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Ultimate Guide to the Best Art Classes Singapore [2024]

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Art Classes Singapore

Best Art Classes Singapore
Best Art Classes Singapore

Our art jamming session has an activity where everyone will be getting a tote bag and can paint abstract or one of their own design to bring back home.

We organise a variety of courses for individuals of different skill levels, from beginners who want to learn the basics, to more advanced individuals looking to hone their artistic skills.

Individual Art Jamming Workshop, Neon Art Jamming Workshop, Tote Bag Art Jamming Workshop, Group Art Jamming Workshop, Virtual Art Jamming Workshop are the best art classes in Singapore for 2024.

We invite those with no experience as well as those with years of experience. It doesn’t matter whether you’re good, bad or none at all. This is also ideal for team building!

With a wide selection of art classes ranging from traditional oil painting to digital modern art, we ensure that everyone from beginners to experts can find themselves at our door, making us one of the most inclusive art schools in the region.

Explore the endless realm of imagination and creativity at our popular art classes where every visitor goes back with a wonderful art journey.

Quick Summary

  • It is important for people looking into art enrichment classes in Singapore to consider how big the class size is, whether the instructor is proficient and has the experience to teach their students, and whether the studio is offering various art mediums that will allow them to personalise the learning journey
  • Singapore’s dynamic art scene offers a distinctive setting for art classes, creating an ideal environment to nurture and enhance your creative abilities.
  • FunEmpire‘s Art Classes in Singapore offers diverse art classes experiences with 8,000+ 5-Star reviews and 50,000+ successful events.

What is Art Jamming Workshop by FunEmpire?

(Credit: FunEmpire)
(Credit: FunEmpire)

Art Jamming workshops are where you can get creative with others and create art! With all art supplies included, come along to learn from others, build up your skill level and get creative inspiration.

Unleash your inner artist in these fun and enriching craft programs

What type of classes does Art Jamming Workshop by FunEmpire offer?

At our workshop, we offer all sorts of classes for beginners as well as other experience levels. Those who have never art jammed before can join our class for beginners!

Learn art jamming basics and create art with instructor guidance.

For experienced artists, we offer specialised classes.

Join us in a creative space for Art Jamming and let’s create artworks together! Enjoy the company of peers to learn new techniques and unleash your creative side.

Benefits of Craft Workshops

Art jamming workshops offer a variety of benefits for participants. Some of these benefits include:

  • Patience practices: Art-jamming is a slow, deliberate, patient process that may help to cultivate patience.
  • Encouraging networking between participants: Art jamming is a place for not only the participants to connect one another, but also to learn from each other. This can serve as a platform for participants to build new relationships or friendships.
  • Unleashing creativity: In art jamming workshops, participants are encouraged to express themselves creatively. This can be a great way to explore your creative side and unleash your inner artist.

Types of Art Jamming Packages by FunEmpire

1. Individual Art Jamming Workshop

(Credit: FunEmpire)
(Credit: FunEmpire)

If you are interested in attending an arts and craft workshop, our individual art jamming workshop will be perfect for you! In this class, you will have the opportunity to work with other artists and learn new techniques, in a conducive and calm environment.

And, at the end of the process, you will be creating a work of art that you can take home with you.

If this is something that you would like to learn, we provide this class within our workshop in Singapore. Contact us for more information, or alternatively visit our website to find out more about this class and register!

Check out Individual Art Jamming Workshop here

2. Neon Art Jamming Workshop

(Credit: FunEmpire)
(Credit: FunEmpire)

With us, your painting will light up in the dark! With our fluorescent neon painting materials, you will get a chance to experience the coolest Art Jamming ever!

Be creative and engage in our glow-in-the-dark neon session – it’s unique and one of a kind!

Come join us in this one of a kind craft workshop, and create a neon masterpiece today in our art studio!

Check out Neon Art Jamming Workshop here

3. Tote Bag Art Jamming Workshop

(Credit: FunEmpire)
(Credit: FunEmpire)

Our tote bag art jamming workshop, gives participants a chance bring home their own handiwork. Craft workshops like these will help you unleash your creativity and high-quality craft spirits.

For those that have never experienced art jamming, this workshop is perfect for you! In this workshop, you will learn the basics of art jamming and create a piece of art with the help of our trained instructors.

If you are an advanced artist, we also offer intermediate classes where you will have a chance to work in the company of other artists and learn new techniques.

Art jamming is a great way to get creative, nurture patience, and foster interactions among participants. Plus, these fun craft workshops and relaxing art jamming sessions will inspire participants to unleash their creativity in a cozy and non-judgemental environment.

Check out Tote Bag Art Jamming Workshop here

4. Group Art Jamming Workshop

(Credit: FunEmpire)
(Credit: FunEmpire)

Looking for a great way to relieve stress while strengthening team bonding and unity? Group Art Jamming with FunEmpire is a perfect way to relieve stress while still building team morale and unity. Our art jam session includes everything you’ll need for a fun painting experience.

This workshop is perfect for corporate team building, corporate events, or any social enterprise. With of course, personalised professional guidance from our professional facilitators.

Fret not! Absolutely no experience with painting is necessary! This will be your starting point when it comes to learning arts, brush calligraphy, and allowing participants to venture into their chosen technique!

Check out Group Art Jamming Workshop here

5. Virtual Art Jamming Workshop

(Credit: FunEmpire)
(Credit: FunEmpire)

If you are unable to attend one of our face-to-face art jamming workshops, do not worry! We offer a virtual art jamming workshop that will be perfect for you.

