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10 Best Dance Classes In Singapore [2024]

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Dance Classes Singapore

Best Dance Classes Singapore
Best Dance Classes Singapore

If you are looking for a way to get fit and healthy, dance classes in Singapore may be the answer. These classes offer an enjoyable experience that will help you meet new people while getting a workout at the same time. The 10 best dance classes in Singapore are listed below so that you can find one near your location.

1. Converge Studios

Converge Studios - Dance Classes Singapore
Converge Studios – Dance Classes Singapore (Credit: Converge Studios)
Address137 Cecil Street #02-01 Singapore 069537
Phone+65 6221 7980
Operating Hours Mon – Fri: 5pm – 10.30pm 

Saturday: 12pm – 4.30pm

​Sunday: 11am – 3.30pm

If you want to learn cutting-edge contemporary dance moves, Converge Studios has some of the finest dance lessons in Singapore. For a long time, they’ve had a staff of passionate and talented instructors who have been teaching a range of dance styles.

Hip-hop, street jazz, K-pop, jazz-funk, popping, tap, waacking, urban fusion, locking, house and other styles are just a few examples of the various dance genres available. They provide varying degrees of instruction in every genre to allow both novice and advanced dancers to learn new dance techniques quickly.

They also provide one-time and short-term exposure programs with a personalised experience!

Key Differentiators

  • Virtual open classes
  • Corporate services
  • Student package

Client Testimonial

“No fuss. Just come early to sign up and secure a spot! I’m still new to this place but the open classes are good and the packages are affordable! After trying Hip Hop Intro and Basic I can safely say that they teach really different things. Basic is more of laying the foundation if you wanna become a better dancer, and it focuses on specific areas like Footwork etc. Intro is more into the choreography already and I think it’s good to try it to see if you like the style. And if u do and wanna get better, start going for Basic classes! However if you’re here to have fun u could always go for the intro classes I think they’re more fun :)”

2. Legacy Dance Co.

Legacy Dance Co. - Dance Classes Singapore
Legacy Dance Co. – Dance Classes Singapore (Credit: Legacy Dance Co.)
Address6 Raffles Blvd, #03-03 Marina Square, Singapore 039594
Phone+65 9115 1858
Operating Hours Monday to Friday
5PM to 9PM

Saturday & Sunday
1PM to 6PM

The Legacy Dance Co. is a fantastic location for people who are new to dancing or want to get back into it.

They’re proud of how good they are at teaching youngsters to dance and make certain that, with their four-month program, you’ll leave with a greater appreciation for dance than when you came in.

Key Differentiators

  • Four-month programme
  • Weekly trainings with dedicated instructor
  • Open during COVID-19 pandemic (with safety measures in place) 

Client Testimonial

“This is such a homey place! Met many new friends through TLE and open classes~ Will definitely recommend new dancers to come here and start their dance journey!”

3. Slap Dance Studio

Slap Dance Studio - Dance Classes Singapore
Slap Dance Studio – Dance Classes Singapore (Credit: Slap Dance Studio)
Address144 Robinson Rd, #17-02, Singapore 068908
Phone+65 6636 4622
Operating Hours MON – FRI 12:15 to 14:15, 18:00 to 21:30

SAT – SUN 10:00 to 16:00

Slap Dance Studio’s fantastic workouts combine artistry and athleticism to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

The dance company is renowned for being the greatest in the field of lap and pole dancing. The exercises they provide will undoubtedly increase your strength and flexibility, allowing you to master new abilities while having fun.

You can trust that Slap Dance’s instructors will provide you with more knowledge, regardless of your level of expertise.

