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41 Best Water Dispensers In Singapore [2024]

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Water Dispenser Singapore

Best Water Dispenser Singapore
Best Water Dispenser Singapore

Water dispenser Singapore bring convenience and safety for their users; granting 24 hours access to clean, safe, and healthy water.

The best water dispensers in Singapore 2024 include Wells Singapore, Novita HydroPlus Water Purifier NP6610, Puri Jiksoo OHC-7000D, and Aqua Kent Singapore.

When selecting a water dispenser in Singapore, take into account factors like pricing, water flow rate, capacity, features, noise level, design, and filtration system.

In Singapore, there are various types of water dispensers available, such as bottom-load, top-load, countertop, and wall-mounted water dispensers.

Here we have curated a list of best water dispenser Singapore options to help you navigate and choose the one that best fits your needs.

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Quick Summary

  • Best water dispensers in Singapore include Wells Singapore, Novita HydroPlus Water Purifier NP6610, Puri Jiksoo OHC-7000D, and Aqua Kent Singapore.
  • When choosing a water dispenser in Singapore, consider factors such as price, water flow rate, capacity, features, noise level, design, and filtration system.
  • Different types of water dispensers in Singapore include bottom-load water dispensers, top-load water dispensers, countertop water dispensers, and wall-mounted water dispensers.

Key Consideration Factors

To help you out with this buying process, we have synthesized the following key factors to consider when buying a water dispenser.

  • Space: You want a water dispenser that goes along with the layout of your space. There are different types available, such as wall-mounted, tabletop, and free-standing water dispensers. For example, if your space or home has limited space, it is more space-efficient to purchase a countertop water dispenser instead of a standalone freestanding one.  
  • Price: One of the most important factors to consider is the price point. Some water dispensers are affordable, while others are more pricey but give you more features. If you prefer a hot and cold water dispenser in Singapore, then you would need to fork out a higher price for this added feature.
  • Water Flow Rate: One feature to look for is the flow rate; this refers to how quickly water comes from the nozzle when it is poured. Different water dispensers have different flow rate, so it’s important that you should consider this when choosing a unit.
  • Capacity: If you are purchasing for your office or if you have a large family, then a large capacity water dispenser will be a better choice for you. You also need to be aware that some models are tankless water dispenser.
  • Features: Dispensing hot or cold water are standard features in a typical water dispenser. However, some models are purely cold water dispenser or purely hot water dispenser so you will need to be aware of the features of the unit that you are purchasing. Certain free-standing water dispensers also have a cooler at the base for you to store other food or drinks.
  • Noise Level: Some water dispensers operate more noisily than others depending on their internal core machinery and filtration system. It is important to test the noise level of the water dispenser when hot or cold water is dispensed out of the machine.
  • Design: To fit your home decor or office aesthetic, the design of a water dispenser is important to allow it to blend in nicely with the surroundings.
  • Filtration and purification system: Bottled water dispensers do not have filters or purification features. On the other hand, POU units usually include water filters (e.g. in-built water filter or add-on water filter) to ensure high quality drink water for cold or hot water.

Best Water Dispenser Singapore

1) Wells Singapore

Wells Singapore - Water Dispenser Singapore
Wells Singapore – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: Wells Singapore)
Key ServicesHome Appliances – Water Purifiers & Air Purifiers
AddressWells Showroom:
140 Paya Lebar Road #01-16, AZ @ Paya Lebar, Singapore 409014    

Wells Experience Centre:
8 Boon Lay Way #01-20, Tradehub 21, Singapore 609964
Phone8828 8383
Operating Hours11am to 8pm Daily

Established in 2002, Wells Singapore emerges as a leading Korean lifestyle brand renowned for its commitment to top-notch home appliances. Every product from Wells is meticulously crafted and manufactured in Korea, ensuring unparalleled quality for customers.

Specializing in premium water purifiers, Wells Singapore caters to the need for clean drinking water within households. With a focus on innovation and functionality, their water purifiers range guarantee a daily supply of purified water. Wells dedicaEon to excellence has positioned them as a trusted choice for those seeking reliability and efficiency in their home appliances, making them a cornerstone in the realm of modern water purifiers brands.

Wells continues to redefine standards, setting a benchmark for quality and customer satisfaction in the industry, fostering lasting trust and loyalty among its clientele.

Key Differentiators

  1. International Award-Winning Design – Sleek and Minimalist with only 8.8cm diameter and 4cm Display Screen
  2. Comprehensive 9-Step Nanofiltration – NSF Certified
  3. Innovative Technology – Smart Hygiene Care System (Self- Sterilisation System with Super Bio Water Pipes)
  4. Effortless Convenience – 6 Instant Hot & Cold Purified Water with 4 Volume Options
Wells The One by Wells Singapore - Water Dispenser Singapore
Wells The One by Wells Singapore – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: Wells Singapore)
  • Wells The One

Client Testimonial

I love my new wells the one dispenser, not only is it very compact and aesthetically pleasing, the dispenser cleans itself every once in a while. The staff who helped us set up the dispenser is also very professional with the table top drilling. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a good and beautiful water dispenser that comes with lots of settings, like hot water, cold water, room temp, child lock, for tea, for coffee, for milk, etc.

KT Review

2) Novita HydroPlus Water Purifier NP6610

Novita HydroPlus Water Purifier NP6610 - Water Dispenser Singapore
Novita HydroPlus Water Purifier NP6610 – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: Novita)

The Novita Enhanced NP6610 is a more advanced variant of the NP602M that includes a six-step filtration for water, which goes beyond just hydrating. You’ll enjoy alkaline antioxidant-rich water and be pleased with energy water with a smaller water molecule cluster size when you add HydroPlus®, a special element available only

Novita HydroPlus® Alkaline Antioxidant Water Purifier NP6610 is undoubtedly worth a try. When you combine Novita’s purification abilities and the 4 health-boosting qualities of HydroxPlus®, you’ll want to give this water filter a try. Today, be amazed by the NP6610 6-step filtration to give you purified water!

Key Differentiators

  • Effectively filters out debris, heavy metals, bacteria, in/organic matter, and other impurities, leaving only healthy, odorless, and safe drinking water
  • Electricity supply or piping is not required
  • Standalone unit, Restriction-free
  • Operational ease and no fuss handling

Client Testimonial

“Excellent product. Easy to set up and does the job well. We drink purified water now and it tastes nice.”

– Ver K

3) Puri Jiksoo OHC-7000D

Puri Jiksoo OHC-7000D - Water Dispenser Singapore
Puri Jiksoo OHC-7000D – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: PuriKool)

A slim, tankless water dispenser from Korea-owned Purikool, which was founded in 2017, is designed for Singapore residences. The most recent Puri Jiksoo OHC-7000D removes pollutants from your drinking water with a proprietary 4-stage filter system and nozzle sterilization.

Purikool’s 4-stage filtering system begins with a layer of sediment to remove suspended particles such as rust, dust, and sand. Second, its pre-carbon block absorbs and eliminates organic chemicals including disinfectants and residual chlorine that treat Singapore’s tap water. The UF membrane has extremely tiny micropores of 0.01 microns, which are used to filter pathogenic germs and pollutants. Finally, the residual gas and chlorine in the water are absorbed by its post-carbon block, resulting in cleaner water with less odors and a better flavour.

