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9 Best Men’s Hair Salons in Singapore [2024]

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Men’s Hair Salon Singapore

Best Men's Hair Salon Singapore
Best Men’s Hair Salon Singapore

A decent haircut is the basis for appealing hairstyles and establishing a good first impression. Hairstylists used to have a more personal feel, and many people would go not only to receive a haircut but also to talk about what was going on in the world. In this day and age, technology is so sophisticated that we can watch the news no matter where we are. As a result, the identity of the hairstylist shop has shifted. With major franchise chains providing special discounts and cheaper haircuts, it’s a little more difficult to locate a hairstylist you can trust to style your hair exactly as you want.

This is why we’ve prepared this list of the Best Men’s Hair Salons in Singapore for 2024.

1. Autocutt Barbershop

Autocutt Barbershop - Men's Hair Salon Singapore
Autocutt Barbershop – Men’s Hair Salon Singapore (Credit: Autocutt Barbershop)
Address:47 Tanglin Halt Rd #01-313 Singapore 141047
Phone:+65 9186 1233
Operating Hours:11AM – 8PM Monday – Friday; 10AM – 6PM Saturday – Sunday

Autocutt grooms your hair in an old-fashioned manner. Their vintage-inspired barbershop has rare World War II motorcycles and classic vehicle signage. Furthermore, following a trim with them, feel refreshed as they stroke your face with the Original aroma cologne. Come meet them; they guarantee to be the most gentlemanly guys you’ve ever encountered. Their retro ambiance but great service makes them one of the best mens hairstylist Singapore.

Key Differentiators:

  • Vintage-inspired barbershop
  • Offers old-fashioned grooming
  • Uses rare World War II motorcycles and classic signage

Customer Testimonial:

“An excellent barber shop and great service! High quality and they really guide or consult with you all the way. Very happy with my new hair and will come back.”

-A G (Kawa Ninja)

2. Haar Attic

Haar Attic - Men's Hair Salon Singapore
Haar Attic – Men’s Hair Salon Singapore (Credit: Haar Attic)
Key servicesMen’s Cut ( from fade to Mullet ), Wave perm, Tight curls,  Fringe Lift, Scalp Cleansing and treatment
AddressOutlet 1: 67A Boat Quay S049855 ( 2nd floor)
Outlet 2: 7A Neil Road S088807 ( 2nd floor )
Phone68359811 / 98730235 (Whatsapp)
Operating hoursWeekdays: 11am – 8pm
Weekends: 11am -7pm

You may alter your look with a new hairdo in haarAttic’s personality-filled concept, under the excellent talents of our trained stylists. Their hair salon believes in paying attention to their clients’ demands, thus all services include a comprehensive consultation. Communication is the key to achieving success. After determining your desires, they combine them with their technical knowledge and creative flare to provide you hair that will not only complement your unique style, but will also be simple to wear on a daily basis.

Key Differentiators:

  • Offers a personality-filled concept
  • Provides excellent talents of trained stylists

Customer Testimonial:

“The staff are professional and very friendly, they make me feel relaxed and comfortable every time I’m there. I’ve been going to Haar Attic for over a year and I’ve never been disappointed with my hair.”

Joanne Tan

3. Grease Monkey Barber Garage

Grease Monkey Barber Garage - Men's Hair Salon Singapore
Grease Monkey Barber Garage – Men’s Hair Salon Singapore (Credit: Grease Monkey Barber Garage)
Key Services:fades, braids, perms, hot shaves, hair color
Address:15 Mayo St. Singapore, Singapore 208312
Operating Hours:10AM – 8PM Mondays – Saturdays; 11AM – 4PM Sundays

Grease Monkey Barber Garage provides the cleanest and tightest haircuts. The Grease Monkey Barber Garage, as the name suggests, combines a passion for the hair care profession with motorbikes. The bike-garage-inspired interior design greets you as you approach the midrange shop with a daring, manly attitude. Tough, bike-obsessed men would adore every corner and cranny of this establishment, as well as the haircut they’d receive here. Their biker theme combined with great haircuts made them one of the best mens hairstylist Singapore.

