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Best Warehouse for Rent Singapore [2024]

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Warehouse for Rent Singapore

Best Warehouse for Rent Singapore
Best Warehouse for Rent Singapore

If you are looking for spacious warehouse space with ancillary office areas, you can find them in this list!

The best warehouse for rent in Singapore for 2024 are IMM Building, Space@Tampines, Thyssen Haniel Logistics Centre, Jalan Bukit Merah, and Primax.

 If you are looking to set up a business, renting the right property is essential in terms of allowing you to accommodate the needs of different trades.

Selecting the right warehouse is critical for companies that aim to minimise their logistics and operations in Singapore.

Due to its strategic location and reputable infrastructure, Singapore is a hub for warehousing and logistics operations.

Quick Summary

  • Best warehouse for rent in Singapore for 2024 are IMM Building, Space@Tampines, Thyssen Haniel Logistics Centre, Jalan Bukit Merah, and Primax.
  • If you’re thinking about renting a warehouse in Singapore, you’ll want to consider location in relation to transport links, available space for expansion and the flexibility of your lease terms.
  • Singapore’s warehouse rental market features a high level of competition but also offers a broad range of alternatives, guaranteeing businesses to find spaces that are as close as possible to their logistical and operational needs.

Our Selection Criteria

In creating our application criteria to choose the best warehouses for rent in Singapore, we carefully examined the following criteria to ensure your leasing experience is nothing short of spectacular:

  • Value for Money: Each warehouse was assessed based on its value relative to rental prices, ensuring tenants get great value for their investment.
  • Variety of Options: We had to find warehouses that provided a range of options for different business requirements including space, location and facilities.
  • Ease of Booking: We prioritized warehouses with simple leasing processes for convenient space booking.
  • Customer Feedback: We used customer feedback to assess tenant satisfaction, selecting only those giving positive reviews.
  • Exclusivity: We focused on warehouses that had the best security, most flexible leases and were most efficient in helping tenants maximise their profits and abilities.

Key Considerations

  • Location & Access: Proximity to major shipping ports, jetports and such. And ‘logistics and distribution’ means having access to highways for all that.
  • Size & Scalability: The space needs now and in the future, with the assurance that the warehouse could house an increase in business or a shift in demand.
  • Facility Type: Decide if you are better off with a standard warehouse, a cutting-edge warehouse, or a specialised storage facility.
  • Costs: Rent, utilities and any other associated fees with taking over the space
  • Security: Are there CCTV cameras, security guards and fire exits?
  • Amenities: Existence of basic facilities such as loading bays, dock levelers, enough parking space and office spaces.
  • Lease Flexibility: Providing some flexibility in the terms of the lease to meet future business changes – ie, provisions regarding further expansion of the business, or early termination commitments.

Best Warehouse for Rent in Singapore

1. The Outset

(Credit: The Outset)
(Credit: The Outset)
Key ServicesEvent venue, Warehouse
Address39 MacTaggart Rd, Singapore 368084
Operating HoursMonday to Sunday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Outset is an impeccably modern, high-tech warehouse facility located in Singapore’s scrubbed-clean logistics hub.

It offers both flexible space and super-specified accommodation for everything from use as an office space to warehousing.

2. Cargo39

(Credit: Cargo39' Facebook)
(Credit: Cargo39′ Facebook)
Key ServicesEvent venue, Warehouse
Address39 Keppel Rd, #03-03, Singapore 089065
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Cargo39 is a massive and high-capacity warehouse with an advantageous location near to the major trade routes in Singapore. Many companies choose this place as their place of business because it is easy to access.

Its spaces are not tailored to a single function but are flexible and scalable to meet the changing demands of tenants.

3. 39+ Art Space

(Credit: Venuerific)
(Credit: Venuerific)
Key ServicesArt gallery, Warehouse
Address39 Keppel Rd, #03-01, distripark 089065

39+ Art Space utilises cutting-edge warehouse solutions, but with a creative twist, this is especially designed for the arts and design sector.

The facility not only boasts lots of space for storage but also features space for creative work and interaction among its occupants.

4. Knots Cafe and Living (Pasir Panjang)

(Credit: Knots Cafe and Living)
(Credit: Knots Cafe and Living)
Key ServicesCafe, Warehouse
Address102E Pasir Panjang Rd, #01-08 Citilink Warehouse Complex, Singapore 118529

Knots Cafe and Living at Pasir Panjang offers a combination of warehouse storage areas with a lifestyle environment.

It’s a building that caters to logistics, but it’s also a setting in which work and play collide.

5. The Atelier & Co

(Credit: Venuerific)
(Credit: Venuerific)
Key ServicesCafe, Warehouse
Address2 Alexandra Road Delta House, 8th Floor, 159919
Operating HoursMonday to Sunday: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

The Atelier Co is a first-class warehouse business in Singapore with an elegant interior design and a wide range of services.

It offers a perfect luxe storage solution for commercial enterprises.

Warehouse for Rent Singapore

If you are looking for a warehouse to rent in Singapore for your business, you should consider many factors such as location, space (in terms of sq ft), cost and security.

Do you need a flexible multi-use warehouse or an event space rental with logistics, meeting rooms and warehousing capabilities?

By considering these factors and making use of our knowledge, businesses could locate warehouses in Singapore at a strategic location to enable smooth operations and logistic success.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have any questions about Warehouse for Rent in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Best Warehouse for Rent in Singapore below:

What are the best warehouse for rent in Singapore?

The best warehouse for rent in Singapore are IMM Building, Space@Tampines, Thyssen Haniel Logistics Centre, Jalan Bukit Merah, and Primax.

Are there warehouses for rent with high ceilings near Jurong Pier?

If you are going to start a business where you need the space or machinery to have high ceiling, there are warehouses near Jurong Pier with spaces that offer high ceilings.

Can I find a ground floor warehouse for rent in Ang Mo Kio with sufficient parking space?

Many ground floor units in Ang Mo Kio come with a good number of parking spaces, because these businesses will usually have a lot more shipments or clients coming to visit them.

So while you’re making your enquiry, you can get some information about the parking arrangements with the landlord or property manager.

Is there any aircon warehouse for rent available in Geylang Bahru?

In Geylang Bahru, you can rent an air-conditioned warehouse. This is ideal for a business that stores perishable items, or to hold the premises’ staff.

What is the average ceiling height in warehouse spaces for rent?

Overall, there is a wide range of ceiling height offered in warehouse spaces, depending on the location and the building design.

On average, ceilings in these spaces are between 6 meters and beyond 12 meters, with some special options allowing customers to choose high ceilings.

Where can I find warehouse space for rent on the ground floor with air-con in Ang Mo Kio, Geylang Bahru or Tai Seng?

Ang Mo Kio, Geylang Bahru and Tai Seng all have warehouse spaces on the ground floor available for rent with air-conditioning.

Among the various choices available, real estate agents for commercial real estate should be able to understand and communicate your requirements for the space to you.

If you’re searching yourself, this should be made clear in your search terms on the commercial real estate platforms, which should bring you the right search results.

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