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31 Best Outdoor Team Building Activities In Singapore [2024]

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Outdoor Team Building Activities Singapore

Best Outdoor Team Building Activities Singapore

Singapore is known for its lively culture and beautiful surroundings, which make it a great place for team building activities that take place outside.

The best outdoor team building activities in Singapore for 2024 are Bullet Ball, Laser Tag, SaberFit, Amazing Race, and Bullet Strike.

When arranging an outdoor team building activity in Singapore, take into account key factors like cost-effectiveness, participant diversity and adaptability, safety, and equipment.

We have conducted extensive research on team building in Singapore and handpicked innovative activities that promote maximum impact and engagement.

Get ready to take your team bonding to the next level with the outdoor activities in Singapore!

Quick Summary

  • Best outdoor team building activities in Singapore for 2024 are Bullet Ball, Laser Tag, SaberFit, Amazing Race, and Bullet Strike.
  • When booking an outdoor team building activity in Singapore, consider important factors such as the cost efficiency, variation and adaptability of the participants, safety, and equipment.
  • The best outdoor team building activities in Singapore are from FunEmpire, which has more than 8,000 5-star client reviews and an impressive track record of over 50,000

Our Selection Criteria

Our selection criteria for the best outdoor team building activities in Singapore included extensive research, customer feedback and expert insights leveraging our more than 10 years of experience as the top team building company in Singapore:

  • Innovation and Uniqueness: We sought out cool team building activities that stand out from the traditional exercises, providing teams with unique challenges and memorable experiences.
  • Adaptability to Learning Objectives: We considered how well the activity could be aligned with specific learning goals or professional development outcomes.
  • Safety Standards: Strict safety measures are a priority to guarantee the well-being of participants during the outdoor activities.
  • Positive Client Testimonials: Past client feedback served as a significant indicator of an activity’s success and impact on team building.
  • Track Record of the Provider: The reputation and professional history of the activity provider factored into our selection, ensuring a high-quality experience.

Best Outdoor Team Building Activities Singapore

Adventure Activities

1. Bullet Ball

Bullet Ball - Get your adrenaline pumping with a fast-paced game of Bullet Ball
Bullet Ball – Get your adrenaline pumping with a fast-paced game of Bullet Ball
Group Size8 Pax – Unlimited Pax
PriceFrom $20 per person
Duration1 to 2 hours
Activity TypeIndoor and Outdoor options available

Have you ever tried the exhilarating thrill of Dodgeball?

Well, brace yourself for an even more heart-pumping and exciting version known as Bullet Ball!

Developed by FunEmpire, a renowned innovator in team building activities, Bullet Ball offers a distinctive and original concept that guarantees an unforgettable experience during your upcoming session in Singapore.

Not only does it provide action-packed gameplay, but it also offers a budget-friendly option that ensures endless fun and excitement without breaking the bank!

So gather your team and get ready for an adventure filled with adrenaline like no other, courtesy of Bullet Ball by FunEmpire.

Client Testimonial

Very exciting game modes! Everyone will surely love this game. Kudos!

Jason M.

Check out Bullet Ball here

2. Laser Tag

Laser Tag - Experience the thrill of a high-energy Laser Tag game
Laser Tag – Experience the thrill of a high-energy Laser Tag game
Group Size6 Pax – Unlimited Pax
PriceFrom $22 per person
Duration1 to 2 hours
Activity TypeIndoor and Outdoor options available

Experience the thrill of our exhilarating laser tag adventure, where you can create unforgettable bonding moments with friends, family, and colleagues.

Whether played as an indoor team building activity or outdoors, our action-packed battles will leave you with cherished memories of pure excitement and laughter.

For an out-of-this-world experience, try our Neon Laser Tag package.

Picture yourself in a black-lit arena, surrounded by mesmerizing fluorescent lights, engaging in epic battles of strategy and skill.

Dodge neon beams, navigate the exhilarating maze, and feel the adrenaline rush.

In addition to laser tag, we offer outdoor team-building games that take camaraderie and friendly competition to a whole new level.

Strengthen relationships, enhance communication, and unleash your team’s potential on our obstacle course.

Whether it’s a corporate event, birthday celebration, or day of adventure, our laser tag and team-building activities will create lasting memories.

Join us for a journey filled with laughter, camaraderie, and the thrill of friendly competition.

