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20 Best Turkish Restaurants In Singapore [2024]

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Turkish Restaurant Singapore

Best Turkish Restaurant Singapore
Best Turkish Restaurant Singapore

As a country with a rich and diverse food culture, Singapore is home to many different cuisines. One of the most popular types of cuisine in this city-state is Turkish cuisine. You can find them all over the city and they offer a variety of dishes that will satisfy your taste buds. What is different about Turkish food? The cuisine is influenced by many cultures, including Arabic, Persian, Ottoman, Balkan and Turkic cuisines. It has an interesting flavor that makes it worth trying out.

This blog post will list 20 best Turkish Restaurants in 2024 that serve some of the best Turkish dishes in Singapore!

Key Considerations Factors

  • Location: Choose a restaurant that is conveniently located so that it is easy to access. Consider factors such as the local transportation system and proximity to your home or office.
  • Menu Options: Look for a restaurant that has a long menu with a lot of different dishes from different parts of Turkey. The best restaurants will have both traditional Turkish dishes and new takes on old favorites.
  • Atmosphere: Choose a restaurant with a friendly atmosphere and plenty of comfortable places to sit. A good atmosphere can make the whole dining experience better and help everyone have a good time.
  • Service: When looking for a Turkish restaurant, make sure that the staff is experienced and knows a lot about the food. They should also be friendly and helpful while you eat. Look for restaurants that have policies and services that are geared toward their customers, like loyalty programs or daily specials.
  • Price Range: Compare the prices of different restaurants to find one that fits your budget and still serves good food at a fair price. It is also important to take into account any additional costs, such as taxes or delivery fees, when calculating the final price of your meal.

Best Turkish Restaurant Singapore

1. Arkadas Cafe

Arkadas Cafe - Turkish Restaurant Singapore (Credit: Arkadas Cafe)
Arkadas Cafe – Turkish Restaurant Singapore (Credit: Arkadas Cafe)
Key ServicesTurkish Cuisine
Address1 Fusionopolis View, #01-02, Sandcrawler, Singapore 138577
Phone+65 6466 9918
Operating HoursMonday – Sunday 11am – 10pm

With a comprehensive menu geared to suit every meal of the day, this trendy café will transports you to similar places all across Turkey’s metropolises. With this all-inclusive experience, replenish your hunger and spiritual energies, and take a refreshing actual Turkish tea break as a reward.

Client Testimonial:

Decided to skip normal western cafes brunches and take a chance on something different. So glad we did and no regrets AT ALL. The food was scrumptious to every last bite and service was great! We thought we’d be too full to finish as the portions are quite big but it was so good it was finished before realizing. Special mention to the lamb sis kebab (have you ever tried lamb melting in your mouth?) and kunefe which was a real slice from heaven (I kid you not). Loved every bite. Thanks for the wonderful experience!

Fredrinne Loo

2. The Mediterranean Deli Turk

The Mediterranean Deli Turk  - Turkish Restaurant Singapore (Credit: The Mediterranean Deli Turk)
The Mediterranean Deli Turk – Turkish Restaurant Singapore (Credit: The Mediterranean Deli Turk)
Key ServicesTurkish Cuisine, Baked Meat Dishes, Mediterranean seafood
Address34B Lorong Mambong Holland Village, Singapore 277691
Phone+65 6592 0295
Operating HoursMonday – Sunday 11am – 10.30pm

At this eatery, you may enjoy Turkish cuisine and hospitality at their finest. With delectable grills, baked meats dishes, and Mediterranean seafood on the menu, pamper your taste buds with exquisite food. This, as well as the tendency of employees to happily educate you about the history of various meals, ensures that it ranks among Singapore

Client Testimonial:

Boss Alihan is a great friendly guy who will recommend and explain the menu items. Chef is wicked good. You have to order the ‘Slice of Heaven’.

