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Ultimate Guide To Botanic Gardens Singapore [2024]

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Botanic Gardens Singapore

Best Guide to Botanic Gardens Singapore
Best Guide to Botanic Gardens Singapore

Apart from the many things to do in Singapore, The Botanic Gardens is definitely a place that tourists should visit.

Tropical flora, conifers and colourful foliage sprawl in the lap of the city at Singapore Botanic Gardens.

There is certainly something for everyone at this lush UNESCO World Heritage site, which takes up 82 hectares and hosts 10,000 plant species, various themed landscape, spacious green lakes within the park.

A botany enthusiast on a treasure hunt or a family in pursuit of a good Sunday out or a solitary visitor trying to find some peace and quiet can all find something for their liking at the Botanic Gardens.

Getting There and Entrance Fees

Singapore Botanic Gardens
Singapore Botanic Gardens

Location and Accessibility

Singapore’s Botanic Gardens is in central Singapore. It is easy from anywhere in Singapore to get there, by car or by public transport.

Nearby MRT Stations and Bus Routes

MRT Botanic Gardens (DT – Circle Line) Several bus lines also serve this area, which is easily accessed from any part of the island.

Parking Facilities

For those driving, park at either the Bukit Timah or Tanglin entrance (and also the other entrances) before you get in.

Entrance Fee

You can enter the Botanic Gardens for free but if you want to enter in the National Orchid Garden – a popular garden attraction and UNESCO awarded garden – you will have to pay a fee to get inside, to enter the parts of this garden that has a variety of national orchid hybrids. Into the orchid garden part, adults pay 5 dollars and children under 12 pay 2 dollars.

Best Time to Visit

Singapore Botanic Gardens
Singapore Botanic Gardens

The best time to visit is early in the morning when it is still cool and there aren’t too many visitors around yet. Daily the gardens operate from five in the morning until midnight.

With two full shifts (and many hours of daylight) to roam and lounge in shaded areas at leisure, the botanical park is the place to be for those who long for a tranquil atmosphere. Making the gardens even more stimulating for visitors are events and performances that take place almost every year.

Major Attractions at Botanic Gardens Singapore

(Credit: Nparks)
(Credit: Nparks)

Sundial Garden

Step back in time at the Sundial Garden and learn about its astrological layout.

Ginger Garden

A must-see, the Ginger Garden features a beautiful waterfall and an array of ginger species. It’s also home to the giant Amazon water lilies.

National Orchid Garden

The showpiece of the Botanic Gardens is the National Orchid Garden with 1,000 orchid species and 2,000 hybrids, and also the Sembcorp Cool House – a controlled-temperature glasshouse for the cultivation of orchids that normally don’t thrive outdoors. Sembcorp Cool House carries an additional admission fee.

Learning Forest

Explore the Learning Forest with its impressive boardwalks, the towering SPH Walk of Giants, and the serene Keppel Discovery Wetlands.

Tanglin Gate Gardens

From the elegant Swan Lake to the historic Bandstand and the peaceful Bonsai Garden, Tanglin Gate offers a variety of attractions, including the educational Botany Centre.

Palm Valley

Stroll through Palm Valley, where you can admire an array of palm species and enjoy picturesque views perfect for photography enthusiasts.

Symphony Lake and Surrounding Gardens

Watch a play in the Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage, or walk through the Evolution Garden to learn the story of life on Earth through its plants.


Go to Eco Lake for swans, ducks and other waterfowl; and birds, bird watching and bees. From the adjacent foliage garden, plant enthusiasts can plant and pluck.

Gallop Extension

Recently opened, the Gallop Extension features the Botanical Art Gallery, Forest Discovery Centre, and the whimsical COMO Adventure Grove.

Family-Friendly Spots

(Credit: Little Day Out)
(Credit: Little Day Out)

Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden

It’s great to go there with a family, it’s like an academy where you can just have fun, not realise that you actually learn. With the touch screens for example, or even the water play spot that keeps the kids going. You will learn your plants and you will enjoy it, having fun at the same time.

Swan Lake

To the west of the Botanic Gardens stands another small pond known as Swan Lake where one can feed the ducks and swans, and watch them swim around. This is also a favourite place for picnics and photographs.

Dining Options

(Credit: TimeOut)
(Credit: TimeOut)

By the end of all that wandering, you’re sure to be ready for a bite. Try these places to eat within the gardens:

Prive Botanic Gardens

Get a feast for the whole family at Prive, which serves global cuisine that has something everyone can enjoy.


At Pangium, sample a tasting menu of local fare that evolves with the seasons.

Little Spot

For families, Little Spot has a kids menu that’s sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.

The Halia

The Halia is an alfresco restaurant where you can feast on a selection of dishes.

The Garage

Home to Botanico and Bee’s Knees, The Garage has one formal restaurant and a more casual café.

Cluny Court

Just a short walk away, Cluny Court provides additional dining options and shopping amenities.

Events and Activities

(Credit: The New Age Parents)
(Credit: The New Age Parents)

The Botanic Gardens are a calendar of events and activities: works of art such as regular musical performances on the Symphony Lake and guided tours and workshops. The gardens’ official website lists upcoming events.

Tips for Visitors

(Credit: Depositphotos)
(Credit: Depositphotos)
  1. Best Times to Visit: It’s best to go in the morning to beat the heat of the day – and also not to go at the same time as everyone else does, which is if there’s not, and see if you can walk to the beach and get the quiet as well.
  2. What to Bring: A picnic blanket, sunscreen, water, camera if you’re planning on taking pictures of all the pretty stuff you’re seeing. And comfortable shoes for walking.
  3. Visitor Guidelines and Etiquette: Do not litter, go off path, or disturb the animals. Simple actions preserve the beauty and tranquility of the gardens.

Botanic Gardens Singapore

From its natural collections and species in its archives, to its verdant spaces and hilly winding trails, and, last but not least, its food and beverage outlets – the Singapore Botanic Gardens are indeed a ‘live’ museum that hosts the experiences and surprises of nature in many different ways for families.

So get your sneakers on, organise the posse, and let’s go exploring at Botanic Gardens Singapore.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have any questions about Botanic Gardens in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Botanic Gardens in Singapore below:

What time does Botanic Gardens Singapore opens?

Open daily from 5 am to 12 am, you can enjoy the Singapore Botanic Gardens in the mornings, during your afternoon activities, or in the evenings – just be aware that some attractions within the gardens, especially those with an admission fee, may open in the mid-to-late afternoon and close in the middle of the evening, so check the hours and days they’re open before you go so you don’t miss out.

Is there an entrance fee?

Most areas of the Botanic Gardens Singapore are free of charge to visitors: the main gardens, the lakes, most attractions and the heritage walks. Some ticketed areas include the famous National Orchid Garden, as well as special horticulture and education exhibitions in the gardens.

How can I get to the Singapore Botanic Gardens?

The bus/MRT station is less than 100m from the gardens and cemetery. A carpark is there at the Botanic Gardens. Parking fees are also applicable.

What are the best times to visit?

You don’t need to visit at the crack of dawn or the first hint of dusk — temperatures are coolest then — but early to late afternoon is your best bet if you want the gardens to yourself; this is your hope for the atmospheric ambience you came for.

What facilities are available for families with children?

The gardens have many amenities for children, including the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, with educational exhibitions and water play. Children’s play areas and picnic tables can also be found all around the gardens and the Visitor Centre rents strollers.

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