Key Differentiators

  • Spacious dance floors
  • Highest and most sturdy poles in Singapore
  • Trial classes

Client Testimonial

“I’ve done beginner classes in another studio before around 2016 and I stopped as I didn’t feel like the instructors are nice and providing the foundations for absolute beginners. In the end, I only attended 2 classes and decided to skip the rest of the class. Fast forward to 2021 and I decided to give pole another try so I enrolled in term 1 intro to pole and now doing easy class!! I’m amazed how I am hooked now compared to before and I’m definitely loving the pole community! ❤️❤️❤️❤️”

4. 5th Avenue

5th Avenue - Dance Classes Singapore
5th Avenue – Dance Classes Singapore (Credit: 5th Avenue)
Address2 Jurong East Street 21,
IMM Building, (Lobby B), #04-28C
Singapore 609601
Phone+65 6565 6368
Operating Hours Monday to Sunday
9AM to 9PM

Dance training is prioritized at the 5th Avenue Studio School. They are a highly regarded school because to their innovative learning style. You’ll get a diploma at the end of the course, whether you pass or fail after the real lessons and examinations.

Another incentive to hire them is that 5th Avenue is home to some of the finest choreographers from Korea, including DK. The lessons will be led by DK and his crew, who specialize in a variety of dance styles, including UrbanAVE, JazzfunkAVE, HipHopAVE, and LyricalJazzAVE.

Key Differentiators

  • Multiple locations
  • Special discounts for group registration
  • Trial classes are available

Client Testimonial

“Professional n passionate teachers and provide performance opportunity at least once a year.”

5. dAcademy

Academy - Dance Classes Singapore
Academy – Dance Classes Singapore (Credit: dAcademy)
Address2 Jurong East Street 21, IMM Building, #04-28C
Singapore 609601
Phone+65 6565 6368
Operating Hours Daily: 9am–9pm

dAcademy is a premier school in Singapore for contemporary dancing. It is under the hands of veteran dance educator, Dan Kwoh.

The school aims to establish a long-term, integrated learning atmosphere where students can appreciate the beauty of contemporary dancing as they learn the fundamentals and basics of the style.

Experience the rawness of contemporary dancing, only with dAcademy.

Key Differentiators

  • Award-winning dance academy
  • Professional dance instructors
  • Online dance classes

6. Dance Pointe Academy

Dance Pointe Academy - Dance Classes Singapore
Dance Pointe Academy – Dance Classes Singapore (Credit: Dance Pointe Academy)
Address2 Jurong East Street 21, IMM Building,
#04-28C (Lobby B) Singapore 609601
Phone+65 6565 6368
Operating Hours Monday – Friday: 1–9pm

Saturday – Sunday: 9am–7pm

When you’re in Singapore, Dance Pointe Academy is one of the greatest locations to get dancing lessons. They’re affiliated with the Royal Academy of Dance, RSL, National Association of Teachers of Dancing, and The Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing, to name a few.

If you decide to participate in ballet lessons at a championship school for classical dance, you’ll undoubtedly get your money’s worth.

For further information or to request clarifications, you may contact Dance Pointe Academy or go to their website.

Key Differentiators

  • Trial classes
  • Certificate at the end of every dance course completed
  • Amazing instructors and facilities

7. Dance Factory

Dance Factory - Dance Classes Singapore
Dance Factory – Dance Classes Singapore (Credit: Dance Factory)
Address2 Jurong Eest Street 21,
IMM Building, #04-28C, (Lobby B)
Singapore 609601
Phone+65 6565 6368
Operating Hours Open Daily

Dance Factory was founded in 2008 as a firm dedicated to raising the bar on dance education quality. The company’s skilled instructors are committed to delivering an excellent base for all styles of dancing, ensuring that pupils learn what they need and what they’ll require for increasingly complex levels.

Dance Factory is a dance studio that specializes in Korean Pop. Dance Factory is the place to be if you’re interested in this genre of dance. For additional information or to book a trial session, contact them.

Key Differentiators

  • Accessible locations
  • Student discount
  • Highly skilled trainers

Client Testimonial

“Super FUN!”

