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How To Plan A Birthday Party in Singapore [2024]

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How to Plan a Birthday Party Singapore

How to Plan a Birthday Party Singapore
How to Plan a Birthday Party Singapore

Planning a birthday party can be thrilling yet challenging.

Planning events involves choosing the right venue, managing the budget, and creating memorable moments amidst a mix of excitement and stress.

The best birthday party planning in Singapore for 2024 are Choose the date and time, Settle on a budget, Create a Guest list, Pick a Venue, Choose a birthday package (optional), Pick a party theme, Send out invitations & gather decorations for the party, Plan the Food & Beverages, and D-DAY.

To achieve success effortlessly, make sure to follow our comprehensive 9-step guide that will lead you to a seamless and stress-free celebration!

Let’s make birthday parties about joy, not stress!

Quick Summary

  • When planning a birthday party in Singapore, follow these steps: choose date, budget, guest list, venue, party theme, birthday party package, send invites, plan food, and beverages for the party to prepare for the big day.
  • When planning a birthday party in Singapore, consider factors such as budget, party’s theme, guest list, and activities.
  • FunEmpire, the leading event company in Singapore, boasts an impressive track record of over 50,000 successful events and has garnered over 8,000 5-Star reviews from satisfied clients.

Key Things To Remember Before Planning A Birthday Party

  • Establish the budget: Before anything else, decide how much you’re willing to spend on the birthday party. This will help narrow down your options when it comes to venue and delicious food choices that fit within your budget.
  • Select a suitable birthday venue: Depending on the age of the birthday celebrant, you may want to choose a suitable venue for the celebration. For example, if it’s a kids’ party, then you should consider looking for a playground or indoor play area. On the other hand, if it’s an adult birthday party, then finding an appropriate restaurant or bar would be more appropriate.
  • Choose an appropriate time and date: Once you have selected a suitable venue, decide on the most appropriate time and date for both the birthday celebrant and their guests. This is to ensure that everyone can make it without any problems.
  • Set up invitations for guests: After you have decided when and where the party will be held, you should start setting up birthday party invitations for your guests. You can either send physical or digital invitations depending on how formal or casual the celebration will be.
  • Finalize catering arrangements (if necessary): Depending on your chosen venue, you may need to finalize catering arrangements with the help of a professional caterer. This is especially important if the party will be held at a location without an in-house kitchen or dining facility.
  • Plan games and activities for children (or adults!): If the birthday celebration is for children, then you should make sure to plan out some games and activities for them. This will help keep them entertained throughout the party and ensure that it’s a memorable one!
  • Acknowledge special requests from the birthday person: In addition to the above, you should also take note of any special requests that the birthday celebrant may have. This could be anything from a particular theme or food preference, to special decorations or activities planned out for their special day.
  • Prepare decorations & Birthday cake/cupcakes or desserts: As soon as you have all the preparations sorted out, you should start preparing decorations to liven up the venue and make it more festive. For example, hanging streamers or balloons are always nice additions. Furthermore, don’t forget to get a birthday cakes or cupcakes or desserts for everyone to enjoy!
  • Make sure to allocate enough time for clean up: Lastly, make sure to allocate enough time for clean up after the party. This is especially important if you’re planning a larger-scale event. You should also consider asking some volunteers to help you with this task as it can be quite laborious.

How to Plan a Memorable Birthday Celebration in Singapore

Step 1: Choose the date and time

Choose the Date and Time (Credits:
Choose the Date and Time (Credits:

First and foremost, it is paramount to establish the date and time for the birthday party plan. As everyone’s schedule is different during the weekdays, it is highly advised against holding the birthday party from Monday to Friday.

On the other hand, picking a weekend or public holiday would be more welcomed since most people are free from work and may not have many plans.

Another tip is to select a date that’s far enough in advance so people will be able to mark their calendars. Next, just choose a preferred time to hold it and consider the amount of time the party will take especially if you’ve booked a venue.

