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10 Best Meeting Room Rental Singapore [2024]

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Meeting Room Rental Singapore

Best Meeting Room Rental Singapore
Best Meeting Room Rental Singapore

Discover the ideal space for your corporate gatherings with our curated list of meeting room rentals, conference rooms, and meeting rooms in Singapore, designed to cater to every business need.

The best meeting room venues in Singapore for 2024 are FunEmpire HQ, We are Spaces, Venue Square, Bearyfun Studio, and HIGHfive.

Whether you’re seeking the perfect meeting room, a spacious conference room, or a compact Singapore meeting room for smaller gatherings, you’ll find an array of options to suit your requirements.

For those in search of a small meeting room or a more extensive meeting space to impress business partners, our selection includes conveniently located options that cater to both intimate and sizable corporate functions.

Each location is fully equipped, available for rent, and strategically situated to ensure your meetings are both productive and accessible.

Quick Summary

  • Best meeting room in Singapore for 2024 are FunEmpire HQ, We are Spaces, Venue Square, Bearyfun Studio, and HIGHfive.
  • When choosing a meeting room Singapore, consider the location’s accessibility, amenities provided, and the space’s capacity to ensure it meets your specific needs.
  • Meeting rooms in Singapore are highly sought after for their state-of-the-art facilities and strategic locations, making them an ideal choice for businesses looking to foster a professional and productive meeting environment.

Our Selection Criteria

We’ve handpicked top-tier Meeting Room providers in Singapore, following thorough research, customer insights, and our decade-long expertise in event organization.

  • Engaging with Clients: Let’s dive into how Meeting Room providers connect with clients, examining their interactions and responsiveness to ensure satisfaction and smooth coordination when planning meetings.
  • Diverse and Creative Spaces: We’re all about providers offering a variety of meeting rooms with innovative designs and customizable features. Our goal is to have spaces that cater to different meeting styles and preferences.
  • Easy Access and Convenience: We look for providers with user-friendly booking systems and convenient access for meeting organizers in Singapore. Our aim is to make the process seamless from inquiry to setup.
  • Scalable Solutions: We assess providers based on their ability to host meetings of all sizes, offering rooms suitable for various types of gatherings in Singapore. Quality standards and flexible arrangements are key.

Key Considerations when Choosing Meeting Room Rental Singapore

  • Location Accessibility: Choose a centrally located meeting room that is easily accessible by public transportation and offers ample parking space for attendees.
  • Facilities and Amenities: Ensure the meeting room is equipped with modern AV equipment, high-speed internet, comfortable seating, and adequate refreshment options.
  • Space Flexibility: Look for spaces that can be adjusted to different layouts (boardroom, theater, classroom) to accommodate various meeting types and sizes.
  • Cost and Booking Flexibility: Consider the rental cost and the flexibility in booking terms, including cancellation policies and the availability of hourly or daily rental options.
  • Professional Environment: Select a venue that provides a professional atmosphere, conducive to productive discussions and networking.
  • Customer Support: Ensure there is on-site or readily available support to address any technical or logistical issues that may arise during the meeting.

Best Meeting Room in Singapore

1. FunEmpire HQ

FunEmpire HQ – Experience an intimate event venue for your whole team
Key ServicesEvent Venue Singapore, Corporate Team Building events, Indoor Team Building Activities, Creative Workshops, company event planning, Corporate Events, Birthday Party Celebrations
Address60 Tannery Lane, Singapore 347803
Phone+65 6016 7147
Operating HoursMonday – Sunday: 9am to 10pm

FunEmpire HQ offers a vibrant and dynamic space equipped with innovative team-building activities and state-of-the-art facilities, perfect for corporate events and team outings.

2. We Are Spaces

(Credit: We Are Spaces)

We Are Spaces serves as a central hub for event planning and venue booking, offering a curated selection of venues and meeting spaces tailored to diverse preferences and requirements, ensuring seamless event execution and memorable experiences for organizers and guests alike.

