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10 Best Team Building Games For Adults in Singapore [2023]

Team Building Games For Adults Singapore

Best Team Building Games For Adults Singapore
Best Team Building Games For Adults Singapore

When it comes to team building, incorporating the best team building activities can make a significant difference in fostering collaboration, communication, and teamwork.

In this article, we will explore the top team building games in Singapore that are perfect for your next team building event.

These engaging and fun team building activities are designed to strengthen bonds within the entire team and create a memorable experience.

Benefits of Team Building Games for Adults

Team building games offer a range of benefits that contribute to a successful and enjoyable corporate team building event. Let’s take a look at the advantages:

  • Enhanced Employee Engagement and Morale: Engaging in team building games during a fun team building event creates an environment that elevates employee engagement and boosts morale. These activities motivate team members, leading to increased productivity and job satisfaction.
  • Improved Communication and Collaboration: Team building games provide an opportunity for team members to interact in a non-work-related setting, fostering open communication and collaboration. Through these enjoyable activities, team members learn to listen actively, understand different perspectives, and work together effectively.
  • Development of Problem-Solving Skills: The best team building games often involve problem-solving elements, promoting the development of critical thinking skills. These activities encourage creativity, innovative solutions, and the ability to handle real-life work scenarios with ease.
  • Strengthened Interpersonal Relationships: Team building games foster stronger interpersonal relationships within the team. By engaging in these activities, team members build trust, camaraderie, and mutual respect, creating a positive work environment.
  • Increased Motivation and Team Spirit: Fun team building activities boost motivation and team spirit. Through friendly competition and shared accomplishments, team members feel motivated, creating a cohesive and supportive team atmosphere.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Team Building Games

To ensure a successful team building event, it’s important to consider the following factors when selecting the best team building games:

  • Group Size and Dynamics: Choose team building activities that cater to the size and dynamics of your team. Some games are designed for smaller groups, while others are suitable for larger teams.
  • Duration and Time Constraints: Consider the available time for your team building event. Select games that can be completed within the allocated time frame to ensure a well-paced event.
  • Objectives and Desired Outcomes: Define the specific objectives and desired outcomes for your team building event. Choose games that align with these goals, whether it’s improving communication, fostering team bonding, or developing specific skills.
  • Interest and Engagement: Consider the interests and preferences of team members. Choose games that resonate with their preferences and create an enjoyable and engaging experience for everyone involved.

Now, let’s explore the best team building games for adults in Singapore that will energize your team bonding activities and leave a lasting impression on your team members.

Best Team Building Games For Adults

Outdoor Activities

1. Bubble Bump

Bubble Bump - Team Building Games For Adults Singapore (Credit: FunEmpire)
Bubble Bump – Team Building Games For Adults (Credit: FunEmpire)

This unique and fun team building activity combines both soccer and rugby, which makes it one of the best games ever. It may seem like a rough sport at first but even the softest ladies have given this a try. You’ll be fully protected in a zorb ball while bumping into your family members or being bumped by them. Expect lots of rolling on the floor and endless laughter. You’ll leave the pitch sweaty but with no regrets.

Bubble Bump is a game that anyone would love!

2. Laser Tag

Laser Tag - Team Building Games For Adults Singapore (Credit: FunEmpire)
Laser Tag – Team Building Games For Adults (Credit: FunEmpire)

An exciting bonding experience awaits when you choose Laser Tag for your team-building activity. This delightful game can be played by participants of all ages, both outdoors and indoors – making it an ideal option for anyone planning a team building event!

For an unforgettable gaming experience, there’s a plethora of missions to choose from, such as Capture the Flag, Mission Impossible and Domination. These objectives will foster collaboration among your entire squad and strengthen camaraderie in no time! Whether it be for a birthday celebration or bachelor night outing – Laser Tag is surely tailored for all occasions.

3. Hybrid Amazing Race

Hybrid Amazing Race - Team Building Games For Adults Singapore (Credit: FunEmpire)
Hybrid Amazing Race – Team Building Games For Adults (Credit: FunEmpire)

This enjoyable Amazing Race team building experience will take you and your squad around Singapore to complete a variety of distinct challenges. As teams journey from checkpoint to checkpoint, they can only progress further when the assigned task is finished. To solve these exciting team bonding challenges, creative problem-solving skills are essential!

