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10 Reasons Why Archery Tag Is The Coolest Game In Singapore [2023]

Archery Tag Singapore
Archery Tag Singapore

Archery Tag Singapore

Singapore is a country that is known for being one of the most exciting places in the world to live. From its bustling city streets to its stunning beaches, there is always something new and interesting to experience here.

If you are looking for an adrenaline-pumping activity to enjoy in Singapore, then you should check out the archery tag! This game is quickly becoming one of the most popular pastimes in Singapore, and for good reason – it is a lot of fun!

Also, this is a perfect Team Building Singapore activity! In this article, we will discuss 10 reasons why archery tag is the coolest game to play in Singapore!

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Combat Archery Tag Basics

Always wanted to give archery tag in Singapore a go, but held back due to safety reasons? Or have you already been taking part in the archery sport but got bored of shooting at target boards?

Why not try combat archery tag instead? There are a plethora of great benefits and objectives you get to achieve from archery tag Singapore. With indoor archery available, rest assured that you can still get to play archery games during the rainy season.

1. Neon Game Feature

Neon Game Feature - Archery Tag Singapore
Neon Game Feature – Archery Tag Singapore (Image retrieved from Hyperspace Singapore)

Feel as though you are transported into a parallel universe with neon combat archery tag Singapore! If you are looking for something unique and fun for everyone to try, opt for a neon indoor archery tag event!

Not only does it look cool aesthetically, but the neon lighting feature also provides an added challenge by making it more difficult to spot your opponents! Hide behind the glow-in-the-dark bunkers which can act as a distraction while you load up on your arrows.

Also, check out this neon archery tag package that will surely up your game of team bonding, perfect for a corporate team building event, right?

Most importantly, do not forget to get your cameras ready as this is a great chance to take loads of awesome-looking photos! 

2. You can play it anywhere!

Play it anywhere - Archery Tag Singapore
Play it anywhere – Archery Tag Singapore (Image retrieved from Combat Archery Sg)

Can combat archery be played at the beach? Sure! How about at a nearby park? Why not! Archery games in Singapore can be played in a multitude of locations.

Whether you choose to do archery tag indoors or have fun while soaking in all the sunlight, the decision is yours! If you have a preferred venue of your choice, our friendly facilitators will be more than happy to accommodate you!

This event experience custom-tailored to your needs, just check with Fun Empire and we will give you affordable archery tag packages, and have an archery tag experience that has flexible event time slots!

If you wish to save the hassle, then leave it to us as we have multiple easily accessible and sheltered venues available for your selection!

3. Great for beginners

Great for beginners - Archery Tag Singapore
Great for beginners – Archery Tag Singapore (Image retrieved from Archery Tag Sg)

These combat archery tag games are all about having fun!

You don’t need to have any prior experience in archery before in order to participate in combat archery. No worries if you are a beginner, in fact, most participants have never picked up a bow and arrow before. You don’t need to have combat archery skills for we will teach it to you!

All you have to do is to have your strategic planning intact for the perfect team coordination or even corporate team-building events!

You will be given time to get used to the bow and there will be facilitators to guide you along. Clear instructions will also be provided during the briefing, so rest assured that you can play with ease!

If you are a beginner, click here for some useful tips on how to win the game! 

4. A change of target

Change of target - Archery Tag Singapore
Change of target – Archery Tag Singapore (Image retrieved from Archery Tag Sg)

Here is an opportunity to get back at your friends! In this archery tag event, your emphasis has switched from bullseye on a target board to now your peers.

You can play combat archery tag in a team-building event too and have the most memorable archery tag session with your team.

Not only that, your accuracy and aiming skills will be challenged as you are faced with a target that is consistently on the move. In addition, you become the target as well!

So be sure to focus on both aiming and dodging simultaneously. Otherwise, you might be out of the game when you least expected it! Give it your best shot and win the game

5. Awesome Game Modes

Game modes -  Archery Tag Singapore
Game modes – Archery Tag Singapore (Image retrieved from Hyperspace Singapore)

Get to try at least 2 awesome game modes in an archery tag Singapore session! Different archery games pose varied difficulty levels and specific objectives which will help the teams achieve their goals.

These archery tag game modes can be your next team-building event or play archery tag indoors for birthday parties, or for the ultimate family-friendly experience, either of these choices will surely have you makin fun and laughter all throughout the day.

Conquer and eliminate in Domination, do not leave anyone behind in Revival, and save your kingdom in The Last King!

Our internal professional team will be around to explain the game play and objectives, so be sure to listen up and start to plan your strategies!

6. Safe and Painless

Safe and painless -  Archery Tag Singapore
Safe and painless – Archery Tag Singapore (Image retrieved from Combat Archery Sg)

Unlike paintball whereby bruising and bleeding may occur, Combat Archery is 100% safe and painless!

