accurate but also relevant to your target audience.

Key Differentiators:

  • translation company in Asia Pacific
  • subject matter experts
  • accurate translation

Customer Testimonial:

“6-star Professional Services, always never let you be disappointed. Special thanks to Latha and Sowmya again.”

Ivan Goh

5. ACTC Translation Centre

ACTC Translation Centre - Translation Service Singapore
ACTC Translation Centre – Translation Service Singapore (Credit: ACTC Translation Centre)
Key Services:Translation, Interpretation, Software Localization, DTP, Transcription, Copywriting, Multi-Language Course
Address:51 Bukit Batok Crescent, #07-26, Unity Centre, Singapore 658077
Operating Hours:9:00AM – 6:30PM Monday – Friday

ACTC Translation Centre was created in 1999 by a group of language professionals with the goal of providing high-quality translation and interpretation services. Their specialty lies in East Asian and local languages, and they are focused at the local market and the Asia Pacific area, with over 300 committed translators capable of translating a wide variety of 40 languages. They are widely renowned as one of the best translation service Singapore.

Key Differentiators:

  • translation company in Asia Pacific
  • focus on local market
  • over 300 committed translators

Customer Testimonial:

“I work with this company for more than 7 years now, their professionalism and responsiveness always give me the confidence to work with them again. They value quality and is cost effective.”

Wentak Ho

6. Translation Services Singapore

Translation Services Singapore - Translation Service Singapore
Translation Services Singapore – Translation Service Singapore (Credit: Translation Services Singapore)
Key Services:Document Translation Services, Business Translation Services, Legal Translation Services, Financial Translation Services, Medical Translation Services, Website Translation Services
Address:100 Peck Seah Street, #08-14 (PS100) S079333
Operating Hours:9AM – 9PM Daily

Translation services Singapore is a professional translation firm that offers high-quality document translations and language services to businesses and people. Their translators are trained specialists that excel at multilingual translation projects. They offer a wide range of translation services in Singapore to both people and corporations. No task is too little for them, and they provide high-quality translation services at the most competitive rates in Singapore. Their dedication to quality services makes them one of the best translation service Singapore.

Key Differentiators:

  • translation company in Singapore
  • translators are trained specialists
  • offer a wide range of translation services
  • high-quality translation services
  • most competitive rates in Singapore

Customer Testimonial:

“Translation services singapore has been my go-to translation agency for the past 2 years. They offer quick, accurate and reliable translation services, at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend their translation services to anyone looking for a professional translation company in Singapore.”

Khairil Anwar

7. Favella Translations

Favella Translations - Translation Service Singapore
Favella Translations – Translation Service Singapore (Credit: Favella Translations)
Key Services:Website Translation, SEO and Localization, Transcreation and Copywriting, Certified Translation of documents and certificates, Interpretation, Italian Cultural Consultancy and Italian, Language Courses
Address:Block 266 Bishan Street 24, Singapore 570266
Operating Hours:9AM – 6PM Monday – Friday

Favella Translations can help you connect with your Italian audience by utilizing their expert language services, which vary from website translation to engaging Italian lessons in Singapore and throughout the world. They specialize in offering high-quality language services to assist companies and individuals like you in succeeding in the Italian-speaking market. Use their organic Italian language abilities and cultural understanding to benefit from high-quality multilingual solutions tailored to your needs.

Key Differentiators:

  • translation company that specializes in Italian
  • high-quality language services
  • organic Italian language abilities
  • cultural understanding

Customer Testimonial:

“I strongly recommend Favella Translations. Monica is a dedicated professional, who always goes the extra mile to meet her clients’ needs. Her thorough approach is a guarantee of a first-rate service!”

Maurizio 89

8. Kinotech Translation Agency

Kinotech Translation Agency- Translation Service Singapore
Kinotech Translation Agency – Translation Service Singapore (Credit: Kinotech Translation Agency)
Key Services:Voice Over Services, translation services, transcription services
Address:1 Bukit Batok St-25 #03-17, Singapore-658882
Operating Hours:24Hrs Daily

Kinotech is a translation services provider created in Singapore with the purpose of completing each translation assignment professionally and, to the best of the company’s and translators’ knowledge, of high quality and correct information transmission continuously. Their translators not only understand the languages in question and translation processes, but they also consider context and local terminology, as well as cultural subtleties. Their strong services and features is what makes them one of the best translation service Singapore.

