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10 Best Training Rooms Singapore For Rent [2024]

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Training Rooms Singapore

Best Training Rooms Singapore
Best Training Rooms Singapore

The atmosphere of the training room often plays a crucial role in the effectiveness and success of any training event, such as workshops, seminars or even courses.

The best training rooms in Singapore for 2024 include The Usual Place, JLC Event Hub, UCommune, ERC Institute, and Into The Woods.

When selecting a training room in Singapore, take into account aspects like its location, ease of access, fully equipped facilities, cost, and reputation.

Training centres in Singapore are becoming a popular choice of venue for corporate courses, training and conferences.

Find the best training class room hire in Singapore that is customised as per your training needs, preferences and budget.

Quick Summary

  • Best training rooms in Singapore for 2024 include The Usual Place, JLC Event Hub, UCommune, ERC Institute, and Into The Woods.
  • There are various factors that need to be considered when selecting a training room in Singapore. These include the location, ease of access, fully equipped facilities, affordability of rent and the reputation of the training organization.
  • These rooms in Singapore have become the centers of corporate learning, workshops and seminars.

Our Selection Criteria

In order to choose the best training rooms in Singapore, we examined the list of places that fit the following criteria:

  • Location and Accessibility: We searched for training spaces that are convenient and easy to get to via public transport, making life easier for participants.
  • Facilities and Equipment: Access to modern, cutting-edge exceptional facilities and equipment (projector, sound system, wi-fi) was key to what made our short list.
  • Seating Capacity and Layout: We looked at how many people each venue could host, and the ability of their set-up to support a range of group sizes and session types.
  • Cost Effectiveness: We were looking for affordability, but not at the expense of the level of service and comfort. We wanted good value for the money.
  • Customer Reviews and Reputation: Feedback from previous users and the venue’s reputation in the industry assured reliability and satisfaction.

Best Training Rooms Singapore

1. The Usual Place

(Credit: FlySpaces)
(Credit: FlySpaces)

Are you bored with your usual training routines? A unique event could be just the thing at The Usual Place!

Incorporate team bonding activities alongside training sessions in the shared space brimming with enjoyable amenities.

Or hang out with your team in nature’s green embrace – offbeat and altogether earthy.

2. JLC Event Hub

(Credit: JLC Event Hub)
(Credit: JLC Event Hub)

Apart from an events place, this space has three other event areas that can be rented out separately for usage from rates starting between S$20 to S$60 per hour.

But now, with the JLC Event Hub, you can organise your small training, other group meetings, brainstorming sessions or workshops at a very competitive hourly or daily rates. There are no hidden charges.

Ensure the seamless execution of your event with its affordable training and conference amenities.

3. UCommune

(Credit: UCommune)
(Credit: UCommune)

You won’t need classrooms for your training anymore; less structured and formal approaches work better for your business!

Consider a relaxed training or team building session for a laid-back atmosphere.

If you’re balancing budget and training effectiveness, choose UCommune for a win-win solution!

Share your concept for a training session and we’ll find the perfect space for you!

4. ERC Institute

(Credit: Tagvenue)
(Credit: Tagvenue)

ERC Institute provides various professional courses and workshops for you at the best price in Singapore.

Known for its training and workshop exceptional facilities and affordable offered courses it has now another reason one must know more about the place while looking out for your professional grooming.

If you are on a budget then here is the right stop for you .

Priced from S$45, these training rooms provide more than just value for money.

Equipped with chairs, tables, projectors, white screens and audio systems, you will be able to focus on your training content and present it to your audience.

5. Into The Woods

(Credit: FlySpaces)
(Credit: FlySpaces)

If you need something more serious?

Make an appointment for a themed workshop. Into The Woods is the ideal venue to host other group meetings and other activities.

Give your attendees the infrastructure to conduct trainings, discussions or workshops and make your event look extra special with customised branding.