At the completion of this team bonding experience, the summiting squad that is able to reach their ultimate destination point in record speed will be crowned victorious.

4. Archery Tag

Laser Tag - Team Building Games For Adults Singapore (Credit: FunEmpire)
Archery Tag – Team Building Games For Adults (Credit: FunEmpire)

Get ready for an unforgettable, adrenaline-filled experience with Archery Tag – a combination of dodgeball and archery that will captivate participants at any age. Teams face off against one another in a high-intensity game setting where their goal is to eliminate enemies by shooting foam-tipped arrows. For extra safety, players all use protective face masks so you can have maximum fun without fear!

If you are looking for an inspirational team building activity, The Revival and The Last King missions can provide just the right kind of challenge. Requiring strong teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills – these activities will allow your group to experience the thrill of adventure while encouraging collaboration. Feeling like a true Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games? Don’t miss out on this chance!

5. PoolBall

Laser Tag - Team Building Games For Adults Singapore (Credit: FunEmpire)
Laser Tag – Team Building Games For Adults (Credit: FunEmpire)

Discover the world’s biggest pool table and play Poolball Classic or Poolball Sabotage. Not only is this game of strategy a great form of entertainment, it’s also an amazing platform for corporate team building events! It allows participants from any age level to join in on the fun and encourages communication among team members. With its suitability for both small and large groups, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience with your group when playing Poolball today!

Indoor Activities

1. Candle Making Workshop

Candle Making Workshop - Team Building Games For Adults Singapore (Credit: FunEmpire)
Candle Making Workshop – Team Building Games For Adults (Credit: FunEmpire)

Love perfumes? Then this unique team building activity is for you. In this Candle Making Workshop, you’ll be given the complete set of candle-making materials, including a choice of scent, color, and even figurines (to put inside your candles)! You can choose to have the workshop at any location, including yours. One of the most relaxing team building activities, this deeply therapeutic session will calm and soothe you. The best part? You can bring home the candle you’ve made.

2. Saber Tag

Saber Tag - Team Building Games For Adults Singapore (Credit: FunEmpire)
Saber Tag – Team Building Games For Adults (Credit: FunEmpire)

Arm yourself with your combat sabers and join forces to take on the opposite team. Take part in exhilarating missions like Saber Wars, or Defenders of The Galaxy; challenging you and your crew’s cooperation and communication skills. With various game objectives available, this is a thrilling way to have fun together!

If you’re searching for the ultimate corporate team bonding experience or a particularly memorable birthday bash, then look no further than Saber Tag! Our game is one of the most innovative and fun activities in Singapore for groups. Gather your squad and prepare to engage in an unforgettable team-building event with us – we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!

3. Giant Board Games

Giant Board Games - Team Building Games For Adults Singapore (Credit: FunEmpire)
Giant Board Games – Team Building Games For Adults (Credit: FunEmpire)

Are you looking to experience the classic games of your childhood in a larger and more exciting way? Check out our life-sized options at Giant Jenga, Giant Pick-Up Sticks, Giant Connect Four, and all the way up to Giant Snakes & Ladders. Not only are these Giant Board Games highly entertaining for adults but they also work great as an interactive icebreaker game here in Singapore!

4. Escape Room Puzzle

Escape Room Puzzle - Team Building Games For Adults Singapore (Credit: FunEmpire)
Escape Room Puzzle – Team Building Games For Adults (Credit: FunEmpire)

Looking for an enjoyable way to strengthen your team’s bond? Look no further – Escape Room Puzzles are one of the most beloved group-building activities in Singapore! With various mysteries and themes to explore, teams will be challenged as they collaborate under time pressure to solve tricky puzzles. An unforgettable experience awaits you and all members of your team!

5. Bullet Strike

Bullet Strike - Team Building Games For Adults Singapore (Credit: FunEmpire)
Bullet Strike – Team Building Games For Adults (Credit: FunEmpire)

Ready to join a thrilling, team-oriented activity? Then Bullet Strike is just the game for you! In this fast-paced and fun pastime, all participants must use Nerf blasters (aka guns) with foam bullets to hit opponents while completing various objectives. Safety always comes first at Nerf events which is why we provide face masks for added protection during your group bonding experience. With no hard projectiles in play, everyone can now enjoy this classic favourite without any risk of injury or harm!

