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Ultimate Guide to Haji Lane Singapore [2024]

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Haji Lane Singapore

Best Haji Lane Singapore
Best Haji Lane Singapore

Haji Lane is Singapore’s first indie neighborhood. Boutiques, bars, cafés, restaurants, and colorful street art line the narrow alleyway of what was once a street in the cultural district of Kampong Glam.

Named after the locality where it’s located, Haji Lane lies within a Malay mosque, a Malay community living area, a Chinese temple, and a street market selling Muslim prayer items.

It’s a space that once served international traders, hippies, and artists. Today, Haji Lane attracts locals and tourists seeking a glimpse of local culture while looking for things to do in Singapore.

Quick Summary

  • When planning a visit to Haji Lane, consider visiting on weekdays or early mornings to avoid crowds and fully appreciate the vibrant street art and boutique shopping.
  • Haji Lane in Singapore is a bustling indie neighborhood known for its eclectic mix of vibrant murals, unique boutiques, and diverse culinary experiences.
  • Haji Lane is a vibrant indie enclave in Singapore known for its colorful street art, unique boutiques, and diverse food options, offering a perfect blend of history and modern culture.

Exploring Haji Lane

Exploring Haji Lane
Exploring Haji Lane

History and Significance

Haji Lane today is a bright mish-mash of retail stores, popular among the artsy-hippie crowd that came to monetise this old-world culture, leading it to now represent the artfully apparent synergy between the old and new. Originally developed in the early 1800s, Haji Lane served as a centre for those planning to make the perilous pilgrimage to Mecca.

Must-Do Activities

Haji Lane is brimming with activities that cater to all interests. Shopaholics will find paradise in local boutiques like AS’FALL and Spoilmarket Haji Lane Outlet, offering an eclectic mix of fashion and accessories. Food buffs will revel in the offerings of food stalls selling everything from traditional Malay fare to international favourites. Art aficionados will be awed by the beautiful murals and street art adorning the lanes.

Photo Spots

Photography enthusiasts, rejoice! Haji Lane is a visual feast, with numerous photo spots that capture its essence. There’s no shortage of colorful murals and shophouses with charming props to photograph. If you wish to capture as much on film as you can, it would be ideal to get to certain areas early in the morning when things are quieter. Conversely, tilt a picture up or down to animate the space and engage the looker.

What to See, Eat, and Do in Haji Lane

What to See, Eat, and Do in Haji Lane
What to See, Eat, and Do in Haji Lane

Food and Drinks

There are few good restaurants in Haji Lane. Good Luck Beerhouse has many good craft beers on tap and good western food all day like fish and chips, fried chicken, steaks, lamb chops, mac and cheese etc. Not to mention other more local delights. Street-side cafes serve more memorable dining experiences with signature dishes. Try local favourites as well as be adventurous and look for what’s around in the lane.

Shops and Boutiques

Head over to retail therapy destination in Haji Lane housing some of the most popular boutiques such as Bella Kini Swimwear Boutique and Drunken Balloon Boutique. The specialities in some of these shops range from boho-chic maxi dresses, bejewelled brooches and swimsuits, to handmade crafts and party decorations.

Insider Tips and Recommendations

Insider Tips and Recommendations
Insider Tips and Recommendations

Best Time to Visit

The lane is very crowded and commercialized, here’s my top tip: if you want to see Haji Lane at its most relaxed, quiet, and picturesque, don’t come on the weekends: arrive before 8 am at the latest. If you came to look at shop fronts and street art with time to spare, then come on a weekday, when it will be far less busy.

Navigating Haji Lane

Haji Lane is perhaps narrow but hides many enchanting treasures. It is advisable to explore nearby areas such as Bali Lane, Arab Street, and Beach Road. These adjacent streets offer additional dining, shopping, and cultural experiences that complement your visit to Haji Lane.

Haji Lane Singapore

This vibrant neighborhood of Singapore is a perfect entry point to the city’s zest. Take in the pulsating narrow lanes of Haji Lane, and then let it be your launch pad in navigating Singapore’s past, present, and much-lauded prey: its history, culture, and culinary scene! The challenge is, of course, knowing where to begin. Here’s your primer for getting started: Grab your camera. Slip into walking shoes. And be ready, cuz you’re about to create the kind of memory you’d like to take home with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have any questions about Haji Lane Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) below:

What are the top photography spots in Haji Lane?

Great shoot for photographers with colourful murals; artsy shophouses and various memorobilia in plain sight by the shopfronts. If you can shoot in the morning early light or at late afternoon light, you are in for a treat.

Where can I find the best shopping experiences in Haji Lane?

Haji Lane is known for its diverse range of boutiques. Popular spots include AS’FALL, Spoilmarket Haji Lane Outlet, Bella Kini Swimwear Boutique, and Drunken Balloon. These stores offer a mix of fashion, accessories, and unique finds.

How do I get to Haji Lane?

Haji Lane is located in the Kampong Glam district. The nearest MRT station is Bugis (EW12/DT14), which is a short walk away. You can also reach Haji Lane by bus or taxi.

When is the best time to visit Haji Lane?

You can enjoy leisurely walks and take photos when very few people are around, either on weekdays or early in the morning on weekends.

Are there any nearby attractions worth visiting?

Haji Lane is indeed located near a few other notable places such as Bali Lane, Arab Street and Beach Road. These areas are fully loaded with extra dining and shopping areas and cultural attractions, thereby complementing your Haji Lane experience.

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