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5 Workshops in Singapore to Relieve Corporate Stress [2024]

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Corporate Workshop Singapore

Corporate Workshop Singapore

Most corporate employees go through a lot of stress every day. The corporate environment is not a very healthy one, and that can lead to a number of problems. Luckily, there are corporate workshops in Singapore that provide relief from the corporate life! In this blog post we will list 5 wonderful corporate workshops in Singapore for you to consider attending including a leather workshop. Leather workshop Singapore and other workshops are sure to release work tension.

1) Leather Making Workshop

The corporate leather making workshop is a unique one. It helps corporate employees to de-stress through the process of creating their own products! A fully guided experience by trained facilitators, corporate teams will get to bring home their own DIY card holders, coin pouches or key fobs!

2) Art Jamming Workshop

The art jamming workshop allows corporate employees to explore their creative side by painting their own masterpieces! With various packages such as Neon Art Jamming, Group Art Jamming, Canvas Art Jamming, Tote Bag Art Jamming and more, this workshop will definitely put a smile on participants’ faces!

3) Terrarium Workshop

When talking about de-stressing, a Terrarium Workshop is the ideal choice. Participants will get to create their own mini-garden, which has therapeutic effects! Fully guided by professional facilitators with all materials included, this will be a great choice for a corporate workshop in Singapore.

4) Clay Making Workshop

Participants will be able to learn how to create their own figurines out of clay! With endless possibilities imaginable, this will allow corporate teams to express their creativity and bond over shared creations!

5) Balloon Sculpting Workshop

The balloon sculpting workshop is perfect for corporate team bonding! Participants will learn how to create their own beautiful balloons shapes that they can keep as souvenirs. As corporate employees, this may be the only time you get creative with balloons at work!

Corporate Workshop Singapore

Corporate workshops in Singapore like a leather workshop Singapore can be a great way to relieve corporate stress for corporate employees. If you want to try out some corporate workshops, here are 5 that we recommend: leather workshop, art jamming workshop, terrarium workshop, clay making workshop and balloon sculpting workshop!

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