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5 Best Terrarium Figurines Singapore Ideas [2024]

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Terrarium Figurines Singapore

Best Terrarium Figurines Singapore
Best Terrarium Figurines Singapore

Terrarium-making is an art of gardening where plants and imaginative decoration are combined.

Best Terrarium Figurines in Singapore 2024 : Cute animals, mini furniture, fairytale characters, Zen statues and food.

When selecting a terrarium figurine, take into account aspects like size & shape, theme, and material.

Terrarium figurines are a great way to add a touch of your own personality to your terrarium and make it personalised and unique.

These are the best terrarium figurine ideas to ensure your unique greenery creation is truly one-of-a-kind.

Quick Summary

  • Animals are one of the nicest things to display in your terrarium: such as cute frogs, snails, caterpillars, chameleon, birds, mice and even monkey. Other cutest figures to put include fairy creatures like elves, gnomes or dwarfs. There are also miniature furniture and decoration in Western house style, but there are also Asian-style benches and Chinese furniture. Miniature food and Zen statue are other items for your terrarium.
  • When choosing a terrarium figurine, consider factors such as size, theme, and material.
  • These compass figurines serve as an amusing finishing touch to your terrarium, transforming it into a unique masterpiece.

Best Terrarium Figurines Singapore

1. Cute Animals

Cute Animals
Cute Animals

Animal figurines enhance your terrarium by lending a more whimsical touch. Select from fun animal shapes such as hedgehogs, bunnies, cats, and dogs to add charm to your mini-garden.

Either go for the realistic figurines or, my favourite, the fantastical ones. Whatever your personal taste, you can find thousands at the press of a button online, or go to a local crafts store. Introduce these characters to your terrarium in any size you want! These figurines are your perfect way to add a personal touch.

2. Miniature Furniture

Miniature Furniture
Miniature Furniture

Your terrarium will truly come to life with miniature furniture. Line it with tiny benches, tables, chairs, houses, cottages – anything your heart desires. They will complete the scene for your figurines. Make your mini-garden as imaginative as possible to unite it.

3. Fairytale Characters


And what fairy tale would be complete without fairies, unicorns and dragons? Terraformers use figurines both in miniature and full-size. They can be from inch-high desk toys to larger tchotchkes that dress up entryways.

Set them up and photograph them in settings such as little fairies with a rainbow dragon or a unicorn at a palace under a glowing castle! See the figurine that works best with your terrariums! Mix and match! Let your imagination run wild!

4. Zen Statues

Zen Statues
Zen Statues

Bring Zen inspiration and serenity to your terrarium display with Zen statues! Choose from a celestial array of terrarium Buddha or meditating monk figures, available in small desk-size statues or larger figures to decorate your outdoor terrariums.

5. Miniature Food

Miniature Food
Miniature Food

Pizzas, burgers and cupcakes: miniature food figurines really help to inject some fun into your terrarium.

From small toys you can place on your desk, to larger ones for outdoor showcases – simply combine and delight your imagination as these scrumptious art pieces look realistic to the point of creating you want to grab a bite!

Terrarium Figurines Singapore

Constructing a terrarium by placing figurines in it is an exercise of the imagination, an act of expression of tastes and fantasies.

Botanical miniatures and figurines helped make terrariums beautiful, and allowed their builders to create a simulacrum of their own inner world.

Maintaining a terrarium with figurines is an easy task and it brings fun through the little details.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you are interested in terrarium figurines in Singapore and would like to find out more about them, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) below on Best Terrarium Figurines in Singapore.

What are cutest terrarium figurine in Singapore?

Cute terrarium figurine that are popular in Singapore includes animals, miniature furniture, characters of fairytales like Totoro, Zen statues, and miniature food. There is a huge variation on fun terrarium figurines in Singapore.

What fun terrarium figurine are there in Singapore?

You can visit Etsy’s website for more unique and custom handmade pieces that can be sold. FunEmpire offers up-to-date terrarium figurine collections that vary depending on what you are looking for. There is a wide variety to choose from whatever your taste is, and can definitely add some charm and whimsy to your mini garden.

What to use for a unique look for my terrarium figurines?

It’s all about choosing what figurines you like. Be it animals, fantasy creatures, miniature people, it’s whatever makes it align with your personality and theme. Shop around to find many options on Pinterest.

Are there stores in Singapore that specialised in terrarium figurines?

Yes, there are a good number of stores in Singapore that specialised in terrarium figurines. You can visit physical stores and/or visit them online. You can also visit Singapore-based Terrarium workshops provider such as FunEmpire who organize workshops and events for terrarium making.

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