Key Differentiators:

  • translation company in Singapore
  • focus on quality and accuracy
  • consider context and local terminology
  • cultural subtleties

Customer Testimonial:

” translation services singapore always impresses me with the translation quality they provide. The translation is accurate and the turnaround time is very quick.”

Frank L.

9. Raffles Translation Singapore

Raffles Translation Singapore - Translation Service Singapore
Raffles Translation Singapore – Translation Service Singapore (Credit: Raffles Translation Singapore)
Key Services:Language Translations, Interpreting Service, Transcreation, Website Localization, Editing, Proofreading, Transcription, Desk Top Publishing (typesetting), Voiceover, Subtitling
Address:1 Jurong West Central 2, #18-01, Jurong Point Shopping Mall, Singapore 648886 Republic of Singapore
Operating Hours:9AM – 9PM Monday – Friday

Raffles Translation Services (“Raffles Translation” or “RTS”), a professional translation service company in Singapore, was founded in 1999. They named themselves Raffles Translation since Raffles basically states EXCELLENCE, QUALITY, and FIRST-CLASS in Singapore. They specialize in providing quality translation and interpreting services in ASIAN and EUROPEAN languages, including but not limited to Malay, Tamil, Indonesian, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Burmese, Bengali, Arabic, Hindi, Thai, Cambodian, Lao, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese on one side, and German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Russian, Ukrainian, Greek, Turkish, Norwegian, Finnish, Latin, Polish, and Latvian on the other.

Key Differentiators:

  • translation company in Singapore
  • specialize in Asian and European languages
  • focus on quality translation and interpreting services

Customer Testimonial:

“Been dealing with Michael from Raffles Translation for close to a year. Efficient by always going an extra mile in providing the services in earlier lead time. Also he gives advices accordingly. Happy to continue working with them. Highly recommended.”

Geraldine Fu

10. Lingua Technologies

Lingua Technologies - Translation Service Singapore
Lingua Technologies – Translation Service Singapore (Credit: Lingua Technologies)
Key Services:Multilingual Translation for different industries, Multilingual Interpretation, Layout & Print, Transcription, Live Captioning, Subtitling
Address:79 Maude Rd, #02-00, Singapore 208354
Operating Hours:9AM – 6PM Monday – Friday

Lingua Technologies International is a global leader in the translation and localization business. The organization, which was founded in 1996, offers top-tier translation services through a network of highly qualified native-speaking translators with subject matter knowledge. Over the years, the firm has grown to provide a full range of comprehensive localization services to ease multilingual communication and to provide our clients a competitive advantage in the worldwide market. Their long history of reputation has made them one of the best translation service Singapore.

Key Differentiators:

  • translation company with a long history
  • leader in the translation and localization business
  • network of highly qualified native-speaking translators
  • full range of comprehensive localization services

Customer Testimonial:

“Recommended by a colleague. Very easy to work with. Reasonable prices and stellar communication. The entire process was very straightforward. I will definitely use this vendor for my future translation needs.”

Lindsay Sperling

Other Considered Options

Eureka Translations Pte. Ltd.

Eureka Translations Pte Ltd is a certified translation company near Singapore’s central business district, with commitments that go beyond simply converting a language, be it written or verbal and a goal that breathes life into your ideas in all industries and official languages of the United Nations member states.

GTE Localize

GTE Localize is a rapidly expanding worldwide translation and localization organization that offers services in all major languages throughout the world. Their clientele are multinational corporations with operations in numerous international countries. Translation, localization, interpretation, subtitling, and transcription are all the services provided by GTE.

Wordsburg Translation

Wordsburg Translations is a renowned translation services organization with offices in Singapore and the United Kingdom. They provide rapid, accurate, and dependable material in over 100 languages. They provide Translation, Transcription, Legalisation & Notarisation, Interpretation, Voiceover, Subtitling, and Desktop Publishing Services through a professional team of over 5000 native linguists, QA professionals, project managers, localization engineers, and sales and marketing specialists.

Translation Service Singapore

Overall, translation is crucial for people all over the world to reach each other and share ideas. Without it, businesses could not run smoothly as they are now and people could not connect with others at a deeper level. We hope that this helps you find the best translation service Singapore that will enhance your vocabulary skills and bridges the gap of the languages you want to understand.

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