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7 Best Places For Archery Singapore To Try [2024]

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Archery Singapore

Best Archery Singapore
Best Archery Singapore

Archery is now one of the popular sports in Singapore. There are many providers choosing to offer archery as a sport for recreation.

The Best Archery Places in Singapore for 2024 include FunEmpire, Team Building Singapore, Cohesion Team Building Singapore, Archery Tag Singapore, and Combat Archery Tag Singapore.

Some of them offer archery courses in Singapore, while others provide some indoor archery fun in Singapore (such as Archery Tag in Singapore!)

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced archer, there are plenty of places to enjoy this exciting activity.

In this article, we’ll explore the best places for archery in Singapore!

Quick Summary

  • Best archery places in Singapore include FunEmpire, Team Building Singapore, Cohesion Team Building Singapore, Archery Tag Singapore, and Combat Archery Tag Singapore.
  • When choosing an archery place in Singapore, consider factors such as equipment rental, safety measures, and availability of instructors.
  • FunEmpire’s archery tag is Singapore’s top choice, known for hosting 50,000+ successful events and garnering 8,000+ outstanding reviews.

Our Selection Criteria

The list of the most excellent archery tag Singapore suppliers was compiled by our experts using the following criteria:

  • Customer Satisfaction: Here we looked at the number and quality of reviews and testimonials from those who actually tried an archery service. 
  • Quality of Equipment and Safety Measures: Our recommendations include operators who use only the best-maintained archery equipment in accordance with safety rules. 
  • Variety of Archery Activities Offered: Those companies with the greatest variety of archery activities available, including traditional target archery, dynamic archery tag games, and educational classes, earned higher ratings.
  • Experience and Expertise: We favoured archery service providers who had the right and longstanding experience of conducting archery, coaching archery and conducting archery event for others.
  • Accessibility and Location: We took into consideration the location of the venues, and picked and analysed locations that are accessible to a larger audience in Singapore. This ensured that no archery enthusiast would have to travel far to indulge in their passion.

What Is Archery In Singapore?

 Archery is the art of shooting arrows with the help of a bow at a target. Archery has become a popular recreational activity in Singapore. Many people are taking an interest in it as a hobby.

Archery provides many benefits for your physical and mental health. It is not just a game for fun, but also a fun way to improve your health.

Archery is a sport that is low impact and can be enjoyed by both young and old. It helps in a person’s hand-eye coordination, balance and also helps in focusing one’s attention and relieving stress.

Here in Singapore, there are various ranges for archery, whether in an indoor range or outdoor ranges, some are mobile and can be set up at events or parties.

Best Archery Singapore Providers

 With that information in mind, we can now explore where you can go in Singapore to enjoy archery, and to have a memorable time as well.

1. FunEmpire

Where to

FunEmpire is a team building and events company that runs Archery Tag and many other activities.

Archery Tag in Singapore  is a fun version of archery played in Singapore where players use foam-tipped arrows to hit their opponents in a secure and enjoyable shooting experience. It is not the conventional method of shooting a bow and arrow, but this activity promises to provide players with the same excitement of shooting arrows like a hero without the usual pain and mast of bow and arrow.

 If you’re looking for a fun activity for a team building event or a birthday parties or other kind of social gathering, Archery Tag is the thing!

Client Testimonial

10 out of 10! I would definitely recommend Fun Empire!


Check out FunEmpire’s Archery Tag here

2. Team Building Singapore

Team Building Singapore
Team Building Singapore
Where to

 Team Building Singapore provides an exciting and fun activity for a team building session, which is archery tag.

Archery Tag is a great activity for a team building that can improve your communication skills and teamwork!

Client Testimonial

Team Building Singapore’s archery tag was a blast! Our team had so much fun and bonded like never before.

Sarah J.

Check out Team Building Singapore’s Archery Tag here

3. Cohesion Team Building Singapore

Cohesion Team Building Singapore
Cohesion Team Building Singapore
Where to

Cohesion Team Building Singapore provides team building programs tailored to your team – one of the activities being archery tag.

Your team will receive professional instructions from their professional instructors on how to ‘shoot’ with a bow and arrow. Having fun and friendly competition will not only help improve your shooting skills, but can also help boost teamwork and make your team closer.

Client Testimonial

Cohesion Team Building Singapore knows how to create memorable experiences. Archery tag was a hit, and we felt closer as a team.

David W.

Check out Cohesion Team Building Singapore’s Archery Tag here

4. Archery Tag Singapore

Archery Tag Singapore
Archery Tag Singapore
Where to

Archery Tag Singapore is a provider that specializes in Archery Tag, a sport combining aspects of dodgeball and paintball. Archery tag focuses on fun and safety, making it appropriate for individuals of all ages, fitness and skill levels. The sport is especially great for team building activity or having fun with friends.

Client Testimonial

It’s a must-try activity for anyone looking for adrenaline-pumping fun. The event facilitator was very energetic too!

Lisa C.

Check out Archery Tag Singapore’s Archery Tag here

5. Combat Archery Tag Singapore

Combat Archery Tag Singapore
Combat Archery Tag Singapore
Where to

Combat Archery Tag Singapore provides many Archery Packages such as Combat Archery, the newest sport that combines dodgeball and archery. 

With their expert instructors, you will learn various bow shooting techniques such as stance and aiming.

The quality archery equipment including bows and arrows is also on rental, which make Combat Archery a good option to be physically and mentally healthy, and enhance your teamwork and communication skills.

Client Testimonial

We loved every minute of it.

Jessica L.

Check out Combat Archery Tag Singapore’s Archery Tag here

6. Team Building Activities Singapore

TeamBuilding Activities Singapore
TeamBuilding Activities Singapore
Where to

Team Building Activities Singapore provides a wide range of team bonding activities in Singapore and one of them is Archery Tag.

