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12 Best Advertising Agencies in Singapore [2023]

Advertising Agency Singapore

Best Advertising Agency Singapore
Best Advertising Agency Singapore

The best advertising agencies in Singapore are always looking for new clients. If you are interested in an ad campaign, then this blog post will help you find the perfect agency to suit your needs. We have compiled a list of the top 12 advertising agencies that offer the most competitive prices and quality services.

1. Absolute Digital

Absolute Digital - Advertising Agency Singapore
Absolute Digital – Advertising Agency Singapore (Credit: Absolute Digital)
Key FeaturesBest in Singapore awardee
Top Digital Marketing Company awardee
Address#01-11, 50 Gambas Crescent Singapore 757022
Contact+65 6432 8226
Operating Hours Daily 24/7

Absolute Digital is one of Singapore’s most award-winning digital marketing companies. When it comes to propelling your brand forward, they are skilled in utilizing the most up-to-date approaches and methods.

Their team is made up of hardworking professionals who are all focused on delivering outstanding results. To ensure that they continue to deliver the highest outcomes, they make it a point of working closely with their customers in developing brand concepts.

2. 2Stallions

2Stallions - Advertising Agency Singapore
2Stallions – Advertising Agency Singapore (Credit: 2Stallions)
Key FeaturesMobile app development
Website and content maintenance
Address39A Neil Road Singapore 088823
Contact+65 9129 6248
Operating Hours Weekdays: 9:30am–6:30pm

The 2Stallions agency is a top advertising company that creates customer-focused advertisements that are published on both online and offline platforms. They develop and market the brand narrative through dynamic websites and mobile apps, video marketing, and social media postings.

Working with them will allow you to implement your great concepts in a manner that keeps your marketing messages on target and increases brand recognition.

3. Ogilvy Singapore

Ogilvy - Advertising Agency Singapore
Ogilvy – Advertising Agency Singapore (Credit: Ogilvy)
Key FeaturesPhysical and digital advertising
Works with famous brands

Ogilvy Singapore produces films, posters, activations, apps, social media postings, and other multimedia formats for a wide range of commercial purposes. They create large-scale campaigns with the goal of reaching a larger audience as well as creating long-term influence.

They are recognized as one of the finest advertising firms in Singapore because to their partnerships with premium corporations such as Philips, Coca Cola, Unilever, IBM, Legos, and others.

4. AUN Global Marketing

AUN Global Marketing - Advertising Agency Singapore
AUN Global Marketing – Advertising Agency Singapore (Credit: AUN Global Marketing)
Key FeaturesPerformance-based Search Engine Optimization
Paid Advertisements (Google, Facebook, Yahoo)
Digital Marketing Consultancy
Local & Global research & strategies
Address105 Cecil Street, The Octagon, #11-00, Singapore 069534
Contact+65 6226 1149
Operating Hours Weekdays 9am – 6pm

AUN Global Marketing was founded in Singapore in 2010. However, the firm has been active since 1998, with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

They have grown in popularity over the years, extending their services to many organizations across Asia. These days, they have offices in Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

In 2005, the firm went public on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (JPX 2459) market, making it one of the few globally-focused Digital Marketing and SEM firms.

5. The Bold Creative

The Bold Creative - Advertising Agency Singapore
The Bold Creative – Advertising Agency Singapore (Credit: The Bold Creative)
Key FeaturesExperimental and edgy ads
Collaborative process
Address151 Chin Swee Road, #02-24, Manhattan House, Singapore 169876

The Bold Creative is a collaboration of two excellent creative directors who, rather than competing, have joined forces to become one of the most in-demand advertising agencies focusing on Brand Strategy, Visual Branding, Direction, and Film Production.

Vanshaj Kapur and Pragnya Venkatesh, the company’s owners, are dedicated to producing only the finest masterpieces for their clients. They feel that customization is critical to success, as well as excellent communication between artist and customer; that’s why they’ve made it their mission not just to create but also to serve with a purpose.

The firm has a number of services that they provide, including content marketing and design, as well as website/app/ux design and art direction.

6. Digital Business Lab

Digital Business Lab - Advertising Agency Singapore
Digital Business Lab – Advertising Agency Singapore (Credit: Digital Business Lab)
Key FeaturesOffers Affordable Service
Uses Customer-Centric approaches
A diverse team of professionals
Address1 George Street,
Level 10,
Singapore 049145
Contact+65 84267850
Operating Hours Quick to reply within 24 hours

They’re excellent since they integrate a combination of important information, clever data, and agile project management to ensure that all of their social media efforts are successful.

We recommend them because they provide clients with knowledge and expertise in digital business. They’re always eager to answer any questions their customers may have about why they did a particular step, taking the time to explain it all so that everyone is on the same page.

They’re fueled by ongoing learning and a holistic approach to business, and their end-to-end social media solutions are complemented with their hub of digital expertise, which helps them develop long-term relationships with clients.