8. Dancing with Friends Singapore

Dancing with Friends Singapore - Dance Classes Singapore
Dancing with Friends Singapore – Dance Classes Singapore (Credit: Dancing with Friends Singapore)
AddressThe Adelphi, 1 Coleman Street, #02-47 Singapore 179803
Phone+65 8318 4247
Operating Hours  9am-12am (Availability 24 Hours)

Dancing With Friends Singapore (DWF) invites you to get involved in the fun of learning dance as a HOBBY or DREAMING OF PERFORMING ON THE INTERNATIONAL STAGE. Salsa, Bachata, Styling, Ballet, Lindy Hop, Fitness, and more weekly dancing lessons are offered for Beginners, Intermediate and advanced levels of dancers.

The best thing about them is that they provide trial lessons so you can get a feel for what the sessions will be like in your chosen dance. DWF teaching methods are extremely distinct, and one session is enough to grasp how you may improve your dancing.

If you choose what type of dance class you want to take, Dancing with Friends Singapore will be happy to fulfill any of your questions or requests.

Key Differentiators

  • Amazing facilities
  • Memberships are available
  • Social Dancing
  • Kids & Adults Classes

9. EN Motion Dance School

EN Motion Dance School - Dance Classes Singapore
EN Motion Dance School – Dance Classes Singapore (Credit: EN Motion Dance School)
Address#03-05/05A Cineleisure Orchard 8 Grange Road Singapore 239695
Phone+65 9159 7811
Operating Hours Mon – Thur: 1pm – 11pm 

Fri: 1pm – 2am

Sat: 12pm – 1am

Sun: 1pm – 8pm

EN Motion Dance School is a Latin dance school that specializes in providing fun and engaging classes to students of all ages! They teach several Latin dances, including salsa, bachata, afro, mambo, cha-cha, reggaeton, and many more.

They also provide personal lessons in addition to their normal lessons for individuals who wish to learn certain dance techniques. In addition, corporate classes are offered through their services: staff and employees can have a fun and educational bonding session using these sessions.

Dance training and choreography are also essential components of their top dance lessons in Singapore. They may also assist those who want to compete in worldwide dance competitions or other activities!

Key Differentiators

  • Corporate and private cases
  • Training for professional dance team performance
  • Choreography for international dance competitions

Client Testimonial

“I find En Motion to be an excellent dance school. The Bachata and Salsa class package is great value. Also there is a wide variety of interesting Salsa and Bachata open classes for people who want to learn more moves and techniques. I have learned so much from them in the past year. The Instructors are very patient, friendly, very easy to understand and I was infected by their obvious passion. I strongly recommend En Motion!!”

10. Danz People

Danz People - Dance Classes Singapore
Danz People – Dance Classes Singapore (Credit: Danz People)
Address6 Raffles Boulevard #02-15/17 Marina Square Shopping Mall Singapore 039594
Phone+65 6884 9072
Operating Hours Mon – Fri: 10am – 2:30pm (BY APPOINTMENT ONLY) 
Mon – Fri: 2:30pm – 10:00pm

Sat: 10:30am – 6:30pm

Sun: 12pm – 6:30pm

[Closed on Public Holidays ]

Danz People has been offering a diversified selection of dance lessons for both seasoned and new dancers for over a decade. They also have options for adult and kid classes.

For their adult lessons, they offer hip hop, female hip hop, basic groove, K-pop, contemporary dance, and more. They also educate a variety of jazz dances including street jazz and lyrical jazz.

Children learn basic hip hop and jazz movements so they can have better posture, musicality, and listening skills. They also specialize in organizing dance sessions for businesses and performing choreography, staging, and overall production for event shows.

Last but not least, they organize numerous student-centric activities that demonstrate the importance of dance and encourage socializing. They’ve gotten well-known for having the finest dance lessons in Singapore as a result of these courses.

Key Differentiators

  • Kids and adult classes
  • Staging and production for event performances
  • Dance sessions for corporates

Dance Classes Singapore

Dance Classes Singapore are a great way to stay healthy and have fun, but they can be difficult to find. Our team at Dance Pointe Academy has compiled this list of 10 Best Dance Classes In Singapore so you know where the best dance classes in town are located! Whether you’re looking for salsa or ballet lessons, we’ve got them all here. You’ll never need to look anywhere else again once you read through our carefully curated selection of the best dance studios in town.

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