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Ultimate Guide to East Coast Singapore [2024]

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East Coast Singapore

Best East Coast Singapore
Best East Coast Singapore

Discover the sunny heartland of the East Coast with this insider’s digital guide, bursting with living and lifestyle experiences for both locals and expats.

Whether you’ve settled down, renting or staying for good, or if you’re simply spending the weekend looking for things to do in Singapore, East Coast features sites vital to working, living, studying, shopping, and playing.

This digital district guide presents visitors the area’s history, the people and their lifestyles, attractions and all the fantastic dining and shopping spots.

Quick Summary

  • Ensure you plan your visit around the local festivals and public holidays to fully experience the vibrant community activities and avoid peak crowds.
  • East Coast Singapore is renowned for its extensive recreational park, diverse dining options, and vibrant expat community, making it a lively and desirable area to live and visit.
  • With its seamless blend of residential areas, commercial hubs, and picturesque coastal views, East Coast Singapore offers a unique lifestyle that balances urban convenience with natural beauty.

History and Background

East Coast in Singapore, as observers might know it today, was once a quiet rural zone. It has transformed into a fantastical zone of development over decades.

Development came in earnest during the 1960s and ’70s — and that includes the building of more parks and East Coast Park and its residential satellite areas.

This massive canvas of state-enforced urbanization across the island is evident in almost every direction you look — today.

Living in East Coast in Singapore

Moving to East Coast in Singapore offers a variety of housing options. You can find anything from spacious landed homes to modern condominiums.

The rental prices vary, but generally, you can expect to pay a premium for properties with a sea view or proximity to amenities.

For expats, understanding visa requirements is crucial. Most will need an Employment Pass or a Dependant’s Pass if they’re moving with family.

It’s always best to check the latest requirements from official sources to avoid any hiccups.

Dining and Entertainment

Foodies, rejoice! If you’re a foodie, the East Coast in Singapore can be a paradise. Among dozens of mouth-watering local cuisines found in the neighborhood’s hawker centers, there are those with an international flavor as well.

Most famous is probably the East Coast Lagoon Food Village – in a picturesque setting with your bare toes in the sand as you devour that beloved satay as well as other fresh seafood delicacies.

For people who can afford a more high-end and shrimpy dining experience, there’s Jumbo Seafood with your chili crab.

Night owls can stay up late as there are endless amounts of bars and nightlife spots to experience. Be it trendy beach bars or upmarket rooftop lounges, the East Coast has it all.

Or maybe you’re in the mood for catch a live act or show? Head to the East Coast Park or join your local theatre for an evening of cultural activities.

Shopping and Markets

We don’t want to shop on the East Coast: Parkway Parade, a giant hybrid mall of high street and high-end brands, should get you started, as should specialty and supermarket stores dotted around. Produce and local goods can be found at Bedok Market.

Recreation and Outdoor Activities

There is no doubt that East Coast Park is the biggest and most sought-after recreational spot in the district. The park provides a wide range of activities including bicycling and blading, trishaws, barbeque and picnics, sailing, kayaking and even windsurfing.

For fans of sleeping under the stars, East Coast Park has fenced-off camping sites where you can apply for a permit. There are also tennis courts, swimming pools, and more sports facilities and car park.

Education and Healthcare

Families moving to the East Coast will be pleased to know about the excellent educational institutions available. Top international schools such as United World College and Overseas Family School offer top-notch education that meets global standards.

Healthcare is another area where the East Coast shines. You have a large number of medical institutions from Western clinics to the Traditional Chinese Medicine masters. Remember that it is a good idea to insure against any medical expenses that can happen, especially if you are far from your home country.

Transportation and Connectivity

Getting around East Coast, and anything in the rest of Singapore via the MRT and bus networks, is a snap. And from the East Coast, the Thomson-East Coast Line accesses other parts of the island, so that commutes can be (for Junglians!) fast and effortless.

Or drive, if you prefer — owning a car is very common and sensible, but one needs to be fully aware of the costs and rules.

Pros and Cons of Living on the East Coast

Living on the East Coast has many towns and beaches that have positive and some negative aspects.

Positive things about living in this area are that you live within a community with a lot of people who particularly enjoy doing things and who have a lot of recreational activities.

Also, the area has a more chilaxed area. A negative thing about living there is two. The cost of living can be a little high, and also getting to the central business district may take a while.

East Coast Singapore

To wind up, the East Coast in Singapore is indeed a place to live on the east coast of Singapore. Many people love to visit and live in this area ever since it originated.

There are a lot of reasons for that such as the heritage or history, various types of foods, outdoor activities, and many more. That’s why if anyone left their heart in San Francisco, come to Singapore, come to the East Coast.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about East Coast in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about below:

What is the average cost of living on the East Coast in Singapore?

The cost of living on the East Coast varies depending on lifestyle choices, but generally, it’s considered higher than average due to the desirable location and amenities.

Are there good international schools on the East Coast?

Yes, East Coast is home to several top international schools such as United World College and Overseas Family School, which offer excellent educational programs.

What are the best places to dine on the East Coast?

East Coast offers a wide range of dining options, from hawker centers and cafes like East Coast Lagoon Food Village to upscale restaurants like Jumbo Seafood.

How accessible is the East Coast from the rest of Singapore?

East Coast is well-connected by the airport, MRT, and bus networks, and the Thomson-East Coast Line ensures easy access to other parts north of Singapore.

What outdoor activities are available at East Coast Park?

East Coast Park offers visitors a variety of outdoor activities including cycling, rollerblading, water sports, camping, fishing, and barbecuing, making it a great spot for recreation.

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