Key Differentiators

  • Complete filtration and sterilisation of water from the dispenser to cup
  • Instant cooling and heating system with varying temperatures
  • Volume control & easy touch panel
  • Space-saving with a sleek design
  • Quick response and reliable after-sales service
  • Considerably affordable compared to other Korean tankless water dispensers in Singapore

Client Testimonial

“Bought from the pre-order promo and dispenser came 2nd week after CNY. Joey contacted and liaised with me to keep me updated on the stock arrival and arrange the installation date. Friendly and responsive . On the day of installation, even though there was difficulty in drilling through the quartz and concrete kitchen top, Tony and his assistant still got things done quickly and efficiently. They kept things neat and tidy, and took time to clearly run through and explain on how to use the dispenser. Loving design of the dispenser! Very simple and convenient to use with the 4 temperature settings of: cold, room, warm and hot. Good investment and highly recommended!”

– Lig29x

4) Aqua Kent Singapore

Aqua Kent Singapore - Water Dispenser Singapore
Aqua Kent Singapore – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: Aqua Kent)
Key ServicesProfessionals in Water and Air filtration systems for homes, commercials and industrial premises
Address69 Ubi Road 1, #09-29 Oxley Bizhub 1 (Lobby 3), Singapore 408731
Phone9737 7049 (Residential) / 8816 5370 (Commercial/Industrial)
Operating Hours11am – 9pm (Daily)
(Based on Appointments due to heightened alert)

Aqua Kent Singapore is a homegrown Singaporean brand that aims to provide the best and
most affordable solutions for your lifestyle needs. At Aqua Kent Singapore, they uphold their
commitment to provide the best service for all their clients in terms of quality and response,
with the goal to meet each of their customer’s needs.

Their friendly team of dedicated professionals and engineers are constantly on a lookout to
provide innovative solutions for all their clients while maintaining good clientele relationship
since their humble beginnings. With Aqua Kent Singapore, you can be rest assured to receive
well thought out solutions, premium products and impeccable service quality.

Key Differentiators

  1. Most Affordable hot & cold Tankless Water Purifier manufactured in S.Korea.
  2. A team of dedicated engineers & dietician to provide the most optimal solution.
  3. 18cm Slim Purifier with inbuilt UV sterilisation & advance virus removal filtration system
Aquakent Slim+UV Tankless Series - Water Dispenser Singapore
Aquakent Slim+UV Tankless Series – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: Aqua Kent)

Client Testimonial

Look no further if you are thinking of getting a tankless water purifier and dispenser. I did some product research and wanted to get one that I can afford that doesn’t compromise on its technology. The Pearl series is the most affordable unit that’s made in Korea. Made an appointment with Kriz and he’ll explain to you its technology. Fast installation and the current offer is just worth it!


5) Hydroflux H 2300 Nano Direct Tankless Water Purifier

Hydroflux H2300 Water Dispenser - Water Dispenser Singapore
Hydroflux H2300 Water Dispenser – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: Hydroflux)
Key Services:Water Purifier, Water Dispenser
Address:1 Tampines North Drive 1 #08-02 T Space Singapore 528559
Phone+65 8668 3090
+65 6547 4428
Operating Hours:Monday-Friday: 9 am to 6 pm

The Hydroflux H-2300 has a sophisticated 4-stage water filtering system to ensure that you receive clean water. It also includes the most up-to-date sterilization methods to keep your pipes clean. The primary purpose of UV radiation is to disinfect the outlet every hour for approximately 15 minutes using ultraviolet light.

The contemporary technology incorporated into these water dispensers and purifier allows users to pre-program the most appropriate amount of water to dispense.

The three size options for this bottle are 120ml, 550ml, and 1500ml of water. This is useful, particularly when you’re watching your water intake.

Key Differentiators

  • It’s a tankless, tiny model with an efficient self-cleaning system.
  • It has 5 temperature settings to pick from and is designed for hygiene care with antioxidant properties.
  • The supply of water can be regulated and equipped with a 4-stage filtration system.

Client Testimonial

Just purchased this new model Hydroflux Wish after Byran came on-site to explain the details and the features. He is very professional and knowledgeable. Installation was fast and neat. The installer is very experienced and gave detailed instructions. A lifetime warranty is a great plus point. Very satisfied with the service.

Marie Tay

6) Frigeria Z-Bottom Load Hot & Cold Water Dispenser

Frigeria Z Bottom Load Hot and Cold Water Dispenser - Water Dispenser Singapore
Frigeria Z Bottom Load Hot and Cold Water Dispenser – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: Frigeria)

Looking for a stand-alone bottled dispenser for your dining area? Look no farther than the Frigeria Bottom Load Hot and Cold Water Dispenser, which is exactly what you’ve been searching for. This bottled dispenser has a bottle drawer at the bottom that makes it simple and convenient to replace when necessary.

Furthermore, it’s hidden in the drawer, which is appealing to most people. It has a matte black finish that will complement any décor in your kitchen or dining area. The two-step process is as easy as pie: simply fill up your cold or hot water!

Key Differentiators

  • It requires no installation, and it comes with a two-button dispensation.
  • BPA-free, dishwasher-safe bottles with a minimalist look.

7) Purity Singapore

Purity Singapore - Water Dispenser Singapore
Purity Singapore – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: Purity Singapore)
Key ServicesAlkaline Water Drinking Systems
Address3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, #07-04, Link@AMK, Singapore 569139
Phone6493 2500
Operating HoursMon-Sat 12-7pm

Established since 2014, Purity Singapore is a local company that specializes in alkaline water drinking systems with a solid reputation for pre and post sales customer service. They take pride in providing the best products at significantly lower costs as compared to their competitors and they do it with a passion. Their customers’ reviews (both Google and Facebook) say it all. Do check out their state-of-the-art precision tankless water dispenser models Purity Plus and Purity Pro. Currently on launch promo. Don’t miss out!

Key Differentiators

  1. Zero water wastage alkaline water dispenser
  2. Fully customisable volume control
  3. Medical grade nano 4 stages filtration system
Purity Plus - Water Dispenser Singapore
Purity Plus – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: Purity Singapore)
  • Purity Plus

Client Testimonial

After weeks of researching to get a new water dispenser to replace my old one, I finally decided on Purity Plus. It is tankless, with 4 different temperature settings and also come with Alkaline water. I have no regrets to get it installed in my kitchen now. It is not only beautiful in appearance, it is easy to operate and the waterflow is so fast and amazed as compared to my old dispenser. The team from Purity Singapore has done a great job, from explaining and answering to all my queries patiently and have done a great installation work. Highly recommended for those want to get a high quality dispenser with Alkaline water.

Joan Yeow (Google Review)

8) Pure Water Dispensers Singapore

Pure Water Dispensers - Water Dispenser Singapore
Pure Water Dispensers – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: Pure Water)
Key ServicesSales and maintenance of water dispensers and related filtration products.
Address1 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A, #07-04 AMK Tech 1, Singapore 568049
Operating HoursMon – Fri, 9am – 6pm

Pure Water Dispensers Singapore is dedicated to providing high quality direct pipe-in water dispensing along with filtration products and services. They take pride in offering quality services, ensuring that your water dispensers are well-maintained to last as long as possible. Their friendly team of professionals have been carefully assembled to assist you in not only choosing the right unit but also in providing personalized consultation. That includes prompt after-sales service to resolve any issues along the way.

Pure Water’s efforts have been recognized by clients and organizations both big and small, allowing the company to serve them continuously since their establishment. With the goal to provide value-added services to meet each of the customers’ needs, Pure Water welcomes customers to speak on their requirements and does their best to assist.