Yong Liang Teh

3. Alaturka Mediterranean & Turkish Restaurant

Alaturka Mediterranean & Turkish Restaurant  - Turkish Restaurant Singapore (Credit: Alaturka Mediterranean & Turkish Restaurant)
Alaturka Mediterranean & Turkish Restaurant – Turkish Restaurant Singapore (Credit: Alaturka Mediterranean & Turkish Restaurant)
Key ServicesMediterranean cuisine
Address15 Bussorah Street, Singapore 199436
Phone+65 6294 0304 , +65 9434 6026
Operating HoursMonday – Sunday 11:30am – 10:30pm

This restaurant, which is located in Singapore’s Middle Eastern cultural zone, is a must-visit for all lovers of Mediterranean cuisine. Come by for a meal to enjoy the flavors of traditional Turkish and Mediterranean cuisines with an innovative twist.

Client Testimonial:

Great food and attentive service. Lamb moussaka as recommended was really good paired with butter rice. Chicken kebab is okay not bad. Kunefe is highly recommended, will come back again because of it. Iced turkish apple tea was refreshing. It is advisable to make a reservation though and request to be seated inside to avoid any disappointment.


4. Turkish Lezzet House

Turkish Lezzet House  - Turkish Restaurant Singapore (Credit: Turkish Lezzet House)
Turkish Lezzet House – Turkish Restaurant Singapore (Credit: Turkish Lezzet House)
Key ServicesTurkish Cuisine
Address3 Temasek Boulevard #B1-105 Suntec City Mall, Singapore 038983
Phone+65 9296 5026
Operating HoursMonday – Sunday 11am – 10pm

With its delectable meals that keep clients coming back for more, this restaurant earns its name. Here, you’ll have a no-frills yet really tasty food experience with a dining setup and décor that is strongly reminiscent of kebab stands outside Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar. Your Turkish dining experience can’t get any more real than this.

Client Testimonial:

Loyal regular at this place. Always very satisfied with the quality and serving size. I tend to just go for their chicken kebab then go with rice.

The photo is their Iskender, very yummy.

Jie Bo Ti

5. Donergy ‘Turkish Kebab’

Donergy ‘Turkish Kebab’  - Turkish Restaurant Singapore (Credit: Donergy ‘Turkish Kebab’)
Donergy ‘Turkish Kebab’ – Turkish Restaurant Singapore (Credit: Donergy ‘Turkish Kebab’)
Key ServicesKebab, Pide
Address9 Raffles Blvd, #01-90 Millenia Walk, Singapore 039596
Phone+65 9655 5061
Operating HoursMonday – Sunday 10am – 9.30pm

Pides and kebabs are among the foods that take precedence in Turkish cuisine. Try Donergy’s best-known dishes, wash it all down with a soothing cup of Turkish tea, or cool off with a glass of refreshing Ayran if you have a sweet tooth.

Client Testimonial:

LOVE the tasty food here! Highly recommend the mushroom pide, kebab with chips, and hummus. The price is slightly above average but the food is totally worth it. come with a few friends so that you can share and try a couple of dishes. Their portion is very generous and they have great service too. I’ll definitely be back

Eunice Hannah Lim

6. Ayasofya Turkish Restaurant

Ayasofya Turkish Restaurant  - Turkish Restaurant Singapore (Credit: Ayasofya Turkish Restaurant)
Ayasofya Turkish Restaurant – Turkish Restaurant Singapore (Credit: Ayasofya Turkish Restaurant)
Key ServicesMediterranean cuisine
Address9 Raffles Blvd, #01-90 Millenia Walk, Singapore 039596
Phone+65 6298 0113
Operating HoursMonday – Sunday 11am – 11pm

This eatery in Istanbul’s historic city is named for the breathtaking architectural structure in its ancient quarter, which reflects the area’s rich ethnic diversity. With influences from across the Mediterranean, there’s something for everyone at this restaurant.

