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10 Team Bonding Ideas In Singapore That Will Get Your Team Working Together [2023]

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Team Bonding Ideas Singapore

Best Team Bonding Ideas Singapore
Best Team Bonding Ideas Singapore

When it comes to team bonding, there are a lot of different ideas that you can try. Some team building activities are more effective than others, but the important thing is that you find something that will get your team working together. In this blog post, we will discuss 10 fun Team Bonding Ideas Singapore that will help improve communication and collaboration within your team!

Team bonding helps improve communication, collaboration, and working relationship within a team. It also helps team members get to know each other better, which can lead to a stronger team bond. Additionally, team bonding can help relieve stress and create a more fun work environment!

There are a lot of different Team Bonding Ideas Singapore that you can try. Some team building activities are more effective than others, but the important thing is that you find something that will get your team working together. In this blog post, we will discuss some fun Team Bonding Ideas Singapore that will help improve communication and collaboration within your team!

1) Amazing Race

If you want to bond with your teammates and opponents, Amazing Race is the ideal ice breaker game to play. This is a fantastic chance to spend quality time with friends, family, or coworkers who aren’t typically available. Amazing Race offers a unique opportunity for you to get acquainted with your teammates by completing thrilling gameplay challenges.

Price: $25/Pax

2) Virtual Squid Escape

According to FunEmpire, the Virtual Squid Escape experience is the first and only of its kind. Play an intriguing story that takes you inside the fascinating Squid Game setting as a member of a team. Solve hard puzzles in an innovative and immersive virtual environment for a group collaboration through this virtual team building game. Our own gaming experts created our one-of-a-kind thrilling Virtual Squid Escape adventure! Can you escape or will you perish while attempting?

Price: $20/Pax

3) Virtual Balloon Sculpting

At the Balloon Sculpting Workshop, you’ll have a great time learning how to make magnificent balloon creations! You’ll be taught about all types of forms, colors, and textures. Then, using your creativity, you’ll be able to design your own unique balloon items – such as a pirate sword, butterfly, or rainbow bloom through this virtual team building activity!

Price: $25/Pax

4) Virtual Travel Experience

We are excited to introduce the first Virtual Travel Experience in Singapore! With FunEmpire, you and your team can explore different eras of Singapore’s history through an immersive virtual environment. You will work together to solve puzzles and challenges, learning more about the country as you go through this online team building game. Complete all the challenges to unlock the exciting storyline! Icons of Singapore Virtual Travel Experience is a 100% online experience that is excellent for virtual team building, virtually bonding with employees and staff, and special occasions!

Price: $20/Pax

5) Bubble Bump

Bubble bump is an outdoor party game that Community families can play to have some summer fun. It involves using soap bubbles to bumper opponents and is perfect for teams of all sizes, so everyone in the family can join in on the action! The price per person is $15 which includes supplying enough Bubble Balls and Bubble suits for every player as well as access to a secluded play area away from busy roads or curious onlookers. ThisCompare this fee with other businesses such FunEmpire which charge depending on event type, making it difficult to set accurate expectations regarding costs.

Price: $15/Pax

6) SaberFit

Whether you’re new to fitness or a seasoned pro, SaberFit is the perfect class for you. Combining combat sabers with striking techniques and exercises, this high-energy group session will get your heart pumping while you build full-body strength. And with great music in the background, you’ll have even more motivation to push yourself further. So come join us and see why so many people love SaberFit!

Price: $30/Pax

7) Combat Archery

Join us for a thrilling game of Combat Archery Tag Singapore! Our award-winning expertise combines the best features of paintball, dodgeball, and archery into one action-packed game that will get your heart racing and adrenaline flowing. We use customized foam-tipped arrows to ensure optimum safety and comfort throughout your session.

Price: $20/Pax

8) Art Jamming

Art Jamming is a team building activity that lets teamsoopaint and draw together to create something beautiful. It’s fun, creative, and helps teams work together while giving morale boosters. Plus, it’s a lot of fun for everyone involved! FunEmpire has everything you need to make sure your Art Jamming experience is top-notch. Don’t worry about your event. Knowing that FunEmpire is putting together the greatest group building session, date night, friends get-together, employee engagement, or cohesion experience for your team will help you relax at bedtime.

Price: $25/Pax

9) Poolball

Poolball is a unique hybrid activity that combines pool and football, and it’s highly enjoyable since you get to kick soccer balls into pockets on a huge-sized pool table without the need of a cue stick! The game is still played in the same manner. There is simply more excitement and pleasure.

Price: $20/Pax

10) Laser Tag

FunEmpire is the laser tag provider of choice in Singapore. Indoor and outdoor Laser Tag games created by our game specialists are available. We can help you organize a memorable Laser Tag fun game for adults for a variety of occasion types, including business team building, NS Cohesion, school events, birthday parties, carnivals, festivals, and more.

Price: $20/Pax

Team Bonding Ideas Singapore

Team bonding activities are a great way to get your team working together and build morale. They’re also a lot of fun for everyone involved! We’ve provided a list of 10 Team Bonding Ideas Singapore that are sure to please, so be sure to check them out. Which activity will you choose for your next team event?

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