Our activities have gone through ISO 9001 quality certification and achieved a BizSAFE Level 3 certification. Proper safety masks and briefings are provided as well, and all special foam-tipped arrows.

Indoor archery is also available for those who prefer an air-conditioned comfortable arena. Thus, you can be assured that extensive measures are taken to ensure that your safety is our top priority and we ensure maximum safety, and great experiences are our forte, we have safety game referees on standby, so no worries!

7. Suitable for all Ages

Suitable for all ages -  Archery Tag Singapore
Suitable for all ages – Archery Tag Singapore (Image retrieved from Archery Tag Sg)

Young or old, there are no age limits when it comes to playing archery games! As long as you are a minimum of 1.2m tall, there will definitely be a role for you to play. A combat archery tag session is an exciting event which the game involves analysis and show team members strengths.

Archery tag Singapore is a great activity to bridge generation gaps in workplaces and between family members. If you prefer not to sweat too much, choose an indoor archery location and play the role of a main archer shooting from behind the bunkers!

For those who are more active, use this opportunity to show off your agility with your sleek movements, dodging, speed, and precision!

8. Great for all occasions

Great for all occasion -  Archery Tag Singapore
Great for all occasion – Archery Tag Singapore (Image retrieved from Combat Archery Sg)

Whether it is to create a fun memorable time celebrating your birthday with friends playing indoor archery, or to create a stronger bond during a team building event with colleagues, there is always a reason to play archery games!

As the largest archery tag provider, our combat archery is suitable for all ages, this makes archery tag Singapore perfect for any occasion and audience you have, and a perfect team building event!

Combat Archery is a popular activity amongst schools for student camps and orientations, as there is a strong emphasis on communication for new students to get to know one another!

With camaraderie and loads of laughter, archery games are especially perfect for breaking the ice! 

9. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Teamwork -  Archery Tag Singapore
Teamwork – Archery Tag Singapore (Image retrieved from Archery Tag Sg)

Communication and collaboration are the key elements present in an archery tag activity, as teams work together to achieve a common objective.

As the archery tag activity starts you’ll be tapping on each team member’s strength to overcome another’s weakness, and observing opponents’ strategies, teams tend to find creative ways to problem-solve unitedly while minimizing conflicts.

These are soft skills that can later be brought back and used at the workplace for an improved work environment and to accomplish better results!

10. Highly Affordable

Affordable -  Archery Tag Singapore
Affordable – Archery Tag Singapore (Image retrieved from Archery Tag Sg)

Why break the bank when fun experiences should be made easily accessible and highly affordable! In a city where the cost of living is high, we have got you covered! With prices starting from only $15/pax, enjoy great value and savings while still having a good time! Rest assured that the pricing has no compromise on quality. All our facilitators will need to undergo an internal ASEA quality training before they are allowed to run any event.

Tips when playing archery tag

When playing archery tag, remember the following tips to ensure a fun and safe experience:

1. Make sure you are ready to play.

2. Stay aware of your surroundings and be cautious when running or dodging arrows.

3. Follow the instructions of the game referees carefully.

4. Work together with your team to strategize and overcome your opponents.

5. Have FUN!

6. Wear comfortable sports attire, preferably covered shoes

7. Choose Singapore convenient locations, preferably within walking distance of available transportation

Here at Fun Empire, as the leading archery tag provider, we organize archery tag games and have more archery tag equipment than others. Our services are suitable for team-building events and can be conducted in your preferred event venue. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and quality products, as we only give you the best team-building event.

Archery Tag Singapore

With so many reasons to join an archery tag session in Singapore, what are you waiting for? Get your adrenaline pumping, and stay fit while having fun!

The Fun Empire offers add-on services such as buffet catering, corporate gifts, and bus transportation as well, so request for a quotation for a one-stop solution for your events today! Also, this is a perfect Team Building Singapore activity!

P.S. Looking for tips on how to win in Archery Tag? Here’s a handy cheat sheet for you to refer to for your next session!

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of events are Combat Archery Tag Singapore suitable for?

Archery tag team building eventsu003cbru003eArchery tag for school eventsu003cbru003eArchery tag for corporate eventsu003cbru003eArchery tag for birthday parties

How do you play archery tag?

Archery tag is a fast-paced, archery-based game that involves two teams trying to shoot arrows at each other. The game is played in a similar fashion to dodgeball, with players trying to hit their opponents with the arrows and avoid being hit themselves. There are typically six arrows per player and the game is over when one team has run out of arrows or someone has been hit by an arrow and is out of the game.

What sport is archery?

Archery tag is a sport that involves shooting arrows at a target.