Client Testimonial:

Best Turkish kebab , great service , great experience, staff very helpful Nd so nice , chesee pide very soft , lamb chop very tender, Baklava not to sweet sure we be back again


7. Pasha Turkish Restaurant

Pasha Turkish Restaurant - Turkish Restaurant Singapore (Credit: Pasha Turkish Restaurant)
Pasha Turkish Restaurant – Turkish Restaurant Singapore (Credit: Pasha Turkish Restaurant)
Key ServicesTurkish Pasha
Address14 Haji Lane, Singapore 189204
Phone+65 9238 7075
Operating HoursMonday – Sunday 11am – 11pm

If you enjoy Turkish culture, this restaurant is a must-see. Feel like a real Turkish Pasha while dining at this restaurant, which offers big portions for individuals and group eating as well as exceptional service.

Client Testimonial:

Food is superb! Lamb Mandi and the dish with eggplant was so good. I can say it is one of the best Turkish food places in Singapore. I will recommend anyone here 🙂

The WisePlant

8. Atas Turkish Kebab

Atas Turkish Kebab  - Turkish Restaurant Singapore (Credit: Atas Turkish Kebab)
Atas Turkish Kebab – Turkish Restaurant Singapore (Credit: Atas Turkish Kebab)
Key ServicesKebab, Turkish Cuisine
Address190 Middle Rd, Singapore 188979
Phone+65 8138 6491
Operating HoursMonday10am – 2am Tuesday – Sunday 10.30am – 2am

Don’t be fooled by the restaurant’s unassuming appearance. Regardless of the occasion or personal desire, its many regulars can confirm that here you’ll find some of the greatest kebabs available.

Client Testimonial:

Highly recommend!!! Generous portion!! Ladies can share 1 portion. For guy 1 portion is very filling le!! Recommended to go for the mixed.. mixed kebab (chicken and beef) and mixed butter rice! This guy is very friendly.. understand that they serve till very late. Great place for dinner and supper!! Surely will come back again.

Elaina Poh

9. Sultan Turkish Restaurant

Sultan Turkish Restaurant  - Turkish Restaurant Singapore (Credit: Sultan Turkish Restaurant)
Sultan Turkish Restaurant – Turkish Restaurant Singapore (Credit: Sultan Turkish Restaurant)
Key ServicesTraditional Turkish Dishes
Address30 Bussorah Street, Singapore 199448
Phone+65 6291 7484
Operating HoursMonday – Sunday 10.30am – 10.30pm

Sultan Turkish Restaurant is a fantastic spot to visit for affordable yet delicious Turkish cuisine. Sultan Turkish Restaurant serves royally magnificent meals with excitingly innovative spins on traditional Turkish dishes and portions that are sure to fill you. This restaurant truly honors the Ottoman heritage by providing you with a royally excellent dining experience, as seen from its name.

Client Testimonial:

Cravings were perfectly satisfied and had a good time!! Portion was fantastic Perfect food at perfect place with absolute perfect staff named Mustafa. He was attentive, responsive and always with a warm smile on his face to greet everyone! Got the drinks served fast and food served accordingly from our appetizer all the way to dessert. What a wonderful engagement with the staff and we’ll definitely be back again with more friends!!

Serena Lee Suet Ming

10. Kebabwala

Kebabwala - Turkish Restaurant Singapore (Credit: Kebabwala)
Kebabwala – Turkish Restaurant Singapore (Credit: Kebabwala)
Key ServicesTurkish Cuisine
Address17 Petir Road, Hillion Mall, #B2-18, Singapore 678278
Phone+65 8201 9010
Operating HoursThursday 10am – 10pm Friday 11.30am – 10pm Saturday – Sunday 11am – 10pm

Turkish cuisine reminds you of nature, rather than obscuring tastes in an unappetizing combination. Chefs skillfully emphasize the characteristics of these ingredients to give you the best gastronomic experience possible. Kebabwala provides this consistency across each dish, regardless of your food preferences or dietary restrictions.

Client Testimonial:

Flavourful chicken with various spices in it. Really soft and tender! Especially love the sauce in red. Tomato bits with spiciness in it.

