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5 Best 24 Hour Dental Clinic in Singapore [2024]

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24 hour Dental Clinic Singapore

Best 24 hour Dentist Singapore
Best 24 hour Dentist Singapore

Finding 24 hour dentist in Singapore can be a difficult task, especially if there is an emergency and you need to see one fast. Many people do not know where 24 hour dentist in Singapore are located or when they will open their doors again. 24 Hour Dental Care offers the best 24-hour dentists in Singapore that cater to your needs. Here we have compiled a list of the Best 24 hour Dental Clinic 2024 and nearby areas to help make your search easier!

Quick Summary

  • Best 24-hour dental clinics in Singapore for 2024 are AJ Warren Dental Clinic, National Dental Centre Singapore, Nuffield Dental, Night Dental Singapore, and Ashford Dental Centre.
  • When choosing a 24-hour dental clinic in Singapore, consider the location, emergency services, experienced staff, facilities, reputation, and cost.
  • 24-hour dental clinics in Singapore ensure immediate treatment for dental emergencies since they provide round-the-clock access to necessary dental care at any time of the day or night.

Key Considerations

  • Location: Pick a clinic that may be situated near your home or workplace, especially taking into consideration the convenience during emergencies.
  • Emergency Services: Ensure that the dental clinic functions 24/7 for emergency service provision irrespective of the hour of the day or night.
  • Experienced Staff: Find a clinic that boasts a team of dentists who are well-trained with a good reputation for dealing with different types of dental emergencies proficiently.
  • Facilities: Evaluate the condition of the clinic’s facilities and equipment to make sure they are relevant and able to provide full-fledged, high-quality dental care, even during times of late hours.
  • Reputation: Research the clinic’s renown and reviews to make sure it is acknowledged for having the reputation of providing trusted and quality dental services at any time of day and night.
  • Cost: Focus on the clinic’s price policy that prescribes ways of insurance implementation or payment plan which makes emergency dental services more affordable.

Best 24 Hour Dental Clinic in Singapore

1. AJ Warren Dental Clinic

AJ Warren Dental Clinic - 24 hour Dentist Singapore
AJ Warren Dental Clinic – 24 hour Dentist Singapore (Credit: AJ Warren Dental Clinic)
Key ServicesComfortable Environment
Address218 Pasir Panjang Rd, #02-11, Singapore 118579
PhoneTel: 9827 5557
24 hr Emergency: 9827 5557
Operating HoursOpen 24 hours

What sets it apart from other dentists is that it is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and provides emergency services until the wee hours of the morning. It aspires to be a dental clinic that can provide high-quality treatments to people of all ages. It’s also recognized for being a dentist that removes all your concerns and fears about your dental problems.

That is only one of the reasons why we consider it to be one of the top dental clinics in Singapore, with the best 24-hour dentists. Dental implants, tooth whitening, wisdom tooth removal, root canal treatment, and a variety of other services are among its offerings.

Key Differentiators

  1. Professional staff
  2. Quality consultation stage

Client Testimonial

Had a great experience with Dr Warren and Joanne. They took the time to carefully explain what they were going to do and put your mind at ease. As mentioned in other posts the clinic has a spa resort feel to it yet all the equipment is very modern. Follow up was also very good and prompt and they did their best to accommodate my busy schedule. Highly recommended!

2. National Dental Centre Singapore

National Dental Centre Singapore - 24 hour Dentist Singapore
National Dental Centre Singapore – 24 hour Dentist Singapore (Credit: National Dental Centre Singapore)
Key ServicesGeneral Dentistry
Address5 Second Hospital Ave, Singapore 168938
Phone+65 6324 8802
Operating Hours Open 24 hours

The Singaporean National Dentist Centre is regarded as one of the country’s top dental clinics in terms of dentistry innovations and technologies. In addition, it’s a trustworthy resource for assistance if you have a dental emergency after normal business hours.

Furthermore, it has the most advanced equipment and personnel around the clock, so there’s nothing to worry about. Extreme tooth agony, uncontrolled bleeding, facial swelling, and traumatic injuries are just a few of the calamities that it can assist with. You may visit its office at any time of day or night if your emergency is one of those listed.

Key Differentiators

  1. Comfortable facility
  2. Advanced dental equipment
  3. Experienced dentists and nurses

Client Testimonial

I was referred to National Dental Centre Singapore by polyclinic and I had a fantastic experience. The entire process was smooth with minimal waiting time. The dentist who attended to me was friendly and helpful. She explained my problems patiently. She was also meticulous and definitely skilled. I was so relaxed and calm. Overall a good experience at the Dental Centre.