Key Differentiators:

  • Inspired by a bike garage
  • Passionate about the hair care profession
  • Attitude is tough and manly

Customer Testimonial:

“Eclectic decor, chilled out place and nice barbers who’ll give you a quick and clean cut. Just the way you want. Check it out. Look for Syaf. They have an online booking portal on their website. Highly recommended”

-Harsh Saxena

4. The Golden Rule Barber Co.

The Golden Rule Barber Co. - Men's Hair Salon Singapore
The Golden Rule Barber Co. – Men’s Hair Salon Singapore (Credit: The Golden Rule Barber Co.)
Address:342 Jurong East Street 31, #01-01, Singapore 600342
Phone:+65 6980 5949
Operating Hours:11AM – 9PM Daily

Yanto and Jay wanted to breathe fresh life into the trade of barbering in 2014 by opening a Modern Barbershop, a place where men can obtain high-quality haircuts and shaves. From the beginning, the guys began to get several inquiries from barbers and hairdressers asking whether they might obtain comparable training as the apprentices. They are certain that education should be offered to everyone, whether they are men or women, barbers, hairdressers, or stylists. Their passion for their craft is what makes them one of the finest mens hairstylist Singapore.

Key Differentiators:

  • Passionate about their craft
  • Offers high-quality haircuts and shaves
  • Education about barbering

Customer Testimonial:

“Yad was a pleasure to speak to, and he cut my hair very well. I’m so pleased to find this small gem of a business in my neighbourhood. You have a new repeat customer!”

-Amar Koul

5. Sultans of Shave

Sultans of Shave - Men's Hair Salon Singapore
Sultans of Shave – Men’s Hair Salon Singapore (Credit: Sultans of Shave)
Key Services:Shaves, hair Treatments, Haircuts
Address:11 North Canal Road, #02-01 Singapore 048824
Phone:+65 6222 0201
Operating Hours:10:30am – 9PM Mondays – Fridays; 11AM – 6PM Saturdays

Sultans of Shave, founded in 2013, has established itself as an industry leader in men’s grooming in Singapore, with 6 stores spread over the island and two brands. Sultans of Shave, with over 60,000 clients serviced and counting, takes pride in offering premium grooming experiences that blend our passion and creativity for male grooming with first-rate customer care. Sultans of Shave wants to be the foremost men’s grooming firm in South East Asia as we expand.

Key Differentiators:

  • An industry leader in men’s grooming
  • Passion and creativity for male grooming
  • 6 stores spread over the island

Customer Testimonial:

“Finally I found my favorite barber in Singapore.My barber is not talkative, but I feel very comfortable it. He always forcus to cut my hair and very meticulous.”


6. The Panic Room

The Panic Room - Men's Hair Salon Singapore
The Panic Room – Men’s Hair Salon Singapore (Credit: The Panic Room)
Key Services:Shaves, hair Treatments, Haircuts, barber supplies, fragrances, brand merchandise
Address:311A Geylang Rd, Singapore 389350
Phone:+65 8228 9063
Operating Hours:11AM – 8PM Mondays – Fridays; 9:30AM – 6:30PM Saturdays – Sundays

The Panic Room began as a modest web business selling pomades, and it currently does so both online and in its physical location. Their precise, sophisticated cuts entice first-time visitors to become repeat customers. Cool brands like Lockhart’s, Shear Revival, and The Bluebeards Revenge are included. In addition to pomades, it offers moustache wax, beard oil, other slick grooming supplies. If you’re going for a haircut and shave, be prepared to browse through its respectable vinyl record collection. Their unique selection of services is what makes them one of the finest mens hairstylist Singapore.

Key Differentiators:

  • Precise, sophisticated cuts
  • Unique selection of services
  • Respectable vinyl record collection

Customer Testimonial:

“Vibes were immaculate, shelves were fully stocked with hair, facial products for men. They sell film cameras, and also records as well! But the reason why I keep coming back is because of the extremely good cut that Barry and Alisha provides!”