Client Testimonial

10 out of 10! I would definitely recommend FunEmpire!


Check out Laser Tag here

3. SaberFit

SaberFit - Combine fitness and fun with a high-energy SaberFit workout
SaberFit – Combine fitness and fun with a high-energy SaberFit workout
Group Size10 Pax – Unlimited Pax
PriceFrom $30 per person
Duration1 to 2 hours
Activity TypeIndoor and Outdoor options available

Prepare yourself for an exhilarating and adrenaline-pumping saber fitness workout that combines combat techniques and partner fighting!

This unique group exercise is unmatched in its ability to foster strong teams, making it the perfect choice for your upcoming team bonding event in the vibrant city of Singapore.

Not only will participants be presented with a fresh and exciting challenge, but they will also have the incredible opportunity to cultivate camaraderie and build deeper connections among colleagues during this truly unforgettable experience.

Get ready to break a sweat as you engage in this exciting team building activity that guarantees an abundance of fun, laughter, and memories that will endure for a lifetime!

Client Testimonial

The perfect blend of sweat, laughter, and collaboration!

Jia Hui

Check out Saber Fit here

4. Amazing Race

Amazing Race – Embark on an exciting race around the city, solving clues and completing challenges

Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and tantalizing cuisine of Singapore like never before with FunEmpire’s Amazing Race!

This innovative adventure seamlessly combines physical and virtual team building activities, taking you on an unforgettable journey through the wonders of Chinatown, Sentosa, Gardens By The Bay, and more.

Embark on a thrilling quest, solving mind-boggling puzzles and exploring famous landmarks, all while discovering the captivating stories behind our nation’s rich heritage.

Whether you’re a history enthusiast or a food lover, this unparalleled adventure promises to awaken your senses and create cherished memories.

Join us today and be part of an extraordinary experience that will transport you to the heart of Singapore’s dynamic tapestry of sights, sounds, and flavors.

Get ready to embark on a unique adventure that will capture your imagination and establish lasting connections.

Client Testimonial

Had an awesome amazing race at Sentosa. Dar was a great facilitator who kept the session fun and exciting. Thanks for the superb experience!

Muhd Hizam

Check out Amazing Race here

5. Bullet Strike

Bullet Strike - Engage in a nerf gun war with the thrilling game of Bullet Strike
Bullet Strike – Engage in a nerf gun war with the thrilling game of Bullet Strike
Group Size8 Pax – Unlimited Pax
PriceFrom $20 per person
Duration1 Hour Gameplay
Activity TypeIndoor and Outdoor options available

Experience the unmatched thrill and intense action of Bullet Strike, a game that brings people together like no other!

Imagine players armed with blasters, equipped with vibrant foam ammunition, engaging in exhilarating battles and completing thrilling objectives in a dynamic and immersive environment.

Safety is of utmost importance in this adrenaline-fueled adventure, with participants wearing protective masks and utilizing harmless soft bullets to ensure a fun and secure team-building experience.

Prepare yourself for a day filled with adrenaline, strategic gameplay, and unforgettable memories!

Client Testimonial

Battling with nerf guns got levelled up a lot with FunEmpire’s bullet strike! Highly recommend!


Check out Bullet Strike here

6. Saber Tag

Saber Tag - Channel your inner Jedi in an epic Saber Tag battle
Saber Tag – Channel your inner Jedi in an epic Saber Tag battle
Group Size8 Pax – Unlimited Pax
PriceFrom $20 per person
Duration1 Hour Gameplay
Activity TypeIndoor and Outdoor options available
Where To

Saber Tag presents an innovative and thrilling team-based gaming concept that adds a unique twist to outdoor activities.

By utilizing cutting-edge electronic scoring vest technology and state-of-the-art combat sabers, Saber Tag delivers an unparalleled experience that appeals to players of all ages.

As the first of its kind in Asia and potentially the only one worldwide, Saber Tag sets itself apart as a pioneer in the gaming industry.

Participants, known as Saber Taggers, equip themselves with specially designed scoring vests and wield combat sabers that illuminate with vibrant neon lights.

This seamless integration of technology and physical activity creates an immersive and exhilarating gameplay experience.

In Saber Tag, individuals embark on thrilling missions, engaging in fast-paced challenges that pit two teams against each other.

The game not only fosters friendly competition but also nurtures teamwork and camaraderie.