Averie You

11. Tabbouleh

Tabbouleh  - Turkish Restaurant Singapore (Credit: Tabbouleh)
Tabbouleh – Turkish Restaurant Singapore (Credit: Tabbouleh)
Key ServicesLebanese cuisine, Hummus, Lamb Mandi, Samak Maki, Kebab
Address41 Arab St, Singapore 199740
Phone6292 5235
Operating Hours11 am to 11pm

Tabbouleh is a Lebanese restaurant in the Arab Street district of London. They have a fantastic $99 Mixed Grill Platter, as well as other delicious Middle Eastern meals. Their Lamb Mandi, which features marinated lamb combined with parsley onion and seven Lebanese spices, grilled veggies, and fragrant rice, is a customer favorite.

Client Testimonial:

Very authentic Lebanese cuisine and delicious too. Nice atmosphere with middle eastern music. Recommended to try the mix grill and the desserts platter.

stormy stormy

12. Stuff’d

Stuff’d  - Turkish Restaurant Singapore (Credit: Stuff’d)
Stuff’d – Turkish Restaurant Singapore (Credit: Stuff’d)
Key ServicesKebab, burrito, tacos, quesadilla, daily bowl
AddressBugis Junction, #B1-K07, 200 Victoria St, Singapore 188021
Phone65 6557 6557
Operating Hours10.30am to 9pm

Stuff’d is a Singapore-based fast casual restaurant chain that specializes in fresh kebabs, burritos, quesadillas, and signature daily bowls. It was developed by CEO Adrian Ang with the goal of being healthy in mind. Since then, they’ve expanded to become the biggest burrito and kebab quick service restaurant in Singapore

Client Testimonial:

Fantastic service.Super delicious. The Chicken were perfectly cooked.Worth the wait, my first time buying, i love the team members and they were also friendly and professional. This location at Stuff’d Sunplaza is the best.

Yvonne Huang 

13. Turkish Kebab House [CLOSED]

Turkish Kebab House - Turkish Restaurant Singapore (Credit: Turkish Kebab House)
Turkish Kebab House – Turkish Restaurant Singapore (Credit: Turkish Kebab House)
Key ServicesPide, pita, kebab, baklava, kunefe

At Northpoint, the Turkish Kebab House serves real, wonderful kebab. They use fresh bread, and they follow a traditional method of preparation. Falafels are a vegetarian option. Falafels are made from mashed chickpeas and broad beans and are deep-fried pastries. In meal options, you’ll find pide, pita, kebab, wraps in set meals.

Client Testimonial:

Awesome shop. Friendly owner. Had nice chat fir a while. Food doesn’t taste exactly like in Turkey. But close enough. Portion is big. Pricing a little bit on the high side. Definitely returning for other menu.

Muhammad Syahrul

14. Shabestan Singapore

Shabestan Singapore  - Turkish Restaurant Singapore (Credit: Shabestan Singapore)
Shabestan Singapore – Turkish Restaurant Singapore (Credit: Shabestan Singapore)
Key ServicesLamb wrap, salad, meatballs, kebabs, Mezzeh
Address80 Mohamed Sultan Rd, #01-13, Singapore 239013
Phone6836 1270
Operating Hours12pm to 10pm

A great Persian/Middle Eastern restaurant located on Mohammed Sultan Road in Tehran. The minced chicken kebabs are well-known, as is the attentive service. Scrumptious and authentically Persian cuisine served in a luxurious dining area with an intimate, warm ambience. Meatballs from the Mezzeh are delicious. There are views of the quayside, indoor, outdoor seating.

Client Testimonial:

Hands down the best grilled chicken (as seen below) I have ever had. Very balanced seasoning, chicken was tender, and complemented by the dill and saffron rice. Staff are friendly and engaging, and know the menu well. We also tried the fresh bread with the yoghurt dips which were refreshing. Will definitely be back.

Joshua Chow

15. Deliz Cafe

 Deliz Cafe  - Turkish Restaurant Singapore (Credit: Deliz Cafe)
Deliz Cafe – Turkish Restaurant Singapore (Credit: Deliz Cafe)
Key ServicesKebab, burrito, quesadilla, tortilla, falafel
AddressDjitsun Mall Bedok, #01-05/06, Singapore 469661
Phone6957 0521
Operating Hours8am to 10pm

In Bedok North, Deliz Café serves real Turkish cuisine like falafel, Arabic salad, hummus, beef kebab, chicken kebab, beef burrito, chicken burrito, beef quesadilla, chicken quesadilla, beef bowl soup , café is a friendly and family-friendly. Their staff is welcoming and friendly.

