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7 Team Building Activities in Singapore That Are Actually Fun [2023]

Fun Group Activities Singapore

Best Fun Group Activities Singapore
Best Fun Group Activities Singapore

Are you tired of the standard team building activities? Is it hard to get your employees excited about them? If you’re looking for an exciting and engaging way to bring your employees together, take a look at the incredible team building activities we offer.

Team building activities are ice-breakers, conversation starters, and a way to encourage bonding. Getting your new team to bond and work well together can be a daunting task! The good news is that there are plenty of creative ways to tackle this obstacle. Common team building activities for work are: the human knot, name-games, or “Two Truths and a Lie.”

The problem with these team building activities is that they are all overused. Employees don’t want to have to sit through another mind-numbing game of: “tell us three interesting things about you…”

Be the employer that gets creative and thinks outside the box!

Show your employees you care about them, and that you’re willing to invest time in their happiness.

If you’re struggling with ideas, then you’ve come to the right place. We combined our expertise on “fun,” to give you some options for your team building activities!

Try one of these seven team building activities that are actually fun!

Team Building Activities for Thrill-Seekers

1)  Escape Room

Escape Room- Fun Group Activities Singapore
Escape Room- Fun Group Activities Singapore

If you’re looking for adventure, then the Escape Room activity is a perfect choice for your team!

Not only will your team be having a blast, but they’ll have to work together to solve puzzles.

This exciting opportunity allows your employees to come together as a team. As they work to discover clues, they get to know one another, without the pressures of actual work.

No one will have to worry about making a mistake!

They’ll have to collaborate and share ideas in a fun and mysterious way.

All the while, they’ll be practicing teamwork to complete a common goal.

Price: From $15/pax



2) Saber Tag

Saber Tag- Fun Group Activities Singapore
Saber Tag- Fun Group Activities Singapore

Saber tag is jam-packed with different challenges and positive play.

What better way to get your team bonded than with a little, non-threatening adrenaline!

Team members will race against each other on an exhilarating mission of “pretend” combat.

At the Fun Empire, safety as a number one priority. That’s why we provide you and your team with all the equipment you’ll need to have a fun, safe, and unforgettable experience!

Price: From $15/pax



3) Bubble Bump

Bubble Bump - Fun Group Activities Singapore
Bubble Bump – Fun Group Activities Singapore

Get your team in touch with their playful side with Bubble Bump!

Team members will wear an inflatable bubble throughout the game. Using this bubble, they’ll run around a field trying to score a goal by kicking a ball into the goal net.

It’s like soccer! But, with a tiny twist.

The twist is that teammates can bump into each other because they’re protected by an inflatable bubble.

This activity is both a stress reliever and encourages your team to make efficient decisions.

Price: From $15/pax



Team Building Activities for Creative Minds

Creative team building activities for adults don’t always have to be thrill-seeking. You may have a creative group of people that prefer tamer activities.

No worries!

There are plenty of peaceful activities that encourage bonding and gentle conversation.

Painting classes offer a wonderful, relaxed setting for creativity to frolic. Which leads us into the fourth team building activity your team will actually enjoy!

4) Art Jamming

Art Jamming - Fun Group Activities Singapore
Art Jamming – Fun Group Activities Singapore

Art Jamming is all about letting your inner child delve into the magical world of artistic creativity. There isn’t a better place to bring a team together than in a peaceful environment filled with color and creativity.

Art Jamming provides a safe environment for your employees. They’ll start to feel comfortable enough to relax and express themselves. It’s the perfect ice-breaker and team bonding activity. Team members will not have to worry about judgment or fitting in. Art is also inclusive and celebrates everyone’s uniqueness.

Price: From $19 / pax



Fun Team Building Activities

5) Neon Bowling

Neon Bowling- Fun Group Activities Singapore
Neon Bowling- Fun Group Activities Singapore

Who’s up for some friendly competition? Healthy competition in a team setting promotes the future possibility of innovation. Expanding or progressing companies can benefit from a team that works to advance their business in an innovative way.

Set your team up with success with Neon Bowling!

Bowling inspires teammates to cheer each other on and support one another. Every time they bowl, they’ll experience a friendly spotlight like pitching an idea in the office.

Bowling is a fun team building activity that works to make your team member feel comfortable in the spotlight. It also helps to bring your team together so they can support one another.

Neon Bowling takes it one step further by incorporating music and lights.

Price: From $18/pax



6) Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga - Fun Group Activities Singapore
Giant Jenga – Fun Group Activities Singapore

Giant Jenga is a mental, nerve-wrecker! If you’re looking to see how your team handles a little stress, then Giant Jenga is the right choice for you. Like its name, Giant Jenga is a life-size version of a regular table-sized Jenga game you could pick up at the store.

The size allows players to be more hands-on and physical, which makes the game that much more exciting. Teammates will have to work together to see which piece is the best to remove without toppling their Jenga tower.

How will your team do?

Price: From $8/pax



Most Thrilling Team Building Activity

If your team is full of daredevils and adrenaline junkies you might be looking for some a tab more exciting. We’ve saved the best for last! This activity is an exhilarating, heart-pumping adventure.

7) Combat Archery Tag

Combat Archery Tag - Fun Group Activities Singapore
Combat Archery Tag – Fun Group Activities Singapore

Combat Archery Tag allows players to shoot a bow and arrow at other moving opponents and targets. Our arrows are foam-tipped, making the activity safe for all participants.

Combat Archery Tag tests improvisation and decision-making skills. This activity also teaches your team about strategic planning. As they run around the field, dodging shots, they’ll have to think fast, plan, and communicate.

That means your team will be mentally and physically stimulated throughout the game!

Price: From $15/pax



Fun Group Activities Singapore

Don’t hold back when it comes to investing in your team.

How you treat your team is how they will interpret feeling valued. Investing in fun team building activities helps any professional relationship grow. These activities offer the chance to create an enduring foundation.

Fun team building activities make for a fun workplace. A little play can go a long way. Perfect the power of play and join us today for a team building activity!

Let us help you bring joy, excitement, and curiosity into your workplace. Try Team Building Singapore today!

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