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15 Best Children’s Party Games in Singapore [2024]

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Childrens Party Games Singapore

Best Childrens Party Games Singapore
Best Childrens Party Games Singapore

Organising a birthday celebration in Singapore for the little ones?

Check out the most awesome and exciting childrens party games Singapore has to add extra fun and excitement to your littles’ celebration!

From classic race games to indoor activities, we have all kids party games Singapore you can pack to keep the birthday party filled with fun activities, knowledge and memories!

Key Takeaways

  • The games will cover three categories namely; classic outdoor games, indoor party games and water games. They are fun to play and easy to set up.
  • Included among the games are such staples as Tug of War and Musical Chairs, plus such inventive endeavours as Blind Face Painting and Telephone Pictionary.
  • There’s a focus on inclusivity, adaptability for all ages, and options for both large groups and smaller settings, ensuring kids have a blast regardless of the setup.

Classic Outdoor Games for Kids Parties

Classic Outdoor Games for Kids Parties
Classic Outdoor Games for Kids Parties

1. Egg and Spoon Race

Ready. Set. Balance! Egg and Spoon is the ultimate outdoor relay, forcing you to race for speed and steadiness at the same time.

For kids of all ages, navigating the course with an egg balanced on a spoon is an opportunity for giggles, wobbles and unsteady circumnavigations of the course.

And there is a definite element of sporting joy to the final, triumphant, if rueful, arrival over the finish line, often with the rest of your egg splattered across your outstretched hands.

2. Obstacle Course

Next, we transform everyday items into an exhilarating Obstacle Course. Picture the kids:

  • crawling
  • leaping
  • balancing
  • racing against time

through a maze of household treasures, from broomsticks to blankets. It’s a thrilling race that can be easily customized for any age group, ensuring that everyone from the nimblest ninja to the craftiest crawler has a blast.

3. Sack Race

The hilarity peaks with the Sack Race, where kids hop their way to the finish line encased in burlap sacks. Whether they’re embellished with colorful designs or simply left rustic, these sacks are a passport to laughter and cheer, making this game a staple for any garden gathering where joy is the aim of the game.

Indoor Party Games for Rainy Days

Indoor Party Games for Rainy Days
Indoor Party Games for Rainy Days

4. Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs is the game of quick feet and quicker wits. As the music plays, children circle a lineup of chairs, eyes gleaming with anticipation. When the music halts, it’s a dash to claim a seat, and with each round, the tension mounts.

It’s a game that never fails to elicit squeals of excitement and friendly rivalry.

5. Pass the Parcel

Then there’s the suspenseful Pass the Parcel, where layers of wrapping conceal treasures waiting to be discovered. As each layer peels away to reveal a small prize, the children’s eagerness grows until the final layer unveils the ultimate reward. It’s a game of patience and surprise that keeps everyone on their toes.

6. Simon Says

Simon Says calls for sharp ears and sharp reactions. This classic commands game is a delightful test of listening and reflexes, as children eagerly await the phrase “Simon says” before springing into action. It’s a game that can be both silly and strategic, perfect for indoor play where space might be limited but fun is abundant.

Interactive Games for Large Groups

Interactive Games for Large Groups
Interactive Games for Large Groups

7. Treasure Hunt

This is Treasure Hunt, a party game that turns your venue into a wonderland of intrigue and adventure. Explorers avidly seek out the clues to lead them to the glittering bounty. Each clue reveals another step on the treasure trail. It’s a game that can be enjoyed by all the family!

8. Freeze Dance

Freeze Dance begins amping up the musicality and motion, only to reverse direction when the music stops. The moment the music cuts, the kids must cut too – freezing in a fun charade of tension. Rhythm and alertness drive this musical little exercise with big potential for giggles.

9. Duck Duck Goose

In Duck Duck Goose, the chaser and chased tap into speed and wits, and the circle accelerates until the embracing suck of theÇaress, which is magnified by the runner’s added momentum. This is a great circle game for little ones who are just starting to really live the chase and play.

Hilarious Games to Get Everyone Laughing

Hilarious Games to Get Everyone Laughing
Hilarious Games to Get Everyone Laughing

10. Balloon Pop

In Balloon Pop, the squeak of popped balloons and the giggles that ring out compete for attention with howls of abuse and the soft scrape of tumbling balls.

Balloons are attached to the ankles of the players who dash and roll, protecting themselves and popping their opponents’ balloons. The entire scene is moving, noisy, lovely and completely captivating.

11. Cookie Face

Cookie Face is a wonderfully edible Minute to Win It game in which a player has to transport a cookie from forehead to mouth without using hands, strictly relying on facial acrobatics.

It’s a test of patience and a great source of amusement, especially because the cookies tend to wobble and fall right there on the line of achieving a delicious victory.

12. Beanboozled

Everyone’s been looking for a little edge when it comes to candy, but Beanboozled takes it to the next level. Take a spin of the dial and roll the dice, and you’ll chance jelly beans that are loaded with sweet delight – or with the daring to make you gag. Expand your palate and your repertoire of ‘Ew!’ at the same time.

Water Games for Hot Days

Classic Outdoor Games for Kids Parties

13. Water Balloon Toss

The Water Balloon Toss is a splashtastic way to beat the heat. Partners face off, tossing water-filled orbs with care, each throw increasing the stakes and the distance.

With every splash, this hilarious game raises both the humidity and the hilarity, leaving everyone soaked and smiling.

14. Sponge Relay

Sponge Relay has teams working to pass water, sponge by sponge, to a bucket where they have to fill it up in order to win.

Anyone who has ever tried to attempt that task with even one wet sponge knows that dexterity and teamwork are both crucial lest more sopping sponges crash to the ground. And if the bucket starts to fill up, it veritably fizzes with supportive cheers and laughter.

15. Slip ‘n Slide

Or the Slip ’N Slide, which transforms a patch of suburban lawn into a water park. On this toy, kids slide down greased ramps, propelled by water and delight, a game nearly as much about the travelling as the terminus itself. On each pass, the dauntless kid goes thump-thump down the slide, invigorated by a cooling rush.

Childrens Party Games Singapore

Whether it be a Sack Race, one of the most rambunctious party games around – or the delicious tension of a Cookie Face challenge, we’ve crafted a list of games that will make your kids’ party the stuff of legend.

From this palette of party fodder, you can select your brushes to add laughter and creativity to the masterpiece that is your party – not to mention some fond memories. So, take these ideas, and personalise them to make your party the party everyone’s talking about!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about children’s party games in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best Children’s Party Games in Singapore below:

How many kids can participate in games like Musical Chairs or Freeze Dance?

Musical Chairs can accommodate one less than the number of chairs available, while Freeze Dance is great for any number of kids to join in and dance until the music stops! So, feel free to involve as many kids as you want in these games.

Are water games safe for all ages?

Yes, water games can be safe for all ages if there is adult supervision to ensure the play remains fun and safe. So go ahead and enjoy the water games!

Can indoor games still be interactive and involve large groups?

Yes, indoor games like Pass the Parcel and Simon Says are perfect for large groups and can keep everyone engaged and interactive. Try them out!

What are some creative games that can also serve as educational activities?

Who Stole The Birthday Cake? and Telephone Pictionary are playful ‘learning games’ that build on teamwork – using fun activities to help kids develop critical thinking, creativity and communication in an enjoyable and engaging way. Next time you have some downtime, give them a try for an educational twist on game time.

For classic outdoor games, is there a way to make them more challenging for older kids?

Try adding some challenging obstacles to classic backyard games like potato sack races and tug-of-war, or make them relay versions, and kids of all ages will keep entertained.

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