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10 Best Hidden Haji Lane Cafe Singapore Options [2024]

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Haji Lane Cafe Singapore

Best Haji Lane Cafe Singapore
Best Haji Lane Cafe Singapore

Haji Lane, tucked away in the heart of colourful Singapore, is a delightful alley bursting with individual cafés and restaurants, each offering a distinctly different experience.

Finally Coffee, Afterwit, Chix Hot Chicken, Earlybird Cafe, Yummo Chow, and Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro are my personal picks for the best cafes in Haji Lane for 2024.

If you’re looking to choose a cafe in Haji Lane in Singapore, I would encourage you to consider the following criteria: atmosphere, variety of menu, and price.

Haji Lane in Singapore is famous for its street art, hipster life and cafés, which serve a wide variety of hearty meal and drinks.

Join me as I explore the best hidden cafes in Haji Lane so you can experience this unique Singaporean cafe scene like a local.

Quick Summary

  • Best cafes in Haji Lane Singapore for 2024 include Finally Coffee, Afterwit, Chix Hot Chicken, Earlybird Cafe, Yummo Chow, and Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro.
  • f you are looking for a cafe in Haji Lane, you should make a decision based on factors such as the ambiance, the variety of the menu, and the affordability of the cafe.
  • With its bobbing lanterns, staircases leading to the lush, green rooftops, and an abundance of colourful street art, Haji Lane stands as a mecca for Singaporean cafés.

What’s so special about the Haji Lane?

Haji Lane had started as Haji pilgrimage lodges and homes for poor Malay families. It was filled with graffiti art and illegal hookah cafes. The latter was banned eventually, but the wall murals fortunately were not.

In fact, the wall murals were encouraged, albeit with more strict regulations.

Nowadays, Haji Lane is one of the most vibrant precincts in Singapore with an eclectic mix of shops and cafes.

Best Haji Lane Cafe Singapore

1. Afterwit

Afterwit - Haji Lane Cafe (Credit: Afterwit)
Afterwit – Haji Lane Cafe (Credit: Afterwit)
Address778 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198746
Contact8786 1948
Opening HoursSun-Thu (12PM-10PM), Fri-Sat (12PM-11PM)

A modern Mexican cafe serving a menu of specially created tacos, quesadillas and burritos, Afterwit fuses local flavours with the spicy traditions of Mexican food.

Try some biryani burritos, and tom yum shrimp quesadillas for $15 or less.

2. Chix Hot Chicken

Chix Hot Chicken - Haji Lane Cafe (Credit: Chix Hot Chicken)
Chix Hot Chicken – Haji Lane Cafe (Credit: Chix Hot Chicken)
Address1 Jln Pisang #01-01, Singapore 199069
Contact9839 0607
Opening HoursOpen Daily (12PM-9PM)

Chix Hot Chicken is a restaurant co-owned by Singapore’s first Idol, Taufik Batisah.

Proudly proclaiming itself to be the first to offer halal Nashville Hot Chicken, it got many Singaporeans salivating!

What sets their chicken apart is that they are breaded and coated with a type of pepper known for being one of the hottest in the world: the ghost pepper.

There are three degrees of hotness you can choose from: mild hotness, extra hotness and insane hotness. Pick your poison! Or courage, I guess. If you’re a daredevil, then go for the spiciest.

3. Earlybird Cafe

Earlybird Cafe - Haji Lane Cafe (Credit: Earlybird Cafe)
Earlybird Cafe – Haji Lane Cafe (Credit: Earlybird Cafe)
Address17 Jln Pinang, Singapore 199149
Contact9788 6856
Opening HoursSun-Thu (9AM-1PM), Fri (8AM-9.30PM), Sat (9AM-9.30PM)

Earlybird Cafe, a huge bird-themed cafe that offers both indoor and al fresco dining, let the visuals of the cafe fill up your tummy through your eyes before your belly gets filled with real food.

Bird murals on its walls inside the cafe and a bright yellow ‘Earlybird’ signage outside are among the many Insta-worthy spots you won’t have to worry about this cafe offering.