Their instructors will teach you the proper techniques to shoot a bow and arrow and provide you with archery equipment of quality for rental purposes.

Archery Tag is a fun activity as it helps to improve concentration and focus. It is an ideal activity for both adults and children of all fitness levels.

Client Testimonial

Birthday Party Singapore made my special day unforgettable with their awesome archery tag party!

Alex M.

Check out Team Building Activities Singapore’s Archery Tag here

7. Team Building Games Singapore

Team Building Games Singapore
Team Building Games Singapore
Where to

Team Building Games Singapore provides team building games and team bonding activities in Singapore. They can conduct archery indoor team building games in Singapore for you.

Their instructors are experienced and professional, and will guide you through the activity.

Archery Tag is an activity where people can learn how to build team spirit and how to communicate with each other.

Client Testimonial

Team Building Games Singapore’s archery tag added a unique twist to our team-building event.

Kevin H.

Check out Team Building Games Singapore’s Archery Tag here

Other Archery Options To Consider

8. DM Archery

DM Archery provides a full range of archery services for both beginner and advanced archers. Their instructors will work with you and tailor the training to your needs, allowing you to achieve the best performance possible. Apart from training, they also offer archery equipments for renting and a wide range of archery accessories.

9. Archery Club of Singapore

The Archery Club of Singapore is a community of archers who serve the public with archery products and archery services, including archery rentals, basic archery course, archery classes, archery training, archery lessons, archery noodles, and friendships. With their archery programs, you will learn how to shoot a bow and arrow from their archery instructors.

10. Pasir Ris Elias Archery Club

Pasir Ris Elias Archery Club is a community of archers who provide archery services and programs. You can come at your own convenience to rent their equipment or to join one of their training programs. They have professional instructors who can teach you how to use a bow and arrow.

11. Salt & Light Archery

Salt & Light Archery is an archery provider where experts of all levels can enjoy this sport, and they provide you with professional locations to take your archery lessons. They are equipped with experienced instructors who will introduce you to shooting a bow and arrow step by step, and offer you a full range of top quality equipment for renting, basic course, and intermediate course, and even build special archery package for corporate events, team building and private parties.

12. Ace Archery

Ace Archery is a well-established teaching provider dedicated to the recreational sport of archery. They have instructors with years of experience to teach you the correct form of how to handle a bow and arrow. Additionally, they also provide high-end archery equipment for rental. They can customize their archery packages to fulfill the specific needs of corporate event, team building and private parties for different groups of attendees.

13. Telok Blangah Archery Club

Telok Blangah Archery Club is a community of archery enthusiasts in Singapore.

Their archery association provides archery services such as archery equipment rental and archery training programs, and the coaches there are able to provide you with the necessary and basic techniques to shoot a bow and arrow.

Aside from that, individuals who are passionate about archery can also join the friendly community at Telok Blangah Archery Club.

14. The Archery Academy

The archery service is provided by the Archery Academy.

They offer experienced archers who teach you how to shoot a bow and arrow accurately as well as introducing archery skills and world of bow and arrow enjoyed by beginners.

They also offer high quality equipment for rent and can provide you with custom archery packages for corporate team building, company team building events and private parties.

15. Flaming Arrows Archery Club

Flaming Arrows Archery Club is a group of archery enthusiasts that provides archery services which include the rental of archery equipment and archery programs.

These archery services are conducted by experts in archery that can teach people by showing them the right steps in shooting a bow and arrow and offering archery programs to those who are interested.

Archery Singapore

Fan of Hunger Games and now ready to level up and try archery in Singapore?

If yes, then you are at the right place as we have many options for you.

Many instructors can assure you to learn the sport in a very good way, and there are many options available for renting some great equipment.

You can enjoy archery in Singapore at the best places for archery. It is safe and it is adventurous, so grab your bow and arrows, let’s shoot some arrows!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about Places for Archery in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best Places for Archery in Singapore below:

What are the best places for archery in Singapore?

The best archery places in Singapore include FunEmpire, Team Building Singapore, Cohesion Team Building Singapore, Archery Tag Singapore, Combat Archery Tag Singapore, Cage Sports Park, and Punggol South Archery Centre.

What clothing should I wear for Archery in Singapore?

You can wear clothing that you are comfortable to perspire in, such as sportswear. Footwear-wise, it’s best to wear covered shoes.

Do I need to have any prior experience with archery?

No. You do not need to have any prior experience with archery to enjoy the sport. Most providers offer novice-friendly bows and arrows and instruction, so you can bring your family and friends along for a shot at bull’s-eye!

Is archery safe?

Yes. Archery is a safe sport, and many providers have regulations in place to ensure the safety of participants.

Can children participate in archery?

Yes. Archery is a sport that children can enjoy in Singapore. Nowadays, many archery providers offer equipment and programs that are suitable for children to take part in.

What are some of the archery tag game modes?

Archery tag game modes include special games such as capture the flag, domination, and the last king. Depending on the provider, there may be different variations of archery tag game modes.

Can I play archery tag indoors in Singapore, and if so, where?

Yes, you definitely can as archery tag is best experienced indoors. Providers such as FunEmpire, Team Building Singapore, Archery Tag Singapore, are all able to host your archery tag events at their indoor venues!

How can I find affordable archery tag packages in Singapore?

Archery Tag is a growing business, with competition among providers leading to more affordable packages. You can find group packages that provide a discounted rate for groups, as well as special deals such as neon archery tag package, which is sometimes discounted for groups or non-peak hours. Always remember to compare packages among different providers. Affordable packages don’t necessarily mean that the business is less qualified than others!

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