Key Differentiators

  1. Personalized Recommendations
  2. Affordable Solutions
  3. Prompt and Friendly Service
Pure Water Dispenser - Water Dispenser Singapore
Pure Water Dispenser – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: Pure Water)
  • PW-310K

9) Tomal Global – Fresh Dew

Tomal Global - Water Dispenser Singapore
Tomal Global – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: Tomal)
Key ServicesWater and Air Filtration Solutions
Address6, Raffles Boulevard Marina Square #03-308 Singapore 039594
Phone8755 5883
Operating HoursMonday to Friday 9.30am to 6.30pm

Tomal puts together a steadfast vision, entrepreneurial spirit, and expertise in filtration and innovation to refine the living standards of people in urban cities. This is done through constantly innovating customized solutions for both industries and end consumers for the air they breathe and the water they drink.

Key Differentiators

  1. TOMAL® 4 Bullet Filter: Modularly fitted with the sediment, carbon, ultra-fine membrane and hybrid alkaline mineral which work seamlessly in sync to provide fresh and premium water for drinking. It is also energy-saving and suitable for both children and the elderly.
  2. Quick & Intuitive Touch Panel Glass Design
  3. Tankless Design: It not only helps it to stay compact but also means there is less opportunity for bacteria to build up. Hence, zero maintenance is needed with this water dispenser. Get sophistication and luxury in your home or office with no table space required.
Tomal Global Freshdew - Water Dispenser Singapore
Tomal Global Freshdew – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: Tomal)
  • Freshdew Water Dispenser
  • BreathePure Purifier 

If an efficient and sleek water dispenser Singapore is what you’re searching for – check out the FreshDew®+ Hot & Cool Dispenser. The first thing that caught our attention is the slimness of this product, at just 8cm only. It is easily mounted on the wall hence it won’t take up any countertop space.

Client Testimonial

Awesome service, greatly effective and affordable system which was set up efficiently and hassle-free! My whole family now has clean, filtered + alkaline water to drink daily straight from the tap!

Lee Li Ping
Founder and CEO, Sogurt Pte Ltd

10) Coral Pure Natural Water Dispenser

Coral Pure Natural Water Dispenser - Water Dispenser Singapore
Coral Pure Natural Water Dispenser – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: Coral Pure Natural)
Key Services:Water Purifier, Water Dispenser
Address:Defu Lane 10. Block 37, #03-41 Singapore 539214
Phone+65 6239 5355
Operating Hours:Live Demo (By Appointment): Mon To Sat 11 am to 4 pm

Coral Pure is a water dispenser business that creates high-end water systems such as the Coral Pure 365 Shower Filter, Premium 5, Premium 7, and Premium 8++. The specs and features of the Premium 9 are by far the most preeminent, so it’s worth checking out. The advantage of this water dispenser is that it comes with a lifetime guarantee for purifiers and non-electrical components. It also offers seven temperature levels for you to choose from, but there is no cold-water option. You can get hot water within three seconds, making it ideal for both work and at-home usage.

This Premium 9 water dispenser offers 10,000 liters of Purified Water for drinking or every 12 months whichever comes first, as well as 10,000 liters for washing and cooking. It includes three pre-set dispensing amounts of 250ml, 500ml, and 1000ml. It’s also simple to set up and use. Its maintenance cost is reasonable, with only a single yearly filter replacement required.

Key Differentiators

  • Three pre-defined dispensing volumes
  • Provide the most thorough antioxidant water possible.
  • The highest filtration specification comes with a money-back guarantee.
  • Create 100% Natural Antioxidant Alkaline Hydrogen Mineral Water like mountain spring water.
  • Customers’ experiences with the program’s efficacy in improving their health.
  • Coral Pure 365 Shower Filter Premium 9

Client Testimonial

After drinking for few months my sodium and cholesterol levels have decreased and are less frequent in the night toilet. Their thyroid improved significantly as well. Will definitely recommend it to friends and relatives. Thank you Coral Pure!

Jeanie Chew

11) WaterMaxx WM 2104 F/T

WaterMaxx WM 2104 FT - Water Dispenser Singapore
WaterMaxx WM 2104 FT – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: Water Maxx)
Key Services:Water Purifier, Water Dispenser
Address:32 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2, #07-09, Sing Industrial Complex, 569510
Phone6980 5655
Operating Hours:Monday-Saturday: 9 am-6 pm

Watermaxx’s three water dispensers are for personal, business, and industrial usage. The reality is that no matter which dispenser you pick, all versions are intended to purify water at your leisure. Watermaxx builds its products using high-quality materials to ensure their longevity.

The Watermaxx WM 2104F/T water dispenser is a popular model because it may be used in small offices or homes. The dispensers have an ergonomic design that will complement your kitchen countertop or workplace well. They’re tiny, so you can put them just about anywhere. You will surely appreciate the space-saving aspect of it.

The Watermaxx WM 2104F/T dispenser has convenient features that are both smart and user-friendly. It’s simple to operate, and it allows you to customize the temperature and volume of your water. It also has a 4-stage water purification system with several stages of filtering systems, including sediment filtration, pre-carbon filter, post-carbon filter, and silver carbon filtration.

There are no extended waiting periods because Watermaxx WM 2104F/T water dispenser instantly provides hot or cold water. It also has an excellent LCD display for a better user experience. The water dispenser is made with precision to precisely purify and distribute the required amount of water automatically. It also includes security measures to ensure protection even if the device is tampered with.

Key Differentiators

  1. Instantly heats or chills water.
  2. It has safety lock features and stainless steel anti-bacterial tank.
  3. An efficient direct pipe-in for cold, hot, and room temperatures.
  • Watermaxx WM 2104F/T

Client Testimonial

One of the best investments I have ever made so far! I don’t have to worry about the time factor when cooking or making milk for my toddler. I am glad that my family is now drinking cleaner water than before. Excellent customer service and value for money water filter machine. Strongly recommended if you are looking for one!

Priyalatha Ganaysan

12) Fresh Dew Hot & Cold Dispenser +4 Filters + NSF Tap

FreshDew Hot & Cold Water Dispenser - Water Dispenser Singapore
FreshDew Hot & Cold Water Dispenser – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: Tomal)
Key Services:Water Purifier, Water Dispenser
Address:(By appointment only) Head Office, Experience Room, 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square #03-308 Singapore 039594
Phone8922 0299
Operating Hours:Monday-Friday: 10:30am-6:00pm

This is the best water dispenser for you if you want a small, easy-to-mount model that takes up less room. It has been highly sought after in Singapore because of its distinctive look and proven filter technology. The Fresh Dew Hot & Cold Disperser has four filters that give clean water with all required elements, making it a great option for those who want to filter their tap water. Furthermore, this dispenser does not require any servicing.

Key Differentiators

  1. It has a power saver feature and is maintenance-free.
  2. It has a stylish exterior and occupies less space.
  3. It features four filters that produce clean, germ-free water with all necessary minerals.

Client Testimonial

We love the slimness and elegance of the FreshDew dispenser at our property showroom. We included this in all the new projects we build and we are implementing Tomal Custom Series filter and NSF drinking tap to all the new luxury condo units we are building in Balmoral and Ambers as we see wellness in drinking water as a very critical aspect of modern living.