Step 2: Settle on a budget

Settle on a Budget (Credits:
Settle on a Budget (Credits:

The next aspect is to settle on a budget. Breaking down the budget for your birthday party plan is very important as it is the aspect that impacts every other detail.

You can start off by using a budget template in an Excel spreadsheet, followed by breaking down how much should be spent for each specific expense such as food, entertainers, decorations, etc.

Remember to be realistic about your budget, it’s not necessary to spend a bombshell for the party! Having a fun-filled day is important but do make sure that all necessary costs are factored in. This is to avoid unplanned costs spiraling out of control and ruining the party.

Step 3: Create a Guest list

Create a Guest list
Create a Guest list

Creating a guest list helps you to cross-check if all invitations have been sent out and that no one had been forgotten. The guest list is important as it also affects other aspects as well.

For example, if the number of guests increases, your overall budget also has to go up as well. This is due to the fact that you’ll probably need a bigger venue and more food options to accommodate all of them.

Hence, keep in mind that more does not necessarily translate into merrier. Consider the budget and invite only people who are more than happy to celebrate your big day.

One tip is to utilize an RSVP list so you can better keep track of who is attending and who isn’t, along with any dietary specifications.

Step 4: Pick a Venue

Pick a Venue (Credits:
Pick a Venue (Credits:

After selecting who you wish to invite, the next step for your birthday party plan is to pick a venue that will be able to accommodate everyone.

As we mentioned earlier, the size of the invitation list and gathering will determine whether a bigger or smaller birthday venue is needed. The ideal venue would obviously be someone’s house.

However, not everyone’s house is able to accommodate so many people. Hence, when push comes to shove, there may be a need to hold the birthday party at a separate venue instead such as at hotels.

Here’s a list of possible birthday venues or event space rentals to consider:


PriceVenue starts from $99/hour, Activities starts from $15/pax
CapacityUp to 150 pax
AddressHyperspace, 91A Lavender Street, Singapore 338719
Phone Number8769 1955


PriceVenue starts from $70/hour, Activities starts from $15/pax
CapacityUp to 80 pax
Address60 Tannery Ln, Singapore 347803
Phone Number+65 6016 7147

The chosen location will also dictate the kind of activities that your guests will participate in. Where the birthday party is held will also be dependent on the demographics of the majority of your guests (e.g. kids cannot celebrate at the bar). Do note to also keep in mind any guests in need of certain accommodations, like wheelchairs, etc as well.

Step 5: Choose a birthday package (optional)

Choose a Birthday Package (Credits:
Choose a Birthday Package (Credits:

The next step is optional. While you can execute your own birthday party plan, we understand that sometimes it may be too time-consuming and complicated.

So, another option is to outsource the planning and execution of your birthday party to an experienced birthday party planner or an events coordinator.

It’s a one-stop solution for all your birthday party needs (games & activities, venue, food & drinks, and party decorations). 

Step 6: Pick a party theme

Pick a Party Theme
Pick a Party Theme

Who’s to say having a party theme is childish and a waste of time? It can really improve the overall party experience. If it’s your own birthday party, then you’ll have the freedom to plan whatever theme that you want.

However, if you are planning the party for someone else, you should consult them first about whether they would even want this option. This is because while having a themed birthday party plan can be really unique, it can significantly increase the overall budget once you incorporate it into the food, decorations, and invitations.

If it’s a child’s birthday, the theme can be based on their favorite TV show or movie. For adults, appropriate themes can include color themes such as black and white, or peach, etc. 

Step 7: Send out invitations & gather decorations for the party

Send out invitations (Credits:
Send out invitations (Credits:

Now is the time to start sending out invitations to your guests once the earlier details have been confirmed.

However, you may be asking yourself, “When is it a good time to start sending out invitations?” Send them out at least one month in advance to give people time to prepare for it.

Do note to provide RSVP details on the invitation and if you have a theme for your party, it is also highly advised to personalize and decorate them in conjunction with the theme!

