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Best Foam Team Building Games in Singapore [2023]

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Foam Team Building Games Singapore

Team Building Games can be a hassle to create, Get creative by incorporating foam sponges into your team building games. A readily available material that can be found in almost all households, and easy to buy the product, and an excellent absorbent and flexible material– just like what any team building activity aims to achieve in each individual. 

Round up your team and be ready to absorb in these four sponge-filled games!

Foam Sponges Team Building Games

1. Combat Archery Tag

The best way to engage team-building with your tactical and communication skills is through a fun and exciting combat archery tag session! The best combat archery tag in Singapore, an action-packed game, archery tag can be played indoors ( air-conditioned area with neon lights) and outdoors. Players would get on hold a bow with multiple arrows, padded with a special foam tip, to ensure safety throughout the game. On top of that, everyone in the game will have a mask on for extra protection.

The first team that manages to knock out the opposition will be crowned as Champions. The game will bring out the competitiveness and teamwork within the participants when they try to win as a team! Get ready to be as cool as your favourite archers (mine is Legolas from Lord of the Rings!) as you take aim, shoot, and dodge your way to victory!

Combat Archery Singapore (Mountbatten/Lavender Outlet)
Starting from $15/Pax
Venue: 5B Guillemard Road, Level 3 Wing Fong Building, Singapore 399685/ 91A Lavender Street Singapore 338719
Telephone: 6515 4146/ 6816 1998
Opening Hours: 9am – 10pm Daily

Suit Up and book your Combat Archery Tag session here!

2. Water Bomb Captain’s Ball

Is the regular captain’s ball too boring for your team? Well then, time to step up the challenge and replace the ball with a sponge instead! It isn’t easy to catch a small sponge, and this game would require strong communication and teamwork while everyone works together as one. This team-building activity is simple and easy to set up, add a twist, or even think of new game modes to be played to make it more exciting!

3. Whacko

Whacko is a fun team building activity suitable to be played as an icebreaker for teammates to understand each other better.

Firstly, have everyone in the circle to introduce and share more about themselves. Secondly, have a person sit in the middle, try calling out different traits, characteristics, likes or dislikes of another team member. Lastly, get the person in the centre to guess and “hit” the correct person with the foam noodle.

This version of Whacko allows team members to know one another better through a short game; you can also add forfeits to spice the up game up!

4. Sticky Noodles

These ‘Noodles’ refer to the foam noodles used in pool games. Get your team into pairs, and get each pair to walk from one end of the room to the other with the foam noodle attached between them both.

To make it more challenging, you can create a rule to restrict which body parts to use in holding the foam noodle between the pair. If you want a greater challenge, use only the ends of the foam noodles!

Suggestion: Use only your foreheads to hold the foam noodles between pairs!

Foam Team Building Games

These are just a few quick and simple games, which you can set up to play, If you want more interesting and fun team building games/ fun team bonding activities, check out these other articles as well! 🙂

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