SG Property Developer

13) Novita Countertop Water Purifier NP313

Novita - Water Dispenser Singapore
Novita – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: Novita)
Key Services:Water Purifier, Water Dispenser
Address:8 Tagore Drive #04-00 Singapore 787624
Phone(+65) 6552 1023
Operating Hours:Monday-Friday: 9am-12:30pm, 1:30pm-5:00pm

This Singaporean germ-free water dispenser is cheap and dependable. It has an odd shape that takes up little space while still providing all of the features possible. Its filter is almost never replaced, so the upkeep cost of this dispenser is virtually nil.

Key Differentiators

  1. The water dispenser is budget-friendly and offers 1-year warranty.
  2. It has a unique and smart design.

14) Hyflux/ELO Living D800 Dew Water Dispenser

Hyflux Elo Living D800 Water Dispenser - Water Dispenser Singapore
Hyflux Elo Living D800 Water Dispenser – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: Elo Living)
Key Services:Water Purifier, Water Dispenser
Address:38C Belvedere Cl, Singapore 159883
Phone3157 8080
Operating Hours:Monday-Friday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

The Hyflux/ELO Living D800 Dew water dispenser is a smart, touch-enabled water dispenser with touch buttons that respond only to the tips of your fingers. It’s also simple to use and features a child-lock key, making it ideal for families with little kids.

This Water dispenser is a chlorine, virus, and bacteria remover for your water. It also includes an automated cleaning mechanism that allows you to clean faster.

Key Differentiators

  • It has powerful filtering features.
  • With the smart, touch-enabled water dispenser and automatic cleansing.
  • With child lock key feature that is safe for kids

15) Pure Water PW-310S/K

Pure Water PW-310S K - Water Dispenser Singapore
Pure Water PW-310S K – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: Pure Water)
Key Services:Water Purifier, Water Dispenser
Address:Blk 1 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A #07-04 Singapore 568049
Phone+65 9119 9349
Operating Hours:Monday-Friday: 9 am to 5 pm

Pure Water Dispensers Pte Ltd is committed to delivering high-quality direct pipe-in water dispensing and filtration systems and services. This PureWater water dispenser has a modern, minimalist design that will complement your modern house or workplace.

You can feel confident in their after-sales service when you buy from them. Furthermore, unlike many companies that may only suggest you their most pricey goods, Pure Water’s skilled staff makes suggestions that are specific to each customer.

Key Differentiators

  1. Aftersales assistance and a customized consultation
  2. Provide recommendations from a professional staff
  3. High quality and competitively price water dispenser

Client Testimonial

Peter went above and beyond the call of duty trying to troubleshoot a pressure problem at my well. He gave me a few suggestions and an educated opinion and I did what he suggested It ended up he was right about it all. It’s great to have somebody that knows what they’re talking about and doesn’t cost a fortune ☺️ I’ll be their customer for life

Mary H

16) Pere Ocean Hot Cold Table Top Direct Piping Water Filter Purifier Dispenser

Pere Ocean Hot and Cold Table Top Direct Piping Water Filter Dispenser - Water Dispenser Singapore
Pere Ocean Hot and Cold Table Top Direct Piping Water Filter Dispenser – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: Pere Ocean)
Key Services:Water Purifier, Water Dispenser
Address:58 Senoko Road Singapore 758122
Operating Hours:Monday-Friday: 8:45 am to 5:45 pm

If you’re searching for a water dispenser with a lot of storage capacity, this is the one to get. Because it has four purification stages, it’s ideal for removing germs from your water. This product comes with a one-year warranty, which contributes to increased client happiness.

Key Differentiators

  • It offers high volume capacity with an attractive design.
  • With automatic maintenance and four purification features.

Client Testimonial

I ordered the Gold Label hot and cold water dispenser last month. Service was excellent as the Customer Service was able to answer all my questions and requests in a timely manner. Delivery was also on time. The product itself is also fantastic as the design was beautiful that fit any modern home and comparing the cost of having this dispenser vs those water filtering systems, this was the more cost effective choice over 3 to 5 years depending on consumption. I truly recommend having this product to have at any modern office or home.

Norman Lee

17) Drink Star DS 516TT

 Drink Star DS 516TT - Water Dispenser Singapore
Drink Star DS 516TT – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: Drink Star)
Key Services:Water Purifier, Water Dispenser
Address:33 Ubi Ave 3, 04-58, Singapore 408868
Phone+65 9766 5337
Operating Hours:Monday-Friday: 9 am to 6 pm, Saturday: 9 am to 1 pm

For the past 10 years, Drink Star has been supplying Singapore with clean and disease-free water. They serve both business and residential customers diligently. Water dispensers are also available for public sector organizations.

The Drink Star DS 516TT is the company’s most popular water dispenser. It includes hot and cold temperature dispense, chilling, and easy installation, as well as a high-quality water filtering system.

The firm’s reputation for providing many special offers has helped it gain a solid following. They are currently offering their clients two cartons of can beverages with each purchase of this water dispenser. It’s no surprise that they’re the most inexpensive water dispenser vendor in Singapore!

Key Differentiators

  • Quality water filtration system
  • Most competitively priced provider in Singapore
  • Easy installation

Client Testimonial

Good product. Recommended. The technician was good.


18) Viomi Hot Water Dispenser

Viomi Hot Water Dispenser - Water Dispenser Singapore
Viomi Hot Water Dispenser – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: Viomi)
Key Services:Water Purifier, Water Dispenser

When we’re rushing around, it’s tempting to turn on the tap at home to get a glass of water. What makes this water dispenser one of our favorites is its compact size. Its purpose is simply to ensure that you are able to reach your water throughout the day due to its small size, which allows it to rest neatly on a shelf or side table.

This dispenser heats your water to four distinct temperatures depending on your needs. You may utilize this dispenser to prepare different tea kinds and baby formulations quickly. If the 2L capacity isn’t enough for you, the 4L version is available. The dispenser automatically shuts off after 30 seconds of inactivity to avoid any accidental scalding.

Key Differentiators

  • It can occupy at least 2L of water.
  • It has four temperature settings and will automatically turn off after inactivity.

Client Testimonial

The service and installation was excellent. The customer service staff was also very helpful. The product is modern and beautiful, totally fits my home. Loving Sterra so much.


19) 828 Water Dispenser

828 Water Dispenser - Water Dispenser Singapore
828 Water Dispenser – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: Dispenser)
Key Services:Water Purifier, Water Dispenser
Address:462 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, Block 462, Singapore 560462
Phone+65 6524 4266
Operating Hours:Monday-Friday: 9 am – 6 pm, Saturday-Sunday: 9 am – 12 pm

828 Water Dispenser was founded in 2005 and produces a wide range of water dispensers to meet your specific demands. Unlike many other brands, 828 Water Dispenser’s water dispensers may be floor standing or sitting on a tabletop.

Their floor-standing water dispensers are ideal for offices and residences that have extra room. It offers both hot and cold water and is commonly found in living rooms or office reception and pantry areas. Their tabletop water dispensers, on the other hand, are perfect for homes and businesses with limited space. These dispensers are small and will fit well.

Each of their water fountains has a unique 4-step Ultra-filtration mechanism to guarantee that the water you drink is of exceptional quality. You may also choose to add an Alkaline and minerals pack, which can give your drinking water additional nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium.

Not only do these 818 Water Dispensers have a long list of useful functions, but they’re also all visually appealing. Say goodbye to bulky and big water dispensers!