-Wee Chin Lim

7. Truefitt and Hill

Truefitt and Hill - Men's Hair Salon Singapore
Truefitt and Hill – Men’s Hair Salon Singapore (Credit: Truefitt and Hill)
Key Services:Shaving, hair Treatments, Haircuts, hair care products, gifts sets
Address:9 Ann Siang Rd, Singapore 069690
Phone:+65 6223 5263
Operating Hours:10AM – 7:30PM Daily

The world’s oldest barbershop, Truefitt & Hill originates from London and are stylists and Royal Warrant holders to H.R.H., The Duke of Edinburgh. With over 212 years of research and intimate customer relationships, this barbershop in Singapore offers a full range of men’s grooming services. They are convinced that if you are seeking for the best in men’s grooming, you will find Truefitt & Hill’s unrivaled product quality and distinguished legacy incredibly appealing. Their goods are made with a rare and complex combination of essences. To provide a daily grooming solution for today’s man, the offering comprises a comprehensive line of shaving, scent, hair, and bath products.

Key Differentiators:

  • World’s oldest barbershop
  • Stylists and Royal Warrant holders to H.R.H., The Duke of Edinburgh
  • Made with a rare and complex combination of essences

Customer Testimonial:

“The best haircut experience I’ve had in Singapore.”

-Timothy Madden

8. KENARIS Hair Salon

KENARIS Hair Salon - Men's Hair Salon Singapore
KENARIS Hair Salon – Men’s Hair Salon Singapore (Credit: KENARIS Hair Salon)
Key Services:Hair cut & styling, Hair & scalp care, Hair coloring, Hair rebonding, Hair perming
Address:501 Orchard Rd, #04-03, Singapore 238880
Phone:+65 6333 8209
Operating Hours:10:30AM – 8PM Daily

Most of the clients at Kenaris are bankers, attorneys, physicians, and other working professionals who entrust them with their limited time in order to appear their best. With this degree of confidence, Kenaris ensures that each hairstyle they create brings out the best in each customer, every day. Kenaris Hair Salon boasts a talented staff of hairstylists. Each of them possesses unrivaled ability. Their staff of experienced hairstylists makes makes them one of the top mens hairstylist Singapore.

Key Differentiators:

  • One team, various talents
  • A trustworthy hair salon of working professionals
  • A salon to seek a makeover for special occasions

Customer Testimonial:

“Came here for the first time , Tinz was my stylist, he was very good and informative about what look would suit my looks, loved what he did to my hair. Would highly recommend him!”

-Priti Goel

9. AIR Salon

AIR Salon - Men's Hair Salon Singapore
AIR Salon – Men’s Hair Salon Singapore (Credit: AIR Salon)
Key Services:Hair & scalp care, Hair colouring, Hair cut & styling, Hair perming, Hair rebonding
Address:2 Handy Rd, #02-01 The Cathay, Singapore 229233
Phone:+65 8427 8155
Operating Hours:11:30AM – 9PM Mondays – Fridays; 11AM– 8PM Saturdays – Sundays

AIR Salon is your hairdresser partner that genuinely knows you and your hair for consumers who desire true flair and originality. They assist to express the unique person that you are with a touch of flare with state-of-the-art technology, a staff of committed stylists, and professional hair products, so that you will walk out of their salon oozing confidence. Their attentive management of your requirements and kind caring in a welcoming environment will leave you satisfied. Simply said, beauty is what it is. Their unique quality of service makes them one of the best mens hairstylist Singapore.

Key Differentiators:

  • Pleasant services with excellent free head and shoulder massage
  • Affordable price for haircut by celebrity hair stylist

Customer Testimonial:

Very nice spacious and clean environment! Was very pleased for their professional service by Michelle and team! My wife super satisfied with her colour and korean curl!

-anthony er

Men’s Hair Salon Singapore

All in all, It is essential to conduct a thorough study before deciding on a haircut. If you’re young and fashionable, you could prefer to try out various hairstyles, but some don’t understand they’re passing up an opportunity to enhance their attractiveness and individuality by not choosing the right hairstyle. We hope we’ve helped you find the perfect men’s hairstylist Singapore that fits your style and features.

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