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Guide To Visiting Haw Par Villa Singapore [2024]

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Haw Par Villa Singapore

Best Haw Par Villa Singapore
Best Haw Par Villa Singapore

Welcome to Haw Par Villa, Singapore’s most wonderfully weird theme park! If you’re looking for unique things to do in Singapore, this is it!

This fantastically flamboyant cultural site is one of Singapore’s true tourist treasures, as well as a relic of a previous generation’s childhood experiences.

Home to a dazzling array of large, highly colourful, and often somewhat terrifying tableaux, it’s a place where visitors can witness the ways in which the Chinese conceptualize folklore, mythology and morality, all set amid lurid attractions knitted together by vivid icons and outsized icons.

History of Haw Par Villa

(Credit: Tripadvisor)
(Credit: Tripadvisor)

Opened in 1937 by Aw Boon Haw and Aw Boon Par, the founders of the renowned ointment Tiger Balm, Haw Par Villa was originally called Tiger Balm Garden and was designed as a space in which to teach and share Chinese culture and values by translating them into colourful, life-sized dioramas and sculptures.

From the heights of its popularity to multiple periods of relative neglect and decline, the complexity continues: in the 1980s Haw Par Villa was refurbished, and – most recently – updates and refurbishments propel it forward as a living legacy for multiple generations.

Main Attractions

(Credit: The New Age Parents)
(Credit: The New Age Parents)

The Ten Courts of Hell

Every visitor goes to see this infamous section. Its vivid depictions of Buddhist hell, with each court teaching a different form of punishment for sin, are graphic examples of morality in the eyes of the beholder.

Hell’s Museum

This museum offers a deeper dive into the concept of hell across different cultures. It provides historical and philosophical context, helping visitors understand various interpretations of the afterlife and moral retribution.

Statues and Dioramas

A shrine at Haw Par Villa contains a gaudy, garish scene, story and moral from Chinese beliefs, corresponding with many of the lessons presented at the temple.Haw Par Villa is home to numerous gaudy, garish, life-size and colourful displays of stories, scenes and morals relating to Chinese (largely Taoist) beliefs, making their mythology and folklore educational – but also entertaining.

Animal Statues

Quirky animal statues are scattered throughout the park, adding to its whimsical and eerie atmosphere. These statues, while not real, are perfect for fun photos and social media posts.

Other Noteworthy Exhibits

(Credit: Smart Singapore)
(Credit: Smart Singapore)

Emerald Alcove and Pagoda Lagoon

These scenic areas feature beautiful Chinese architecture and landscaping, providing serene spots for reflection and relaxation.

Mer-Cuzzi Paradise and Journey to the West Dioramas

These whimsical displays are based on popular Chinese legends and folklore, offering a delightful exploration of these classic tales.

Tiger Statues and Tiger Balm Memorabilia

Adorable tiger statues showcasing Tiger Balm products are a nod to the park’s origins. You’ll also find nostalgic memorabilia from the original Tiger Balm Gardens.

Recent Developments

(Credit: Haw Par Villa)
(Credit: Haw Par Villa)

Refurbishments and Updates

In recent years, Haw Par Villa has seen numerous enhancements to improve the visitor experience. New exhibits, improved lighting, and air-conditioned areas have been introduced to make your visit more enjoyable.

Future Plans

Visitors can continue to look out for attractions and events lined up for 2024. Haw Par Villa will continue to reinvent itself to keep the visitors delighted.

Practical Information

(Credit: Remote Lands)
(Credit: Remote Lands)

Admission to Haw Par Villa is free for all, making it a perfect destination for all.Operating hours for the park is from Sunday to Thursday, 9am to 8pm, last entry at 7.30pm, and Friday to Saturday, 9am to 10pm, last entry at 9.30pm.

Conveniently, the park resides near the Haw Par Villa MRT station, train services are available every 3 minutes, with a journey time of 14 minutes from the central business district. Haw Par Villa is accessible the entire year. However on hot sunny days, remember to bring along a hat and sunscreen to protect yourself, as most part of the park is open-air.

For those volunteers to the wheelchair, approximately 60 per cent to 70 per cent of the park is accessible, although the lack of shelters may leave out those who are sensitive to rain.

The park is an open-air park, and there are no ATM machines within the park, however they are available at the Haw Par Villa MRT station. There are rest areas for the public, unsettled volunteers, and there are also food places for public convenience. There are no wheelchairs or transport for hire within the public park.

Childhood Memories and Nostalgia

(Credit: The Occasional Traveller)
(Credit: The Occasional Traveller)

Haw Par Villa is not just a theme park, it’s also an experience: here you have a chance to educate yourself – yes, educate! – in Asian mythology and beliefs (while providing thematically approached tourist-delight for you and your travel companions) and to promote understanding in contemporary Chinese culture and traditional Asian folklore.

For the fabulous freak trip you’ve been planning, or the spiritual existentialist vacation you’ve always wanted to take, Haw Par Villa might have the itinerary to showcase your perfect afternoon.

Haw Par Villa Singapore

Haw Par Villa is unmistakably about education, culture and entertainment rolled into one. As an interesting and unusual theme park, this place evokes the world of Chinese folklore and mythology by narrating and displaying them through a variety of attractions.

Its revitalisation gives future generations the opportunity to experience Singapore’s cultural and heritage landmark designed with the visitor in mind, whether they are locals or tourists of any age.

If you are looking for culture, Mythology, stories, picture book, fun and excitement, Haw Par is the place to visit. There is no one else like it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have any questions about Haw Par Villa in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Haw Par Villa in Singapore below:

Is there an entry fee for Haw Par Villa?

None. It is totally free to enter the Haw Par Villa – the visitors can walk into the park and explore the whole villa without any ticket charges.

What are the operating hours of Haw Par Villa?

The opening hours of Haw Par Villa depend on the week day. In days from Sunday to Thursday, the park is open between 9am to 8pm. The last entry allowed in the park is 7.30pm. On Fridays and Saturdays, the operating hours of the park extends. It is open between 9am to 10pm as well as the last entry allowed is 9.30pm.The extended hours on weekends enable for more leisurely visits.

How can I get to Haw Par Villa?

The place is well linked to the transportation system. A traveler can also visit the place through local transportation means. There are no complex route to the distribute. One can get there via the MRT and a quick step to Haw Par Villa station. which is just across the park.

Is Haw Par Villa wheelchair-accessible?

Yes, Haw Par Villa is features wheelchair accessibility to ease visitor mobility. Approximately 60-70 per cent of attractions within Haw Par Villa is wheelchair accessible. This includes the 10 Courts of Hell, the first seven of the 18 Chinese advantages and disadvantages, and many others. A person in a wheelchair can use the road in the park and enjoy most of the attractions and exhibits. This shows that the park cannot be underestimated in catering for a wider audience.

Are there any facilities available at Haw Par Villa?

Indeed, in order to put any visitors to Haw Par Villa at ease, there are a number of facilities accessible on the premises. These include as ATM so that one can withdraw cash easily when visiting, as well as services such as resting places when one may just need to take a short break whilst visiting, and numerous types of food upon visiting so it all goes down better.

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