By dividing players into small teams, Saber Tag facilitates outdoor team-building activities that promote collaboration, strategic thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Whether you’re a passionate gamer or simply seeking an unforgettable outdoor adventure, Saber Tag offers a refreshing and exhilarating experience like no other.

Step into a world of neon lights, combat sabers, and adrenaline-pumping missions, and prepare to have an amazing time with friends, colleagues, or family members.

Don’t let the opportunity to create lasting memories and immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Saber Tag pass you by!

Client Testimonial

Really fun! Lots of running around while carrying light sabers!

LMA Recruitment

Check out Saber Tag here

7. Giant Whack-A-Mole

Giant Whack-A-Mole - Experience an epic version of the arcade game Whack-A-Mole
Giant Whack-A-Mole – Experience an epic version of the arcade game Whack-A-Mole
Group Size6 Pax – Unlimited Pax
PriceFrom $30 per person
Duration1 Hour Gameplay
Activity TypeIndoor and Outdoor options available
Where To

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience filled with fun and laughter as you dive into Giant Whack-A-Mole.

This renowned arcade game has now arrived in Singapore, offering an extraordinary team bonding activity that will bring you and your teammates an exhilarating challenge like no other.

Test your skills as you “hit” your opponents while they compete to grab colored balls, and discover who will emerge victorious.

Don’t let this remarkable opportunity slip away – seize the chance to create lasting memories before it’s too late!

Client Testimonial

Very professional and fun staff. Had a great time playing this game! Thank you FunEmpire! Highly recommended activity for a team building day


Check out Giant Whack-A-Mole here

8. Poolball

Poolball - Dive into the fun with a game of Poolball
Poolball – Dive into the fun with a game of Poolball
Group Size8 Pax – Unlimited Pax
PriceFrom $20 per person
Duration1 Hour Gameplay
Activity TypeIndoor and Outdoor options available
Where To

Poolball Singapore offers a thrilling and innovative game that combines the precision of pool with the excitement of football.

Imagine skillfully kicking soccer balls into strategically placed pockets on a massive pool table, without the need for a cue stick.

Our impressive 7-meter long table provides a challenging playing field for every shot. If you’re looking for a change of pace, transform the playing surface into a mini soccer field for a friendly match with your teammates.

Poolball fosters teamwork and camaraderie, encouraging strategic planning and communication. With minimal physical exertion required, players of all fitness levels can join in on the fun.

Looking for the ideal team-building activity? Look no further than Poolball. Boost team spirit and enjoy the outdoors with this dynamic and engaging event.

Dive into the world of Poolball and create unforgettable memories with your colleagues.

Client Testimonial

Poolball helped us to know our colleagues better!


Check out Poolball here

9. Ninja Tag

Ninja Tag - Test your agility and stealth in an exciting game of Ninja Tag
Ninja Tag – Test your agility and stealth in an exciting game of Ninja Tag
Group Size8 Pax – Unlimited Pax
PriceFrom $20 per person
Duration1 to 2 hours
Activity TypeIndoor and outdoor team building activities available

Get ready to unleash your inner Ninja spirit and embark on an epic outdoor team-building adventure that will put your skills to the test and push you beyond your limits!

This exciting activity will challenge you and your team to conquer the world as you participate in thrilling missions using our state-of-the-art Ninja dagger.

Experience the rush of adrenaline as you strategize, plan your attacks, and engage in close combat against opponents with unknown abilities.

Every victory brings you closer to a triumphant reign! Through action-packed moments, you’ll discover the true essence of teamwork and the power of unity.

So gather your comrades and prepare for an unforgettable experience that combines the excitement of outdoor team-building with the stealth and agility of a Ninja.

It’s the perfect way to bond, have a blast, and create long-lasting memories together. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your team to new heights of success and camaraderie!

Client Testimonial

Ninja wars in real life! Super fun, will book again soon!


Check out Ninja Tag here

10. Giant Board Games

Giant Board Games - Have a blast playing oversized versions of classic board games
Giant Board Games – Have a blast playing oversized versions of classic board games
Group SizeNo Minimum Pax
PriceFrom $15 per person
Duration1 to 2 hours
Activity TypeIndoor and Outdoor options available

Life-sized board games are not just enjoyable, but they also bring an extra level of excitement to any gathering! Imagine a gigantic airplane chess set, where players navigate the oversized board as if they were real planes soaring through the sky.

