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Fun Office Team Building Games In Singapore [2023]

Office Team Building Games Singapore

Best Office Team Building Games Singapore
Best Office Team Building Games Singapore

Team building is essential in any workplace. The problem with team building activities in the office is that some think it is “lame” or “boring” due to the different personalities and requests. Not the reaction anyone wants! The good news is that we have brainstormed and come up with 5 helpful team building ideas for you to foster team building within your office setting.

Read below as we provide valuable tips when you have team building activities in the office. Similarly, you check out 62 Unique and Fun Team Building Games in Singapore For 2021 to engage in more exciting and fun activities.

5 Simple Tips For Office Team Building Activities

1.  Inclusivity

Team building activities' tip, inclusivity

The next time when you create a team-building game within the office, try your best to include everyone in the office. Doing so will allow members to feel a sense of belonging and openness to communicate and share within the team.

Practising inclusivity also enables you to keep track of everyone’s progress. Furthermore, inclusivity allows a safe space to learn about your colleagues/employees’ background and feeling, improving the team’s overall relationship and chemistry.

2. Sharing

Team building activities, encourage sharing

The best way to get people to bond is to get them to share about themselves! Foster team bonding amongst your team members by sharing something about themselves at the end of the team-building activity. Sharing allows us to get to know more about another individual, and often, we find ourselves with many things in common. It will enable us to grow together, cementing stronger relationships with the people we spend at least 8 hours every day. With stronger relationships comes deeper trust and better coordination because there are mutual understanding and respect within the team. You’ll be sure to achieve maximum efficiency in no time!

3. Creative Breaks

Team building activities, creative art jamming

Take a break within work hours to host creative team building games– doodle, draw, paint, whatever allows you and your team to express themselves best. Creativity is always welcome in any workplace as it promotes innovative and “out of the box” thinking when met with a problem. Hosting a creative team building activity will allow your team to take a break from work, relief stress, and at the same time, let their imagination run wild.

If you want to read more on how art can develop thinking process, click here!

4. Encourage feedback

Constructivism – one team-building aspect that helps improve teamwork. Sometimes, people may be too shy to express their thoughts aloud when playing a team-building game. As such, it prevents constructive feedback from being shared. One way to get through this problem would be to have a feedback box passed around during and after the games. Doing so encourages your team to share their thoughts through writing, and this will give direction on which areas your team can improve on!

5. Practising Leadership

Leadership quality is an essential team building characteristic. It’s a form of initiative when an individual leads – they know the direction and what needs to be done. While there is often a team leader, it is excellent if other team members also possess leadership qualities to manage others should the team leader be absent for whatever reasons. Perhaps put different team members in charge of a specific role for each game; this will allow each one to learn how to take control of various situations and embrace the leader in them!

Team Building Ideas

To summarize, team building activities improve team chemistry and team relationships.

Recommended Activities

Virtual Travel Experience

  • Embark on an exploration adventure that combines the 360° live clues, Treasure Hunt, Virtual Amazing Race and Virtual Escape Room Experiences to take you through the different eras of Singapore’s history.

Hybrid Amazing Race

  • FunEmpire is proud to present Singapore’s first ever Hybrid Amazing Race experience that combines offline physical challenges with online interactive clues and puzzles.

Virtual Gold Heist (i.e. Ben’s Big Heist)

  • This game requires you and your pals to break into the bank and steal as much gold as possible. What you have is only a sketch of the bank, with some notes scrawled on it.

Virtual Game Show – Wheel of Fortune

  •  You and your team will be pitted against each other in a series of trivia questions. Take part in your very own private game show now!

Laser Tag

  • Laser Tag Singapore by FunEmpire takes an age-old, ordinary past-time for kids and transforms it into an experience that is anything but ordinary!

Combat Archery

  • Combat Archery Tag Singapore combines elements of paintball, dodgeball, and archery in a fast-paced game designed to get you moving and your adrenaline flowing!

Bubble Bump

  • Bump your stress away by playing bubble soccer and other exciting Bubble Bump games such as Bubble Bump Invasion, Bubble Bump Zombie and many more.


  • Poolball Singapore is the combination of pool and football – it is crazy fun because you get to kick soccer balls into pockets on a giant sized pool table, without the need of a cue stick!

Art Jamming

  •  Art Jamming is a fresh new initiative that is highly recommended to boost creativity, nurture patience and foster interactions among participants.

Terrarium Workshop

  • Our Terrarium Workshop Singapore curriculum is specially developed in-house by our experts to incorporate learning concepts, practical hands-on features and fun elements to create an unforgettable experience. 


Team building is an excellent way to strengthen the bond between team members as well as improve teamwork. It helps build trust, communication skills, and leadership skills—essential qualities for an effective team. With the right mix of activities, your team will be able to have fun while learning valuable lessons! FunEmpire offers a variety of Team Building Activities that are perfect for corporate teams looking to build teamwork and bonds with one another. Choose from Hybrid Amazing Race, Virtual Travel Experience, Bubble Bump and many more!

If you’re interested in trying out fun and unique team bonding games, You can check out the links below:

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