7. Edelman Singapore

Edelman - Advertising Agency Singapore
Edelman – Advertising Agency Singapore (Credit: Edelman)
Key FeaturesServices for all industry sectors
Global offices
Address15 Beach Road Beach Centre, #04-01 SINGAPORE 189677
Contact+65 6733 1110
Operating Hours Daily 24/7

The marketing and digital engagement, content strategy, financial communications, and other skills of the team at Edelman Singapore make it unique. With their abilities, they can collaborate with major firms to promote, develop, and protect their brands.

They’re experts in branding, company transformation, and startup creation, among other things. They may be the finest advertising agency in Singapore no matter what industry you operate in!

8. Diseno Advertising PTE LTD

Diseno - Advertising Agency Singapore
Diseno – Advertising Agency Singapore (Credit: Diseno)
Key FeaturesDirect designs
Amazing customer service Experience
Effective visual communications
Great attention to detail
Address19 Tanglin Road, #06-53 Tanglin Shopping Centre, Singapore 247909
ContactTel: 6836 5168

Fax: 6836 5190
Operating Hours Monday – Friday: 9am–6pm

Saturday – Sunday: CLOSED

If you’re searching for a company that specializes in using eye-catching designs to get your message across, look no further! Diseno Advertising is taking new clients.

The name Diseño comes from the Spanish term Diseo, which is translated as design in English. They think that design should be kept simple and direct to the point, but it must also serve as a visual communicator to the audience in order to ensure that the message gets through more clearly.

Diseno has years of expertise in the marketing field and is certain that they will be able to deliver something that fits the current trend while yet being distinctive. If you want to chat with them about great advertising ideas, give them a call!

9. BillBoarders

BillBoarders - Advertising Agency Singapore
BillBoarders – Advertising Agency Singapore (Credit: BillBoarders)
Key FeaturesOutdoor Campaign
MICE Events
Brand Awareness
Product Launching
Direct Sales
Address1002 Toa Payoh Industrial Park
(Industrial Estate) #05-1445
Contact+65 9778 7774
Operating Hours Monday to Friday
8AM to 530PM

Saturday & Sunday

If you’re looking for a creative and very original concept to add to your next campaign, look no further! Billboarders is an advertising company made up of professionals that work with the client’s audience to give benefits that no other form of marketing may provide.

Billboarders is an inexpensive and simple media solution that allows for creative advertising with limitless ability to draw immediate attention. Their human billboards may travel just about anywhere, at any time of day or night. It’s a fantastic solution when you consider interpersonal connections.

This new sort of advertising is enjoyable, interactive, and allows you to target your audience specifically. There are numerous possibilities for some truly “out-of-the-box” marketing campaigns as a result of this development.

10. The Idea Lab

The Idea Lab -  Advertising Agency Singapore
The Idea Lab – Advertising Agency Singapore (Credit: The Idea Lab)
Key FeaturesTV advertisements
Digital marketing
Address33 Ubi Avenue 3, Vertex Tower A #04-74 Singapore 408868
Contact+65 6745 4332
Operating Hours Monday to Friday
10AM to 7PM

Saturday & Sunday

The Idea Lab has a creative team of art directors, strategists, and copywriters that develops advertising content for major platforms such as TV, print, outdoor, and social media.

They’ve created several brand campaigns for well-known companies like LG, Nestle, Ford, DBS Bank, Air Asia, and many more throughout the years.

They’ve grown to be one of Singapore’s finest advertising agencies as a result of their successful outcomes and wide connections.

11. DDB Asia

DDB Asia -  Advertising Agency Singapore
DDB Asia – Advertising Agency Singapore (Credit: DDB Asia)
Key FeaturesDigital marketing
Advertising services for government-owned companies
AddressLevel 10 Pico Creative Centre, 20 Kallang Avenue Singapore 339411
Contact+65 6671 4488
Operating Hours Weekdays: 9am–6pm

Many entrepreneurs often name DDB Asia when talking about the top advertising companies in Singapore. They’ve worked with individuals from a variety of sectors, including finance, travel, consumer goods, and government.

They assist businesses in improving their brand identity, consumer purchasing experience, e-commerce content, and social media marketing.

12. Brew Interactive

Brew Interactive -  Advertising Agency Singapore
Brew Interactive – Advertising Agency Singapore (Credit: Brew Interactive)
Key FeaturesEnd-to-end digital agency
Unparalleled Expertise
Address111 North Bridge Road, #08-19, Singapore 179098
Contact+65 6814 2952
Operating Hours Monday – Friday: 9am–6pm

Saturday – Sunday Closed

Brew Interactive, located in Singapore, is a marketing agency that was founded in 2009 and has clients like Qatar Airways and Oppo.

As a business that views advertising as a two-way street, Brew Interactive makes sure to not only satisfy your needs, but also to co-create the designs with you. Their experience and their ideas will undoubtedly not let you down.

They’re recognized for the following services: Lead Generation, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, and Digital Reputation Management. They do more than that, so if you’d like to learn more about them, make sure to contact them and have your expectations met.

Advertising Agency Singapore

We hope that you’ve found these 12 advertising agencies in Singapore to be helpful. If not, we’re more than happy to help you find the perfect one for your needs! Simply contact us and let’s get started on finding your ideal advertising agency for your business!

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