Or envision climbing massive snakes and ladders, experiencing the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat on a grand scale.

Our oversized board games are the perfect addition to your next outdoor team-building event.

They create a memorable experience that fosters camaraderie and teamwork, bringing people together.

As participants engage in these giant and life-sized games, they learn to effectively collaborate, communicate, and strategize in small teams.

This not only deepens their appreciation for teamwork but also strengthens the bonds among team members as they work closely towards a shared goal, celebrating victories and overcoming challenges together.

So, if you’re seeking the ultimate outdoor team-building activity that combines fun and collaboration, our giant and life-sized board games are the ideal choice.

Get ready to unleash the power of teamwork and create unforgettable memories with these thrilling games!

Client Testimonial

Had fun with the games conducted at site with The Cage@Kallang. Amazed with the giant UNO cards, giant Jenga and giant dice for Snakes and Ladder. Instructions given were clear and straightforward from the facilitators. Would have been better if they are able to drive us with enthusiasm from their energy and to manage the change in teams/opponents to match-up for the scores.

Pearlyn เพิรล์ลิน

Check out Giant Board Games here

11. Bubble Soccer

Bubble Soccer - Have a blast playing soccer while bouncing in a bubble!
Bubble Soccer – Have a blast playing soccer while bouncing in a bubble!
Group SizeFrom 8 to 1000 people
PriceFrom $20 per person
Duration1 to 2 hours
Activity TypeIndoor and Outdoor options available
Where To

Bubble Soccer allows you to enjoy the world’s most popular game without worrying about injuries!

Each player is safely enclosed in an inflated bubble from their knees up, providing a protective cushion. It’s an exciting experience that guarantees a fun time for everyone involved.

When it comes to playing safe Rugby, the conventional approach involves one team’s players invading the penalty box area of the other.

The objective is for the first team to have all its members inside the opposing team’s penalty box at the same time, earning them a point.

This unique twist adds strategy and excitement to the game, making it even more engaging for participants.

Incorporating sports games into corporate events can bring a whole new level of energy and excitement.

It provides a fantastic opportunity for team building and promotes physical activity in an outdoor setting.

Let your entire team experience the thrill of fresh air and engage in these exhilarating outdoor events!

Client Testimonial

Cindy and Ginny were our event facilitators. They did a great job expoing the games to us and make the whole event very fun and engaging. Thank you both for the great session. Will surely contact y’all for another event !!! 😍😍😍

Sharifah Roshani

Check out Bubble Soccer here

12. Combat Archery Tag

Combat Archery Tag - Experience Combat Archery Tag and unleash your inner archer!
Combat Archery Tag – Experience Archery Tag and unleash your inner archer!
Group Size8 Pax – Unlimited Pax
PriceFrom $20 per person
Duration1 Hour Gameplay
Activity TypeIndoor and Outdoor options available
Where To

Prepare yourself for an exhilarating and action-packed game of Combat Archery Tag in Singapore, offering an unforgettable and thrilling experience for everyone! Archery Tag presents a golden opportunity to unleash your inner Katniss or Robin Hood as you immerse yourself in this exciting outdoor activity.

Don’t miss out on these thrilling challenges that await you in the great outdoors, where corporate events can be transformed into truly rewarding and memorable experiences.

Are you searching for an exciting and adrenaline-pumping game to enjoy with your friends? Look no further than Combat Archery Tag – a unique blend of paintball, dodgeball, and archery that guarantees a heart-pounding adventure like no other.

Prepare yourself for the ultimate test of skill, strategy, and teamwork as you navigate through exciting battles and dodge arrows.

Get ready to create lasting memories with this thrilling and action-packed game!

Client Testimonial

Archery Tag is the perfect team bonding activity!

The Next Level

Check out Combat Archery Tag here

13. Escape Room

Escape Room - Test your problem-solving skills and teamwork in a thrilling Escape Room challenge
Escape Room – Test your problem-solving skills and teamwork in a thrilling Escape Room challenge
Group Size4 Pax – Unlimited Pax
PriceFrom $20 per person
Duration1 Hour Gameplay + 30 Mins Set Up & De-Brief
Activity TypeTeam building challenge, In-person and Virtual options available

Outdoor team building games and escape rooms are fantastic options to unite a group of people and foster long-lasting connections.

