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10 Best Spots for Team Lunch Singapore [2024]

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Team Lunch Singapore

Best Team Lunch Singapore
Best Team Lunch Singapore

Team lunches play a pivotal role in nurturing strong bonds and fostering a sense of unity within a workplace.

The best team lunch spots in Singapore for 2024 include Toby’s Estate, Peperoni Pizzeria, Walking on Sunshine, King and the Pawn, and Open Farm Community.

When selecting a venue for a team lunch in Singapore, take into account elements like budget, location, and dietary requirements.

Singapore’s top team lunch spots provide a blend of indoor and outdoor seating choices, along with private dining areas for bigger gatherings.

Here are the best spots for team lunch in Singapore, where culinary excellence meets comfort, making every team outing an unforgettable one.

Quick Summary

  • Best team lunch spots in Singapore for 2024 include Toby’s Estate, Peperoni Pizzeria, Walking on Sunshine, King and the Pawn, and Open Farm Community.
  • When choosing a spot for team lunch in Singapore, consider factors such as budget, location, and dietary restrictions.
  • Some of the best team lunch spots in Singapore offer a mix of both indoor and outdoor seating options, as well as private dining rooms for larger groups.

Our Selection Criteria

Our team considered various factors while selecting the best spots for team lunch in Singapore:

  • Ambiance and Comfort: We prioritized establishments renowned for their welcoming atmosphere and comfortable seating arrangements, ensuring teams could relax and engage effortlessly.
  • Culinary Variety: Diversity in cuisine options played a significant role, catering to the varied tastes and dietary requirements within teams.
  • Service Excellence: Spots known for attentive and prompt service made our list, as they contribute significantly to a positive dining experience.
  • Accessibility: Locations that are easily accessible via public transportation and offer convenient parking options were favored to accommodate team members coming from different areas.
  • Value for Money: We considered venues that offer the best combination of quality food, service, and atmosphere at a price point that meets a range of budgetary considerations.

Best Team Lunch Singapore

1. Toby’s Estate

(Credit: Toby’s Estate)
(Credit: Toby’s Estate)
Key ServicesArtisanal coffee, Brunch offerings, Cozy ambiance
Address8 Rodyk Street, #01-03/04, Singapore 238216
Phone+65 9177 3256
Operating Hours7am-3pm Monday to Friday, 7:30am-5pm Saturday and Sunday

Brunch at Toby’s Estate, a charming cafe by the riverside, is a comforting classic experience. Enjoy their Brekkie of Champions and a Latte while choosing your favorite egg style. Perfect treat after a busy week!

Key Differentiators

  • Specialty artisanal coffee
  • Cozy ambiance with riverside views
  • Unique brunch offerings

Client Testimonial

We visited your outlet two days in a row and really loved the way you make your Cortado. The service was excellent. A very rustic look compared to the ones abroad which is more luxurious but nothing can beat your Cortado and service. Well done!

Mikha’el Abdul

2. Peperoni Pizzeria

(Credit: Peperoni Pizzeria)
(Credit: Peperoni Pizzeria)
Key ServicesAuthentic Italian pizzas, Vibrant atmosphere, Large group
Address3 Temasek Blvd, #B1-130, Singapore 038983
Phone+65 6681 6729
Operating Hours11am-2:30pm and 5pm-9pm daily

Great friends enjoy chilling and eating pizza together. At Peperoni Pizzeria, grab a huge 21” pizza with 16 flavors to choose from, starting at $55. Perfect for groups with different preferences as you can split it into two flavors for more variety.

Key Differentiators

  • Authentic Italian wood-fired pizzas
  • Family-friendly atmosphere
  • Extensive selection of gourmet toppings

Client Testimonial

They serve xxl pizza which can serve quite a lot of people. Pizza is nice and it is thin crust which won’t make you feel so filled at the end of it. Chicken wing is crispy and tasty at the same time same for truffle fries

Daemian Koh

3. Walking on Sunshine

(Credit: Walking on Sunshine)
(Credit: Walking on Sunshine)
Key ServicesOrganic dishes, Café, Hair salon, Florist
Address181 Orchard Rd, #03-07 Orchard Central Singapore 238896
Phone+65 8877 8800
Operating Hours10am-8pm Sunday to Friday, 10:30am-8pm Saturday

Walking on Sunshine at Somerset 313 is a plant-filled oasis in Singapore, perfect for diverse groups to gather. The venue boasts a picturesque setting and spacious tables for larger parties. Enjoy a mix of Korean and Western dishes, including Seafood Pancake and Butter Garlic Prawn Pizza. Don’t miss their signature Kroffles – a delightful fusion of croissant and waffles!