6. Metropolitan YMCA

(Credit: Tagvenue)
(Credit: Tagvenue)

For your large corporate or all your needs, Metropolitan YMCA offers working space for small to big events. It’s easily accessible by MRT too!

Aside from the training rooms, one of its 3 function or meeting rooms is perfect for corporate luncheons or dinners that can take in up to 130 people.

The venue also provides fully-equipped conference facilities for your use.

7. Apusgeo Solutions

(Credit: FlySpaces)
(Credit: FlySpaces)

If cost is an issue, if you want easy access to the MRT or if you are bogged down by the thought of keeping your laptops connected , dump your worries and head to Apusgeo Solutions as the premier training venue for your team!

The building was fully equipped with a training room (suitable for software training, project meetings, etc), rooftop gym, swimming pool and a food court is on the street level.

8. Queserser

(Credit: Queserser)
(Credit: Queserser)

Queserser is conveniently located at the centre of town, meaning that city-based enterprises can reach it easily.

With floor-to-ceiling windows allowing natural light, it creates an ideal training environment.

Besides, enjoy these modular facilities and wide-ranging views of the city to occupy minds in a break from training.

9. Nicole Consultancy

(Credit: FlySpaces)
(Credit: FlySpaces)

Conveniently located at the bustling hub of Orchard Road, Nicole Consultancy provides a cosy space for small discussion groups. It’s easily accessible by MRT too!

The venue offers basic facilities such as a projector and audio system, including whiteboard and flip chart, at a cost.

This training center is a perfect option for conducting course training, mini-seminars, or workshops.

Training Rooms Singapore

Choosing the right training room in Singapore can greatly influence an event’s, meeting’s or workshop’s success.

Whatever your preferences – modern or traditional, bright or dark, with or without catering – this list should hit the spot and offer something for everyone.

Each space is distinctive: Into The Woods, for instance, is suitable for creative sessions, while Metropolitan YMCA caters for large corporate events.

With any of these picks, your event site won’t just check all the boxes, it will enhance the experience for all of your guests. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about training rooms in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Best Training Rooms in Singapore below:

Where can I find the best training rooms in Singapore?

The best training or meeting rooms in Singapore include The Usual Place, JLC Event Hub, UCommune, ERC Institute, and Into The Woods.

What are the key features of a budget training room rental in Singapore?

Budget training room rentals in Singapore offer state-of-the-art setups but at an affordable pricing.

Some of the main features include high-speed internet, latest-generation audio visual equipment, and comfortable seating arrangements.

The primary objective of these meeting rooms is to ensure that the learning experience is not compromised.

At the same time, learners should save money.

Likewise, training rooms should be flexible enough to accommodate different types of training programmes and seminars.

These rooms can be set up for any purpose.

How can I find a training cum seminar room with ample parking spaces in Singapore?

If you are looking for training cum seminar rooms with parking lots in Singapore, it’s recommended to start your rental booking process with well-known venue listing platforms such as Tagvenue and Venuerific.

With an advanced search feature, you can easily filter out venues by amenities, including parking.

If you can, choose venues around Paya Lebar or Tai Seng MRT stations as well because these areas are known for its better-ranked parking facilities along with public transport convenience.

What should I look for in a seminar room to ensure it meets my training space needs?

Try to book a seminar room that can also serve as a training room.

Make sure that it is equipped with excellent facilities to make the session lively and productive at the same time.

Ensure if it has all the necessary tools that you’d need for a successful presentation, such as complete audiovisual equipment and fast internet connection.

How does the seating arrangement impact a training event, and how can I ensure the right setup?

The way you plan to have your participants sit will significantly add or detract from their level of engagement, interaction, and comfort with or during a training event.

Figure out your objectives; for example, if you are conducting an open interaction discussion, perhaps a U-shape is best, and if you are going to do more lecturing, a classroom-style is better.

Be very clear about your preferences when you book your room online or through the venue provider, so that they know what you need.

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