In an escape room, participants are immersed in an interactive challenge that tests their problem-solving skills, strategic thinking, and collaboration.

It’s like embarking on an exhilarating and more demanding scavenger hunt, where each clue and puzzle brings the team closer to triumph.

These games, whether played in small or large teams, allow individuals to showcase their unique strengths and contribute to collective success.

The outdoor setting adds an extra layer of excitement and adventure, enabling participants to relish the fresh air and stunning surroundings while engaging in stimulating activities.

Moreover, the obstacle course aspect of these games further enhances problem-solving skills.

Participants must navigate through various challenges and overcome obstacles, cultivating resilience, adaptability, and effective decision-making.

It’s a comprehensive experience that not only brings people together but also helps them develop valuable skills applicable in personal and professional contexts.

So, if you’re seeking a fun and engaging approach to strengthen relationships, promote teamwork, and sharpen problem-solving abilities, team building outdoor games and escape rooms are ideal choices.

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure of camaraderie and discovery!

Client Testimonial

Our team had a fantastic time at FunEmpire’s Time Travel themed Escape Room challenges! A big thank you for providing the perfect setting for our team bonding event, and our facilitator made it even more enjoyable with their guidance!


Check out Escape Room here

14. Hybrid Amazing Race

Amazing Race - Embark on an exciting race around the city, solving clues and completing challenges
Hybrid Amazing Race – Embark on an exciting race around the city, solving clues and completing challenges
Group Size8 Pax – Unlimited Pax
PriceFrom $38 per person
Duration2.5 Hours Gameplay + 30 mins set up & de-brief
Activity TypeOutdoor

Discover the ultimate fusion of physical and digital elements, immersing yourself in an interactive adventure like never before!

Embark on a captivating journey through the vibrant Chinatown of Singapore, diving deep into its rich heritage while tantalizing your taste buds with a delightful exploration of the city-state’s famous local cuisines.

Brace yourself for an awe-inspiring outdoor team-building event that guarantees endless fun and excitement for every team member!

Prepare for an extraordinary scavenger hunt experience that surpasses all expectations, elevating outdoor exploration to new heights.

This exhilarating game not only brings your team closer but also enhances communication and problem-solving skills as you navigate through a series of thrilling challenges and physical obstacles.

Unleash your leadership potential as you rise to the occasion and conquer each task with unwavering determination.

Immerse yourself in the captivating tapestry of Singapore’s heritage as you uncover the secrets of its iconic landmarks and indulge in the flavors of its renowned cuisines.

Our hybrid amazing race experience is custom-tailored for large teams seeking the perfect balance between physical bonding and adherence to social distancing guidelines.

It’s like embarking on a series of walking tours, but with the added thrill of a race towards the finish line.

Get ready to create unforgettable memories and forge deeper connections with your teammates as you embark on this extraordinary adventure through the heart of Singapore!

Client Testimonial

Had an awesome amazing race at Sentosa. Dar was a great facilitator who kept the session fun and exciting. Thanks for the superb experience!

Muhd Hizam

Check out Hybrid Amazing Race here

Other Outdoor Team Building Activities

15. Running Man Games Singapore

Play physical team building activities that are influenced by Running Man to feel the thrill! You’ll be having a blast in no time, from Shake It Off to Water Piggyback and all the way to Photozone.

Create enduring memories in a fun company retreat with your team by taking part in these activities that will have everyone in stitches.

16. Puzzle Mania Singapore

Puzzles are an incredibly effective and engaging approach to team-building activities.

As you immerse yourself in the challenge, you’ll find yourself not only thinking about the puzzles at hand but also fostering a sense of camaraderie within your team.

At the start, only a few pieces are distributed, but with Puzzle Mania, each group is tasked with tackling a unique problem that demands their collective effort. And the thrill lies in what remains undiscovered.

Your team will embark on a captivating journey, exploring the missing pieces from every other team to uncover their own hidden solution.

Get ready for an exhilarating team-building experience like no other!

17. Tree Planting Singapore

Considering the alarming rate at which over 80,000 acres of forest are being cleared each day for various purposes, your organization has the opportunity to make a significant impact on the environment by organizing a corporate tree-planting event.

By putting on your boots, reaching out to a reputable forestry company, and volunteering to lend a helping hand, we can collectively contribute to the preservation and improvement of our precious environment.