Key Differentiators

  • Water dispensers are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles.
  • It works with a 4 stage filtering system.
  • Customized installations and solutions are available.
  • 828 Table Top Water Dispenser Series 3
  • 828 Floor Standing Water Dispenser

Client Testimonial

Bought a unit for my new house. The water dispenser is slim and good looking. Unit is working well and will recommend to my friends and family.

Li Yamei

20) FLC Inc Premium Water Dispenser

FLC Inc Premium Water Dispenser - Water Dispenser Singapore
FLC Inc Premium Water Dispenser – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: FLC)
Key Services:Water Purifier, Water Dispenser
Address:20 Collyer Quay #23-01 Singapore 049319
Phone3165 5069

The following water dispenser has several features that make it easy and safe to use. It’s intended to fill a certain bottle for a specific purpose. When you connect the bottle to the dispenser to collect water, it compresses the water immediately, lowering the danger of germs from entering your drinking water via the air. Furthermore, the item is safe for children to use since they are retrieving water. It automatically locks, making it suitable for toddlers who want to prevent scalding.

Key Differentiators

  • It prevents pollutants, resulting in a long-lasting freshness.
  • It is compatible with a bottle of a specific type.
  • Locks to keep you safe from mishaps.

Client Testimonial

Since we are using a dispenser now, there is no need to change the filter as with our previous system, and the used bottles are very easy to dispose of with our recycling.

As Premium Water is natural alkaline water, it tastes smooth and clear, and there is no chlorine smell. The design of the dispenser is very stylish and fits the interior of our room. And having both hot and cold taps is a real bonus!

21) Livingcare

Livingcare - Water Dispenser Singapore
Livingcare – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: Livingcare)
Key ServicesExpertise in water filtration systems, for home and commercial..
Address3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62 Link@AMK, #01-34, Singapore 569139
Phone9221 6643 (Benjamin)
Operating HoursShowrooms
11am – 6pm Based on Appointments (due to heightened alert)
6pm – 10pm Based on Appointments

Livingcare is a humble homegrown brand in Singapore with expertise in health and wellness. At Livingcare, they are committed to providing the best products and services for their clients and adding value to their lifestyles. Trusted by many, they are the result of people who believe in a great dream.

Key Differentiators

  1. Homegrown company with impeccable service, proven by reviews.
  2. 1st motorless water dispenser in SG (eco-friendly).
  3. Used and trusted by many celebrities such as Zoe Tay, Fann Wong, Elvin Ng, etc.
Livingcare Jewel Series - Water Dispenser Singapore
Livingcare Jewel Series – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: Livingcare)
  • Livingcare Jewel Series

Client Testimonial

Livingcare | Fu Chan Pte Ltd Testimonial
Livingcare Home Tour Installation Series

Livingcare is currently offering additional discounts on their water dispensers:

  • $300 off* on all their dispensers.
  • $700 off* on all their dispensers when you trade-in any dispenser.

*Terms & Conditions Apply.

22) Bluepro Instant Heating Water Dispenser

Bluepro Instant Heating Water Dispenser - Water Dispenser Singapore
Bluepro Instant Heating Water Dispenser – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: BluePro)

The Bluepro Instant Heating Water Dispenser concept is all about maintaining purity and providing water that is pure and healthy. The steam from the boiling water is directed to the nozzle for sterilization and decontamination as it heats up. The nozzle features a design that prevents any dangerous splashes or drips from emerging.

Furthermore, the water from this dispenser can be heated to 99 degrees Celsius. You can prepare your favorite drink in a matter of seconds, whether it’s tea or coffee.

Key Differentiators

  • It’s tiny in size and can be kept on a shelf or a kitchen table. A security lock is included.
  • It is easily cleaned and dishwasher safe. It also maintains precise volume measurements of 150ml and 300ml.
  • 25°C, 45°C, 50°C, 55°C, 85°C, and 99°C temperature settings are available.
  • BluePro water dispenser with 2L Tank Antibacterial instant heating hot water—D22/D24

Client Testimonial

The user guide was professional, although in Chinese. Comes with a cool adaptor (includes USB charging ports). After washing the water tank and passing through a full tank at 99°C, the water tastes good. The machine is quiet and heats up quickly. Using a meat thermometer, 99°C setting was about 91±5°C approx., 85°C setting was about 82±5°C. Have not tested other temperatures. Dispense volume control is useful, and child lock is as well. User interface buttons are intuitive. Overall happy with the purchase. Have already placed an order for portable version as well!

Carl T.

23) AquaNova Alkaline Water Dispenser AQN 365TS

AquaNova Alkaline Water Dispenser AQN365TS - Water Dispenser Singapore
AquaNova Alkaline Water Dispenser AQN365TS – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: Aqua Nova)

If you live in a tiny apartment, squeezing appliances onto your countertop will be second nature to you. AquaNova Alcaline Water Dispenser AQN 365TS is tiny and compact, yet it fits into the confines of your kitchen. You may take advantage of the advantages associated with alkaline water with this equipment.

The AquaNova Alkaline Water Dispenser AQN365TS is a water treatment system that provides all the necessary features to help maintain your body’s alkalinity. Whether you’re looking for blood PH regulation or immune support, you’ll find it here with the AquaNova Alkaline Water Dispenser AQN365TS. This water dispenser also includes a four-step filtration system that cleans and ensures you receive clean water when you need it.

Key Differentiators

  • It dispenses alkaline water.
  • 4 times filtration system is improved

24) IKEA KALASFINT Glass Water Dispenser

IKEA KALASFINT Glass Water Dispenser - Water Dispenser Singapore
IKEA KALASFINT Glass Water Dispenser – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: IKEA)
Key Services:Water Purifier, Water Dispenser
Address:60 Tampines North Drive 2, Singapore 528764
Phone+65 6786 6868
Operating Hours:Sunday – Thursday: 10 am – 10 pm, Friday and Saturday: 10 am – 11 pm

The IKEA KALASFINT water dispenser is an option for this because it is low-cost, requires no power, and is easy to transport. It’s also simple to store, so you may decide when you want to use it.

You can use this glass water dispenser to keep track of the water’s reduction throughout the day. It may also be useful at family gatherings and parties, especially if you have a large group. If the 3L capacity isn’t enough, consider purchasing the 5L dispenser instead.

Key Differentiators

  • It’s a great choice for people on a budget.
  • Made of glass and capable of holding 3L of water.

25) TOYOMI Instant Boil Water Dispenser FB 6108

Toyomi Instant Boil Water Dispenser FB 6108 - Water Dispenser Singapore
Toyomi Instant Boil Water Dispenser FB 6108 – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: Toyomi)
Key Services:Water Purifier, Water Dispenser
Address:459 – 461 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389420
Phone+65 6748 5845
Operating Hours:Monday – Friday: 9:30 am – 5:00 pm, Saturday: 9:30 am -3:00 pm, Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

You don’t have to wait too long for your favorite cup of hot chocolate. You may get hot water in seconds with the TOYOMI Instant Boil Water Dispenser FB 6108. How fantastic! You’ve saved your valuable time, allowing you to enjoy your coffee more fully.

The transparent water tank in this dispenser is a particularly appealing aspect since you can readily identify when it’s time to refill it. It incorporates a useful user-friendly function such as a pre-programmed system. This calculates the amount of water required for a cup or bottle. You don’t have to hit the screen when filling your cup either.

Even if you are not on-site, the child lock function will secure your home. You’ll appreciate the LCD’s sleek design and user-friendly interface.