Key Differentiators

  • Multifaceted concept: café, hair salon, and florist
  • Organic and health-conscious menu options
  • Tranquil oasis in the heart of Orchard Road

Client Testimonial

A restaurant that exceeded my expectations.
Environment here is beautiful and comfy. The attitude of their waiters are very friendly and does not make me feel burdened. The food is really delicious and the portions are sufficient.
It is completely worth the price.

yun ling

4. King and the Pawn

(Credit: King and the Pawn)
(Credit: King and the Pawn)
Key ServicesBoard game café, Delicious food, Friendly competition
Address24 Purvis St, level 2, Singapore 188601
Phone+65 6259 1913
Operating Hours5:30am-11:30pm Tuesday to Thursday, 5:30pm-1:30am Friday, 11am-1:30am Saturday, 11am-10pm Sunday

King and the Pawn offers a cozy cafe setting with a variety of board games to enjoy. Boardgame prices start at $9 on weekdays and $13 on Fridays and weekends, with no time limit to worry about. Perfect for a fun and relaxed hangout with friends.

Key Differentiators

  • Board game café with a vast game library
  • Delicious comfort food and craft beers
  • Interactive dining experience for team bonding

Client Testimonial

My friends and I came on a Sunday afternoon and we had so much fun! The staff were so patient and so great at explaining the games. The matcha cake of the of day was so yummy too! Experience here is so much better than other board game cafes in SG!

Caleb Low

5. Open Farm Community

(Credit: Open Farm Community)
(Credit: Open Farm Community)
Key ServicesFarm-to-table dining, Serene ambiance, Local and sustainable produce
Address130E Minden Rd, Singapore 248819
Phone+65 6471 0306
Operating Hours12pm-3pm and 6pm-11pm Monday to Friday, and 11am-4pm and 6pm-11pm Saturday and Sunday

Singapore’s limited space makes fresh home-grown veggies in cafes a big deal. Open Farm Community offers farm-to-table dining near the Botanic Gardens with green initiatives. Menu includes vegetarian options. Set lunch menus at $65/person.

Key Differentiators

  • Farm-to-table dining concept
  • Lush green surroundings with organic gardens
  • Emphasis on sustainability and local produce

Client Testimonial

A very cosy and charming brunch place in SG and it was a refreshing experience. The outdoor sitting overlooking the garden is a nice touch and makes you feel at home. Menu had interesting choices. Dietary restrictive choices like gluten/dairy free was limited but the staff was accommodating and willing to take requests. The gluten free pasta was delicious and portion size was good too.

Prarthana B

6. PS.Cafe at Harding Road

(Credit: PS.Cafe)
(Credit: PS.Cafe)
Key ServicesContemporary ambiance, Gourmet cuisine, Chic setting
Address28B Harding Rd, Singapore 249549
Phone+65 6708 9288
Operating Hours8am-10:30pm Sunday to Thursday, 8am-11pm Friday and Saturday

PS.Cafe at Harding Road offers a cozy and spacious dining experience in a colonial-style building surrounded by greenery. Indoor and outdoor seating options are available, with versatile seating arrangements. A highlight is their must-try Truffle Shoestring Fries for sharing.

Key Differentiators

  • Chic and sophisticated ambiance
  • Gourmet cuisine with an international flair
  • Signature desserts and artisanal cocktails

Client Testimonial

My friends and I have found our sanctuary at this enchanting restaurant nestled in the lush, forest-like hideaway of Dempsey. It’s not just a dining spot; it’s an escape to nature where the ambiance is as refreshing as the cuisine is tantalizing. Among the standout experiences here is indulging in their spicy risotto, a dish that keeps us coming back for more. This risotto is not just a meal; it’s a masterpiece of flavors, perfectly balanced with just the right kick of spice to elevate the entire dining experience.

Joy Oh

7. The Refinery

(Credit: The Refinery)
(Credit: The Refinery)
Key ServicesFusion cuisine, Industrial-chic setting, Craft cocktails
Address115 King George’s Ave, Unit 01-02, Singapore 208561
Phone+65 6293 1204

The Refinery in Jalan Besar offers a spacious dining experience with a fusion of Japanese and local cuisine. Known for their Gyudon and Mixed Chirashi bowl, they also serve up unique dishes like Truffle Green Curry Pasta. Enjoy a selection of drinks from beer to cocktails and soju.