Let’s join forces and take action for a greener future!

18. Cardboard Boat Building Challenge Singapore

Get ready for an exciting challenge! We’re going to have teams make cardboard boats using only the given cardboard and tape. The goal? To construct a boat that can gracefully sail and float over water without sinking. This task requires excellent collaboration among team members.

But that’s not all! Before putting the boats to the ultimate test, other teams who have completed their boats will have the chance to showcase why their design reigns supreme.

It’s an opportunity to learn from each other’s creativity and innovation.

And finally, the grand finale! Teams will engage in a thrilling race across the vast sea, where their boats will be put to the ultimate test of speed and durability. Who will emerge victorious? Join us to find out!

19. Hiking Singapore

Choose a stimulating and invigorating outdoor excursion for you and your employees, providing an opportunity to bond and foster a sense of camaraderie.

Then, collectively decide on a local route to walk and explore together, immersing yourselves in the beauty of nature and discovering hidden gems in your surroundings.

Additionally, you may also consider organizing a hiking club in your neighborhood, creating a space for like-minded individuals to come together, share experiences, and embark on exciting adventures.

20. Cornhole Tournament Singapore

Could the act of throwing grain bags at each other while working truly enhance team cohesiveness?

There might be some doubts at first, but it is definitely feasible, particularly when the coin toss occurs during a team-based competition with numerous matches, brackets, and seeds, all while being cheered on by a sizable crowd of supportive coworkers.

This unique activity has the potential to foster a sense of camaraderie and unity among team members, creating a memorable and enjoyable experience that strengthens their bond both inside and outside of the workplace.

21. Rock Climbing Singapore

Think of rock climbing as the ultimate test of a solid relationship. As partners navigate the physical and mental challenges of rock climbing together, they provide support and help each other stay on track.

Moreover, going through this process of building trust will make setting clear deadlines seem less daunting.

This is because trust and confidence will have been established between both parties, creating a strong foundation for effective communication and goal achievement.

22. Paintball Singapore

Paintball is not only an exhilarating and action-packed activity, but it also serves as the perfect corporate team building event.

By bringing participants from different teams together, it fosters collaboration and encourages teamwork as they strive to achieve their objectives. Engaging in mutual paintball shooting, they must rely on each other’s support and strategy to triumph.

This thrilling outdoor team bonding game not only tests your physical prowess but also challenges your bravery and resilience.

So gear up, embrace the adrenaline rush, and embark on a memorable journey of camaraderie and shared experiences!

23. Dragon Boat Singapore

Gather your squad, ignite their enthusiasm, and test their dedication, communication, and energy levels with this exhilarating yet deeply rewarding team-building activity. If you’re seeking an outdoor sport that not only fosters unity but also offers a delightful opportunity to soak up some sun, dragon boating is the perfect choice for you!

Through this engaging experience, your group will witness firsthand the remarkable power of collaboration as they synchronize their strokes, navigate the waters, and paddle together towards the sweet taste of victory.

24. Human Foosball Singapore

Step inside the action-packed game with our life-sized Foosball table – an unparalleled experience that can’t be replicated by any other sport! Immerse yourself in the thrill of being situated within a giant foosball table, where you and your teammates hold onto a pole and are able to maneuver side-to-side, just like the miniature plastic counterparts.

Feel the rush as teams clash in exciting attempts to score goals while fending off opposing strikes. Get ready for an interactive adventure that will leave you with unforgettable memories and stories to share!

25. Treasure Hunt Singapore

If you are someone who thrives on a challenge and possesses exceptional detective acumen, then you should definitely consider participating in Singapore’s exhilarating adventure-filled team building activity.

This unique experience revolves around a captivating treasure hunt, where teams will embark on a thrilling quest to uncover hidden items while deciphering intricate clues and unraveling mysteries. Engaging in this enthralling escapade not only promises to strengthen the bonds between fellow colleagues but also enhances collaboration skills, fostering a sense of camaraderie and teamwork.

Witness the magic unfold before your very eyes as you delve deeper into this extraordinary journey of exploration and discovery. Get ready for a truly unforgettable and rewarding experience that will leave you with cherished memories and valuable lessons learned!