On top of the ambiance, their signature menu ‘Chicken & Pancakes’ only costs $19!

4. Yummo Chow

Yummo Chow - Haji Lane Cafe (Credit: Yummo Chow)
Yummo Chow – Haji Lane Cafe (Credit: Yummo Chow)
Address13 Purvis Street, Hotel NuVe Heritage, Singapore 188592
Contact6873 1295
Opening HoursOpen Daily (7AM-9PM)

If you’ve been yearning for fried ice cream, then be sure to pop into Yummo Chow, located at a pristine chic café on Purvis Street.

Their famous Tempura Icecream consists of vanilla ice cream, concealed within a soft roll bun and deep-fried – the perfect dessert.

The interior of this restaurant is very minimal and it’s easy to be carried away by the incredible taste of their dishes.

5. Finally Coffee

(Credit: Finally Coffee)
(Credit: Finally Coffee)
Key ServicesSelling specialty coffee and other beverages, plus cakes and pastries
AddressFinally Coffee, 695A North Bridge Rd, Level 2, Singapore 198674
Phone8886 9902
Operating Hours11am-8pm (last order at 7:30pm) Tuesday to Sunday

Finally Coffee is a homegrown coffee business offering specialty-grade coffee, made from the top 1% of Arabica beans which have passed a grading process to be recognised by coffee industry experts for distinct quality. Enjoy flavour notes of chocolate, caramel and nut, with a rich and well-balanced taste. Popular non-coffee options, Chocolate and Matcha, are also available.

Visit their physical store at 695A North Bridge Road Level 2 or order online at to discover a sensory experience worth your savouring.

Follow Finally Coffee on Facebook / Instagram @FinallyCoffeeSG for more updates and promotions!

Key Differentiators

  • They only use specialty-grade coffee, made from the top 1% of Arabica beans
  • They strive to inspire all whom they cross paths with to keep pursuing their vision and purpose, leading them to the breakthrough moments they need.
  • As local business owners who have also started from the bottom and are acutely aware of how difficult it is to run and sustain a business, they hope to use their platform to help other local small businesses attain a wider reach and awareness of their brand.

Client Testimonial

Very comfy and quaint feel to the place! It was my first visit here and we really enjoyed how comfy the vibes here were. Great company, great vibes and even better coffee :))))


6. Good Luck Beerhouse

(Credit: Good Luck Beerhouse)
(Credit: Good Luck Beerhouse)
Address9 Haji Lane, Singapore 189202
Contact6391 9942 
Opening HoursOpen Daily (12PM-10PM)

Good Luck Beerhouse is a cozy Craft Beer and Dim Sum House that serves more than 20 kinds of beer. This place is the paradise for the ciceroni where there is no end of flavour combination.

You can also pair the beer with dim sum if you are not satisfied with the chill sesh!

Please note that they are serving dimsum from 1PM and there are only 6 seats so be prepared for standing or avoid the peak hours.

7. Limaa Cafe

Limaa Cafe - Haji Lane Cafe (Credit: Limaa Cafe)
Limaa Cafe – Haji Lane Cafe (Credit: Limaa Cafe)
Address51 Haji Ln, Singapore 189244
Contact8620 2041
Opening HoursMon-Thur (8AM to 11:30AM), Fri (8AM to 8PM), Sat-Sun (11AM to 8PM)

Fed up with rubbish food but terrified that healthy food has to mean tasteless?

Look no further than Limaa!

Limaa offers flavourful but still healthy food, including rendang, nacho chips and other ‘clean version’ dishes.

8. Tolido’s Espresso Nook

Tolido’s Espresso Nook - Haji Lane Cafe (Credit: Tolido’s Espresso Nook)
Tolido’s Espresso Nook – Haji Lane Cafe (Credit: Tolido’s Espresso Nook)
Address462 Crawford Ln, #01-63, Singapore 190462
Contact6648 0178
Opening HoursMonday, Wed-Fri (8AM-4PM), Sat (9AM-9PM), Sun (9AM-6PM)

Need a bargain brunch?