Key Differentiators

  • You can use the transparent water tank to keep track of how much liquid is left. It also has a capacity of 3L.
  • It includes child-friendly security and an easy-to-use design.

26) 3M HCD2 Water Dispenser

3M HCD2 Water Dispenser - Water Dispenser Singapore
3M HCD2 Water Dispenser – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: 3M)
Key Services:Water Purifier, Water Dispenser
Phone6450 8888
Operating Hours:Monday – Thursday: 8:15 AM to 5:00 PM, Friday: 8:15 AM to 5:15 PM

If you’re searching for a simple method to get clean and immediate drinking water at home, this is where you should begin. This water dispenser has everything you need in one package, including a filter, kettle, and container. The 3M HCD2 Water Dispenser simply connects to your house’s water supply.

The 3M AP2-G filter, which is operated on carbon technology, removes 0.5 microns of sediments and chlorine while also removing 99.95% of other substances in the water such as lead. Other compounds present in the water include arsenic and fluoride. Furthermore, a UV system is included with the dispenser that promises to sterilize your drinking water by 99.9%.

The simplicity of using this device is what makes it so attractive. With a simple touch of a button, you can obtain hot, cold, or even room temperatures water. The appliance is available in two colors: black and white or white, which will go well with your current decor.

Key Differentiators

  • It offers instant hot water and has a UV system feature.
  • Setting up for power conservation and simplicity.

Client Testimonial

“I wish I had this nifty machine so much earlier because it is such a god-send! I never knew how convenient it would be to have boiling hot water, ice cold glass of water and room temperature water, all at the touch of one button!”

Yina Goh

27) Raslok

Raslok - Water Dispenser Singapore
Raslok – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: Raslok)
Key ServicesWater Purifiers & Air Purifiers
Address85 Genting Lane #08-04, Singapore 349569
Phone+65 8801 5399 or +65 8803 9318
Operating Hours10:00am – 6:00pm Daily

RASLOK is a decade-long business established in Singapore, a brand dedicated to integrating cutting-edge technology into its products, and making impactful changes to everyday life by providing state-of-the-art products and services to its customers and partners.

Key Differentiators

  1. RASLOK is a brand that represents “premium products at non-premium price”, and provides the best value for money products in the market. They have well-trained professional inhouse technicians who provide top-notch after-sale services to RASLOK customers.
  2. Instantly dispense super-hot, lukewarm and super-cold water. It is also the only dispenser that supports wide range adjustable hot, warm and cold water temperature with 1 degree precision.
  3. Powerful NSF and SGS certified multistage filtration system including built-in UV Sterilisation provides fresh, great tasting and bacterial free drinking water.
RASLOK HCM-T1 Tankless Water Dispenser - Water Dispenser Singapore
RASLOK HCM-T1 Tankless Water Dispenser – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: Raslok)

The RASLOK HCM-T1 Tankless Water Dispenser is one of the best sellers in the market, equipped with award-winning German technology and high-quality heavy-duty filters strictly tested by RASLOK QC (Quality Control) in Singapore. Their stylish and super slim Tankless water purifier delivers hot, lukewarm and cold water at the touch of a button, save your precious time and space.

The RASLOK HCM-T1 currently retails at $999 and it comes with 1 free filter set (worth $140). It is one of the lowest-priced TANKLESS water purifiers in Singapore.

Client Testimonial

We’re very happy with the water dispenser. Friendly service and very fast installation, ordered on Wednesday, delivered and installed on Friday.Technician was very friendly and patient through out the delivery and installation. Highly recommend! Thanks Alfred and Din!

Evelyn Poh (Facebook Review)

28) Morphy Richards Hot and Warm Water

Morphy Richards Hot and Warm Water Dispenser - Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: Morphy Richards)
Morphy Richards Hot and Warm Water Dispenser – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: Morphy Richards)

If you’re looking for a way to brew your ideal cup of coffee that’s both practical and stylish, the Morphy Richards Water Dispenser is ideal. You may pre-set the temperature of your water before dispensing it! It also includes a BRITA filter, which removes contaminants like chlorine, limescale, and metals from your water. The auto-dispense function also allows you to fill your teapot or bottle without holding the button down. This tank water dispenser has a 3-liter water capacity and requires no plumbing to set up.

Key Differentiators

  • It has a 3-liter water tank that holds a lot of water, and it has precise temperature control.
  • The digital display and attractive design will make you love this product.
  • BRITA Filtration Technology

Client Testimonial

Dispenser works as described in the video so am happy with that. However, got to have a separate system or jugs set up for cold or room temperature water.

29) CUCKOO Prince Top Lite Water Purifier Dispenser

CUCKOO Prince Top Lite Water Purifier Dispenser - Water Dispenser Singapore
CUCKOO Prince Top Lite Water Purifier Dispenser – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: Cuckoo)

If you’ve always told Siri to handle everything for you, the CUCKOO Prince top Lite Water Purifier, which may be operated with voice command, is a godsend. It supports three languages: English, Mandarin, and Malay, making it easier than ever to get your daily water intake! While most water dispensers have a limited amount of water you can dispense, this CUCKOO water dispenser allows you to dispense any amount of water with just a push of a button!

Key Differentiators

  • Classy Slim Design
  • Effortless Water — Continuous Flow from Source
  • Auto Electrolytic Sterilization
  • Voice Navigation Available — English, Mandarin, Malay

Client Testimonial

“Good product. Nice design and functions well. More expensive than some of the other similar products but is tankless, has a nice user interface and simple to use. Worth the money.”

30) Ruhens Tankless Water Dispenser

Ruhens Tankless Water Dispenser - Water Dispenser Singapore
Ruhens Tankless Water Dispenser – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: Ruhens)

If you’re concerned about the appearance of your lovely kitchen, don’t worry any more. The Ruhens V Series Tankless Water Purifier Dispenser will look right at home in its modern style and bright hues like bubblegum pink, white, silver, and black. It also has eco-mode, which lowers power consumption by 30%, so you won’t have to worry about your power bill!

Furthermore, the Ruhens water dispenser comes with a UV automated sterilisation function for self-cleaning, making maintenance simple. Furthermore, the filter change indicator informs you when it’s time to replace your filter. It also notifies you when the filter needs to be changed by displaying a light that changes color from red to green. Its faucets are also detachable and adjustable, allowing you to remove them whenever necessary for cleaning.

Key Differentiators

  • Quantity Control (120ml, 550ml, 1500ml)
  • Eco Mode System
  • UV Automated Sterilisation

Client Testimonial

“Just got my water dispenser from Ruhens which me and my family members love the product which helps to bring convenience to our daily life.

Kishal and his colleagues are very helpful and patience to guide us through all the model in explanation and cater to our needs.

The person who came down for the installation was friendly and able to explain to us on the operation of the V-Series model that we had.

Would definitely be a big PLUS to recommend my friends and relatives to get Ruhens water dispenser.

Thanks once again to Ruhens for this wonderful product.”

– AlexMegan BenDecarlos

31) Tecno Instant Water Dispenser

Tecno Instant Water Dispenser - Water Dispenser Singapore
Tecno Instant Water Dispenser – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: Tecno)

The seven temperature selections on the Tecno Instant Hot Water Dispenser are appreciated by tea connoisseurs. This is great for steeping different sorts of tea leaves since they each have their own ideal brewing temperature to achieve the best brew.