26. Dance Challenge Singapore

Uncover the mysteries of acing fundamental choreography for various dance styles including Hip Hop, K-Pop, and more! By the end of your session, you’ll not only be able to masterfully execute an entire dance routine with effortless fluidity, but you’ll also gain a deeper understanding of the art of dance itself.

This unique and engaging team building activity in Singapore is designed to not only enhance teamwork abilities but also foster creativity and innovation within your corporate culture. Immerse yourself in this exciting challenge and watch as your team’s collaborative spirit soars to new heights. Join us now and let your creative juices flow as you dance your way into a better corporate culture like never before!

27. Giant Beer Pong Singapore

Are you and your team ready to embark on an extraordinary team-building adventure? Get ready to experience the ultimate team-building activity like never before! Here’s your chance to take part in an exhilarating and unforgettable twist on the classic beer pong game. Picture this: giant “beer cups” and supersized ping-pong balls, creating a larger-than-life version of the game we all know and love. The goal is simple yet thrilling: skillfully land the ping-pong balls into each other’s array of jumbo beer cups and, once successful, move them aside to reveal the next challenge.

Gather your friends, colleagues, or teammates for an epic night filled with laughter, camaraderie, and friendly competition that will surely leave you with memories to cherish. Get ready to bond, strategize, and celebrate in a unique way that will have you craving for more team building exercise!

28. Tug of War Singapore

Are you ready to put your physical and mental abilities to the test? Join us for the ultimate team-bonding event that will push your limits and ignite your competitive spirit! This exhilarating challenge is designed to unite participants and foster collaboration, as we strive together to achieve unprecedented success.

No matter the size of your group, this activity is perfect for large groups or even teams of any size. Gather your colleagues, friends, or family members and embark on this thrilling adventure. Experience the thrill of victory like never before, as your team work together to overcome obstacles and conquer new heights.

Don’t miss out on all the excitement! Join us now and be a part of this unforgettable team-building journey. Get ready to unleash your potential and discover the true power of teamwork!

29. The Egg Drop Singapore

A beloved classic, the egg drop is ideal for both small and large groups. The challenge? Teams must devise and construct a structure to protect a raw egg from breaking when dropped from high up in the air – all with minimal materials like straws, cardboard, and duct tape within an allocated timeframe. After creating their masterpiece, each side explains why they were motivated by this design and how it will safeguard its contents on impact – followed by demonstrating what they built!

30. Ringolevio Singapore

Conflict from the playground meets team development in the workplace, where the dynamics of a cooperative and treacherous game unfold.

Players on one side engage in an exhilarating battle to locate and apprehend every person on the opposing team, who all share the common objective of evading capture.

This unique game, distinct from traditional hide-and-seek, not only foster teamwork but also brings together a large number of participants, forming a harmonious and cohesive unit.

31. Domino Challenge Singapore

In the well-known team-bonding exercise called the Domino Challenge, participants are tasked with working together to carefully arrange dominoes in a specific pattern, ensuring they don’t accidentally trigger a chain reaction.

This engaging activity serves as a powerful reminder of the significance of effective collaboration and clear communication within teams.

By successfully completing this fantastic exercise, teams gain valuable insights into the importance of working together harmoniously towards a common goal.

Key Considerations Factors

  • Cost Efficiency: Research various activities or locations accessible in Singapore and compare expenses to choose which choice would best fit your financial demands without sacrificing the quality of the fun team building event for attendees!
  • Variation and Adaptability: Choose activities that enable participants to adhere to the company values and use their individual skill sets or outdoor team building events that boost employee engagement; this might include presenting alternatives such as competitive challenges vs collaborative work during events or favourite team building activities so that everyone can have fun regardless of their degree of competence!
  • Safety: Outdoor team building activities should always be carried out with safety in mind. While selecting a great team building activity, consider the geography, the weather, and any potential hazards.
  • Equipment Needed: Ascertain that you have all of the necessary materials and equipment for the activity. Before completing your plans, check to see whether you need to rent anything.
  • Location: Choose a suitable outdoor space for the outdoor team building workshops that are easily accessible to the whole team member and fits the activity requirements (e.g., a large open area for sports games).
  • Group Size: Make sure you have enough people participating in your cohesive team building in Singapore to make it a worthwhile and fun experience; consider budget limitations when deciding on how many people are required for the fun team building event or activity.

