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10 Best Car Detailing Shops in Singapore [2024]

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Car Detailing Singapore

Best Car Detailing Singapore
Best Car Detailing Singapore

Do you want your car to be as shiny as it was when you first brought it home? If so, car detailing is the best option for you. It is a service that can make your car look new again. Car detailing Singapore has become a popular choice with car owners because of the many benefits and services offered. In this blog post, we will talk about the top 11 car detailing Singapore services for your car care needs in 2024!

1) Elite Image Detailing

 Elite Image Detailing - Car Detailing Singapore
Elite Image Detailing – Car Detailing Singapore (Credit: Elite Image Detailing)
Key ServicePaint enhancement and correction
Address50 Serangoon North Ave 4 #01-06 First Centre Singapore’555856
Phone+65 6636 4466
Operating HoursMonday to Saturday: 9:30 am – 7:00 pm

Elite Image Detailing offers a variety of paint treatments. They can properly clean and improve your whole vehicle, giving it more protection, depth, and clarity.

The professionals at this specialized facility concentrate on the overall aesthetic of your automobile. This award-winning service centre, which is considered to be one of Singapore’s finest, has international offices that prove they have the finest car detailing in Singapore.

Key Differences:

  • Offers a wide range of detailing services
  • Does paint enhancement and correction
  • Enhances its appearance adding depth, gloss, clarity and protection

Customer Review:

Every time when we get our car, 1st stop we will bring our car to Elite Image Detailing Pte Ltd for coating. Jackie our consultant has always provided us with good ideas and advice on how we should take care of our car. I would definitely recommend their service. Professional service and friendly team!!

Jenny Chua

2) Detail Mania

Detail Mania - Car Detailing Singapore
Detail Mania – Car Detailing Singapore (Credit: Detail Mania)
Key ServiceIn-house paint protection coatings
Address80 Rhu Cross #01-04 Singapore 437437 Marina Bay Golf Course
Operating HoursWeekdays: 9:00am – 6:00pm

Detail Mania offers a wide range of vehicle detailing services in Singapore, including paint protection coating, interior cleaning, full polishing, and improvement.

They clean the interior of a vehicle as well as all surfaces, including windows, wipe it down, and leather sections. They provide specific services such as anti-pest fumigation and activated oxygen treatment to eliminate any smells from the car. They provide engine cleaning, spark plug replacement, and valve clearance for an additional fee. They also offer regular maintenance services as well as bike washing and detailing.

Key Differences:

  • In-house paint protection coatings
  • Regular maintenance
  • Bike detailing

Customer Review:

Finally tried their paint protection coating for my car. The first impression was that the paintwork became extremely shiny even for a 5-year-old car. After 3 months of usage, the shine and water beading effect is still there. It definitely outlasted the last coating that I had. Paid double the price then and didn’t even get 50% of the effect. 2 thumbs up to the guys at Detail Mania. Super highly recommended.

The Loyal One SG

3) Wrapstyle Singapore

Wrapstyle Singapore - Car Detailing Singapore
Wrapstyle Singapore – Car Detailing Singapore (Credit: Wrapstyle Singapore)
Key ServiceCustomize full graphics car wrap
Address24 Leng Kee Road, #04-03 A/B, Singapore 159096
Phone65 6560 5966 | +65 8228 0455 | +65 8223 0324
Operating HoursMonday to Friday 10:00 – 19:00
Saturday 10:00 – 17:00

WrapStyle’s full-car vinyl wrapping service is perhaps best recognized, although they provide a comprehensive grooming and polishing department with exterior detailing, interior cleaning, paint protection, and even window tinting. The employees of WrapStyle are well-versed in the importance of cleanliness and perfection since they specialize in car wraps.

Key Differences:

  • Uses Gtechniq finishing products for exterior and interior polishing
  • Customize full graphics car wrap
  • Exterior detailing with paint protection

Customer Review:

Fantastic wrap job by WrapeStyle, intricate workmanship, professional work backed with a warranty. Great shout out to Ben and Mike, for the friendly, attentive and fuzz-free service. Really appreciate the after-sales support.