Tolido’s Espresso Nook, snuggled into the heart of town, has a familiar menu: a nice touch of innovation has sparkled the classics, but the cafe has focused on perfecting the essentials instead of taking flights of creativity.

A local twist on the menu includes pandan pancakes and prawn laksa pasta – both delicious!

9. (working title)

(working title) - Haji Lane Cafe (Credit: (working title))
(working title) – Haji Lane Cafe (Credit: (working title))
Address783 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198751
Contact8768 0463
Opening HoursOpen Daily (9AM-10PM)

(working title) cafe started from a small humble coffee shop back in the day serving only brunch and breakfast has now expanded its menu to burgers and snacks, and recommended dish of Ribena wings!

Other Considered Options

Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro

In the mood for some meatballs? Swedish ones? Okay, instead of rushing to IKEA to get your fix, try this Swedish cafe. At Fika, you’ll find pickled herring and other classic Swedish foods, which you too can experiment with. You might just end up loving Swedish cuisine!

Haji Lane Cafe Singapore

Can’t wait to look for these hidden gems in Haji Lane?

We hope you’ll find a cafe that’s perfect for you and your friends!

Good food, good ambiance, good company – what’s more to ask?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about cafes in Haji Lane Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best Cafes in Haji Lane Singapore below:

What are the best cafes in Haji Lane Singapore?

The best cafes in Haji Lane Singapore include Finally Coffee, Afterwit, Chix Hot Chicken, Blu Jaz Cafe, Earlybird Cafe, Yummo Chow, Meomi Cat Cafe, and Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro.

What are some of the best cafes in the Haji Lane area for a sweet treat?

Another area with a lot of interesting places is surrounding the famous Haji lane. Here you can find a lot of desert cafes, such as the famous “Cake Love” and also “The Hygge Café” that offers very tasty cakes and all sorts of pastries.

Can I find a cafe that serves refreshing drinks on Arab Street?

Yes, there are several cafés in Arab Street that sell refreshing drinks, for example the bespoke cocktail bar ‘Bar Stories’, where they make drinks based on your preference – perfect for a mid-afternoon boost or a chilled evening out.

Where can I buy coffee beans in Haji Lane?

Haji Lane has a place called “Cadence Café”, where you can buy coffee beans from the places where they are grown. They roast the beans there and put them in bags.

Where can I find a local craft beer taproom in the Haji Lane area?

Within an old shophouse on the well-known street of Haji Lane lies ‘GoodLuck Beerhouse’, a friendly local craft beer taproom.

Here you can find craft beers from Singapore and the world that will appeal to die-hard beer drinkers as well as tourists.

Which cafes in Haji Lane serve delicious food?

There are a lot of coffee shops along Haji Lane and they were all foody, an example are ‘Selfie Coffee’ with their creative food menu and ‘Piedra Negra’ serving authentic Mexican food.

Are there any cafes serving Swedish food in the Haji Lane area?

Yes, there is ‘Fika Swedish Café Bistro’, on Bali Lane, right next to Haji Lane – definitely worth a visit for a taste of home for the many Scandinavian expats in Singapore.

What cafes would you recommend on Bali Lane near Haji Lane?

Just off Haji Lane, Bali Lane has its own cluster of good cafés. Stateland Coffeehouse with its East-meets-West menu is one, while Fika Swedish Café Bistro offers a taste of Sweden in the tropics.

Can I find a cafe with a relaxed atmosphere in the Haji Lane area?

Sure, there are many cafes that you can go to in Haji Lane area which are very relax.

For example, there is a place called, ‘Windowsill Pies’ where you could have a sweet dessert in a cosy , and chilling environment.

What does the Haji Lane guide say about tourists visiting the area?

The Haji Lane guide advises the tourists to check out the street mural, the unusual boutiques and the eclectic array of cafés and bars that offer something for everyone, both locals and tourists.

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