3. Venue Square

(Credit: Venue Square)

Venue Square boasts versatile event spaces and customizable layouts, catering to a wide range of occasions, from weddings and birthday parties to business conferences and product launches.

4. Bearyfun Studio

(Credit: Tagvenue)

Bearyfun Studio ignites creativity with its whimsical design and interactive experiences, offering themed rooms and engaging activities suitable for both children and adults, making it an ideal destination for family-friendly events and themed parties.

5. HIGHfive

(Credit: HIGHfive)

HIGHfive energizes the party scene with its vibrant ambiance and lively entertainment options, providing a dynamic space for celebrations and festive gatherings that bring people together for memorable experiences and joyous moments.

6. Into the Woods

(Credit: Google Reviews)

Nestled amidst lush greenery, Into the Woods provides a serene and secluded setting for intimate gatherings and nature-inspired events, offering a unique blend of tranquility and sophistication.

7. Soulhaven

(Credit: Tagvenue)

Soulhaven offers a haven of tranquility and well-being, with serene spaces designed to promote mindfulness and holistic wellness, providing a peaceful retreat for intimate gatherings, wellness workshops, and rejuvenating experiences.



THE OUTSET epitomizes sophistication and exclusivity, boasting luxurious interiors and premium amenities ideal for upscale events and exclusive soirées, ensuring a memorable experience for discerning guests and distinguished occasions.

9. Plume Singapore

(Credit: Venuerific)

Plume Singapore exudes timeless elegance and sophistication, with its exquisite design and impeccable service, making it the preferred choice for weddings, receptions, and upscale social events that demand luxury and refinement.

10. The Common Good

(Credit: The Common Good)

With its welcoming atmosphere and community-centric approach, The Common Good is a popular choice for networking events, workshops, and cultural gatherings, fostering connections and collaboration among guests from all walks of life.

Meeting Room Rental Singapore

In the bustling city-state of Singapore, the selection of an event space, particularly meeting rooms for rent, vary depending on your specific needs and budget, ensuring there’s always a perfect venue for every occasion.

Discovering the right meeting room in Singapore paves the way for seamless planning and successful gatherings, blending efficiency with creativity for unforgettable events.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have any questions about the Meeting Room in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best Meeting Room in Singapore below:

What are the best meeting room in Singapore?

The best meeting room venues in Singapore are FunEmpire HQ, We are Spaces, Venue Square, Bearyfun Studio, and HIGHfive.

What is the difference between a meeting room and a conference room?

Conference rooms and meeting rooms differ in size and purpose. Conference rooms are larger, accommodating a dozen or more people, and feature AV components for presentations and lectures. Meeting rooms are smaller, designed for collaborative work and brainstorming, accommodating four people or less.

What are meeting rooms called?

A conference hall, conference room, or meeting room is a room provided for singular events such as business conferences and meetings.

What happens in a meeting room?

A meeting room is a designated space where you and your team can participate, brainstorm ideas and have important conversations. It’s an essential part of any office space and can aid in the improvement of workflows.

What is a meeting room?

A meeting room is a space set aside for teams to discuss issues, collaborate on projects, and make decisions. Whether you’re a small or large business, meeting room space and availability are often at a premium, and to host productive meetings, considerable resources are required.

Can you recommend a meeting room location in Southeast Asia, specifically near Raffles Place in Singapore?

For professionals seeking a meeting room in south east asia, particularly near Raffles Place in Singapore, the options are abundant with state-of-the-art facilities. The area around Raffles Place is known for its bustling business environment and hosts a variety of spaces suited for corporate gatherings, ranging from small meeting rooms to large conference halls, all equipped with the latest technology to facilitate productive sessions. These venues not only fulfill the logistical needs of a meeting but also provide a scenic backdrop that is characteristic of Singapore’s vibrant financial district.

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