You can also ask for assistance from confirmed guests to aid you in setting up, providing food, decorating, transporting, etc. Shop and gather decorations together for the party such as balloons, party banners, and more.

Do note that you can save money by using existing decorations that you already have or by borrowing them from friends.

Step 8: Plan the Food & Beverages

Plan Food & Beverage (Credit: Shutterstock)
Plan Food & Beverage (Credit: Shutterstock)

Last but not least, it’s never good to have a birthday party plan without food! Decide the type of food best for the party. Find out dietary restrictions or preferences from guests.

Bear in mind, the length of the party affects the amount of food you’ll need to order as well. For a party that lasts for an hour, you’ll probably require only drink refreshments.

On the other hand, for a longer and larger party, you have the choice to make the food yourself or order from a caterer. Ordering from a caterer offers a wider range of menus to choose from, although you need to consider your budget again.

Another tip is to consider doing your birthday party food options in a buffet style! This ensures that everyone feeds themselves whenever they want, which increases convenience!

Step 9: D-DAY


It’s the day of the party! However, before the celebration starts, call up and gather the people you’ve organized for help. Begin by setting up the decorations and the food (if necessary).

Next, ensure that the food gets to the venue on time. Remember to give yourself enough time to set up as rushing will only stress you out.

Lastly, just enjoy the party! However, let’s not forget to clean up, tear down and thank everyone once the party’s over! Be sure to seek help from the guests should the workload be too heavy!

How to Plan a Birthday Party Singapore

Planning a successful party need not be a daunting task. With these detailed steps, you can orchestrate a celebration that will be remembered fondly by all.

Whether choosing to go all out with a birthday package or meticulously handcrafting each aspect, remember that the heart of the party lies in the joy and connections shared among friends and family. May your efforts culminate in a joyous occasion, brimming with laughter, love, and a trove of happy memories.

Here’s to making the next birthday party you plan a resounding success!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about how to plan a birthday party in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about How To Plan A Successful Birthday Party in Singapore below:

How to plan the perfect birthday party in Singapore?

When planning a birthday celebrations in Singapore, follow these 9 simple steps: choose date, budget, guest list, venue, party theme, birthday party packages, send invites, plan food, and beverages for the party to prepare for the big day.

What are the best kids birthday party venues in Singapore?

The best kid’s birthday party venue in Singapore include FunEmpire HQ, The Cage @ Kallang, CharisTurf @ Eunos, Futsal Arena @ Yishun, and Wing Fong Building.

How can I make my child’s birthday party a fun and exciting experience in Singapore?

To make your child’s birthday party a fun and exciting experience, consider incorporating engaging activities, games, and entertainment that cater to the interests of the birthday kid. Singapore is home to various kids party venues that offer unique experiences. You could also consider hiring a professional party host to keep the energy levels high throughout the event.

What should be considered when planning a birthday dinner in Singapore?

When planning a birthday dinner in Singapore, it’s important to consider the preferences of the birthday kid and guests. Think about whether you want a sit down dinner or a buffet style meal. Also, consider the dress code for the evening. Some venues may require formal attire, while others may allow casual wear.

How can I ensure a memorable celebration for my child’s birthday party in Singapore?

A memorable celebration can be achieved by personalizing the party according to the birthday kid’s interests. This could include a themed decoration, personalized goodie bags, and a cake that reflects their favorite character or hobby. Additionally, hosting the party in a special party room can add an extra touch of excitement.

What are some popular venues to host parties for children in Singapore?

Singapore has numerous venues to host children’s party. Choose from indoor playgrounds, theme parks, wildlife reserves, and more. Each venue provides a different setting, so choose one that aligns with your child’s interests to ensure a fun and exciting experience.

What are some tips for successful party planning in Singapore?

Successful party planning involves a clear budget, timely invitations, and careful selection of the venue. Consider the age and interests of the birthday kid while planning. Don’t forget elements like goodie bags, food preferences, and a suitable dress code. Hiring a professional party host can also help ease the stress and ensure a smooth event.

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