In our workshop, you will learn with other artists and get your hands dirty, exploring new techniques.

You will have the opportunity to make an artwork at home in these online classes, too.

Check out Virtual Art Jamming Workshop here

6. Public Art Jamming Workshop

(Credit: FunEmpire)
(Credit: FunEmpire)

Our public creative workshops are perfect for anyone, whether you’re looking to spend time with family, go on a new and exciting date, or learn something new!

This is the art jamming workshop to get your hands dirty, as well as get your creative juices flowing.

You can buy a fun experience as the perfect gift for your loved ones!

Check out Public Art Jamming Workshop here

7. Art Jamming Creative Home Kit

(Credit: FunEmpire)
(Credit: FunEmpire)

Our best crafting workshops are also available as DIY Home Kits! Our painting classes in particular will want you to recreate your own art space … or even an art studio one day!

Delve deeper into tinkle arts and leave room to imagine what you’ll create.

What are you waiting for? Flex your handmade goods today, after few hours of hard work!

Check out Art Jamming Creative Home Kit here

8. Leather Craft Making Workshop

(Credit: FunEmpire)
(Credit: FunEmpire)

For leather lovers, we suggest our leather crafting workshop. In this class, you will have the opportunity to learn how to make your own leather accessories such as coin pouches and luggage tags.

You will also have the chance to create a piece of art that you can take home with you.

Check out Leather Craft Making Workshop here

9. Candle Making Workshop

(Credit: FunEmpire)
(Credit: FunEmpire)

If you would like a little more fun, why not try our soy or gel candle workshop?

In this class, you will have the opportunity to learn how to make your own candles, hence the name candle-making workshop.

This is also the chance for you to create a piece of art that you can take home!

Plus, you can make your house smell nicer as well!

Check out Candle Making Workshop here

10. Terrarium Workshop

(Credit: FunEmpire)
(Credit: FunEmpire)

Do you love getting crafty with dried flowers and pressed flowers? The Terrarium Singapore workshop is a stylish way to be green and make it artistic!

Craft your own mini eco-system or herb garden in your very own bottle!

Our Terrarium Workshop is a combination of learning concepts, hands-on practicality, and fun elements catered to create a memorable experience.

Come build your own mini forest today!

Check out Terrarium Workshop here

Tips when doing art workshops

When participating in an art workshop:

  1. Be respectful. Remember that everyone is there to learn and have fun!
  2. Be patient. Take your time over this project. This is a leisure pursuit, remember. A playful one!
  3. Ask for help. If you are stuck with the project or just need some advice, ask the instructor! This is what they are there for!
  4. Experiment a little. Come with a clean mind and a desire to try new things. The workshop is about experimenting with new activities and techniques, so go for it and don’t be afraid to experiment. Some art class providers offer a 1-day trial class that you can try to familiarize your self on how art classes work.
  5. Get comfortable. Take time to warm up and get comfortable with equipment and materials – you will be glad you did.
  6. Have fun. And, of course, enjoy yourself! Art is supposed to be fun, so let loose and let the creative juices flow. With these tips tucked away, you are sure to have a great time at your next art workshop.

Art Classes Singapore

Our art workshops welcomes everyone, even if you’re unsure about joining. This article explains why you should take part in our painting classes! Our classes are fun, creative, and suitable for any occasion.

You’ll get the chance to learn new painting skills from fellow artists in a relaxed environment. Additionally, all our classes are beginner-friendly, so no prior experience is needed! Don’t wait any longer – sign up for Team Building Singapore today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about Art Classes in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Art Classes in Singapore below:

What is an Art Jam?

An art jam is a creative workshop where you will have the opportunity to learn new techniques and create art with other artists.

Where do I go for the team bonding workshop in Singapore

FunEmpire offers different types of regular art workshops in Singapore.

You can create coin pouches from our leather-making workshop or candle-making, don’t let this be a hidden gem and you’ll be left with no room to imagine what you can do in these painting classes.

What facilities are available in the art studio?

Our art studio is equipped with all the necessary art materials and tools for a wide range of styles, including dedicated spaces for acrylic painting, digital, and oil pastels painting art.

We ensure a conducive environment for art making and learning.

Do you have programs for creative kids art immersion?

Yes, we have specially designed creative kids’ art immersion programs that focus on exploring different mediums and art styles.

These kids art classes aim to stimulate young minds and foster a love for art making, all in a fun and supportive setting.

Can I learn watercolour painting in your art immersion course?

Our Art Immersion Course is designed to cover a broad spectrum of art techniques and mediums, including watercolour painting.

This acrylic painting course is perfect for those who wish to explore and deepen their understanding of different art forms.

It is conducted in a supportive and inspiring environment, whether it’s at our Visual Arts Centre or through our online classes.

Are there any adult art classes available?

Absolutely! We offer a variety of adult art classes that cater to different levels of experience.

From digital arts to traditional art, our classes provide a supportive and enriched environment for adults to express their creativity.

What types of art class do you recommend for someone interested in both traditional and digital art?

For individuals interested in both traditional and digital art, we recommend starting with our foundational art classes to get a grasp of basic art making techniques.

From there, attendees can branch out into specialized classes focusing on acrylic painting, oil painting, Chinese ink painting, or digital arts, depending on their interests and goals.

Do you offer online art classes?

Yes, we offer a comprehensive range of online art lessons that cater to various interests and skill levels, from beginners to more advanced learners.

Whether you’re interested in oil painting techniques, Chinese ink painting, watercolor painting, or exploring different aspects of visual art, our online platform provides a flexible and convenient way to enhance your art skills from the comfort of your home.

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