The Tecno water dispenser has an STRIX water filter with fine mesh to remove particles and activated carbon to eliminate chlorine, pesticides, and herbicides, as well as a five-second fill time for any temperature – even boiling water. It’s fantastic for busy individuals since it only takes five seconds to prepare any sort of hot or cold water.

Key Differentiators

  • Instant boiling water dispenser, boils water in 5 seconds
  • Stainless steel body with digital touch control
  • Food grade PP material

Client Testimonial

“Good not too bad. But dispensing of water is a bit slow esp for normal temp water cuz when u want to drink still have to wait or solution is to pre-filled the water into a drink bottle or flask so it’s faster to get filtered water. No more boiling cuz of the filter and instant hot water.”

– tohhuili

32) Aerogaz Premium Digital Water Dispenser

 Aerogaz Premium Digital Water Dispenser - Water Dispenser Singapore
Aerogaz Premium Digital Water Dispenser – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: Aerogaz)

The finest water dispensers in Singapore do not always have to be expensive. The Aerogaz Premium Digital Water Dispenser, for example, is only around $90 – a significant percentage of its competitors but not a fraction in terms of quality and convenience.

It is a no-frills choice with instantaneous boil technology. Simply fill the tank with water, and it will be boiled in five to ten seconds! You won’t have to wait for it to cool down, either, since the aerogaz water dispenser can provide hot water out immediately in seven different temperatures. It also has a big LED display that shows how much water is left so you won’t have to open it!

Key Differentiators

  • Digital control, big LED display with white light background, showing temp and volume.
  • Boil water instantly, just take 5-10 seconds to dispense out desired temp and volume of water.
  • With 7 different water temp selection

Client Testimonial

“Delivery is fast. Well packed. Is pretty easy to use. Good good. Will recommend to my friends and family. Thanks seller.”

– darius.miens

33) Toyomi Filtered Water Dispenser

Toyomi Filtered Water Dispenser - Water Dispenser Singapore
Toyomi Filtered Water Dispenser – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: Toyomi)

Mineral water is said to provide a variety of health advantages, including reduced risk of heart disease and improved digestion. That’s why the Toyomi Instant Boil Filtered Water Dispenser is one of the greatest water dispensers in Singapore.The Toyomi water dispenser also re-mineralises water by introducing minerals like iron, zinc, and magnesium, all of which are essential elements that our body requires.

The good news is that this comes with a low price tag of $179. It also has a low water volume alert to encourage you to refill it.

Key Differentiators

  • Low water volume alarm.
  • Filtration to re-mineralizes the water adding iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, selenium, lithium, iodine and other minerals and trace elements.
  • Stainless steel heating element

Client Testimonial

“Well received. Fast delivery. Work as it described. Hot water in a few seconds. The only thing is it need time for the water to filter through the filter. Overall, good!”

– chiekie92788

34) Philips Filtered Water Dispenser

Philips Filtered Water Dispenser - Water Dispenser Singapore
Philips Filtered Water Dispenser – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: Philips)

Philips is a well-known home goods producer that provides affordable appliances, and its line of water dispensers is no exception. With its variety of features, the Philips Filtered Water Dispenser challenges for the title of Singapore’s finest inexpensive water dispensers. It also features an AquaShield all-in-one RO filtration that removes 110 different types of hazardous contaminants, including lead, chlorine, and pesticides, from tap water.

UV-LED also protects the Philips water dispenser’s water tank and mechanism from bacteria through a second line of defense. It has four temperature settings: ambient, 60°C, 90°C, and 95°C for your immediate drinks.

Key Differentiators

  • Remove ultrafine contaminants as small as 0.0001um in water
  • Automatic water shortage reminder
  • Virus & Bacteria removal: up to 99.999%

Client Testimonial

“Fast delivery. This meets my requirement of UV sterilisation and 45 deg C for baby milk. Only issue is cannot choose volumes other than the 4 stipulated ones. Fortunately, can customise by doing some setting, but takes some practice to precisely get the volume u need often. Overall, Love it!!”

– weekian56

35) AmGlow Touchscreen Hot & Cold Tabletop Dispenser

AmGlow Touchscreen Dispenser- Water Dispenser Singapore
AmGlow Touchscreen Dispenser- Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: AmGlow)

Get the AmGlowTouchscreen Tabletop Water Dispenser if you want to get the health advantages that alkaline water promises, such as lowering blood pressure and enhancing bone health. It is outfitted with an alkaline water filter and ultrafiltration features to offer clean drinking water that is free of germs, chlorine, and bacteria.

The AmGlow water dispenser is one of the smallest in terms of volume, making it a feasible choice for people who don’t have much kitchen area. It also comes with two spare sets of filters, allowing you to use the product for at least two years.

Key Differentiators

  • SLIMMER than tankless models
  • Safety Child-Lock
  • Safety Child-Lock

Client Testimonial

“We have been using this for 2 weeks and we would like to share our honest review. From enquires to installation to after-sales help, i would love to give them a 5 stars. They have been very helpful answering all my questions!
I hate it when i have to boil water and then wait for it to cool down before i can place it in the refrigerator.
I can now enjoy cold water anytime of the day and make a cup of coffee in just 5 secs!
I find that it really worth my investment for my family and my health.”

– 3 wheelingtots


AOX Compac O2+ - Water Dispenser Singapore
AOX Compac O2+ – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: AOX)

The AOX Compac O2 is a costly piece of equipment, but its capability, cutting-edge style, and features make it well worth the expense.

The AOX Compac O2 is more than just an alkaline water dispensers. With other useful functions like a built-in active oxygen sterilizer, it has a lot of punch. Negative ions in active oxygen help to destroy viruses, allergens, and germs.

The water produced by the AOX Water Dispenser is clean, delicious and has a wonderful taste. This unit also can be used to meat and vegetables, as well as generated clean water for dental care, wound treatment, and even face washing! That’s why the AOX Water Dispenser is one of Singapore’s best alkaline and tankless water purifiers.

Key Differentiators

  • Micron Sediment Carbon Block Filter
  • Dual Dynamic Microbiological Interception Filter
  • AOX Antioxidant Alkaline Minerals Filter

37) Cosmo Quantum

Cosmo Quantum - Water Dispenser Singapore
Cosmo Quantum – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: Cosmo)

For those of us working with a kettle, H20 is frequently room temperature or piping-hot 100°C water. Cosmo Quantum, on the other hand, has the handy function of offering three temperature settings at all times that you can tailor for green tea brewing, formula milk preparation, or disinfecting.

The Cosmo Ultra Precision Filter, a super-fine membrane with an accuracy of 0.0001 microns that removes 99.9% of impurities including bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals, will undoubtedly impress the picky among us. Anything that goes through is also sterilised by an inbuilt UV LED, ensuring that the water exiting the filter is purified.

Key Differentiators

  • Filter change indicator
  • Energy-saving mode & 3-second reheating system
  • Quantity control to dispense specific volumes of water

Client Testimonial

“Was an overall very pleasant buying experience with this brand. Went down to their showroom and the lady staff was there to help me with my queries. Immediately bought it when I went home and it arrived in about a week or less. When the order arrived, they came earlier than expected and the staff who helped with the installation was efficient, knowledgeable and very friendly.
As for the product, it is easy to use(although can seem daunting at first) and i can foresee that it will make my life so much easier. I am very satisfied with my purchase and I definitely will be telling my friends about it!”