Key Differentiators

  • Fusion cuisine blending Asian and Western flavors
  • Trendy industrial-chic setting
  • Craft cocktails and artisanal drinks menu

Client Testimonial

A hidden gem with a very nice ambience. A bottle of house wine is really cheap and even cheaper if you go for 2 bottles aka twins. Food wasn’t bad but don’t have too high expectations. Nonetheless, the overall experience was great. A very good place to hang out and chill with friends. It closes quite early at 930pm on a Saturday though..

Richard Tian

8. Lucha Loco

(Credit: Lucha Loco)
(Credit: Lucha Loco)
Key ServicesMexican cuisine, Lively atmosphere, Festive vibes
Address15 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089598
Phone+65 8798 1035
Operating Hours11:30am-11pm Monday to Thursday, 11:30am-12:30am and Saturday

Weekend nights are for unwinding at Lucha Loco restro-bar with friends in its garden-like al fresco dining area. Enjoy Mexican dishes like tacos and quesadillas, paired with boozy beverages such as frozen margaritas and coconut mojitos to lift everyone’s spirits.

Key Differentiators

  • Vibrant Mexican street food and cocktails
  • Colorful décor and lively atmosphere
  • Rooftop bar offering panoramic views of the city

Client Testimonial

Really enjoyed the lunch. Each dish recommended was great and the watermelon + basil drink tasted so good. We look forward to another lunch/dinner here next time. Thanks for your great service too!

Lily Sunari

9. Jiu Gong Ge Steamboat

(Credit: Jiu Gong Ge Steamboat)
(Credit: Jiu Gong Ge Steamboat)
Key ServicesTraditional Chinese hotpot, Communal dining, Fresh ingredients
AddressSingapore, North Bridge Rd, Bugis Cube470号#01-05 邮政编码: 188735
Phone+65 6338 3405
Operating Hours11:30am-2am daily

Jiu Gong Ge Steamboat offers a huge Seafood Steamboat packed with fresh seafood like lobsters, scampi, prawns, crabs, and scallops. Located near Bugis Junction, it’s a seafood lover’s dream with refillable broth and ample ingredients to satisfy everyone’s cravings.

Key Differentiators

  • Authentic Chinese hotpot experience
  • Wide selection of fresh ingredients and dipping sauces
  • Communal dining for shared experiences

Client Testimonial

I booked at 1.30p, but they are kind enough to let us be seated early so I can feed my kids first. They are considerate enough to prepare our seafood platter later, too, as my companions haven’t reached. I didn’t wat to see the seafood to overcook. The waiters/servers are attentive, fast, and oozing with positive energy. They have a clean and dry washroom, too, which I find important especially when you tend to eat with bare hands.

Euphegenia Doubtfire

10. Bakalaki Greek Taverna

(Credit: Bakalaki Greek Taverna)
(Credit: Bakalaki Greek Taverna)
Key ServicesAuthentic Mediterranean cuisine, Warm hospitality, Cozy taverna atmosphere
Address38A Martin Rd, Singapore 239072
Phone+65 6836 3688
Operating Hours11:30am-12am daily

Bakalaki Greek Taverna in Tiong Bahru offers a Mediterranean dining experience with dishes like Keftedes beef meatballs and Gardies grilled jumbo prawn platter. Enjoy the cozy ambiance with a strong wood theme and spacious seating for a casual dinner. Don’t miss their Grilled Meat Platters for a carnivorous feast!

Key Differentiators

  • Authentic Mediterranean dishes with a Greek touch
  • Warm and inviting taverna atmosphere
  • Extensive wine list featuring Greek wines

Client Testimonial

Had a very nice Greek meal but the popular beers and wine were sold out. The Octopus was succulent with nice smokey taste. The fish roe were a tad bit too salty but that was expected. The lamb was also very good. Pricing was excellent. Wish there was a bar counter to wait at for our table. Very good service and crowd management by the restaurant.

Melvin Yo

Team Lunch Singapore

Exploring Singapore’s diverse culinary landscape through these top dining spots provides a unique adventure that is as much about the atmosphere as it is about the food.