3. Nuffield Dental

Nuffield Dental - 24 hour Dentist Singapore
Nuffield Dental – 24 hour Dentist Singapore (Credit: Nuffield Dental)
Key ServicesSignature services
Address3 Gateway Dr #04-32, Westgate, Singapore 608532
Phone+65 6833 4353
Operating Hours Open 24 hours

Nuffield Dental is Singapore’s and Southeast Asia’s largest and most well-known dental practice. They specialize in a variety of procedures, including implant surgery, tooth whitening, gum treatments, tongue tie surgery, and more. Facial rejuvenation is also offered. In addition to emergency operations, they provide urgent surgical services that are why many Singaporeans and tourists consider it to be 24-hour dentist Singapore.

Key Differentiators

  1. Emergency dental services
  2. CHAS- and Medisave-accredited

Client Testimonial

dropped by earlier and the entire experience was really great! both the receptionist and nurse were friendly, caring and welcoming!!! Dr Robin’s service is next level omg. he was so nice, gentle, thorough and reassuring. he would also inform me of his next steps etc and he taught me a lot of useful information. it’s evident that he’s passionate and that he truly cares about his patients. overall, it felt like i was being pampered in a spa HAHA ugh i love this place :’)

4. Night Dental Singapore

Night Dental Singapore - 24 hour Dentist Singapore
Night Dental Singapore – 24 hour Dentist Singapore (Credit: Night Dental Singapore)
Key ServicesSame-Day Dental Service
Address430 Upper Changi Road #01-64, East Village, Singapore 487048
Phone+65 9018 0704
Operating Hours Open 24 hours

Look no further than Night Dental Singapore if you’re searching for a dental facility that accepts all sorts of emergency situations at any time of day. We chose it because it’s a dental clinic that is built to deal with dental emergencies while other dentists are resting soundly.

So, if you have a dental problem that has developed too far to wait until the day, make sure you visit Night Dental Singapore. Its team of seasoned dentists can handle all sorts of dental emergencies and will undoubtedly be able to work under pressure. On top of that, making an appointment has never been easier: simply go to its website and fill out the form.

Key Differentiators

  1. Experienced dentists
  2. Affordable out of hours services

5. Ashford Dental Centre

Ashford Dental Centre - 24 hour Dentist Singapore
Ashford Dental Centre – 24 hour Dentist Singapore (Credit: Ashford Dental Centre)
Key ServicesEco-friendly Equipment
Address215 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574349
Phone+65 6690 4691
+65 9239 4638
Operating Hours Open 24 hours

Ashford Dental Centre has amassed a substantial client base that swear by its outstanding dental treatments after more than ten years of operation. It just started offering late-night service for patients in need of emergency dentistry. It’s recognized for delivering world-class and high-quality services using cutting-edge dental technology any day and at any hour. Furthermore, it’s one of the best 24 hour dentist Singapore.

The emergency services are no different from its regular operations, of course. Even during the night, you may expect a dentist who is on call to provide immediate care in the event of an emergency.

Key Differentiators

  1. Highly trained dentists
  2. 10 years of experience
  3. Affordable services

Client Testimonial

Booking an appointment was done for the next day, very quick.

Waiting time was so short. Tests and intervention were conducted in a very professional manner.

Many thanks to Dr Janice and her Qamarina for their great work.

I recommend this Clinic with no hesitation.

24 hour Dental Clinic Singapore

These 24 hour dentists in Singapore are always there to serve you when you need them most. From basic teeth cleaning to dental implants, 24-hour dentists in Singapore will take care of all your dental needs in complete confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about 24 hour Dental Clinic in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best 24 hour Dental Clinic in Singapore below:

What are the operating hours of the 5 Best 24-hour Dental Clinics in Singapore?

The working hours of the clinics vary from one institution to another, however, all the clinics avail services round-the-clock, therefore ensuring access to dental care at any time of the day or night.

Do these clinics accept walk-in appointments during late hours?

In addition, all of the 5 best 24-hour dental clinics in Singapore offer a walk-in option whereby patients can quickly access emergency dental services without prior booking, even during late operating hours.

What types of dental emergencies do these clinics handle?

These clinics are provided with the required apparatuses and equipment to offer a wide array of dental emergencies including severe toothaches, broken or knocked-out teeth, oral injuries, and abscesses, among others.

Are the dentists at these clinics experienced and qualified?

Yes, the dentists working for these 5 best around-the-clock dental clinics in Singapore are professional, highly skilled personnel trained to manage dental cases having all the required mastery with care.

Do these clinics offer sedation options for patients with dental anxiety?

However, what I have come to appreciate the most about those clinics is that they allow patients to receive sedation, such as nitrous oxide or oral sedatives if they suffer from a dental fear during the treatment.

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