4) Max Polish: Mobile Car Groomer

Max Polish: Mobile Car Groomer - Car Detailing Singapore
Max Polish: Mobile Car Groomer – Car Detailing Singapore (Credit: Max Polish: Mobile Car Groomer)
Key ServiceOffers a 10% discount on all first-time servicing
Address307A Tampines Street 32 Singapore 521307
Phone+65 9792 0492
Operating HoursDaily 10 AM to 10 PM

The primary distinction between Max Polish and the other auto polishing businesses on our list is location: while the others are situated in downtown areas, Max Polish covers the city and sends specialists right to your doorstep to clean, polish, and finish your automobile without leaving home. Because they have no limitations on grooming time, these services are ideal for those who are pressed for time or don’t want to go to another salon.

Key Differences:

  • Optional add-ons
  • Convenient service in your garage
  • Offers a 10% discount on all first-time servicing

Customer Review:

Known max polish for 10+ years. Previously, he does the job himself, sometimes with a male colleague. He was very meticulous and detailed. Today I met another colleague of his, Finn. I was equally impressed with the overall polish. Punctual, no shortcuts, detailed and most importantly, he knows what he is doing. Kudos to Max and the team.

Mitchell Leo Jie Yang Tang

5) QMI ToughGuard Car Grooming

QMI ToughGuard Car Grooming - Car Detailing Singapore
QMI ToughGuard Car Grooming – Car Detailing Singapore (Credit: QMI ToughGuard Car Grooming)
Key ServiceUses ceramic glass coating
Address5, #03-35 Soon Lee St, Pioneer Point, Singapore 627607
Phone6563 2545 / 9479 0355
Operating HoursMonday – Sunday, 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

QMI ToughGuard Car Grooming offers both protection and detailing services for automobiles, as well as other automobile upkeep services such as polishing, grooming, washing, and cleaning. They also sell various goods that are utilized in these processes, allowing you to DIY them at home.

The TFE-based and Ceramic 9H paint protection system is their most recommended product used in their services. This delivers a smooth protective layer that has a long-lasting shine that lasts up to five years.

Key Differences:

  • Uses ceramic glass coating
  • Car Paintwork Restoration
  • PTFE Coating Technology

6) Finest Detailing Express

Finest Detailing Express - Car Detailing Singapore
Finest Detailing Express – Car Detailing Singapore (Credit: Finest Detailing Express)
Key ServiceSteam cleaning
Address61 Woodlands Park E9, #01-18 Premium 9 SINGAPORE 757047 Woodlands, Singapore
Phone+65 9754 1833
Operating HoursDaily 9:30 AM – 7:00 PM

If you want your car to be cleaned and polished with enhanced treatments, drop by Finest Detailing Express. They offer high-quality auto spas, vehicle washes, and even bike washes!

To give your automobile the treatment it deserves, they apply a high-quality paint gloss coating. They also offer pest fumigation, headlight restoration, solar film tinting, and interior steam cleaning. These services will ensure that your automobile stays clean for an extremely long time. This is why they are included in the best car detailing facilities in Singapore!

Key Differences:

  • Steam cleaning
  • Fine paint coating protection
  • Detailing and restoration services

Customer Review:

I am particular about my car wash place as I wash weekly without fail, as my previous car wash closed I tried finest as recommended by a friend, offer price of $18 they do a darn good job and I’m very impressed in that price they also include spray-on wax, same package previously I used to pay $30. I have a white car so clean or not is very easy to tell. I have found my new car wash place.


7) Groomwerkz

Groomwerkz - Car Detailing Singapore
Groomwerkz – Car Detailing Singapore (Credit: Groomwerkz)
Key ServiceOffers various packages and pricing
AddressHeadquarters 48, 50 Senang Crescent Singapore 416617
Phone+65 6227 7238
Operating HoursDaily 08:30 – 18:00
Closed on Tuesdays

GroomWerkz is a specialist. GroomWerkz, unlike some of the other businesses on our list, does only vehicle grooming and finishing – no wheel painting, window tinting, car wrapping, or accident repair. They just do automobile cleaning; as a result, they do it exceptionally well.