Benefits of Outdoor Team Building Activities in Singapore

Outdoor team building activities in Singapore offer a myriad of benefits that can lead to a more harmonious and effective work environment. Here are ten significant advantages:

  1. Enhanced Communication: Outdoor activities necessitate clear and effective communication, fostering better understanding and teamwork among colleagues.
  2. Fosters Creativity and Problem Solving: Teams are often placed in new, unpredictable situations that require innovative thinking and swift decision-making.
  3. Builds Trust: Completing physical challenges together can build trust among team members, forming a stronger, more cohesive unit.
  4. Boosts Morale: The thrill of adventure and the joy of success in an outdoor setting can greatly enhance the morale of the team.
  5. Stress Reduction: Natural environments can have a calming effect, helping to reduce stress levels among employees.
  6. Encourages Healthy Competition: Friendly competition in a non-work setting can encourage individuals to perform at their best without the pressure of the workplace.
  7. Develops Leadership Skills: Outdoor team building activities often bring out latent leadership qualities in individuals who might not typically have leadership roles.
  8. Improves Health: Physical activity involved in such events contributes to better overall health of the team members.
  9. Promotes Networking and Social Interaction: These thrilling team building activities provide an excellent opportunity for colleagues to bond outside of the usual office environment, which can lead to stronger networking.
  10. Offers Valuable Feedback and Insight: Feedback given during these exciting team building activities can be invaluable as it is based on the direct experience of working closely together, often revealing insights that would not be apparent in a regular work context.

Outdoor Team Building Activities Singapore

Outdoor team building games in Singapore are excellent for fostering communication and cooperation.

These outdoor activities may foster connections between employees while stimulating their brains, whether it’s the challenge of building a cardboard boat, solve puzzles, or rock climbing.

There is no lack of crazy fun outdoor activities in Singapore for your group to participate in Singapore, from Shake It Off to Water Piggyback, Domino Challenge to Tree Planting, Cornhole Tournament to Trekking.

With this variety of imaginative activities, you can be sure to find something that appeals to everyone’s interests and skill level, allowing them to enjoy the journey and create lifelong memories.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about Outdoor Team Building Activities in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best Outdoor Team Building Activities in Singapore below:

What are the best outdoor team building activities in Singapore?

The best team building activities for outdoors in Singapore are Bullet Ball, Laser Tag, SaberFit, Amazing Race, and Bullet Strike.

What are some exciting outdoor team building activities in Singapore for corporate teams?

Singapore offers a variety of exciting outdoor team building activities for corporate teams. These range from thrilling team building experiences like dragon boating and adventure races to more relaxed activities like classic team building games such as capture the flag.

How do outdoor team building games help in bonding with other team members?

Outdoor team building game often requires group members to work together to achieve a common goal. This cooperation fosters communication, trust, and understanding among team members, which ultimately strengthens their bond.

Can you suggest a fun game for our next team building event?

A highly recommended fun game for your next team building event is “Treasure Hunt”. It’s an excellent team building activity that encourages problem-solving, collaboration, and strategic thinking among team members.

Are there any cooking team building activity in Singapore?

Yes, outdoor cooking team building activities are popular in Singapore. Teams can participate in cooking competitions where they have to prepare dishes using provided ingredients. It’s a fun and engaging way to foster teamwork.

Why should I consider an outdoor team building activity over an indoor one?

Outdoor team building activities offer a change of scenery from the office space and provide unique challenges that can energize and engage team members. They also allow for more physical activities, which are great for highly energetic teams.

What makes a team building activity thrilling?

The thrill in corporate team building activities often comes from the excitement of competition, the pressure to solve problems under time constraints, or the physical challenges involved. Activities like adventure races or obstacle courses offer a thrilling team building experience.

How do engaging team bonding activities contribute to a more cohesive team?

Engaging team bonding activities promote communication, trust, and mutual respect among team members. Through these activities, team members learn more about each other’s strengths and weaknesses, which helps in building a more cohesive and efficient team.

Are there any classic team building games that are still effective today?

Yes, classic team building games like Tug of War or Relay Races are still very effective today. These games are simple yet fun, and they encourage cooperation and teamwork among group members.

What’s a cool team building activity for corporate team building in Singapore?

A cool and fun team building activity for corporate teams in Singapore is dragon boating. It’s not only a fun team bonding activity but also a great way to enjoy the outdoors and the city’s beautiful waterfront.

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