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TFE Cooking Team Building Session [2023]

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Cooking Team Building Singapore

Cooking Team Building Singapore
Cooking Team Building Singapore

Our office is currently in the process of relocating to Wing Fong Building, which has bigger room to accommodate activities like a cooking team building session. As such we have kindly volunteered ourselves to be the guinea pig, to try out our very own cooking team building session. And we are proud to say time flew by in a flash as we were happily enjoying ourselves.

A FUN session despite initial worries!

For that day’s session, we have decided that all three groups were going to cook Mediterranean cuisine, namely grilled snapper escabeche and Couscous with Paprika Prawns. There were quite a sizable amount of us who had no experience cooking before and it is not an exaggeration to say that some were worried about how their food was going to turn out. But at the end of the day, in the safe and capable hands of Chef Rayner, our food experiment resulted in 0 stomachaches and no burning stoves or chopped fingers.


Happy faces and a commendable Grilled Snapper Escabeche

The Moment we knew it was all over

It was a great time together with one another, cooking in each other’s company. But for a group, they got to enjoy the best of the team building because they all have something they will never forget. Witnessing the moment the fish skin tear apart from the meat, the team knew it screwed up and it felt like time just froze for a second, and the next second the group just burst into laughter. Because what was more important than the fish, was the memory that lives on, connecting the team together. Such moments are the epitome of why cooking classes are great for team building.


The happy grand moment the fish was pronounced ruined beyond repair. A face palm was attributed to Brandon’s valiant efforts.

The Team Building Element

Cooking together requires lots of communication and teamwork. As we cook as a team, we will begin to understand how one likes to communicate, their style of leadership and attempt to bridge the differences amongst one another.  Next time when working together, it will create less opportunity for conflict as the team already understands each other behavioral tendencies. Furthermore, it can be a time for self-reflection, to find out where does one stand in such an activity where no is good, how does one assert him or herself in such a situation. After all a team is as strong as the sum of its member, such an opportunity will give every team player a chance to self assess and work on their teamwork skills.


Hey boss, it is your turn to shine!

And here are more epic moments that could very well be yours too…

Instagram is life #dontjudgeplease #nooneeatsuntilgramisdone #funstartsatgram

Life always gives us a second chance. Add oil Brandon, you can do it!

Oh the sweet nectar of the Gods…

What are you waiting for? Grab a Cooking class team building session with us now!

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