Each restaurant offers not just a meal, but an experience, whether it’s bonding over a communal hotpot at Jiu Gong Ge Steamboat, enjoying the lively Mexican vibes at Lucha Loco, or savoring Mediterranean flavors at Bakalaki Greek Taverna.

These places encapsulate the essence of what makes dining out in Singapore so special – the fusion of cultures, flavors, and experiences that cater to every palate and occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about team lunch in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best Restaurants for Team Lunch in Singapore below:

Where can I find the best spots for team lunch in Singapore?

The best team lunch spots in Singapore include Toby’s Estate, Peperoni Pizzeria, Walking on Sunshine, King and the Pawn, and Open Farm Community.

What are some lunch ideas for office workers looking for a group dining experience in Singapore?

For office workers seeking a memorable group dining experience, Singapore offers a plethora of lunch ideas. From the vibrant flavors of fried rice at Neon Pigeon to the hearty burrito bowl at The Refinery, there’s something to satisfy every palate. For those who prefer a meal outdoors, Botanico provides a scenic setting perfect for large groups.

How do Singapore’s food cultures influence group friendly restaurants?

Singapore’s rich tapestry of food cultures greatly influences its group-friendly restaurants, offering a diverse range of food items that cater to everyone’s tastes. From traditional hors d’oeuvres infused with soy sauce at Maguro Brothers to innovative finger foods at Lucha Loco, diners can explore a variety of culinary traditions in a single meal, making every dining experience unique and perfect for special occasions.

Can you recommend a perfect meal for meat lovers dining in large groups?

For meat lovers dining in large groups, KOMA Singapore presents a perfect meal option. Offering succulent dishes that taste great and are ideal for sharing, such as their signature dishes enhanced with sour cream or a variety of meat-based food items, KOMA ensures a satisfying group dining experience. Additionally, Publico Ristorante is renowned for its meat-centric menu, catering to those who appreciate a hearty meal.

What options are available for a group-friendly lunch that includes vegetarian food items?

Vegetarians won’t feel left out when dining in group friendly restaurant like The Butcher’s Wife, where the focus on fresh, plant-based food item ensures a delightful meal for everyone. Their menu includes innovative vegetarian dishes that are not only healthy but also incredibly flavorful, making it easy to enjoy a communal dining experience without compromising on taste or variety.

Where can office workers find a quick yet satisfying lunch for a special occasion with large groups?

For office workers planning a special occasion with large groups, Tapas 24 offers a quick yet satisfying lunch option. Their array of small plates, including a variety of tapas and finger foods, allows for a diverse tasting experience that’s ideal for large groups wanting to sample different flavors without a long wait. It’s an excellent choice for enjoying a variety of dishes that collectively create a perfect meal, catering to the dynamic tastes of every diner in the group.

Where can we find a group friendly restaurant with a spacious and cosy interior?

For those looking for a spacious and cosy interior that can accommodate big groups, The Refinery is a top pick. It boasts a rustic warehouse interior and offers affordable gyudon among other delightful menu items. This cafe cum bar ensures a comfortable and relaxed dining experience, making it an ideal spot for team lunches.

Which restaurant near Marina Bay Sands offers a great group dining view?

When it comes to enjoying a meal with a fantastic group dining view near Marina Bay Sands, CÉ LA VI stands out. Located atop the iconic skyscraper, it offers not just breathtaking views but also a wide range of delectable Western dishes and Asian cuisine. The restaurant’s huge tables and sharing platters make it perfect for big groups seeking an unforgettable dining experience.

Are there any riverside eateries suitable for team lunches that offer Asian cuisine and dim sum?

Absolutely, JUMBO Seafood at Riverside Point is one of the best riverside restaurants for team lunches, especially if you’re craving Asian cuisine and dim sum. With its fresh fruits and raw bar, along with a variety of sharing platters, this group friendly dining spot is ideal for indulging in the rich flavors of Asian culinary traditions while enjoying the serene riverside ambiance.

Can we find a group-friendly restaurant near Singapore Botanic Gardens that serves fresh fruits and sharing platters?

Corner House, located within the Singapore Botanic Gardens, is a group-friendly restaurant that prides itself on serving exquisite sharing platters and a selection of fresh fruits among other offerings. Its unique setting amidst lush greenery and its commitment to providing an exceptional dining experience make it a must-visit for teams seeking a tranquil retreat combined with delicious food.

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