Client Testimonial:

THE BEST EVER Quesadilla! Period! Go try! I’m going again for 2nd round today .

Sarina R

16. Dewish Turkish Mediterranean Restaurant

Dewish Turkish Mediterranean Restaurant  - Turkish Restaurant Singapore (Credit: Dewish Turkish Mediterranean Restaurant)
Dewish Turkish Mediterranean Restaurant – Turkish Restaurant Singapore (Credit: Dewish Turkish Mediterranean Restaurant)
Key ServicesHummus, falafel, kebab, kofte, baklava
Address60 Bussorah Street, Singapore 199476
Phone6298 8986 / 9119 6032
Operating Hours11am to 11pm

The magnificent Dewish Turkish Mediterranean Restaurant Singapore is a lavish Turkish restaurant that serves halal meals. This stylish eatery in Kampong Glam is a must-try if you enjoy great food with lots of taste. Everything from Turkish pide with toppings to halal meat from the charcoal grill, as well as kebabs and fresh seafood.

Client Testimonial:

A little Turkish hidden gem in Bussorah street that really reminded me of my travel in Turkey. Rustic but absolutely Instagram worthy backdrops make great pictures for the gram. I enjoyed most of the dishes but the Baklava with Mint Tea stood out the most for me.

Gursheel Dhillon

17. Istanblue

 Istanblue  - Turkish Restaurant Singapore (Credit: Istanblue)
Istanblue – Turkish Restaurant Singapore (Credit: Istanblue)
Key ServicesHummus, falafel,pita,kebab, pide
Address17 Baghdad St, Singapore 199656
Phone6592 3385
Operating Hours11am to 9.30pm

IstanBlue is a fantastic Turkish eatery in Singapore. They provide a wide range of popular Turkish cuisine, which is cooked over an open fire and served in the authentic manner. The Istanblue Special Meze plates, Shish Kebab Mezze, Turkish borek, cheese and herb-stuffed filo pastry are two of the specialty of IstanBlue.

Client Testimonial:

Really enjoyed my time there! I especially enjoyed the hummus, which was a more muted version compared to hummus from other places – the chickpea taste was still rly strong though, but I think they added less spices/lemon juice

Chicken was also super well cooked – thoroughly cooked yet still so tender and juicy! I also appreciated how I could taste the gamey lamb taste of the lamb meat, which tends to be overpowered by the spices used to cook it

Kunefe is a MUST TRY – it has a crispy buttery exterior, complemented by a sweet cheesy centre. Loved it so much!! Should definitely order it to share though, it’ll get too sweet and heavy if you were to finish it yourself

Lynn wee

18. Sofra Turkish Cafe and Restaurant

Sofra Turkish Cafe and Restaurant - Turkish Restaurant Singapore (Credit: Sofra Turkish Cafe and Restaurant)
Sofra Turkish Cafe and Restaurant – Turkish Restaurant Singapore (Credit: Sofra Turkish Cafe and Restaurant)
Key ServicesKebab, hummus, lamb, baclava, kunefe
Address02,Shaw Tower 100 Beach Road 42/44 Shaw Leisure Gallery, 189702
Phone6291 1433
Operating Hours10 am to 11pm

In Beach Road, Sofrà (Turkish for dining table) offers traditional Turkish and Mediterranean dishes. The decor is rustic and informal, with trinkets and curiosities adorning the space. Turkish cooks create rich, bright tastes. Highlights include kebab, salad, lamb, hummus, lentil soup, grape leaf roll, baclava, kunefe, stuffed fig, rice pudding are highlights.

Client Testimonial:

Self-help ordering systems. Easy to use. The pictures look great while the food item names and descriptions are a challenge for those who have never had Turkish cuisine.