The GroomWerkz business model is built on honesty – they never upsell, upcharge, or opt for unusual goods when less expensive alternatives will suffice. Every item they employ is of the highest possible quality and is chosen with pricing in mind.

Key Differences:

  • Cheap dent restoration services
  • Offers various packages and pricing
  • Great grooming value

Customer Review:

Signed a new package today and I have been supporting Yong for more than 10 years. He’s flexible and accommodating with a state-of-the-art car wash system that doesn’t scratch your paint.

C W Tan

8) Revol Carz Makeover

Revol Carz Makeover - Car Detailing Singapore
Revol Carz Makeover – Car Detailing Singapore (Credit: Revol Carz Makeover)
Key ServiceFull-service garage
AddressAng Mo Kio Branch
10 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A 01-12 AMK Autopoint Singapore 568047
Operating HoursMonday to Sunday 8:30am to 6:30pm

Revol Carz is more than just a grooming business; it also includes a vehicle servicing and repair arm, as well as car paint and refinishing department that specializes in restoring and refinishing damaged cars, making it the ideal place to go for all of your automobile requirements.

Key Differences:

  • Customisable packages
  • Maintains your car while grooming it
  • Has a full-service garage

Customer Review:

Always be thrilled and amazed with the overall ceramic coating and Alan’s professionalism. This is my 2-year-old Audi Q3 Advance. My 3rd coating. Keep up the good works.

Reiner Svento

9) Lambency Detailing

Lambency Detailing - Car Detailing Singapore
Lambency Detailing – Car Detailing Singapore (Credit: Lambency Detailing)
Key ServiceRanging from basic hand washing to extensive restoration
Address53 Ubi Avenue 1 01-31 Paya Ubi Industrial Park Singapore 408934
Phone(65) 6810 9918 or (65) 9658 5808
Operating HoursMonday – Friday : 9:00am – 7:00pm
Saturday & Sunday : 9:00am – 9:00pm

Lambency Detailing is a respected automobile business based in Singapore that provides a number of grooming and maintenance services, including interior and exterior detailing, hand washes, paint corrections, and more paint solutions.

They use high-quality materials to ensure that your automobile stays in excellent shape for a long time. As a result, they’ve become a location where you can get the finest car detailing in Singapore.

Key Differences:

  • Ranging from basic hand washing to extensive restoration
  • Advice on the proper service and frequency you require for your specific car model
  • Special promotions

Customer Review:

This is my second time back, the first was for coating. This was a maintenance package. The team did a good job restoring the shine and beading effect on the car. The Interior was also spotless and well cared for. Thank you!

Frankie Lee

10) Ace GT

Ace GT - Car Detailing Singapore
Ace GT – Car Detailing Singapore (Credit: Ace GT)
Key ServiceUses top-quality German and Italian tools
Address9 Yishun Industrial Street 1 01-69/70 North Spring Bizhub Singapore 768163
Phone+65 6710 7793 / +65 9635 5760
Operating HoursMon-Sat 10 AM to 7 PM

Ace GT PTE LTD has a wide range of services to ensure that your automobile is well-protected and of the highest quality. In fact, they have earned a number of accolades for their excellent service. They provide carpeting cleaning, paint restoration, automobile detailing, and many more services.

They specialize in ceramic pro exterior, ceramic pro interior, paint protection film, and general car care services. This ensures that your automobile has a brand-new appearance as well as is free of scratches or dirt.

Key Differences:

  • Uses top quality German and Italian tools
  • Certified calibrated paint thickness gauge
  • Provides general detailing services

Customer Review:

Very well done paint coating Polishing. The worker is helpful able to keep his standard since it’s our 2nd time revisit in fact. And quite satisfying with the results. Will be back! Thank u.


Car Detailing Singapore

Car detailing in Singapore is a rapidly growing industry. It seems like every day there’s an article or blog post about car detailing and how important it is to make sure your car has been groomed properly. If you’re looking for the best car detailers Singapore has to offer, check out some of these places that we’ve recommended with reputable reviews from previous customers. Which of these would be your first choice? Let us know in the comments below!

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