Tips For Successful Team Building Games For Adults

Team building games for adults in Singapore can be an effective way to strengthen relationships, foster collaboration and improve communication between colleagues. It is important for the activities to be engaging and enjoyable for all participants, so careful consideration should be taken when choosing the right team building game. Here are some tips for ensuring successful team building games for adults in Singapore:

1. Have a clear goal in mind

Before selecting the team building game, establish a clear purpose and desired outcome you’d like to achieve through it. It could be anything from improving problem-solving skills or fostering trust and communication between colleagues. Having this in mind will help you choose an activity that is suited to meet your goals.

2. Choose an interactive game

The key to any successful team building game is to make sure it encourages participants to interact with one another and promotes collaboration. Make sure the activity requires teamwork and collaboration in order for the team to achieve their objectives. Whether it’s a physical, mental or creative challenge, select something that will be engaging for everyone.

3. Set rules and expectations

Before the activity begins, make sure to explain the rules and expectations of the game to all participants. This will ensure that everyone understands what they need to do and it also sets a positive environment for collaboration. Make sure your instructions are clear so there is no confusion during the activity.

4. Make it fun

The success of any team building activity is dependent on how enjoyable the participants find it. Choose an activity that is light-hearted and creates a sense of camaraderie among all involved. If the game is too complicated, participants may become overwhelmed or bored, so make sure to select something that will keep them engaged and having a good time.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your team building games in Singapore are successful and enjoyable for everyone involved. With the right activity, it can help foster collaboration, communication and teamwork among colleagues, leading to stronger relationships both inside and outside of work.

Team Building Games For Adults

By incorporating the best team building activities into your next team building event in Singapore, you can create a dynamic and engaging experience for your team members. These games provide numerous benefits, including enhanced communication, strengthened relationships, and increased motivation.

Consider the factors mentioned in this article, select the appropriate team building games, and watch as your team bonds and grows together.

Get ready to transform your next team building event into a memorable and successful corporate gathering where the whole team can thrive.

As long as the activity encourages communication and cooperation between group members, it will be beneficial for all involved parties. So don’t hesitate to get your team together today with some of our suggested Team Building Games!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about Team Building Activities For Adults in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Team Building Activities For Adults in Singapore below:

How do I make sure everyone participates in the team building activity?

One of the best ways to ensure everyone participates in team building activities is to create an environment that encourages openness and participation. Start by setting clear expectations for each activity and clearly communicate them to the group. Make sure everyone understands what is expected of them and how their participation impacts the success of the activity.
By providing structure, you can help create a safe and supportive environment that encourages everyone to participate. Encourage questions and provide support when needed. Invite all members of the team to contribute their ideas, opinions, and experiences in order to get the most out of each activity.
Be sure to recognise individual efforts during activities as well as group successes. This will help motivate everyone to participate and help them feel valued. Finally, make sure that everyone has fun during the activities as this helps create a relaxed atmosphere which in turn will encourage people to open up and engage more fully with the activity.

Can virtual teams benefit from team building activities?

Yes, virtual teams can benefit from team building activities. Such activities, when executed thoughtfully and with the right intent, can help to improve communication and collaboration within distributed teams. By taking part in team-building games and activities, virtual teams can become more productive and successful in achieving their goals.

What are the most effective methods for evaluating a group after they complete a team building activity?

An effective evaluation of a group after they complete a team building activity should include feedback from both the facilitator and the members of the group. From the facilitator, feedback should include an assessment of the success or failure of the overall activity, as well as an evaluation of any strategies that may have been used to help keep members engaged and working together.
From the group members, feedback should include an assessment of how well they worked together, their overall enjoyment of the activity, and any ideas for improvement or changes to make it more successful in the future. Additionally, a follow-up survey can be used to get further insight into the teams’ overall experience with a team building activity.
This survey should include questions about the activity itself, as well as questions about how each team member worked together and interacted with each other. The feedback collected from these evaluations can then be used to create future team building exercises that are more engaging and effective at improving group dynamics.