Muso Lee

19. House of Kebab

 House of Kebab - Turkish Restaurant Singapore (Credit: House of Kebab)
House of Kebab – Turkish Restaurant Singapore (Credit: House of Kebab)
Key Services Moutabal, mezzeh, lamb, hummus, tabbouleh
Address21 Arab St, Singapore 199844
Phone6396 5302
Operating Hours10am to 1 am

House of Kebab’s moutabal is a mix of mashed eggplant, yoghurt, tahini, garlic and lemon juice that is formed into a ball. The mezzeh platter is an assortment of Middle Eastern vegetarian dishes including hummus lamb, hummus chicken, Fattoush, chick peas with grapes leaves.

Client Testimonial:

Honestly one of the best lamb hummus I’ve ever had!! The lamb was SPOT ON! Portions generous!!! Incredible place. Will visit again! Service was stellar and the Knaffeh was fantastic. I honestly have nothing bad to say about this place!!! MUST VISIT!!!

Eliav Tehillah

20. Kebab Station

 Kebab Station  - Turkish Restaurant Singapore (Credit: Kebab Station)
Kebab Station – Turkish Restaurant Singapore (Credit: Kebab Station)
Key ServicesKebab, kofte, mussaka, shish kebab, lamb
Address920 #01-02 ECP, Parkland Green, Singapore 449875
Phone9697 8227
Operating Hours11 am to 9.45pm

The meat on the kebabs is usually chicken, lamb, or beef. The kebab dishes are available in three flavors: chicken, lamb, and beef. Rolls, shish, baked rice, and even pizza are options for serving them. This dish has a delicate fragrance and flavor to it. The gravy musakka is delicious.

Client Testimonial:

This place deserves nothing below 5 – the food here is bl**dy amazing!!!!! We really enjoyed ourselves, every dish was so fresh and AUTHENTIC (both chefs are Turkish men) ! It’s even better than some of the food I had in turkey. Plates completely wiped clean. If you wanna impress someone with Turkish food , bring them here.


Turkish Restaurant Singapore

If you’re looking for a delicious and authentic Turkish meal in Singapore, we’ve compiled this list of some of the best restaurants to get it. From Istanbul-style cuisine to seafood dishes with flavors from the Mediterranean coast, here are 20 places where you can enjoy traditional or modern Turkish food. Whether you want an intimate dinner date at home or a lively dining experience out on the town, these top spots will give your taste buds something they won’t soon forget!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about Turkish Restaurant in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best Turkish Restaurants in Singapore below:

What type of Turkish cuisine can I find in Singapore?

Singapore search Turkish restaurants have a variety of traditional and modern Turkish restaurants serving up authentic Turkish cuisine like kebab, beef pork noodle, moutabal, mezzeh platters, kofte, musakka, shish kebab, and more. Many restaurants also serve Japanese Turkish dishes, pizza as well as desserts like baclava and kunefe. They also offer special deals or promotions Restaurant features Delivery Takeout Gift Cards.

Are there any vegetarian options available in Turkish restaurants in Singapore?

Yes! You can find many vegetarian-friendly Singapore Turkish food at some of the best Turkish restaurants in Singapore, such as hummus, tabbouleh, or even pizza with vegan toppings.

What are the specialty dishes at Kebab Station that make it stand out from other places?

Some signature creations on their Turkish menu include classic dishes like flavorful kebabs made with chicken, lamb, or beef, along with sauces like hummus, chicken fattoush, chickpea rolls, pita bread, shish, and even the authentic taste of pizzas made to order in their secret Turkish menu closed to the public. They also have delicious gravy musakka!

Is House of Kebab Halal-certified?

Yes, House of Kebab, located in iconic Arab Street, is Halal-certified. They are an Establishment Type Restaurants that serve freshly cooked Turkish food in Singapore that meets the strict guidelines and regulations set by the Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS) and prepared by the most experienced of Turkish chefs. All of their ingredients come from licensed halal suppliers, so customers who prefer halal meals can still get the same high-quality service.

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