– Peng Hwee

38) Waterlogic Firewall Cube

Waterlogic Firewall Cube - Water Dispenser Singapore
Waterlogic Firewall Cube – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: Waterlogic)

Singapore’s tap water is drinkable, but customers who want to go above and beyond can choose the Waterlogic Firewall Cube.

The UV light in the Firewall purifies your cold and room-temperature water all the way to the dispensing nozzle, thanks to a series of spiral tubes known as the Firewall. This innovative technology has been tested and shown to remove Covid-19 from drinking water by independent researchers.

The stylish dispenser has two separate cold and hot water tanks that can hold up to 1.4L and 1.3L of water, so you won’t have to wait around while your cup is filled. It also offers four distinct temperature settings: cold, ambient, hot, and extra hot – the last for those who like their morning coffee steaming.

Key Differentiators

  • 1.4L for cold water | 1.3L for hot water
  • Unlimited for ambient water
  • UVC light to purify the water

39) Xiaomi VIOMI hot water dispenser

Xiaomi VIOMI Hot Water Dispenser Singapore - Water Dispenser Singapore
Xiaomi VIOMI Hot Water Dispenser Singapore – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: Xiaomi)

The 20-odd steps to our kitchen might as well be a cross-country expedition during our busiest – or sloppiest – days cooped up in our rooms. The slim Xiaomi Viomi 2L water dispenser fits easily on a side table or shelf and only takes up about the same amount of space as a small coffee maker.

This machine can heat water to four separate temperatures during dispensing, letting you prepare hot tea, infusions, and even baby formula with ease. It automatically locks after 30 seconds of inactivity to prevent accidental scalding and lets you select whether or not it should dispense a set 250ML amount automatically.

Key Differentiators

  • Water temperature adjustable with three modes: normal, warm, hot
  • Intelligent water shortage reminder
  • Water quality monitor for safe drink

Client Testimonial

Very fast delivery in within a day. very happy with the product works great, although the manual is in chinese easy to understand. the water flow fast dont need to wait long for it, tested all temperature and great satisfied. hopefully the product will last long. thanks seller and NinjaVan. highly recommended.”

– lyz

40) Cosmo

Cosmo - Water Dispenser Singapore
Cosmo – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: Water Dispenser SG)
Key ServicesE-Commerce Water Dispenser Brand
Address36 Kaki Bukit Place #01-01 Singapore 416214
Phone+65 6864 9634
Operating Hours11:00 – 17:00

Cosmo is Singapore’s No.1 Technologically Advanced Water Dispenser. Their award-winning German engineered water dispenser has been featured on The Smart Local, Best in Singapore, Local Guide and more. They are determined to bring everyone better health through our quality products that can filter 99.9% of impurities in water. To make the shopping experience as convenient as possible, They always offer free delivery, 30 days free trial, 2 years warranty and deposit or instalment payment options.

Key Differentiators

  1. COSMO™ Ultra Precision Filter that filters down to 0.0001 microns.
  2. They have a 6 Step Purification Care Process including a In-Built UV Sterilisation.
  3. Their Cosmo Quantum Water Dispenser is technologically advanced, yet simple to use. It only takes 3 seconds to change the filter.

Client Testimonial

The Cosmo Quantum has made my life so much easier! Now I don’t have to wait to boil water or chill overnight for cold water. There’s also this function to re-boil the water which is really quick. The water dispenser looks really nice and sleek in my home.

Li Ting (@gnitil on Instagram)

41) Sterra

Sterra - Water Dispenser Singapore
Sterra – Water Dispenser Singapore (Credit: Sterra)
Key ServicesHousehold and lifestyle e-commerce brand
AddressUB One, 81 Ubi Ave 4, #01-22, Singapore 408830 (showroom address)
Phone+65 3165 0198

Sterra is a homegrown Singaporean household and lifestyle brand that aims to make every family’s life convenient and healthy, offering high-quality products at the best price, with over 1,300+ 5-star reviews and counting. Inclusive of their catalogue are water and air purifiers, with more products coming in the near future.

The Sterra S Tankless Water Purifier dispenses fresh, great-tasting hot and cold water instantly in 3 seconds and is made in Korea. It’s sleek and slim so it beautifully matches any kitchen without taking up too much space. It draws water directly from the water supply, has affordable replacement filters and low electricity consumption too so it will save you money in the long run whilst being hassle-free.

Additionally, it’s equipped with a UV Sterilisation nozzle that you can push inside to sterilise and keep it free from bacteria and dirt, a feature most brands don’t have.

Key Differentiators

  1. Most Value for Money Purifier brand
  2. Round the clock, quality customer service
  3. Top notch installation by professional technicians

Client Testimonial

“Sterra is a life changer… gone were the nights where u need to balance the amt of hot and cold water to get the perfect temperature and amount for baby milk… the warm water is the perfect temperature and the best part, it’s almost instant! I’m so glad to have made the decision to get one and I would recommend it to all new parents!”

Sheryl L.

Water Dispenser Singapore

Safe drinking water for your whole family or in the office should be common sense. Furthermore, adding a water dispenser does not mean compromising on aesthetics. Since dozens of companies provide an almost limitless selection of water dispensers in Singapore, you can easily find a perfect match for your style, needs, and budget.

If you’d like to be featured on our article, you may email us here.

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If you have any questions about Water Dispenser Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best Water Dispensers in Singapore below:

What are the best water dispensers in Singapore?

The best water dispensers in Singapore include Wells Singapore, Novita HydroPlus Water Purifier NP6610, Puri Jiksoo OHC-7000D, and Aqua Kent Singapore.

What is a water dispenser?

A water dispenser is a convenient device that provides access to drinking water. It can be a bottled water dispenser where you place a large water bottle on top, or it could be connected directly to your home’s water supply.

What are some of the additional features to look for in a modern water dispenser?

Modern water dispensers come with a variety of additional features such as temperature control (for hot and cold water), a drip tray to catch any spillage, an integrated pump for easy water flow, and even purification or filtration systems.

How much space does a water dispenser typically take up in a modern kitchen?

The amount of space a water dispenser takes up depends on its size and design. Some models are compact and designed to fit on countertops, while others are freestanding units that may require more space. Always check the dimensions of the water dispenser before purchasing to ensure it fits well in your kitchen.

Are there water dispensers suitable for modern homes in Singapore?

Yes, there are many water dispensers in Singapore that are designed to complement the aesthetics of modern homes. These modern water dispensers not only function well but also have a good design that can enhance the look of your kitchen.

How does a bottled water dispenser work?

A bottled water dispenser works by using a pump to draw water from a large water bottle and dispense it through a tap. When the water level in the bottle decreases, the pump activates to maintain a constant water flow.

Why should I consider a water dispenser that’s connected directly to the water supply?

A water dispenser that’s connected directly to the water supply ensures you always have access to water without the need to replace heavy water bottles. This can be a more convenient and sustainable option for many households.

What is a drip tray in a water dispenser?

A drip tray is a feature of many water dispensers that catches any water that may spill or drip from the tap. This helps to keep your kitchen clean and prevent slip hazards.

How does a water dispenser fit into a modern kitchen?

A water dispenser can be a functional and stylish addition to a modern kitchen. It provides easy access to drinking water and, with many modern designs available, it can blend seamlessly with your other kitchen appliances.

Is it a good idea to invest in a water dispenser in Singapore?

Yes, investing in a water dispenser in Singapore is a good idea. Not only does it provide convenient access to drinking water, but many modern models also offer additional features like temperature control and filtration systems, making them a beneficial addition to any home.

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